Makandiwa ‘divine’ gold discovered: UFIC

A SENIOR member of the United Families International Church (UFIC) has claimed the prophesy by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa that mysterious gold will appear everywhere in Zimbabwe this year had started manifesting itself in Mt Darwin, Mashonaland Central province.

Staff Reporter

Makandiwa’s spokesperson Prime Kufakunesu told more than 10 000 worshippers on Tuesday at the City Sports Centre in Harare that “gold grains” had been found in a village in Mukumbura.

He said he made the discovery when he attended a funeral at the village where he saw villagers picking “gold” in their yards.
Kufakunesu said an old woman in the village had told him about the phenomenon.

“The old lady said: ‘What is happening here is very strange as each time a heavy wind blows villagers are picking grains of gold in their yards’,” he said.

Mines and Mining Development permanent secretary Prince Mupazviriho yesterday told NewsDay that reports of gold being found in Mukumbura were not surprising as the area stretching from Bindura to Mt Darwin had deposits of the precious mineral.

“That is possible, the gold will be very small. It’s alluvial. Do you know that even here in Harare we are sitting on top of gold?” he said.

Mupazviriho, however, said the government would send geologists to ascertain the claims once they had more details about the alleged discovery.

“I have sent my geologists already to check on some minerals elsewhere in the country,” he said.

In his New Year sermon, Makandiwa prophesied that people would pick up precious minerals from the ground.

“The Lord told me: ‘Tell Zimbabweans to change their focus.’ Everyone is saying diamonds, diamonds, but I see another precious mineral for Zimbabwe . . . gold will be picked up from the ground,” he said.

“Mysteriously, gold will be appearing everywhere. As I was praying, I saw a wind blowing and I saw gold coming to the surface. People are going to be picking up gold without any drilling.”

Makandiwa’s prophecies and “miracles” by his friend Uebert Angel Madzanire have sparked widespread debate in Zimbabwe with some people questioning the two’s authenticity as men of God.

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  1. miracle money, miracle gold,

    1. hie, God is really doing wonders, pliz help mie God i want also this miracle money and gold to manifest to mie also l belive is possible, thank God for this prophecy

    2. miracle money, miracle gold .what next?

      1. miracle president

        1. ipapo!! ipapo!!

        2. Ha ha ha!!!

      2. miracle money, miracle gold, miracle baby, next, miracle ending of the world. really, this is amazing and these prophets are getting carried away. can’t they just preach and avoid miracles. who said every session of worship must be loaded with miracles? jesus did not perform miracles every day. the more common the miracles are, the more they are really no more miracles.

    3. Mr aha, give me five good reasons why a man of God must not live a luxurious life? And who told you that prophets of the old were poor? Was not Abrahama a rich person? and what of all his decsendants? Munofara chete kana zvichiitika kwamuri, kana zvikaitika kwevamwe zvaipa. Ivo vese vanoshoropodza mamiracles usafunge kuti havadi kuti aitike kumachurch avo. Vanotodawo kuti aitike asi zvinoramba nekuti POWER hapana. Munotsamwei kana tichipores varwere?Chavanovenga ndiProphet Makandiwa kwete miracle.

      1. The Bible in 1 Timothy 5 verse 18 says: – For the Scripture says, “Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain,” and “The worker deserves his wages.”.

        So Pastors do not have to be poor, the Church must look after it’s Pastors well. However as with any organisation salaries and benefits of Pastors must be defined and limited to what has been defined by the Church’s governing body.

      2. Nomatter how much you try to convince them, remember that they will not understand the things of the spirit because they are spiritually discerned, actually they are foolishness to them.

        1. spiritually discerned or stupidly believed?

      3. mufudzi wemakwai anonzwika kunhuwa makwai .church yese ngaipfume kwete murume one

    4. The tallest tree suffers the most violence. If you are a ministry or a man of God and people do not write falsehoods about you, if they dont criticise you publicly, if they do not question your teaching or miracle then you are not irritating the devil. The devil will influence certain individuals, certain authorities and those who believe only in logic to launch scathing attacks at the men of God. What is very interesting is that the more they criticise, the more people flock to UFIC and Spirit Embassy. Prophets are not raised to please everyone but they are raised to deliver those who believe.

      People have a problem when we pray about things and they happen, but when we pray for the sick and they dont get healed its okay with them. Kumachurch kwenyu imi murikunamatira vanhu vasingapori asi hapana akambokunyorai munewspaper. And by the way prosperity is being successful in every area. If we are not preaching prosperity we are preaching failure. Prosperity comes in your marriage, your finances, your health, your children, your cars, your house and most importantly your faith and relationship with God. Do you even know that fighting in churches is a sign that the church is not prosperous?

      I am buffled at so called pastors who criticise prosperity. If prosperity is not good then failure is good, huh? They despise prosperity yet their kids go to expensive schools, they have big investments for their children and they even drive cars which they dont want us vana vemuporofita to drive. Kana zvikaitika kwavo its okay, but zvikaitika kwaaMakandiwa its fake?

  2. Help please wat z the different btn magic and miracle,jus wanna knw thanks

    1. Miracles are from God, they a sign that God has remembered his people and magic are tricks.

    2. muchishona anonzi mashura\mashiripiti nemunana/zvishamiso GOD does the latter not the former

  3. PROPHECY FULFILLED!!“Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

    1. Which secret revealed, people where doing this b4 Makandiwa`s prophet and the story is false. Why? the story of picking gold at Mukumbura was suppose to be reported by someone who was not aware about the prophecy.

  4. This is irresponsible reporting and the paper to make this headline stuff is utter recklessness. Gold has been picked in many parts of Zimbabwe in the past years and a discovery of the same in Mt Darwin does not make it something out of the ordinary to warrant this level of reporting. Do not make us suspect that some people might be paid to run certain stories.

  5. cmkalemah Mwana we Muporofita

    prophecy fulfilled already i luv u Prophet gore rino tino tsika goridhe

    1. Silly follower. ushafa urirombe une gold yako…nxa!!

  6. I careless about Makandiwa and his shenanigans but If its true , in no time the army will move and chase all the villagers away and Obert Mpofu becomes richer and richer, God gives , Gvt takes

  7. Siyabonga Ndebele Harrison Shumba

    Here in America, we also have these Evangelicals. And yes, they have been making millions of dollars off of poor Americans since the 1880s. And some of them, have become national moral leaders, whom presidents consult on important moral and religious matters. Some of them have even sent their members to try to take over the government of the USA (= Mitt Romney).

    I don’t agree with these people. Since they preach material about acquiring earthly things, they are criminals. However, it is worth for the likes of Mr. Biti and the rest to remember that these people are charismatic and they influence thousands of people, and as such they shouldn’t be taken lightly, but must be treated warily.

    On the other hand, it is my hope that average Zimbabweans who go/pay to attend these sermons that, the earthly material wealth you will ever have is that which you will work/toil for, not one that you will be given by a prophet. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Soros, and the richest people in this world, they didn’t get their billions by paying to attend a sermon by a prophet…but they worked for it with their own hands. Think of Masiyiwa and his Econet. He worked for it, it is legitimate, and no one will take it away from him.

    Do you understand, dear fellow countrymen? The things, the earthly material things that you should believe in, are those you make using your hands, not handouts from Mugabe, etc. Anenzeve, onzwa. Vanemusoro wakaoma, moramba!!!

    1. On the other hand chii chacho ipapa. You are talking nuts, don’t even have sufficient knowledge of the examples you are just throwing all over the place. Woda kutizivisa kuti uri kuAmerica, asiko ndiani. If yu got nothing to say, just shut your beak, tingangotiwo wakachenjera, iwe uri benzi zvako. Try and shy away from stuff you don’t understand if you do not have the willingness to inquire, research, investigate and learn about them, lest you profess stinging ignorance and arrogance.

      1. dear inini u are an arrogant little fool who is not aware of what is going on in the world preaching about prosperity is not bad but we need to test the spirits that are behind these prophets so says the bible, and yes the bible clearly said you shall labour to gain saka zve miracle money zvenyu izvi itai henyu.

        1. taura hako, true that!!

        2. Bla-Castro Rogers

          Varume, mwari haarwirwe, anorwa ega. Saka musatambisa nguva nekuda kucriticisa any form of gospel instead support it. Kana muhedheni ari kuita mari chii chingatadzisa mukristu kuita mari naihwo huMwari hwese ihwoyo. Abaiwa panze, vanoda kunamata furidzai vhangeri. Usambokendenga kuti vanoti amen kana kuti vanoramba vakanyarara iwe rova chete vhangeri. Wealthy yamunocriticisa hamutomboiziva futi. Ndasvotwa!!!!

      2. Urikutukirei munhu anyora zvaanoda. iwe what have you to say about these claims…asi uri we ufi here???
        Saka pindura kuti chakatanga chii…prophecy yegold kana kuti confession ya elder vekuenda ku nhamo kumukumbura….tioneka kuti aripachokwadi ndiyani…we shall know them by the fruits of their prophecy…

        1. mbuya ndivovakaona goridhe, not choporofita

      3. Thanks Inini

    2. Have you listened to Strive Masiiwa testimony? I believe you havent. Nigel Chanakira is paying double tithe at his church. So what is that? If you dont believe in GOD please dont mislead others.

      These Prophets and other Men of God are not encouraging people to be lazy but teaching them and imparting on them the grace of God to work smart and not to toil in hard labour. The devil is against them since they fight the kingdom of darkness, other pastors fight them and you fight them. So when you join the devil to fight the Men of God you are fighting GOD and you are simply the devil’s agent. Handiti here?

      1. Strive masiyiwa and nigel worked hard for their money it wasnt put on their lap. Their god helps them to focus on what they can do. Zimbawe has a lot of Gold lets be careful what we believe. i also think our reporters never delve into what they report on just face value. Did you check and see what area it was the villagers found in term of the geological map. Does one pick up alluvial Gold ? really

        1. Bla-Castro Rogers

          Vangani vari kushanda hard bt zvisiri kubhadhara. Unotoda nyasha dzacho baba, even kuri kuti warida goridhe racho ranzi kwaMt Darwin, still unotoda kurifambira and pakufamba there is a lot of risk baba, maaccidents, neresistance kubva kuvaridzi venzvimbo. Saka pane chaungaita chese unotoda nyasha nefavour chaiyo yeDenga. Vangani vane madegree munyika muno? if you are not one of them? But mangani marombe munyika muno macho. You need favour bambo, morega kuoperator seMweya yetsvina, kungorwisa chese chaitwa chakanaka.

