MDC to field Ncube as presidential candidate

THE MDC has distanced itself from talks of a coalition to unseat Zanu PF and said it would field Welshman Ncube as its presidential candidate in harmonised elections expected sometime this year.


The past three weeks have been abuzz with reports of the two MDCs and several other political parties forging an alliance to dislodge Zanu PF.

However in a Facebook post yesterday, MDC spokesperson Nhlanhla Dube said the party was not interested in a “pact with anyone.”

“The truth will always out. Having been told all along that our party will not achieve anything measurable on a political Richter scale in the next elections coming this year, we are now suddenly bombarded with plea and force to join hands with and ‘assist’ MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai defeat Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe,” Dube said.

“The once-discarded Welshman Ncube is now being called all sorts of nice things in enticing him to play ‘maid of honour’ to Tsvangirai. The big question is why? Why are the selfish now pretending to be selfless? Why are they asking for the aid of a teaspoon when they claim to have a shovel with which they will load their wheelbarrow full of votes? There is more to this ‘grand plan’ than meets the eye.”

Dube added: “Who says that Morgan’s win equals the defeat of Mugabe if Mugabe and Tsvangirai are defined in terms of political DNA, political upbringing, political ethos, political value system, character and actions? For us it is about the ethos and character of Zimbabwe post Mugabe and that begins with voting for the change you can count on all the time, every time. For us principle, truth, fairness, honesty and dedication to keeping and delivering on one’s word are the pillars on which our party and president are founded. For these reasons, Welshman Ncube will contest for the Zimbabwe presidency.”

Efforts to forge a united front between the two MDCs for the 2008 elections fell apart at the last minute over differences about candidate selection.

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  1. It could the particular individual’s thinking.He is not the spokesperson of the MDC and after all its politics. The truth would be known at the actual elections.

  2. Luyamz Tira Tira

    Cheap politics 4m Ncube. He still thinks like a kid.

    1. Very interesting on how people attack Ncube. Well, lets do it like this. Suppose MDC T supports Ncube for a presidential candidate. U would also call it tribalism. people are so confused by the term tribalism. Tribalism is only applicable if the leader of a political party is from Matebeleland. Mugabe and Tswangirai are leading political parties. No one cries there are tribalistic parties. Dabengwa and Ncube are leading political parties from Matebeleland. These are called tribal parties. Shame on you people. What is wrong with being a Ndebele or being a Shona. Nothing there are all human beings. Each may decide to form or support a political party of hisher choice. Tswangirai should work hard to win and be a president. Ncube should work hard to win and be a president. No one should ride on someone’s back and be a victor. Ncube just ignore them. May be an allaince with ZAPU would be appropriate. MDC T and ZANU PF have no agenda for Matebeleland. We are watching them. Even in GNU meetings. They close Ncube out and take in home boy Mutambara. Do you no why? They could be discussing Ndebeles. What motivates them to refuse Ncube entry in such importantant meetings. If MDC T wants any political coalitions then Mutambara is their man. Major dicision that affect the country are taken without Ncube. All of a sudden Ncube is their darling. Ungavumi Ncube..Remember what happened to PF ZAPU and your party during the previous elections. We are proud of you. You are not poodle. Mobilise with ZAPU. MDC T and ZANU PF should first tell us what they are going to do about the marginalisation of Matebeleland? We are tired of leaders who come to address us with interpretors.

      1. Future Zimbabwe

        I wouldn’t agree more with you on this one

      2. uyanhlanya kuphela wena siphuna uMugabe ahambe that is what we want and by fieding Ncube who will only divide the vote the Simba Makoni way what will you gain? I mean this is selfishness and you are simply prolonging the people’s sufering, wena usukhuluma udaba olungela ngcondo, ngizokudons’ ndleve lezo, hawu khanti abantu banjani vele

      3. vancube ndevedu takavasarudza toga ku city sports ende tovada, tovavhotera gooooooo green machine goooooooooooooooooooo

  3. Zvavana Ncube zve village politics inonzi zimbabwe ngaapinde murace macho tione

  4. If MDC N does not want unity then let it be. For anyone to assume that Ncube’s small group will assume the presidency of Zimbabwe is farcical to say the least. I thought simple wisdom will tell any serious change minded person that united we stand divided we fall. Dube should swallow his ego and see the light. It is your small group that tends to benefit more my friend. If you continue to immerse your self in this self adulation then you’ll record zero on the political richter scale and then political oblivion.

