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Court to hear ex-Zinwa workers, council case


GWERU — The salary dispute between ex-Zinwa workers and Gweru City Council is set to be heard at the Labour Court next month.

Report by Stephen Chadenga Own Correspondent

The workers’ lawyers recently wrote to the Gweru Labour Court under Case No LC/MD/55/12 requesting for setting down of the trial date.

“You will note that both parties (Gweru Council and Gweru Water Workers’ Committee) have filed heads of argument,” reads part of the letter.

“In light of the order of the Labour Court granting condonation of late filing heads of argument, we kindly request the matter be set for hearing.”

The council’s lawyer later wrote to the affected workers advising that the matter would be heard on February 13.

Council clashed with workers after they were transferred from Zinwa on a higher salary scale than their peers at the local authority.

To address the anomaly, council then slashed the workers’ salaries, prompting the latter to take legal action.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Gweru City Council town clerk Daniel Matawu said: “Let us just wait for the finalisation of the matter at the Labour Court and then we will give you the results.”

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