        2. Strive and Nigel worked had for their respective companies to be where they are now not by rushing off to the sports center weekly praying for gold!


      2. Nhai imi vana Bla-Rogers nana Sorry, who is not a man of God? Yourself? God created everyone in his image without favour or prejudice, he created them all men and women. And he breathed his spirit through every man’s nostrils in equal proportions. Isn’t that writen in the book of Genesis 2v.6-13? God appears to all man in dreams when they are deep in slumber (Psalms)-he communicates with every man through that spirit he breathed in man’s nostrils If you wanna know, the spirit of God in you that gives you life is a communication chip-a diode that permits God’s holy spirit to instruct you from time to time as long as you remain holy and your works remain approved before him. If your works are contrary to the ten commandmends, the diode looses the network from heaven and Satan takes over( 2nd Samuel -why king Saul went to the wicth at Endory) . Now Satan has powers to prophesy and perform wonders through his prophets (Revelations). They can cause fire to come down from heaven, they can wake up the dead, they can endow with riches, they can heal the sick-in fact, they can do all that the heavenly host can do because God did not strip them of such powers when they were exiled. But one thing Satan cannot do-glowing with heavenly glory-that was taken away together with their celestrial bodies-so his angels can nolonger fly back to heaven. they remain here on earth and accomplish their works through the living beings. They manifest their spirit through influential people to deceive the innocent majority-and they like to appear before holy gatherings quite often (Job 1 and 2) Now, don’t be confused, the word prophet applies to all people who devine the future, past and so forth-implying even satan’s messengers (false prophets) rightly fall into that category with God’s true messengers. So Jesus Christ himself warned the elect church-in the book of Mathew and Mark-to be wary of false prophets- wolves who deceiptfullyt come in ship skins, but to devour the flock! (note that to ‘devour’ means to ‘feast’ on the congregation that they lead! Does that hint to you why they preach a lot about giving and tithing and so forth (Paul said in Hebrews there shall be no need for priestly laws now that the High priest jesus Christ came-he of whom they were the shadow of who was to come-Why tithe when the levite priests and the levitical law was replaced by Jesus on the cross? Christ warns his followers not to follow false prophets as they would perish alongside them. Jesus further gives a red flag identity of these false prophets. ” You shall know them by their fruit..” Further “… can an olive tree bear briers, or a bad tree bear good fruit?” Jesus also blutantly tells his followers in the book of Mathew “…You cannot love God and Money at the same time. A servant cannot serve two masters and please them all…Money is the root of all evil…” Further, he says “…why lay up treasures on this earth, where it can be eaten by moths and stolen by robbers? The greatest treasures are better laid in heaven where there are no robbers and moths…” And “… verily I say unto you,who ever gets his reward on this earth has no reward in my father’s kingdom….” is it not the same Jesus who told the rich young man (in John 3 vs1-13) who had amassed a lot of wealth to his person, to go sell all of it and give to the poor if he wanted to follow Christ? is it the same Jesus who also explained to the congregation not to worry of what they will eat or where they will sleep if they wantrd to follow him. says he ” …oxes have holes and birds have nests , but the son of man does not have anywhere to put up his head…” Again “…the lilies of the vally knoweth not of tommorow, but even King Solomon, in all his wisdom was not adorned by god as beutifylly as these flowers….” There folks you have it all for comparison! The preachings of Jesus Christ on one hand and those of the prophets on the other. Do they match? Do they even deserve to be called christ’s followers? Are they not soothsayers, wolves in sheep skin -qouting from the holy scriptures yet feasting on the flocks in the background? God said these people say ” God has told me this and that… say this or that…, has sent me with such and such a message…yet I have not sent them , neither haveI said anything to them!” At Mathew 25, Jesus says so shall it be on judgemenrt day, that many of you shall say master, we preached in your name, we prophesised in your name…and verily I shall say to them-depart from me you doers of evil for I do not know you. What you did, you did for your father-the devil…” If you find time to compare these people with the teachings of Christ and the gospel of Paul-they are polls apart. How then do you dare call them men of God? Well, do as you wish. But that is for today. Let them congregate, let them follow signs and wonders-for are they not rightfully minded, educated man and women capable of making informed decisions?On judgement day, these people and their followers shall burn in hell like napalm. Take heed and repent whilst there is still time tsuri isati yarira.

        1. Its said but they never get it. Maybe they need more time.

        2. I mean it is SAD.

        3. Point of correction “shame”; money is not the root of all evil. Read your Bible very well. It is “the love of money” which is the root of all evil (1 Tim 6: 10). If it to you can you offload all your evil to my bank account. There is also no where in the Bible where we ever hear that Satan can raise the dead, ever rose on or will bring people back to life in the last days. Only the ministers of God did, will (Mt 10: 8) and still do raise the dead. If there are scriptures to contradict this, please bring them on. Again, you have been picking many verses out of context which at the moment i don’t have the time to highlight on. Ok, one of the scriptures has to do with tithes and offerings; God says seed time and harvest shall not cease (Gen 8: 22) and throughout the Bible there is consistency on the truth that offerings and tithes (which are usually expressed in monetary value) are part of the seed you sow to His Kingdom. This is why Paul had to remind the Galatians that “you shall reap what you sow” (Gal 6: 7). Even the tithing issue you misinterpreted from Hebrews 7; tithing never ceased to be done since the days of Abraham. In fact the law of Moses came 430 plus years later after Abraham gave God tithes based on the revelation that He is the source. So did Isaac and Jacob; they lived in a time of grace like we are in and yet they had the revelation that tithes belong to God. The Bible then says we are the descendants of Abraham by faith in Christ and we have to live like Abraham the father of faith (Gal 3: 29). Anyway, this is a seperate issue from the story under discussion in this forum. Many people don’t really know what prophecy is. They only know it as telling the future events to come, or simply predicting what is to come. But prophecy is also afore- telling (speaking of what happened in the past) as well as forth-telling (speaking forth what is presently happening). all these definitions are described in the Bible, and there are self explaining verses with respect to this complete definition of prophecy. So skeptics need to shut up on Prophet Makandiwa’s prophecies. Why can’t they just let time decide who is wrong, him or them? In the days of the early Church the apostles Peter and John were persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ for they did miracles that were beyond human explanation. The Pharisees and scribes where on the forefront of criticizing these men of God (Peter and John) when Gamaliel a Pharisee and doctor of the law advised the council: “take heed to yourselves what ye intend to do as touching these men. For before these days rose up Theudas, boasting himself to be somebody; to whom a number of men, about four hundred, joined themselves: who was slain; and all, as many as obeyed him, were scattered, and brought to nought. After this man rose up Judas of Galilee in the days of the taxing, and drew away much people after him: he also perished; and all, even as many as obeyed him, were dispersed. And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God” (Acts 5: 34- 39). Now, these are the men of God whom the Bible testifies that “they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following” (Mk 16: 20). as we can see, miracles were done to confirm the Good News that Christ had died and rose again for the justification of those who will believe in Him. Even in the days of Paul, Apostle Paul himself testifies; “Through mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God; so that from Jerusalem, and round about unto Illyricum, I have fully preached the gospel of Christ” (Rom 15: 19). That tells- the gospel is not fully preached until the message of Christ’s redemptive work is accompanied by miracles, signs and wonders! So it clear that true men of God in this age are also characterized by miracles, sign and wonders following. There is nowhere in the Bible we are told that in the last days the true prophets will not work out great miracles and wonders. If one scripture in Matthew 24 said false prophets shall command mountains to move and the mountains shall obey it does not mean true prophets shall not do the same. Jesus Christ Himself said if you have faith and not doubt in your heart you shall say to a mountain move and be cast into the sea it shall happen according to your faith (Mk 11: 23). The book of Revelations talks about the Antichrist and the false prophet being able to call fire from heaven and perform other signs, yet it also speaks of two men who shall be sent from God who also call fire from heaven and can command the heavens to shut so that there is no rain in their time. Therefore, labeling a man of God as a false prophet because he works out miracles extraordinarily is no proof that he is fake. One thing is however clear, that if false prophets can work out great miracles then true prophets can do the same. If the magicians of Pharoah could turn their rods to snakes, Moses, being a true prophet also turned Aaron’s rod into a snake. The end result as we know is that the rod of Moses swallowed all the snakes of the magicians. So if skeptics like “shame” claim Prophet Makandiwa and Prophet Angel to be false prophets then i appeal them to tell me the true prophets (who can also work out miracle money and do extraordinary miracles, since God is All powerful). The miracles that stand the test of time will thus prove who is of God and who is of Satan. “Shame” and skeptics where are your so called “true prophets” ? Then let them show up and demonstrate the power to prove Angel and Makandiwa wrong.

      3. Strive and Nigel worked had for their respective companies to be where they are now not by rushing off to the sports center weekly praying for gold!

      4. just wanna know, what is double tithe?

    3. Didnt Masiyiwa go to Rhema church?

      1. no sir masiiwa was not a member of rhema church but his wife was, he was a member of one way ministries by that tym……. jst thot i should answer, hwever he was encouraged bby the pastor of the then rhema church when he visits one particular sunday

    4. wataura mudhara

    5. “He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me. He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. And whoever in the name of a disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.” (Matthew 10:40-42)

      1. ever since i started following these arguments I realised they are ‘TWO PEOPLE’ having ‘TWO BIBLES’ and both of them are calling themselves Christians: 1’Bible’ talks about miracles, earthly prosperity and how powerful prophets are and the other talks about Gods’ desire for people to work, heavenly prosperity and how ‘humble’ prophets are. The 2 people arguing here really dont seem to have common ground though they talk of familiar names. Is our BIBLE that divisive? was the Bible mearnt to unite people or tear them apart? I dont know, but I think to a greater extent ALL CHRISTIANS ARE JUSTIFIED BY THE BIBLE hence we have the largest number of denominations more than any other religion in the world. Mwari chiuyai!!!