    1. Ncube is playing the tribal card . Look at how he used Mutambara .

      1. unonyepa futi mutambara akatumwa nezanu nechi mdct kuti aparadze musangano wedu manje takaramba right now tisu tave the biggest party in th country ende tinowina ma elections futi

    2. If they will record zero then why should they see the light, we know due to tribalism Ncube will never win why then should he support tribalism by support MDC-T into winning only to continue with tribalism?

  5. Frm us who hve an insight in this all this is just cheap politicing. He (Ncube) does not even command majority in Mat hw cn h dream o being a president. He will get the wakeup call when his party looses all the seats it acquired n 2008. Wake up son singakakuvusi. We are sick and tired of M…..`s rule. Let’s shw him the exit door.

  6. So be it! so that tribalism can be killed for good. Ncube will never win even 2% of the vote. He should just wake up and smell the coffee! There is national honour if he joins others and family honour when he stands on his own and so it is up to him to choose!

  7. What is wrong with getting into a single bus to different final destinations? Umwe anenge ava President, umwe minister, umwe governor and so on. You then work together to achieve what is expected.

    1. hatidi anozonyenga vakadzi vevanhu, hatidi vaNcube musabvume zvenyu imi

  8. Tsvangirai is going nowhere (slowly) without Welshman….you can say all you want & grandstand & insult him but you know the truth….Welshman has a plan after 1st round. Only after 1st round will Opposition appreaciate Welsh & thats when we will form a governing coalition after some noise makers have been booted out. Even if Welsh agrees now he ll never be respected & will be subjected to heckles etc that hes always received from Morgan. So let the ” village politician” win his villages first

    1. inja yomuntu, tuzvi sihlama sikanyoko!!!

  9. MDC members myt vote for MDC T in the secrecy of the ballot box.. They r jus after the MDC benefits.. mugabe must be smiling luking @ this circus,he knws wth division he will be President foever and these so learned lawyers are becoming tHe worst fools ever.. SICKENING…IM SO F+CKN MAD!!

  10. Felix M. Mandishona

    Welshman has always been divisive and power hungry. Even when he rented Mutambara anyone discerning would have predicted that that was going to be for a fixed term. Pity, Mutambara thought it was going to be for the long haul though of course he has had his time in the sun.
    People like Welshman, Jonathan Moyo and Mugabe make an absolute mockery of education as they choose not to use it for greater good. Hope the coming election teaches him a lesson and leaves him in his rightful place. My heart bleeds though for Priscillar, what a terrific waste?

    1. usanyepere president vedu, he will win the elections oita next president, vaNcube ndovada mutungamiriri akanaka, anogeza futi, futi haarare nevakadzi vakawanda sewenyu, isu vakadzi hatidi zvevanhu vanonyenga nyenga isu, mwaaaaaaaaaaah president ncube

      sister. sister

  11. Most of u guys surprise m. U really thnk small ‘n nvr d realise e repercussions f e wol democratic purpose of voting ‘n before tht candidate selection. I see u arguing about MDC-N’s stance, bt most of u fail 2 grasp e reason W.N is nt joinin hands wit M.T. Read carefully reasons on Para6 of ths article (have a dictionary). Its a matter of #principle#. If W.N ws a revolutionary thn I d suggest he cross 2 zanu. Values f principle, truth, fairness, honesty and dedication tht our president Cde RG Mugabe is also preachn tht NEVER SHALL WE SELL our humanity ‘n allegiance so as 2 achieve a certain goal. We as Zimbabweans should be men of PRINCIPLE. Tsvangirai will never respect Ncube, cz he does nt undrstnd e basic principles of bein a leader, he rather wants every politician in his way to b a political prostitute wen need be.

    1. Welshman broke ranks with Tsvangirai in 20005 “as a matter of principle”. Because he has no political clout, he hired Mutambara to steer the deliquent group. He has broken ranks with Mutambara, “as a matter of principle” I suppose! He is so full of himself.