        1. indeed there are always two people, there is God and there is the Devil, there are children of God and children of the Devil. there is the Son of God and the Son of perdition, there is the Christ and the Anti Christ. there was Abel and Cain, Isaac and Ishmael….the child of promise shall always be persecuted by the one who is not Jacob and Isaw………there are always two antagonistic forces….by their fruits you shall know them.

          the most amazing thing about the whole debate is the gutter language from those who support the miracles and the miracle workers ..the so called prophets! if that is what they call being born again! esvo ngazvigare.

        2. Taura hako. Their language haiiti

    6. cmkalemah Mwana we Muporofita

      wena Harrison direct me to genuine Prophets coz u are lambasting the Men sent to us from God and who hear from God so why all the fuss ?

    7. inda unovaka kumusha kwenyu kuUzumba urege kutinyangadza iwe!

    8. These prophets are encouraging people to work smarter and not to sweat for their sustenance because sweating is a curse, which was left in the old testament.Jesus removed that curse, we do not have to sweat in order for us to be rich, we have to get paid fairly kana tashanda. Manje iwe shamwari unenge wakasara kuold testament, Jesu wakazvifira izvi. Strive waunotaura kuti arikudya zvedikita unoziva here kuti anobhadhara tithe marii? haikona kungosvora nezvausina ruzivo nazvo. dzidzisa muromo wako kunyarara kana usingazive!

  8. 2 Chron 20:20 AMP

    Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established; believe and remain steadfast to His prophets and you shall prosper.

  9. irresponsible jounalism, i stayed in Bindura and we have had several cases of people picking up GOLD, zvazoshamisa nekuti zvakataurwa namakandiwa here. asi munobhadharwa here kuti munyore zvakadai

    1. “He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me. He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. And whoever in the name of a disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.” (Matthew 10:40-42)

  10. Ndazovaona vane godo…. Let Jehovah God be praised for raising true Prophets in Zimbabwe. Those who do not believe shall be astounded by the blessings that will fall upon us those who believe and listen spiritually to God sent people. Pamberi neminana Papa.

  11. God is confirming His word. Makandiwa is a man of God.

    1. and iwewe uri mwana waani???wembwa??

    2. And u r just a lost mukandiwa sheep..meehhh

    3. wakarasika blaz, chimboverenga bible rako futi, kwete maverse awaka udzwa namakandiwa

    4. we are all man of God sir unless you are not one, we were all created in HIS IMAGE and likeness

  12. alois tavengerweyi

    These journalist are being paid to write about these prophets. We are tired of these stories. Gold has been one of the most mined mineral in Zim with deposits all over the country. Gold panning has been in existence for some time now with villagers in most parts of the country involved hence the name makorokoza.

    1. it not about having mining gold but picking gold.

  13. Believe in the prophet and you will be established

    1. Believe in GOD and you will be established , what will you do when these prophets are exposed to be the cheats they are, have faith in GOD first, for these leaders just like the LORD commented on the Pharisees litsen to them but dont follow what they do, they too are human with the obvious limitations and frailities abound in humanity such as evil desires, greed etc so to say believe in the prophet and you will be established may sound very blasphemous

    2. Iwe Tony Vhurika brain mhani hanzi “Believe in the prophet and you will be established
      Reply” enda unoverenga Bible it clearly say DO NOT PUT YOUR TRUSDT IN EARTHLING MAN belive in the prohet kudii maprphet emubible encouraged people to Belive in God and all other things would be added to them hindava uchibvuma kushandiswa na satan nxa sis man

    3. Believe in yourself and you will do wonders. Twit!

    4. ko prophet ndiMwari?

    God works in mysterious ways.
    May those who have the faith to receive this gold receive it in Jesus Name.
    And those who have unbelief have eyr eyes blinded to the fact and not partake.
    Ndezve vana vaMwari chete izvi

    1. Kune maatsotsi anoba zviriSmart achishandisa shoko raMwari,aah miracle money, miracle gold Jesus had a divine right to get the from nature he created.What did Makandiwa create? Mukai!!!

  15. yu ryt Harrison Shumba,lazy people want ‘miracle’ materials!rise up and wek u lazybones!!!

    1. 1Co 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness to him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. My friend Dombstone miracles are for believers kana usiri hangazvinzwisise. The devil is also not happy kana ruvoko rwamwari rwuchiratidzwa and bcs he is a spirit anotozviratidza through people kana muchisvotwa ndoopatinonera kuti satan asvotwa. Glory to God.

    2. #LoudApplause!

  16. isu kuno kukwekwe gold rakanongwa kare, tadhamba nekudya mari yegoridhe risiri rekuchera…… thats why i used to love the people of Beria panguva ya Paul, they would go home and resaerch after evry sermon,……zvino imi hamuchadi bhuku inokupai zivo, and yu will persish because yu lack knowlegde…… go and do yo research, muwone kuti since the erruption of gold detactors, goridhe riri kungonongwa Zimbabwe tenderere….. musati matanga kuti , thank yu man of god, i receive…. thats just general knowledge from a Zimbabwe citizen…… imi makaiswa ma blinkers, yu dont even want to know whats happening in your own country, munomirira kunoudzwa kustadium…… scum on yu

    1. taura zvako iwe…vaporofita ava venhema vakangwara.they do research well in advance, vozoudza vanhu, vaye vakaiswa matomu kwaakuzopepuka voti miracle Gold…kikikirakagara ranhongwa musati maudzwa.mamessage ekubhabhadzirana aya vanhu vachitadza kuudzwa kutendeuka kuguma kusati kwasvika…these are truly fake and false prophets who are diverting attention of people from repentance and true worship to focus on earthly riches…muchapepuka riniko vanavaMwari…regai kuendako muzvinamatire mweya yenyu iwane nzvimbo muumambo hwaMwari, ava vema’miracles’ siyanai navo, murikupedza nguva muchidzinganisana nezvisirizvo…

  17. i believe what the man of God says and i believe by this week am gonna pick some gold at my place. thank you Man of God

    1. Please tell us and take a picture of your findings so that you can “convert” us lost dweebs

    2. so u believe wat the man of God says but not wat the word of God says about false prophets.

      good luck bhururu.

  18. you need to be in spirit to understand miracles,no need to try and use common sense pray prayers not say prayers.ln God we trust that miracles are there

  19. But how many gold rushes have we had in Zim for the past 10 years and it is fact that every year there is bound to be a gold rush do you then claim prophecy if you make such claims?

  20. 1.since the government has said this can not be suprising kuti gold rinongwe in that area what do makandiwa’s followers say now.

    2.Did not this guy say richawanikwa nyika yose?

    3.Uye can they give us the specifics of the people vakarinhonga so that we verify the claim.

    4.these journalists vanonyora nyaya idzi must be investigated to establish if they are not paid to publish such stories.

    1. Hazvishamise kuti dai wakararama nguva yaJesu ungadai uri mumwe wevamwe vakauraya Jesus. Chii chaunti gvt just a perm sec saying that and you believe asi you find it difficult to beleive MoG.

      The majority of people who comment negative are diasporans who are stressed. Just come back home and receive a prophet in the name of a prophet and be rewarded by GOD. Hamuna zvamuri kuita zvine musoro ikoko. Those that are in diaspora doing well believe and they tithe and seed to the annointing of the Prophets and other MoG. Wake up to the Light Sir. Come out of Darkness

      1. pple lets not be fooled by miracles read the bible and see what time is it sir!these are
        motivational preacher may God help them.

        1. pharoahs man also did perfom these miracles/magic

      2. My friend do not make an assumption kuti iwe waisaramba Jesu during those times. If you read your bible as well as I believe you do, you’ll admit that most of us modern pple would have disowned him. Jesu akatambirwa by the meek,not those who were seeking a saviour from Roman rule, not by people who were seeking material things. Set yourself in that time and think again before you pass judgement. I am not condoning kurambwa kwakaitwa Jesu…all I’m saying is think practically before washoora vamwe. Ndatenda.

      3. iwe siyana nesu iwe-vharwa wega urizobha-urikudyirwa mari namkandiwa,uku angel achikudobera mukadzi-siyana nesu shasha-ibva apa lolest

  21. I have nothing to say,but kunyarara movhura nzeve momirira zvacho zvavimbiswa zvamusati maona nemeso.Zvimwe ndewe chokwadi zvikada haasi.We are living in last days,be wise.Musamanyira zvese zvese.Munamateiwo Mwari,haasi waMakandiwa bedzi.

  22. they are some things which are jass unusual which we take seriously guys u have to work up zveshuwa may the good Lord help u

  23. Hapana nyaya apa – kumusha kwedu papurazi kuMakonde makore nemakore vanhu vaingononga gold .. vasiri kumbokorokoza though now makorokoza aveko..

  24. Stage managed story, but no worries only time will tell. these prophet and prophetess ma1…

  25. mai divine solution

    zvakaoma nyika yeZimbambwe nhasi wepaper abhadharwa nekuti anyorawo zviripositive. asi dai kurikushoropodza mati zvakanaka. Kuzvitenda kana kusazvitenda chiporofita chazadziswa Mwari waProphet Makandiwa ngaakudzwe azadzisa shoko rake for He is not a man that lies. Basa sebasa Prophet Zimbabwe we love yu and your God more Divine Solutions for Zimbabwe are coming.

  26. God help your nation Zimbabwe to have the spirit of discernment. remember moses’ rod turned into a snake while Pharaoh’s magicians also did the same. those who worship God in truth and in spirit do not have a problem with following miracles, God reveals to them directly. we all can make wrong assumptions but God is true and if you worship him, you will partake the good of his kingdom with or without a prophet.

  27. Imi vanhu dzidzayi uye fungayi kuti maGold panners agara aripo saka chiporofita chaitika apa ndechipi. Asi mava kunamata kuti mugare panyika pano nekusingaperi here zivayi kuti kudenga kunoda vatswene vari musvo pasina zvese zvamuri kutaura panyika pano.

  28. Annoyed and tired of nonsense

    Ahhhh shame, miracle money, miracle gold, miracle groceries next it will me miracle mercedes and range rovers miraculously appearing at ur doorstep bwahahaha #tavabho stop telling us about these Makandiwa and Angel people!there are many other churches in Zimbabwe therefore not all of us care what Makandiwa teaches as we have no desire to follow him and his decieving ways (there has always been gold thats blown around by the wind in Zim and yes people will pick it up so i really dont see how this is prophecy????) anyway to the Newsday Editor in Chief, tiudzeiwo nyaya dziri of National importance/relevance hatisi tese tinonamata kuti tiwane material wealth chete so stop with this nonsense unless ofcourse u are paid by these churches -using miracle money lol

    1. shuwa, taura hako “annoyed and tired of nensense”….. anonamata ikoko, therefore the biasness in his reporting…… shuwa ingatoita headline iyoyi….. gold rush has been the order of the the day in most parts of our mineral packed precious country….. ko icho chinombonzi prophecy chiiko…… izvi…… vanhu vachanongeswa zvikwambo gore rino…. hameno

    2. i totally agree with you,gold discovery is not a new phenomenon to zim,its been happening since the founding fathers. there is no national relevance in this’s the media that is giving relevance to people like makandiwa,angel and kunonga.i think i will stick to the classifieds section from now onwards.all local media are sensionalists and not authentic journalism.why are there no photographic or on site pictures of the gold,and funny enough the source of the story is makandiwa’s spokespesron how coincidental that he was in that place at the same time the gold was picked? open your eyes people

    3. aiwaka Makandiwa and Angel ndivo news dzacho. Vakasanyorwa ivavo ndiani mumwe ane zita rakasimudzwa naJehova anganyorwa savo. Just check uone macomments amurikunyora. Kuwanda kwemacomments kuratidza kuti ndivo vane nyaya munewspaper rose. Thank you for good reporting mr journalist.

      1. i think middie failed grade 7 and so we can understand your grasp of ‘good jounalism’

  29. believe it or not, poverty is on its way to hell…

  30. utter disregard of journalism ethics and wonder newspapers make boring read these days.the know that makandiwa pushes sells so they make it a headline utter rubbish is all over the great dyke and there is nothing prophetic about that.if you go to the delta basin in nigeria ,it oozes oil and coz its an oil filled hoo your journalism sucks big time, get the facts right, photographic evidence, rather than make believe word of mouth evidence.all local newspapers suck big time

    1. honestly, have yu heard Chris or Joshua saying , i prophesy oil ozzing in Nigeria…… anyone who believes thats prophecy is INSANE…… TO BELIEVE that its prophecy that gold ill be picked up in Zimbabwe, yet its now almost a decade… ?????????????

  31. Makristu munoshamisa munoramba zviri mushoko (bible) chiporofita chiriko muchanyarara chete

    1. ana Pastor Joe, muri mabharanzi. Muchaexploder kuhell uko nevanhu vamuri kunyepera kuti munoprofita imi makaromba zvikwambo zvana Tuberculosis Jeshuwa. Ko ana Makandiwa maprofita sei mufana wake akaramba mukadzi? Prophet ndozvavakaratidzwa pamweya here kuti mfana ngaarambe mukadzi but achishumira Mwari saPastor? Ndozvakanyorwa pana Timotio 2 pamaqualitiesd evatungamiri vekereke here kuti vanochinjanisa vakadzi? Ko mai Makandiwa vakatanga riniko kutaura nedenga zvavaakutonzi prophetess .Inga denga reUFI rakaoma varume. Kuita refamily yese? Baba muprofita, mai muprofita, bamnini ndipastor (uku vachiramba mukadzi kuti ane dimoni. Ko dimoni ramaininin rakatadzwa nemweya waprophet seiko kana veri vamwari. Asi mutumwa wavo ndewe ndaizi chete kani) makapusa. Munodyiwa makasvinura sematemba

      1. taura zvako Shame iwe,udza marema ajaira kuwachiswa naMakandiwa awa.

      2. Iwe “shame” wave kuratidza hudofo hwako hweBible manje. Kutadza kuona pachena kuti kwaive na John na James vana vaZebedee (mukoma nemunin’ina) vaive maApostles. Wotadza kuonazve kuti Prisca naAquilla (murume nemukadzi wake) vaive maApostles aitoparidza vhangeri pamwe naPaul (Acts 18: 2, 26; Rom 16: 3). Chii chingatadzisa Jehovah kushandisa mhuri yese yaMakandiwa kuparidza shoko? After all you have no right to be involved in their family lives. Wajaira kungoteerera makuhwa chete. Basa riri rekushoropodza zvausina umboowo huzere nazvo. Mind your own business and follow after your men of faith, kwete kungoti kwaenda tsuro ndokwaenda nembwa, changoti kwatara nach nach.

      1. @Hezvo

        Idiot ndiyaniko? Kana pasina zita racho iwe ndiwe idiot manje.

  32. Silver and Gold Have we None but we say In the Name of Jesus rise up and walk ………………………Years Later Gold and money we have !!!

    1. if you believe in poverty,sickness and the name of Jesus ndezvekwako.
      Isu we believe in prosperity health plus the name of Jesus.
      Of course Gold, silver and miracle money we have and in the name of Jesus rise up and be delivered from the demon of poverty.

      1. “Isu we believe in prosperity health plus the name of Jesus”…………it’s Jesus FIRST then the rest, your prosperity health comes after, that’s why you are fooled by these false prophets who are only after their goals.

        if Matt 24:24 (For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect).wasn’t refering to the makandiwa & angel crew then the end is not yet

        1. #Muridzo!

      2. middie just proves wat most pple are trying to illustrate. these ufic and makandiwa beleive in jesus as an after thought but firstly and foremost they believe in prosperity. makapusa muri kuzvisungirira

    2. @ Word, wagonafani! ndichakutengera patapata.

  33. if u r not part of those illuminatis…go and read Ecclisiastes 10 vs 18-19…Deut 18 vs 18…now m praying for u Ndebele and all those who dont believe in the prophets of our times, ( Papa E. Makandiwa and Major Hubert Angel)…may God have mercy on u or u either rot in hell

  34. “Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.” (Acts 3:6). Makandiwa is the Best Theology ever ,yah you are smart alek brother makandiwa @ least murinani than brother angel , Imi mafollowers acho , shoko rinoti some will make fire come out from heaven !!!! please wake up pleaaaase , oh Lord have Mercy!!!

  35. Only time will tell………….

  36. Newsday is crap ,going bonkers like the herald. Trevor Ncube this village paper will sink sooner rather than later. Is this your same editorial policy at Mail & Guardian SA, I guess not. Trevor Ncube always busy tweeting on Twitter and not even taking time to go through your Newsday articles coz if u were taking time to read some of these articles you would taken action longback…cesspool!!!

  37. Kuchauya maporofita enhema achaita zvishamiso. asi musazinyengedzwa. The Prophecy is now being fulfilled imi in stead of following the advice “musanyengedzwa” mava kutonyengedzwa kare. Ane nzeve ngaanzwe. Mwari kuisira vanhu mari muhomwe zvese neku Eco-cash? Shandiswai zvenyu navana muzvinabhizimusi ve ku Gospel ava.

    1. We are tired of this tired statement ”Kuchauya maporofita enhema achaita zvishamiso”. You need light you are covered in deep darkness (ignorance)

    2. Mupfana weBikini

      Mazimbo makapata chokwadi! Tichikura isusu kwaiva naanaHapurakata – purakata vaichinja mushuche nematombo vachiita sugar nemasweets.Hamuna kumbovanzwawo here?Vakaendepi uye vakafuma here?Munhu akachenjera anganzi isa genuine ten dollar note yako mundiro ye Church ndigomultiplayira mari iyoyo.Maprophet iwaya anenge achitora genuine money kwamuri makapusa imi mozopiwa fake money.Kana Angel achigona kuita mamiracles ekugadzira mari anozoitirei kuti vanhu vamukandire mari?Angel gadzira enough of your miracle money urarame nayo iwe wega. Ini chero ndisina mari, mari yemasaramusi handiide.Angel ndiudze, ‘Unorwadziwa nei panhumbu yembwa iwe usingaitengere maternity dress’.?Rega yakadaro!

    3. Bla-Castro Rogers

      Hauna kuipedza nyaya yako, inopera nekutaurwa kwemasiyaniro avo vaporofita venhema ava neve chokwadi. Usasiira panzira, kuda kutitsautsa.

  38. U aint seen nothing miracles are coming..u shall be confounded..ths js the beginning…muchanyarara Mwari wedu achiita zvoshamisa..


    1. If gold was coming out like that in the past ten years as you claim why are you so poor?

      1. im not poor my friend.

        you would be surprised how well off i am, does not change the fact that i hail from mt darwin. i go to work every day where i earn a handsome salary unlike you stupid fucks who believe in miracle money.

    2. Bla-Castro Rogers

      Saka sei iwe so called “WHAT” uri kudyiwa magaro nemadhakisi kana goridhe iri makakura naro over more than 10 years. Tendeuka baba/ami whatever you are.

  40. u might as well quit your day job,drop out of school,college or uni coz the almighty is goin to rain chicken and gravy and you will pick gold like you pick leaves and dnt worry bout gettin paid you will have miracle money in your cheer up zimbos the unemployment rate just shot up but with so much benefits coz u get everything while chillaxin @yo crib and the banks and industries might as well shutdown coz we zimbos dnt need jobs we get everything for free thanx to the prophetic word and oh kasukuwere dnt worry bout barclays or implats or anglo coz we pick our own gold,platinum easy kapeezy and we dnt need banks coz money comes easily into our pockets .God wires it strait to us,this is the best time to be a zimbo,eh diasporans come back home all is well now save yo sorry backs and come live freely.oh i love zimbabwe it’s the new eldorado where everything is free,i mean if earth is this exciting who needs to die and go to heaven oh and if u die a prophet can just pass by yo corpse and you resurrect,ah man i love this country its the best on earth.

  41. Police should just invoke some relevant laws and charge these guys for crimes related to ‘causing alarm and dispondency’!!! They are as good as Rotina Mavhunga, yu still remember the desiel Sangoma??

    1. Dai wakararama nguva yaJesu ungadai uri mumwe wevakamuuraya iwe

      1. f.uck you SORRY uri m.h.a.t.a

    2. Bla-Castro Rogers

      Hariko here kumukura uku? Rotina haana chaakabura saka kwana iwewe.

  42. Taurai Papa vachanyarara tinofamba nemweya maprophecies akuzadziswa showing the presence of the Lord, mbiri kuna Jesu,to God be the glory,thank u Jesus!

  43. mwana wemuporofita

    Thank you God for giving us prophet Makandiwa. We are seeing your goodness and greatness through him.