    2. what do you know about principle?is it not the same Ncube who violated the principles in 2005 senatorial elections given re-birth by an amendment he had attacked earlier on, hawu think before you write historicise first we all know that he hides on a finger he calls principle when yet he knows no principle, you also need to findout from us who were in the movement from its inception how he treated amaShona, I am Ndebele but he was a tribalist, period!!! look at poor Mtambara now, look at all those that have left him to join and rejoin MT, the point here is that he will divide the vote the Makoni way and am sure principle shld tell us that no one can hide behind a finger under the disguise of principle that will prolong Mugabe’s tenure in office. Uyi Mbduzi yomuntu mani, zibunu zako

  12. In Kenya Odinga had joined hands with other opposition political parties though Kenyatta had also formed another coalition with other political parties.The two MDCs must unite

    1. Democracy is what Welshman is trying to pursue. Ukubambana loMorgan would be the biggest mistake. If not now, then surely when people have seen uMorgan for the wolf in sheep’s skin that he is are they going to go the sensible route kaWelshman.

      1. fusek wena, ufunu kubulawa wena why do you write such nonsense lapha, khanti vele unjani, zikwanile, uzozek’mama with your brains

  13. Wow! wow! wow! Thank you so much Ncube. Show the world that Zimbabwe is a democratic country where you do what pleases you. Dont be forced to unite with someone with different ideologies and principles as yours. Zimbabwe will never be a COLONY again Pamberi ne ZANU PF.

  14. Looking at what Dube says are the pillars of their party (MDC-N) and presidency (represented by Ncube): truth, fairness, honesty… , I am compelled to ask a number of questions: What truth?, what fairness?… . Clearly, this party is tribalistic and seeking to destabilize the unity that exists in Zimbabwe. I condenm the deeds of Gukurahundi but at this moment that is not our immediate concern. Zimbabwe’s economy have been ailing for quite some time now and what we need to hear is someone who is dedicated to work in pulling us out of this economic crisis. This talk by Dube is cheap &, as some have said, is equal to village politics. MDC-N need to re-consider their pillars otherwise no one will vote for them. Believe me you, 2008 you went away fooling people & you disturbed the unseating of Mugabe but this time hamulume, tangwara. We know your tactics, we need a change: a change of authorities, a change in the economy. Cheap talk will not see you through this election, let that be clear in your mind Mr Dube

    1. in zimbagwe thr has never been unity butr oppression of minority groups.shonas voted mugabe in ,whilst we told them that nkomo was the best.Why do you now need our help to vote him out .Vote for him out shonas yourself.

  15. So if the utterances of Mr. Dube reflect the thinking of MDC, then we might as well prepare for the second GNU. I think Ncube might prefer a second GNU where he is a principal and not a new dispensation where his relevance might be thwarted in case his rival (Tsvangirai) wins. So the positions here have nothing to do with Zimbabwe interests or democratization agenda but for personal benefit. The major beneficiary will be ZANU PF, whose existence will be perpetuated and the greatest loser is democratic change, for I don’t foresee any fundamental change in the way the country is governed in the short to medium term.

  16. This Ncube guy bungled with ZISCO and he continues to mislead with impunity. He tells our suffering people that HIS ESSAR friends will pay employees before Xmas. He even had the guts to say the people were paid. Payback time is coming. We are waiting for him in REDCLIFF.

    1. unonyepa isu takawana mari wani, hausi wekuRedcliff futi, tovada President Ncube sexson wenyu hatimude anotipa aids, chembere yezanu hatide inoba vakadzi, vote president welshman,
      goooooooooooooooooooooooooo green party goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  17. Too much attention put to a party that has its own members fighting against each other. Mutambara and crew fighting Ncube>Deputy Speaker of Parliament fighting Ncube >Councillors fighting Ncube and defecting to MDC-T. This Ncube dissident and crew is as cheap as they come Newsday save us this rubbish of supporting Ncube cause you are showing your rot.

  18. Felix "Fidza" Mushonga

    LEt Welshman be what he really is: The Ulitimate SNAKE!. Let the circus roar of these MDC’s. How many of them do we have now:-? MDC T, MDC N, MDC M, MDC 99 and who knows- maybe another MDC is in the making now as we speak. MEanwhile Zanupf Stands united, and solid. One does not need to be Political scientist to a appreciate the fact that the split MDC’s stand no chance against ZAnuPf…

    1. wena uzibambe, you think tt old baboon can stant a chance with the tides of change then you are lost and am sure we will bury you with your murderuos mbanje smoking great grey grandfather

  19. Nhlanhla Dube need be serious about what his MDC stands for. Honestly speaking going it alone at this stage is just selfish on their part.If Nhlanhla dube is protecting his pocket, that is fine but if he is for the people, then unification is in the best in the circumstances.Please think of the people and not the pocket.