    1. What goodness is that? Fantasies and false emotions being evoked by Tom and Jerry team. pathetic

    2. mwana wemoporofita wow, and i thot we were all children of God,so that makes you muzukuru waMwari kikest…when Jesus was teaching His Jesus how to pray ..He opened with the remarks “our father who art in heaven” even a kindergarten kid knows that..oww muzukuru waMwari..sad

      1. @ trent, it simply shows that hausati waziva the principle of sonship from the Bible. Why don’t you ask first? Zvisinei, the Bible reveals Paul acknowledging and addressing Timothy as his son in the faith (Php 2; 22; 1 Tim 1: 2; 2 Tim 1: 2). This was not the only spiritual son of Paul; Titus and Onesimeous among others were also sons in the Lord to Apostle Paul (Tit 1:4; Phm 1: 10). It is therefore not a new thing to have someone who is above you in the Lord and regard as a fatherly figure when it comes to Christian faith, because the same Bible says we should follow after men of faith (Heb 6: 12). This is why we also hear Paul addressing the Corinthian believers as a father of their faith in Christ Jesus (1 Cor 4: 15). This is why the Church at Corinth proudly claimed themselves to be under the covering of Apostle Paul, while other Christians said, “we are of Apollos” (1 Cor 3: 4). They understood the meaning of submitting in the fear of God to those above those above them in the Lord and highly esteeming their father according to the scriptures (1 Thess 5: 12, 13; Eph 5: 21). Now, this is different from being a child of God. Being a son of God is the identity of every Christian from the moment he/ she gives his/her life to Jesus Christ, the Savior and Lord God (Jn 1: 12). So if i tag myself that “ndiri mwana wemuporofita” it simply shows that i am doing it the Bible way- I am just defining my spirituality based on who is feeding me the word of God. I can even personalize Jehovah as much as Apostle Paul said “my God shall supply…(Php 4: 19). Elsewhere in his writings Paul addressed Jehovah as “the God of our Lord Jesus Christ”, but when it came to addressing the needs of the Church at Macedonia which financially partnered with him in the gospel Paul changed his definition of God. Paul said ‘when you partnered with your finances with me in the gospel you did not do it for me but for yourself; you were preparing a heavenly account for yourself…” (Php 4: 15-18, Paraphrased). Then he began verse 19 saying, “But my God shall supply all your needs….”. It therefore should not surprise other Christians then if they would hear members from Macedonia church addressing God in their prayers or acknowledging Him in their testimonies as “the God of Apostle Paul”. why? Because the Macedonian church members had a revelation of God who supplies their needs as “the God of Paul”. The Macedonians understood submission to the annointing that was upon Apostle Paul, and they were richly financially blessed out of the rest of the Christians. Why? Well, that they were the only church out of other churches in Paul’s day who by revelation of spiritual sonship and the supernatural provisions of God, addressed Apostle Paul as their father, and their God as “the God of Apostle Paul”. Without doubt, they knew Paul imitated Christ in the faith, and they imitated their spiritual father Paul in believing God and his servant on their finance prosperity. So kuzviti “mwana waPastor” hazvina kuipa. Varipowo wanozviti “mwana wemuApostora” nokuda kwekutenda mune the men of God sent by the Lord Jesus Christ. These tags are just an identity, an expression, and a revelation one has on God and his associate minister (men of God) functioning in one of the five- fold ‘grace’ offices. At the end of the day, Christ and the Father are glorified in our men of God. Hallelujah!

  44. 1 Corinthians 2: 13-14
    “When we tell you these things, we do not use words that come from human wisdom. Instead, we speak words given to us by the Spirit, using the Spirit’s words to explain spiritual things. But these people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand what the Spirit means.”

  45. Welldone editor, ur paper is just telling pple wat is happening. Ol those who are crying are pple who are nt in Zim, they are the ones who are being paid to blame every move in Zim. Tel them kut they shal stay there kusvika vatsvukira. Luv my country, Zim

  46. mwari asingashanduke

    Moses turned his rod minto a snake and pharaoh `s magicians also did the same in the last days they wilkl be many false prophets i think the prophecy is being fulfilled the false prophets are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. dont just talk of false prophets. the bible also talks of false shepherds, false teachers, false preachers as well. Chenjerai kuti vamuri kuti false prophets ndivo vacho vari real. Uye varikumuparidzirai kuti ngwarirai ndivo vacho vanofanirwa kungwarirwa.

    2. wakanganwa the part where Moses’ snake swallowed all the other ones? Look, all i can say is that what you don’t understand, don’t critisize, lest one day you will be found in that domain? Zvozonyadzisa sei wavakuudzwa kuti waimboti izvi hazviite, ko nhasi zvadini!

  47. What absolute hogwash! How these morally corrupt people with only greed and worldly riches on their minds instead of spiritual guidance and mentoring can be allowed to flourish here is beyond my comprehension!! Wake up world! Harare and indeed the whole of Zimbabwe and Africa is becoming full of these charlatans!!

  48. How dull have Zimbabweans become. Povety can drive people do believe these gold diggers aka false prophets

    1. Bla-Castro Rogers

      Uchazviona but hausi kuzozvidya. Wafema!!!

  49. Oh boy, here we go!

  50. Chengetai Katandika

    Well, one thing I have learnt is very simple. our popular musician Tuku sang very well. “Munhu ahungamugone, anovenga chakanaka, chakanaka, chakanakisisa……” I personally stopped trying to convince munhu ane mafungiro ake. One minute he says, inhema idzo rega tione kuti rinowanikwa here gold racho, hanty gore i 12 months bla bla, now rawanikwa, haaa gold rinowanikwa, he he njani njani, akati hariwanikwe ndiyani. When Prophet Elisha prophesied about hupfu paghedhi, hanty waimbowanikwa kare hwakazorega, saka makadii kuti he was a prophet of doom, hayaaaaa. Raiwanikwa, asi this time a prophet says rinowanikwa, ndobva rawanikwazve. marasika papi manje apa.

    God will never stop talking becos some academic pipo are using the theories of Newton, Aristocrat,Napoleon,Stoic,and so on and so on. He will speak becos He is God and not to prove anythng, but to see the manifestation of his desire on His pipo

    God loves u so do I………….

    1. When Prophet Elisha prophesied about hupfu paghedhi, hanty waimbowanikwa kare hwakazorega……….. saka gold ramboshaika zvachose here munyika muno. in some areas people were still picking it up even before he gave his prophecy of doom……wake up man

      1. I am already up my brother, i didnt say gold rakamboshaika, i said kana mati imi rainhongwa vanhu vachitsvaira pamba(which offcourse I doubt) nhasi rowanikwa mati zvaipa futi. Murikutyeiko munhu washe kushandisa zita renyu kwaro. Its a pityy pipo dont believe these things. Hating prophet Makandiwa is not the solution hama munashe. Hapana kana chekumbotya apa, kana dziri nhema dziregezve, imi ita zvenyu zvekuchurch kwenyu ikoko marwadzwa nei nekwedu. We belive these things, and whether u do or not, it amounts to nothing. And when we prophecy, we are not doing it for u, but for those who believe. Hanty umwe akanzi uchazviona asi hauzvidye, what meks u think zvakachinja? muchiripo musingatende.

        1. you quoted the prophecy of Elisha which you mis-interpreted & don’t liken these false prophets to the ones in the bible never ever. If Matt 24:24 wasn’t referring to makandiwa & angel crew then the end is not yet.

  51. Mati madiiko muchange makutorutsa nekusvotwa kwacho, miraika muone maGiant companies asinga mine gold achatozopedzisira ave egold, thiz only january hamusati masvitwa nemporofita waJohova

  52. Ko prophesy nemamiracles anganzi ndeevanotenda chete seyi saka asingatendi achatendeuka sei ita ka kuti varikuramba uvabatsire nekuvapa minana vatendeuke

    1. Bla-Castro Rogers

      Izvi zviratidzo zvichatevera vanotenda, kwete vafundisi asi vanotenda, kwete vavhangeri asi vanotenda, kwete vasharukwa asi vanotenda, kwete pwere but vanotenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. As long as these prophets are not encouraging anyone to worship Satan they are from God.Handioni chakaipa pavaporofita vana Makandiwa naAngel nekuti vanoparidza jesu

    1. when satan came to Eve haana kuti ndinisatani so you think the devil today will introduce himself to you??

      1. #CrowdApplause!

  54. it is now more of Me than God. Hee God is going to do this, God will do that for me. Is it about you or about God. Who comes first you or God. Do you go to God or God comes to you. What happened to you being a sinner, and now you are Holy and demand a blessing from God. doesn’t He bless who He chooses or He blesses those who claim/demand blessings from Him. Hameno vatadzi tongotarisa takamirira zuva redu

    1. Bla-Castro Rogers

      Hauzvinzwisise iwe, enda unopfeka bhurukwa uko.

  55. Kune here akambonzwa Makandiwa achiti huyayi tirumbidze Satan ngaapindure.Kana vachiparidza vanoparidza Jehovah ,Jesus and pavanoporofita vanoporofita nekuda kweholy spirit iri mavari chamunoshora chii.Kana vachikurudzira vanhu kunamata Jehovah,Jesus and the holy spirit hapana chakaipa kwavari nekut hapana munhu wavatsausa.God is god of miracles he is not bound by the laws of man or nature,vamwe venyu dai maivapo pagungwa dzvuku maitoramba kupinda nepakaoma mugouraiwa nemaEgyptians muchida kugadzira zvikepe nenyaya yekusatenda

  56. who will account for the diamonds? I heard they used to be picked up also in chiadzwa before people new wat they were. I guess we didnt have ‘competent’ prophets then coz surely that was the time (2007-2006) we needed prophets the most; things were tyt.

  57. Ini miracle money nemiracle gold ndikazviwana ndochapfanya handimboregi vasingabelieve regai

  58. “Beware of false prophets who come in sheeps clothing but inwardly are revenous wolfs” Follow your heart but believe what is true. Munhu anoparidza shoko ramwari haana kuipa uye haamhurwe. lye namwari wake ndivo vachasangana pakupera kwazvo. Nemazuva ekupedzisira zvakavandika zvese zvichabuda pachena. regai vanoita vaite, usasvora iwe itawo zvinokuitira uye usatongere munhu.

  59. ndezve minana.matimaonei muchasvotwa.naMwari wemuporofita zvinoita chete.muchazviona asi hamuzvidyi period.

    1. aaah haiwa mati madii, makajaira colonisation, varungu pavaiuya muno vachiparidza prosperity maiita gurumwandira muchimhanyirako, Mwari voti regai ndikumutsirei maporofita enyu muZimbabwe zvashata, regai ndikuudzei, Mwari wa Prophet Makandiwa na Prophet Angel, ndiMwari we minana, gold muchariona zvenyu harisati ratanga, isu vana vemuporofita tinoati malolo ari kuitika aya, dai makangwara maregera henyu kutuka varanda vaJehovah nekuti muchawana kutukwa, if u don’t believe better kunyarara pane kuda kuzviita ninja wekutaura zvisina basa!

  60. By their fruits, ye shall know them.

  61. Regai hangu ini Sir African ndiseke kikikiki idya hako zvemapenzi Makandiwa.Revelation 19.10.”….for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” Then Isaiah8: 20 “To the law and to the testimony:if the speak not according to the word,it is because there is no light in them.”Makandiwa and Angel are fake prophets .period.They are materialistics which is contrary to the Holy Bible. Chikristu hachisi che comfort akawona wava mucomfort zone you giong to the same direction with the devil and not with Jesus Christ.

    1. Thats u. No one is been forced to believe anything.

  62. Isu patakaverenga Bible karekare richisvika nevasina mabvi takanzwa kuti Jesu nevadzidzi vake vaiita minana. The difference iri paminana yave kuitwa nemaPorofita amazuva ano neekare ndeyekuti Jesus performed each miracle when there was NEED, these days miracles are being done for WANTS. For this reason, it boggles my mind why the Present Day Prophets are deviating from Jesus’ footsteps.

    1. vanhu varikuchitwa hama yangu. ramba uchiverenga hako bible rako iroro, ndiro chairo chairo.

  63. Vanhu varikurasika shuwa. zvino nepane nguva apa hapachadi kugara uri murima gur rakadai. Jesus never preached about maney, prosperity and money. suprisingly, these so called prophets is thier focuc. people dont go to church in order to be rich mhani imi vanhu imi. cant you see you are being used by the devil, you are already little devils because of the blinkers he (makandiwa ) put on you. people revisit your bible, nguva ichipo kudayi. munhu akanzi achadya cheziya. zvakaoma hazvo. Zvino Jesu akafira pamuchinjikwa kuti such a great multitude iende kugehena here. AAAAAH, God of Jacob, come to the people of our generation and redeem them from the york of satan of the later days.
    Ohh, God, The Living messiah, come to our rescue, for a great number in our midst are destining for hail because of satanists in suit purporting to be your prophet

  64. ZIMs are so gullible I dont know what can be done. This is absolute b.. that is receiving undeserved publicity. May God save this nation from these magicians!!!!!

  65. Regai hangu ini Sir African ndiseke kikikiki idya hako zvemapenzi Makandiwa.Revelation 19.10.”….for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” Then Isaiah8: 20 “To the law and to the testimony:if they speak not according to the word,it is because there is no light in them.”Makandiwa and Angel are fake prophets .period.They are materialistics which is contrary to the Holy Bible. Chikristu hachisi che comfort akawona wava mucomfort zone you giong to the same direction with the devil and not with Jesus Christ.

  66. Mapipi you are right, maporofita aya in’anga in suit. Paegypita pakambomuka vanhu vemhando iyi, vakaita minana yakawanda kwazvo asi hazvina kubatsira. zvino varume, pavakuda kunamatira hama kuti dzirege kuparadzwa nerufu rwechipiri rwunokonzerwa nevanhu vakaita sanamakandiwa ava. God of Jacob, fight for your the sake of your name. vanhu vako vavakutamba rezita rako Jesu, zvino chizviratidza sezvawakaita paHoreb, paGungwa dzviku mwari wakashamisa, zvino huya uite mashiripiti aya pamazuvawo edu, i am in great pain Oh Lord, how can people play with your Name oh The most high God. your name has been despised

  67. Mbiri kuna Jesu Mwari wemuporofita Vanoramba vachiita mabasa makuru.

  68. Regai hangu ini Sir African ndiseke kikikiki idya hako zvemapenzi Makandiwa.Revelation 9.10.”….for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” Then Isaiah8: 20 “To the law and to the testimony:if they speak not according to the word,it is because there is no light in them.”Makandiwa and Angel are fake prophets .period.They are materialistics which is contrary to the Holy Bible. Chikristu hachisi che comfort akawona wava mucomfort zone you giong to the same direction with the devil and not with Jesus Christ.

  69. 1.since the government has said this can not be suprising kuti gold rinongwe in that area what do makandiwa’s followers say now.

    2.Did not this guy say richawanikwa nyika yose?

    3.Uye can they give us the specifics of the people vakarinhonga so that we verify the claim.

    4.these journalists vanonyora nyaya idzi must be investigated to establish if they are not paid to publish such stories.

  70. ndinovirirana nedzidziso yenyu vamakandiwa asi nyaya yemari iyi mwari watinoshumira anogona kuita zvisingaitwe nemunhu zvino kana mwari awe kutipa mari vanhu vozoiteiwo tiitirei zvirinane kwete mari

  71. Ivo vanoda goridhi yepasi rino ndivo vachasara .Kudenga ririko goridhi Rev 14:14.refers to gold and 21:20 talks of more precious stones asi imi munochemera zva Makandiwa.Verengawo bhaibheri muchitsvaka mhinduro

  72. long live prophet Makandiwa, prophet Angel…. siyanai nemaporofita aya mashaya nyaya here…. kana ari enhema tiudze kune echokwadi acho musatinetse..

  73. Regai zvikurirarane pamwe chete,Vaporofita wechokwadi newenhema,zvichaonekwa pakutongwa.

    1. pazvakanzi regai zvikurirane panga patoonekwa kuti paita mashawi ivava vanamakandiwa…..saka zvinotokurirana tichiziva zvechokwadi nezvenhema.

  74. Prophets of old lived simple lives. Today we have them sporting designer clothes, designer haircuts, flying first class, driving expensive cars, being feted by their congregations more than the Lord himself, all in the name of the Gospel of Prosperity. Where has the message about the coming of Christ gone? Are going to take all this gold with us to heaven? Beware of the cult of personality.

  75. is it another “diesel pa chinhoyi” , pure gold or gold ore ? gold needs to be purified using mercury (red)

  76. by thir fruits u shall know them!!!! mati madii, muchasvotwa mukazvirega! i love you papa and ilove the God you serve

    1. @mwanawaprophet (actually u r mwanaasinaBaba) -hatisvotwi but tinohwa tsitsi, when grown up men and women base their hopes on “CHEATS” who r just trying out to make CAPITAL out of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

    2. tingasvotwe nemabharanzi eke ufic?

      kwete, tinonotoswera tichikusekai, tichikushandisai semufanidzo wevanhu vakapusa, vane usimbe wekufunga voga, uye vano verengerwa bhaibheri namakandiwa.

  77. zvakambonzi kune a big structure ichadonha vanhu vakawanda vachafa zvikanzi na mangoma zvino zivikanwa kuti lake kariba ine mutswe ,zvikanzi gold rush hezvo zvanzi mamineral deposits i hobho muzimbabwe ,zvino what is next ?prophecy yezvinhu zvinozivikanwa here?kunesu vamwe tichazoda kubuda mugomba risingabudiki nekuda zvakachipa.vanhu vamwariweeeeee ngatinamatei nguva yatiri yaoma .vanoda chiporofita teverai vasingadi zvavo sika sika nerako bhaibheri.vamunotaura ava vashoma pane zvatiri kuona kuno.zvokwadi wedenga ivai nesu tiregerovana misi nenguva.wangu muromo zii,umwe naumwe tevera zvaunoda ko ndiyo freedom of worship.why this war of supremacy,why the spirit of gullibility.radix malorum est cupiditus.the root of evil is avarice.ndatenda hangu.ndini mumwe wenyu wemuzimbabwe anoda tuka zvako asi angu mashoko ndorongedza

  78. wisemanfromtheeast

    I like one sermon teaching by Joyce Meyer that said,”What u dnt undestnd dnt criticise”.Wht if u criticize these prophets n they are truly frm GOD.This would be a sin against the Holy Spirit.But then again u may be correct.So seek wisdom from above first.

    1. We understand so we critisize

    2. we understand fully. makandiwa and angle are false prophets

  79. Vakomana vanoshora ava, hamucharwa naMwari here muchifunga kuti muri kumusupporter. Nemamwe ma Minister vakutocommentawo. Vakomana election yakutosvika, even if u don believe wats happening, even if u think vanoendako vakapusa, but u need ma votes evakapusa. Munechokwadi here kutorana nevaPorofita, the most influential in the world. You don need to be spiritual to know this. Whats comimg is serious than zvama ona. Treat the Prophets of God with greater respect.

  80. ok supermarket yakambofuma iine goridhe zvisina huporofita mukati. durin rain season and windy days its normal to have these things about gold being picked up on the surface. its natural to have those things. it can only be a prophecy if only the place is known to have no gold deposits whatsoever.

    1. like water coming from the rock!

  81. Zimboz are now desparate for sure. Miracle money and now miracle gold. What next for us? Miracle cars and houses plus schools? FFS people wake up and smell the sewage seeping into your living room. Are this Tom and Jerry tag team going to beat you out for a count of ten? slam dunk you each time you want to rise? Clothes line when you straggling to move yourself to a better position in life? Ripping you off your hard earned money in exchange for untold glories in life? These cats are just plain crooks. No doubt mucharidza mhere rimwe zuva.

    As for the journalist writing this article, this pathetic. What did you find out in the mentioned area about the gold? Unless you are a sheep of the flock. This is another mirror copy of HMetro. No real tangible articles except whispers.

    Trevor – help!!!

  82. Mt Darwin zvagara zvichiitikaizvi anyway let’s wait &see nzvimbo dzakaita seZaka,Bikita&Other places kusati kwamboonekwa Gold,may God Grant me life to witness these miracles-Amen

  83. Peter was in jail, the church prayed for his release, and God responded but when he knocked by the door it was not opened, Rhoda head his voice and told people that Peter is outside, they said she is mad. Zimbos are praying for God’s help there comes God’s answer you say fake, then you do not know the God you serve.