  20. I love this indeed.IWhy are you worried about a failed politiciam.Ncube will teach you a lesson or to.I live in Bulawayo and can hell tell you that Tsvangirai is on his way out.Democray means people must decide who they want to support how and when And you dudes want to use Ncube as a condom to screw the sitting president ? Never.We ll done Ncibe.

  21. How can a losing MP contest for President? Ncube must stop taking his own supporters for granted,they will vote a more credible candidate between Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai.

    1. Tsvangirai lost the Buhera 2000 parliamentary elections to Kenneth Manyonda and has since contested two presidential elections and lost both to Mugabe. It depends on what the gist of your comment is? Maybe Tsvangirai and Ncube having both lost parliamentary elections should step aside from the presidential race, is that what you are suggesting?

    2. @ Wakasu, Tswangilayi once lost in Buhera but went on the contest the presidential election. I have no doubt that you are not Ncube’s supporter so dont fool yourself into believing that his genuine supporters will see Tswangilayi and Gabhuliyeli as credible candidates.

    3. Wakarasika shamwari isu tomuda, we love you president Ncube lead us and take us out of Egypt i dont doubt that you will win the elections this year, tinemi soko, tokudayi; zvana MT hatidi vanozotinyenga!!!

    4. Tsvangirai also lost in Buhera

  22. Tribal politics unfortunately dominate the political scene in Zimbabwe. One analyst opined that even if Morgan’s sex escapes reaches dizzy heights of sleeping with a donkey, there are fools in the MDC-T who would still blame CIO and go on to vote for him. Tsvangirayi’s script does not fit for a leader compared to Welshman. But tribal politics is cruel, it is a game of numbers, shonas will not vote for the Prof. It happens in other African countries. In kenya you will see the luos aligning with Odinga, the Kalenjins with Mudavadi so are the Kikuyus with Uhuru Kenyatta. So is the case with Zulus and Xhosa fracture in the ANC.The efficacy of it is debatable.

    1. I support the idea of a merger, so long as it is between specimen of identical plumage. Tsvangirayi and Mugabe are a great match and i think they would produce desired results together. Prof Welsh’s hands are too clean to join hands with murderers, thieves, liars, womanisers – you name any type of evil that exists in Africa: these two have been involved in. Ncube! Well, why are people so panicking about his candidature for presidency? The truth is – the writing is on the wall.

      1. for the record welsh stole computers at harvest house when he was still sg, can you dispute that?

  23. Welshman is right.Alliance does not need to be on elections only.Tsvangirayi is the person who needs to mature first:When it is on principal’s discussion he(Tsvangirayi) form alliances with Mutambara and Mugabe to humiliate Welshman.Now the political definition is about to be crafted they see the importance of Welshman?????Nxiiii!Who said it is the duty of Tsvangirayi to unseat Mugabe? to the extent that it said assist Morgan to defeat Mugabe? This is an admission that Tsvangirayi is weak he cant defeat Mugabe alone so why voting for a weak man who will put the vote to waste like he did in 2008? Welshman forge an alliance with Zapu and surely you will defeat the two devils:Mugabe and Tsvangirayi.

  24. After people have seen Tsvangirayi for what he is, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, will they go in numbers to support democracy as intended by Welshman. Tsvangirayi has nothing to offer but the same recycled ideas that even the west sees are not going anywhere.

  25. Oh, Welsh, he will be history. There will be real change in these elections, this change has been decided in Heavenly Counsels. Just pray and pray!

  26. urimundeeeeere haulume

    1. uyazi msunu kanyoko wena

    2. so sad tt you a tribalist mwana wamai

  27. this is not about tsvangirai or welshman but the future of the zimbabweans who have suffered for more than 30 years under a black hand.if it is abt marginalisation why not deal with it at a fair ground with fresh leadership.if mr ncube has people at heart like he claims he and tsvangirai will consider unseating mugabe first rather than concentrating on regional ncube should be very wise like the late vice president nkomo who had a vision of peace than self satisfaction therefore i kindly advice the mdc n to maintain the stance of peace than this tribal politics which is gonna see a lot of the few tribes losing their lives over their greed.maybe i’m confused is mdc n pushing a national agenda or a mthwakazi agenda?pliz mr ncube and the whole party we love your confidence but right now do not be some catalyst of confusion like in true zimbabweans and consider the masses not your pockets.

    1. Ncube is a vote splitter,selfish politician

      1. nhema nhema nhema tsvangirayi ndiye arikuda kuba mavhoti edu because ncube will win the election, manje hatimbobvume, enough is enough; mdct yakabatana ne zanu muna november last year tese tozviziva
        goooooooooooooooo green party goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  28. You guys should unite if you have one genuine goal, if your aim is to eat our monies, then you can continue like that but mava kutouraya povo nenzara. it means tinenge tava kuti dai takagara zvedu ne zanu imi musina kumbovhiringidza

  29. Ncube has got a job and the job is to avoid tsvangirai victory and pruduce doing so he is helping the dictator mugabe to cling on to power.He will never change his stance until election day,trust me.members can deviate but he will stick to his dirty guns.Ncube knows that if tsvangirai wins the election,he himself and priscillar will be history. they are fighting for their own survival and their number one enemy is tsvangirai and mdc.this other guy talking principle,value,fairness wt wat is just singing a non existing story.

    1. when ncube wanted tsvangirai help on the principal issue you said one manfor himself but now he wants ncubes help.

  30. Think of all the defections, of the firings by Ncube and of Ncube being the defacto spokesperson of his party, and you can see clearly that this man is not a democrat. If he were, why then is he at everyone’s, except a few of his bootlickers like Dube, throat. He is fighting Mutambara, his MPs and councilors. What kind of democratic leadership is that. Is it only him who has superior principles than any other. This man does not even have a single programme/ policy which he articulates to the electorate except chiding Tsvangirai and adoring Mugabe. Yet he dreams of being Zim 1. Impossible indeed. Hezvoka akadzidza (chero zvedu tichiziva kuti huprofessor hwake akahuwana nechitsotsi chero zvake iye asingatauriri vanhu chokwadi) ko zvino maprogrammes nemapolicies achaita kuti Zim ive nyika iri nani socially and economically ke ari kupi. MDC T ine juice and at least zanu (though highly destructive) in indiginisation policy. Ko Ncube aneivo veduwe? Hapana! Nothing except slandering other politicians and telling himself lies that he is the saint

  31. I smell GNU 2.0

  32. Ncube is confused. Mutambara is better than Ncube. Welshman lost parlimantary elections the he dream of wining presidential election. He was rejected by a constituency the he expect to win votes in ALL other places. Ungabosiyangisa wena mfana we Khaya e Lower Gweru. If I were yu I would first try luck ekhaya maybe singakuvhotela. Its naive for yu to expect a single vote e Mashonaland. Even Joshua Nkomo tried it and will tell yu that even if yu win ALL votes in Matebeleland its mathematically impossible to win in Mashonaland, Midlands, Manicaland & Masvingo. I think Dabengwa will never try to enter into such stupid alliance as Dube suggest.

  33. Who cares. Tsvangirai will still make it without Ncube. What we know for sure is that those people Ncube thinks he is leading will not be so stupid as to split the vote by giving him their votes. They will place their ballots on the winning candidate Tsvangirai. This is an application for isolation. He has already lost all members of parliament as well as councillors and he still believes he is popular. When people labelled Ncube a divisisive element of the united MDC we thought they hated a mundebele but now it is clear.

  34. Let the party exercise its rights and field its own candidate. The outcome will surely indicate where the party falls on a richter scale. The party has no obligation at all to support either Tswangilayi or Gabhuliyeli

  35. Let the two parties hold an internal by-election for who should be president. Debate your policies gentlemen and we will elect the ideal person. The idea that a pact should necessarily be led by Tsvangirai cant hold without us falling into the trap of tribalism. Of course, an internal by-election may still be decided on tribal affiliations, but it may also be decided by the candidate who is able to make a convincing argument of him being the ideal leader, supposing the parties bring an equal number of delegates to the pact conference. Else, the worse outcome, would be a draw as delegates vote for their current party president, irrespective of tribe: then if so, each party goes its own way. Period. Personally, I would prefer Ncube at the top and Tsvangirai pulling second.