  84. I think now I understand why the capital city is to be built in Mt Hampden. These guys want to mine the gold that is being seated on by HARARE!!!!!!

  85. Munhu ngaagare nezvake zvaanoziwa nekubelievha,me lm nuetral panyaya dzerudzi urwu!,whom ar u ol wh hv bin comenting -neg & +positiv tings?? U don knw wch is wch,unless u tel m u g@ th spirit of descendment here,it wil b well wth u & us then.

  86. You guys from Newsday, give us a break from this gutter journalism. I am now beginning to doubt your professionalism. Did you carry out an investigation before you rushed to write this story?This is beerhall talk you are presenting to us as news.Every day hee,makandiwa said this, hee angels said that.I think it is time you start concentrating on fiction writing.

  87. Acts 5v36

  88. If you don’t believe the News Day journalism, just don’t buy the paper, better still start you own newspaper business if you can afford it. One of mankind’s weaknesses is the average man’s familiarity with the word impossible. He knows all the rules which will not work, he know all the reasons why something can be done. The generality of Zimbabweans start from a negative trajectory, quick to criticize and their belief barometer is right flat zero. We think we know, we are critical, we think we are educated but we never come to the realization that our country is the poorest in the world. With such commentary, I wonder why we still find ourselves in a deplorable state and crisis. We can’t see ourselves out of this state because we are so fixated and conservative, anything outside your paradigm is false, shame on you guys.

    The statement that these men (Makandiwa and Angel) are false prophets has been overplayed. If they are false prophets, who are the true prophets – give us examples? What are they doing that deems them false and what is a true prophet supposed to do. If we give you the opportunity to prove them wrong would you come forward and be able to test the spirits.

    It’s high time we start from a positive trajectory – it is beneficial not only for you but for our country.

    I am sick and tired of pundits, I am sick and tired of shallow critics. Dai maitawo criticize mune ma credentials anemusoro in terms of personal profile and networth zvirinani. Zvino hapana, zero!

    1. @Maverick
      Iwe ndiwe munhu azogarwa nezvikwambo zvese zveUFI. Kunamata Mwari kunoda macredentials? Kunoda maqualifications? Kuziva maprofita enhema kunoda madegree? Shame and a half. False prophets and the avarice of money are one and inseperable. Thats Hubet Angel and Manuwero Makandiwa. Vanoda mari kunge oxygen asi hauzviwoni kani? Kuti vaparidze vhangeri rekutendeukira kuna Mwari nekusiya zvitema pasi tsve. Uyu mweya mutsvene wamunoti vanobata navo handiyo prescription yawoba yavari kufamba nayo . At 14 v. 15 (manifest at Acts 2 and 4) when the holy spirit was promised by Jesus toi the later generation it had conditions. he said “… If you love me, keep my commandmends, and I will leave you not without another comforter. The Holy Spirit. I will pray the Father that he gives you the spirit. And when the spirit of truth is come, he will reveal to you all sins…” The Holy spirit only abides with those that keep God’s commandments, one of which says ‘though shalt not covert thy neighbour’s house, or ass, or…’ But these prophets are so covertous of people’s little savings they preach of seed money and tithe to disposses the poor in the name of God. Honestly if they have any spirit at all, it is not of God who does not want the poor to be robbed. At what point have these prophets told congregants of the sins that abide in them in line with Jesus’s prescription of the Holy ghost? people commit udultery in the UFI, they plait hair in the UFI, women wear trousers in the UFI. And the spirit of Makandiwa approves? Are you sure God and Makandiwa are on the same side of the coin?

  89. Why i say Makandiwa and Angel are False

    1) Galatians 1 vs 8-9 , But Though we , or an angel from heaven , preach any “other” gospel unto you other than we have preached unto you let him be “accursed ” – i found out that Paul and other apostles Preached the Gospel Of Salvation , they wanted people to be so filled with the Holy Ghost . Ndaimboenda kuUFI , that guy preaches about Money , that i know ,he preaches much on good leaving ,and the lust of these wordly things!
    2) Paul on 1st Corithians 14vs 33 -37 ,he clearly told us that God is not the author of confusion ,on verse 37 he said , ” if any “man” not woman (ana mai makandiwa) think himself to be a prophet ,or spiritual let him acknowledge that the things that i write unto you are the commandments of the Lord ” .So we look at what Paul wrote unto all these Churches , in 1st corithians chapter 11 he told woman not to cut their hair , because its a shame to her , and that her is also given unto her as covering , but surprisingly vakadzi vemaporofita ava nemafollowers acho ,they do exactly the opposite , Paul also warned on woman teaching , 1st Cori 14 vs 34 , also 1st Tim 2 vs 11-14 , but these prophets take it for granted because kwane marights?
    3) Woman in their churches ,paint their face , the Spirit of Jezebels is ruling in their churches, by reading the word you can clearly see that it also says its an abomination for woman to wear a man’s garment , they take it for granted
    4) Jesus call no man on this earth your father but hey u can see!!papa , what?
    5) God is not author of confusion , Jeremiah , Isaiah , Malachi ,John the Baptists ,and many more were sent each for a generation , but for the scriptures to be fulfilled ,it says “many shall arise ” ,,its clearly !!
    6) Revelation 3vs16-17 talks about this generation , the Laodecia Church Age , because thou sayest , i am rich and increased in goods and have no need of nothing, knowest not that thou art wrethced and miserable , and poor ,blind and naked!

    conclusion =after the Word Test Makandiwa nevamwe vake fulfills scriptures yevamaFALSE PROPHETS , ane nzeve ngaanzwe! thank you

    1. Zechariah 13:2-4
      And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord of hosts,
      that I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land,
      and they shall no more be remembered:
      and also I will cause the prophets and the unclean spirit to pass out of the land.
      3 And it shall come to pass, that when any shall yet prophesy,
      then his father and his mother that begat him shall say unto him, Thou shalt not live;
      for thou speakest lies in the name of the Lord:
      and his father and his mother that begat him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth.
      4 And it shall come to pass in that day,
      that the prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision, when he hath prophesied;
      neither shall they wear a rough garment to deceive:

    2. Iwe muEnd Time Message follower usanyepa kuti wakamboenda kyUFI. Ko William Marion Branham wamunoti ndiye New Elijah prophesied by Malachi can’t you see this is utter idolatry and adulteration of God’s word. Fruit of knowledge yamunoti its sexual relationship aaaah. Tendeuka. The kingdom of God is at hand.

  90. A SENIOR member of the United Families International Church (UFIC) has claimed the prophesy by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa that mysterious gold will appear everywhere in Zimbabwe this year had started manifesting itself in Mt Darwin

    Is it not strange that the findings had to be confirmed by a Senior Member of his church of all people. lets not be hood winked by greed, there is nothing for mahala in this world, where were these ‘miracle prophets’ when people were suffering in 2008. now they are popping up everywhere now tht we have the US dollar

  91. Dai Mari watibatsira gospel of prosperity rauraya vanhu. Wake up Zimbabwe and prepare for the 2nd coming.

  92. vanongoparidza mari chete!!!!!ivo vanhu venungo vanoda zvemahara sehonye kwakuti nzeve ngwangwa!vaIsraeri vakafa nazvo murenje izvo

  93. hatichanzwisisa

  94. Utter rubbish band cheating people.Its not an issue of none believers, Even a fool can tell he/she is being fooled. Get a few people to throw around pieces of stolen gold and you want to make people believe that. We are going back to the Chinhoyi diesel issue. This is complete nonsense and you can tell why people dubed during day light. Police please investigate this fraudulent act.

  95. to ‘hondo’ when the bible talks about labouring it was talking abt a cursed person bt see Jesus came to be a curse and we a blessing. we are now sons of the most high God and the promises in the word are ours. why does the bible say wealthy in the hands of the sinners is ours n it also says do not trouble yourselves going to sleep late and waking up early because He gives his while they are asleep. the problem is people who are living a sinful life use a dirty eye to look at things. kana chidhakwa chikapinda muchechi chinenge chichingoona vanhu vose vakafitwa nezvitadzo zvachirikuita. vose vanochema che nemunana urikuitwa nemaprophets are you serving Jesus or the devil. kana ari Jesu munodirei usatani wokuiitisa huMwari even your choice of words shows u have dominion in the flesh. hakuna aipinda AFM asingazive kuti prophet Makandiwa was just born a prophet, iwe kusa approva kwako hakutadzisi muporofita kuva muporofita, jongwe kusakukuridza hazvirevi kuti hakuedzi. kunongoedza rakavhara muromo waro. it is the glory of the Lord to conceal a thing bt an honour to a king to search the matter. Pamazuva aJesu mafarusei aingoteverera kuti apikise n vana pauro vautopedzisira vo defender their apostleship because of pple like u. here is a hint just look at the kind of people who will help you to attack these prophets it dhould just hint you yhat you sre now fighting God’s project.

    1. Iwe mwana wemprofita Mwari ane project pasi pano? HAIKONA KUTI MAPROJECT aManuwero makandiwa maProject aMwari. Wakamboona Mwari achipa fufuro kuChitungwiza town council kuti itengese munda wemunhu kuna makanmdiwa iwe? Unonyepa zvekunyepa zviya kuti Mwari ane project kuUFI uko.IBHAIBHERI RIPIKO RAUNOVERENGA IWE? HOW READEST THOU? Zvino rega ndikuudze imwe nyaya iri pachena kuti ugoziva mafake prophets. Zvekuvambwa kwemachurch nekuparara kwavo hazvisi zvaMwariba tsano. Jesus warns his flock against following church doctrines because they are not God’s doctrines. Ko Manuwero Makandiwa kana achitaura nedenga chairo seiko akabuda AFM achinotanga church yake? Ndiudzewo church yaipindwa nemaprofita emubhaibheri anoti Moses, Aaron, Elijah, David, Isiah, Nathan, Johane, Peter, Paul,Micah, Daniel , Joel e.t.c. ainzi chiiko machurch acho? Vaienda nevakadzi vavo? Vakadzi vavo vaive maprofetess? Iwe hauwerengi Baibheriba iwe. Uri wefake zvese nababa vako ndakuonai

      1. @ “shame” mukadzi waIsaiah aiva prophetess (Isa 8: 3).