    1. kkkkkk joke of the year, m sure the split tells you who shld be president

  36. If all fails like it did during the second speaker’s vote in parliament I think the people in the MDC will vote together and forget about unlected and unelectable leaders in the Ncube group, it so happens that out of over 100 elected officials nearly half have crossed the floor to the Tsvangirai MDC. So I guess the few numbskulls will remain on their own

  37. It would benefit the country of democrats if Ncube was to join hands with Morgan. The simple reason is that there will be a united front from the majority party. If Ncube stands on his own, all his critical energy will be against his own, paving the way for zanu to feel vindicated.

  38. Well Welshman knows one truth, he can never be the president of Zimbabwe (unfortunately he is from Matebeleland). So why is he bothering? Its either Bob or Tsvangirai who will win.So what does it mean for him if either the two win? If Bob wins its an advantage for him because he hill have much influence in Matebeleland and he has much capability to push for Muthwakazi Republic.but if Tsvangirai wins, his political career is in the mud cause this will increase Tsvangirayi’s popularity in his region. So its beneficial for him not to join MDCT. Its politics

  39. Its Tsvangirai’s supotas tht hv reacted angrily to Nhlanhla’s statment. U need to cool down, coz ur boss wil try his best but luz the race in a dead heat. U can call Ncube all sots of names but he is clear on wht he wants. He has my vote. Most of u think tht ‘tribe’ means Ndebele. Shame on u. Even if Ncube gets 1.8% of the votes tht is well with him coz then he will knw tht numbers matter in politics. Most of u suffer superiority complex. Its a matter of two pots calling each other black. Tek It Izzy.

    1. imbumbu kanyoko mtwanehole

  40. The bottom line is Tsvangirai will not win elections….why take out mugabe to replace him with another dictattor?rather we push for another GNU so Ndebeles can get representation in government!!

  41. When Welshman Ncube split from the main MDC, some uninformed people blamed this on Tsvangirai. But look today at the havoc that he has caused. He is at loggerheads with his hired president, mp,s have jumped ship, Sikhala has formed his own party, councilors have abandoned him and a host of other mishaps. Do people like Dube really think that everyone else is wrong and Ncube is right? In 2008 his constituency which knows him better rejected him. Who are we then to judge him today as a suitable candidet for presidency? No one needs Ncube to augment Tsvangirayi to win the coming elections. Tsvangirayi won the 2008 elections hands down. It took six weeks to announce the March 2008 presidential elections yet it took six hours to announce the june 27 elections why? When people talk of a unified approach it is not begging Ncube but uniting people for a purpose. Anyway I might be wasting time ngoba kukhanya umtwana onjengo Ncube wakhula enenkani. EsiShoneni bathi ane nharor******. Only time will tell.

  42. Was tsvangirai not rejected by his constituency as well??the name mugabe is not the problem here its the ideology he represents which clearly tsvangirai shares..ncube has shown he is willing to serve under another(mutambara and tsvangirai) for the good of his country.he parted ways after both let the nation down,mutambara currently enjoys mugabes unyeilding support,y?Tsvangirai has served his term as party president and refuses to relinquish for welshman the only option is to split the votes and get another GNU so we can atleast save a few sectors on GVM!

  43. Professor there is a natural mystic flowing through the air it says Tswangison just listen carefully. abantu bakithi u are full of shit o john labo mohadi baleminyaka be ku hulumende benzeni ngaphandle kokulwisana lezakhamizi zakibo emaplazini ngenqondo zenu lofa liyizinja zamatshabi

  44. I support the idea of a merger, so long as it is between specimen of identical plumage. Tsvangirayi and Mugabe are a great match and i think they would produce desired results together. Prof Welsh’s hands are too clean to join hands with murderers, thieves, liars, womanisers – you name any type of evil that exists in Africa: these two have been involved in. Ncube! Well, why are people so panicking about his candidature for presidency? The truth is – the writing is on the wall.