  96. The calibre of today christians is very questionable,they neither read the bible nor comprehend it.Its written in the bible that on the last days ,not everyone who calls the name of the lord actually uses the power of the lord.ln revelations its written some men will say to a mountain move and it will move,but that does not mean the individual is a messiah.

  97. its not only Mt Darwin , the divine gold is now being found in Mutoko and Mudzi , people in those areas are just picking it up from the ground , some people who where in Marange during the diamond rush say this easier then what they had to through in Marange .


  99. Silly prophecies from silly prophet!

  100. Vietnam war ex -combatant

    We cant run the country based on this hogwash.

  101. Tese tikava negoridhe achava murombo ndiani? Hakuna nyika yakadaro. A world of dreams is a world of chaos.

  102. …they shall be lovers of money rather than lovers of God. end times?

  103. Tosiya basa tosetose kwamakandiwawo

  104. Ndakagara ndazviona pakatengeswa shirt 10 000 dollars.Tati tadii.Kuita auction mumba yamwari.

  105. Handifungi kuti bhazi ra Engel na Makandiwa rinosvitsa vanhu denga ini, the blind leading the blind chaiyo.

  106. Munomupembedzereiko Makandiwa muchingoti ‘man of God’??everyone is woman/man of God and munhu wese is a prophet only if you submit fully to God,focus on him and ask him to speak to you..he will surely speak to you thru dreams,visions and what you may sometimes think mathoughts ako..just learn to listen to his voice.iyo minana yamunofarira iyi…kana Jesu chaiye haana kumboita minana who is makandiwa?,Angel Uebert to perform such kind of miracles..shoko raMwari rinoti Seek ye the kungdom of God then you will receive blessings from God..mablessings acho kwete ekungowana mari yave muhomwe..why zvichingoitika ku africa chete kuno ku europe hatidi minana yakadaro isu..tinonamata kuna Mwari kuti atikwidziridze pamabasa,atipe simba kuti tishande titambirewo mari yakawanda..get real maZimboz..ndomari dzinozochinja kuita mashizha idzodzi mapatills..

  107. Mwari ngaatitire nyasha . Vanavadiki ndivo vakazara Kwaana Makandiwa na Uerbert nekuti vanenge vachida zvamagitare nechipfambi. Vana vaIsrael vakapotsa vaperera murenje nekuda kutamba .verengaiwo bhabheri munzere zvinorev mweya wechiporofita.Muchafa murivana vadiki nekuda zvemahara verengaiwo Psalm 31:8.31 . Use your hands if you want to get rich you lazy idiots

  108. not newsworthy
    at all

  109. Pretty humiliated if u son n daughter of Prophets….siya vataure imimi nyararai tione kuti havanonge goridhe racho vakariona here…read Mat 5 : 11, Luke 11:49 thrfore also said the wisdom of God, I will send them Prophets and Apostles, and some them they shall slay and persecute…unotyei uri mwana wemuporofita rega vataure zvagara zviriko izvi, chengera kutadziswa kupinda denga watukan nevamwe vanatwo…if look deep dwn sme f these guys persecuting got a lot f thngs they ar doin bt they cnt jst go without u beware…Goridhe tariona varegei isu tonotora toona kuti havatere here…Who ar they to limit Jesus, kutoti hakuna Mwari unodaro wabatwa nei iwe usingaende ko…Careful vana vemaporofita kunyarara kunokunda kutaura…

  110. masvotwa ka… Manje dhimoni re poverty tirikurova kusvika ra enda…plus 4 the record ku Ufi hakungotaurwa zve mari chete kunotaurwa zvese eg 4 titles u can get @ the Offices are Wrong connections, the Potters house, Effects of Sin,Dangers of fornication,Married 2 a Fool,Mastering your stone, Deliverance from the Medianites, The rapture,Ministry of the Word,How to hear the voice of GOD,Speaking in the name of JESUS,Why Me… The list is endless kurikubikwa shoko se shoko munana urikuzongotevera 4 these signs shall follow those who belive hati tere munana,munana ndivo urikuti tevera isu mati todi hedu.. Mwari we Muporofita ndizvo unoita zvinhu zvi dafu dafu..and b4 u attack me pandati mwari ve muporofita in the word vaiti the God of Abraham the God of Isaac the God of Jacob….

    1. ko kuti thou shall not steal,lie,covet munozvinzverawo here

  111. muchaona moto nemaporofita enyu aya

  112. @Rodge… Neva

  113. I mi vanhu venewsday musanyore nezve maporofita enema makukanya brand renyu manje.

  114. Iwe maverick ita mushe and respect otha pple’s opinion. People are saying what they are saying becoz sme of the miracles are nt in line wth what the word of God says. Wakazvionepi kuti prophet anoita auction a 2nd hand shirt 4 USD4000. 00. Ndihwo hu prophet hwe chokwadi i hwohwo. Pple are pple because thats wat God called them afta creating them, nt becoz of networth. Izvo zve networth ndezvemunhu ne mhuri yake. Hazvina nzvimbo on social networks. Pple’s comments are very much interesting except a few akaita se yako munhu anofunga kuti he has achieved everythng in life. Grow up

  115. Until such a time I have these so called prohets go to hospitals and places such as St Giles, Jails, Jairos Jiri, and heal people I will continue to say to hell with them, and ndichatenda sa Thomas,

    1. Izvo zvauri kutaura zvinogara zvichiitwa. Kungoti hazvishambadzirwi chete nokuti motive ndeyekuti vari in need vaone ruoko rwaJehovah, kwete kuda kuonekwa. Media inotozviziva asi majournalist ndiwo anosarudza kutaura zvemari zvavanoziva kuti munhu wese ndoyaari kutsvaga kumabasa nemumadhiri. @ least media iri kuadvertiser on behalf of the concerned churches kuti vaya vasingatendi vagoti vauya vakaona kubata kwaMwari vabve vatendeuka (Rom 2: 4). Personally ndinotenda Mwari kuti chiredzo cheprophecy yegold chichaita kuti vazhinji vanhu vazive kuti Jesu idombo vagomunamata zvezvaanofanira kuitwa. Mbiri kuna Jesu!

  116. Is this going to be another year of purified diesel oozing from the mountain man of the cloth?.

  117. Zvanzwikwa. Horaiti I understand kuti for every problem there surely is a solution. Now that you have exposed these false prophets using your logic and quoting the scriptures. Chitiudzaiwo kwekuenda kune maporofita anongorova vhangeri remuchinjikwa chete sezvo mari iri yekwaSatani.

  118. Gullible followers! These so-called “prophets” are in it for the money! All they seem to be on about is prosperity. Look at the lifestyles that they are now living at the expense of their congregations!

  119. Regai kupa vanhu mbiri yavasina vanhuwe! Vana Makandiwa vanhuwo zvavo sewe neni musiyano urikuti ivo imbavha dzinoda kudya dzisina kushanda. Vanovatevera imboko vanatoendavo.Hapana chinoshamisa namakandiwa. Kana arimunhu waMwari zvechokwadi ngakuedze ndakafa mangwana chaiwo. Mhuri yangu ichapupura kuti ndizvo zvakaitika.Makandiwa na Engel muri makudo.Shit.

    1. Mutirowafanza Jehovah havasi pabasa rekuuraya vanhu kuti vaproovhe kuti Prophet Makandiwa na Prophet Angel ndevezvokwadi. Besides, miracles from God by the prophets are done to meed a need or solve a crisis. The majority of the beneficieries are people who were expecting and believing God to meet their needs supernaturally. Receiving a miracle is also conditional; your motive for demanding a miracle either causes you to have it or not have it (James 4: 3). It is God who works thru men to demonstrate His care for His sheep(Mk 16: 20).

  120. kikiki, vanhu varikuti editor abhadharwa, the editor is sarcastic.that why he/she put the word divine in qoutes….arikutosekawo kuti vanhu vachawedzera kurasika….kikikiki

  121. taurai henyu mwana waPapa,especially pakuvaudza kuti chiyi chinonzi prosperity.vanoda kushandisa pfungwa dzavo kuhumambo hwaJehovha and some of them they even know kuti nharo dzavo hadzina kuti tsvikiti.Asimudzwa naJehovha haana ruoko rwemunhu runomuwisira pasi,the more they persecute Prophet,the more revelation,power,wisdom,knowledge desend on him

  122. clemence riva konde

    Prophet makandiwa iz a man of God pane zveze zvirikuitika its tru haikona kutaura zvamusinga zive zvanhu iro babie musinga verenge gore rino minana ngaiwande in jesus name

  123. Munhu wese ane Freedom of Choice paupenyu hwake, uye kana achiona kunamata nemanamatiro ayo anoita achimubatsira. Please leave him or her alone. Instead of correcting zvinokanganiswa nemunhu kuti akwaniswe, empty vessels make a lot of noise by concentrating on useless arguements instead of constructive criticism. A person is free to chose kuti kana atambira anoda kuisa mari yake kubasa raMwari here kana kuti kubhawa until judgment day comes. Kana ndawanawo hangu Gold racho after so many years ndisina kumborionawo after Prophecy yeMan of God wandinotenda kwaari imhosva here?? To me it’s real Prophecy nekuti ndipo pandariwanawo after prayer by Man of God. People are blessed differently.

    Zvamunoti i fake ko Original yacho munayo here timboonewo mabasa ayo. God is healing zvirwere zvatambudza nyika nemaspecialists ese zve HIV, barrenness, cancer, blindness, deliverence from evil spirits through the hand of Prophet Makandiwa and others vandisingazivi hangu, but I would like to belive kuti variko vanhu vaMwari. Munhu anonyatsofunga zvakanaka angarwadziwe here nekuona hama yake ichipera cancer mumuviri pasina mubhadharo but only at the mention of a great name of JESUS?????

    This is amazing. Chandinonyatsoona ndechekuti vazhinji havana kumbosvikawopo vachizvionera vega. Nyika yedu yakapofumadzwa nemaporofita akatanga akange asina zvokwadi maari saka vanhu vave kungofunga kuti vese vakafanana. A clever person does not listen to hear-say but anondozvionerawo ega. Iko zvino it’s even serious. God wants us Zimbabweans to know that, he is a living God who can actually perform anything that a man cannot perform through the hand of his chosen vessel Prophet Makandiwa and few others. Many more are to come but we have to verify the spirits and not believe all as fore-warned in the Bible. We shall know them by their works.

    Be blesses Zimbabwe Mwari vakurangarira..

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