  45. Prof Ncube please stand for people not your on pockets you are there for serving people of Zimbabwe l hope if you can unite with MDC T you will be doing it for us who want change as a leader move around and find out what people want do not do your now decision without consult the nation Dr Nkomo did stand for people not his pocket

    1. ncube anoita manje utsvangirayi lihule

  46. Future Zimbabwe

    Guys, there is one common word between the twin formations of MDCs that tells us the direction we should take. CHANGE, when this word was forged ontu the MDC as it began, we were talking of getting rid of the old man who has brought the country to its knees over his years of rule. We were saying change to murdering of innocent lives in a bid to sustain continuous governance on the part of ZANU PF. I would agree that the MDCs should merge for the defeat of a ditactor thenresolve their differences since they are more close in terms of policy making and implimatantion.

  47. Ncube is the next president, every one will vote for him, MDCt will only get 12% of the votes and Zanu will get 7% while Makoni will get 3%, so President Ncube will get 78% and form the new government. We are behind you the Citizen President, President of the People, Democracy with Ncube, Development with Ncube, together with the next President we have built, painted, donated, developed communities and thats what everyone wants, our new President wont open his zip like MT, wont steal other people’s wives like RG, look at the good work we have one in our ministries and ZISCO, only mad people believe that we ruined Zisco, president ncube chero zvikaoma sei tiri pachirangano, all MPs are coming to join the green party, Lets Go Green Babe!!! ini i have left zanu nechi mdc cha MT

    1. Hanzi naChipanga (musician) Hove dzemugumgwa kani dzakuti mvura ishoma ko dzemurukova dzamira papi.
      mukanya anoziva kuti ane 0.0005% compared to Tsvangirayi with majority and Mugabe is the major rival. But no any alliance Tsvangirayi should beg for except security reforms to wins in the second round of purely democratic elections. Remember no candidate in the modern polls can win outright in the first round except otherwise rob the vote tallying room. Or when contested by two candidates in the first round,like what happens to USA.
      2013 elections for Zimbos is for the giants Mugabe pitting long time contender Morgan.Apa vaMugabe vari kutofanira kusunga dzisimbe becouse 2008 never to be repeated again kungaite disaster kuZanu bhora musango.
      Kana vasikana vanomuziva Morgan kuti face to face haubude. Mellisa uri kungodaro asi ukanzi ndeipi unomhanya kuna TB Jeshua kuti zvako zvikuitira kune handsome iri.

  48. Mugabe, Mugabe shaisa mufaro chokwadi vashaya zvokuita naye kubata apa pane moto apa pane magetsi iko kari zii zvako kudokatuka haapindure hake he knows he is dealing with fools.why talk of formations,its a pity makati munozvigonha, zvino mochemei so it means kuti zanu ph steals vote is a lie makabatana haibeka mavotes. God knows the logic of uniting tu part iti

  49. vese vanaDongo, Job, Gwisai, Madhuku varikusheedzera kuti NCUBE NDIZVO, tinohwina chete, ndaenda kwese umativi mana enyika futi vanhu varikuti takuda vaNcube, Soko Mukanya, you will see that we are the largest party vote with us vote for progress, vote for a man who values women…i love you my president ncube, you have good economical policies and women are behind you plus our party has eco-friendly colors mamwe ese ane macolors eropa, isu hatidi mhondi isu toda president wedu anonamata, vaNcube ndovaitaurwa nemuporofita Makandiwa kuti vanotya mwari plus ndovachakunda vamwe vese pama elections, goooooooooooooooo GREEN PARTY goooooooooooooooooooooooo

  50. I think Welshman and party are about to lose another elected member in form of Coltart because he is the one who came about this idea and he supports it but I am surprised by Nhlanhla’s utterances they display hudofo and stupidity hwe MDC yaNcube. It shows that they do not want Zanu PF voted out of power but guys let us leave them alone and let them contest and wish them well but I tell you change is on the way whether Ncube is with us or not our time has come

    1. a collision with Ncube as the candidate is the one we will propose soon.take it or leave it.

  51. Vana Mellisa asi vaidawo kunyengwa naTsvagirayi kani zvikaramba,zvino chivhevhetedza Ncube pamwe ungamuchancewo aunoti mukadzi wemunhu akanyengwa natsvangirayi ndiyaniko asina kunyorwa ne herald?

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