Canada sanctions to stay: Official

OTTAWA — Canada isn’t quite ready to ease sanctions against Zimbabwe, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird told visiting Finance minister Tendai Biti on Wednesday.

Report by Ottawa Citizen

Baird made that clear during his private meeting with Biti, said his spokesman, Rick Roth.

“We are continuously reviewing our sanctions regime,” Roth said in an email.

“The minister will certainly consider what he heard and make decisions in due course.”

The visitor offered Baird an update on financial and economic reforms in Zimbabwe.

“The two spoke about recent reforms in Zimbabwe, progress made and challenges that remain,” Roth said.

The meeting gave Baird a chance to express Canadian views on the need for continued political reform in Zimbabwe, including a referendum on a new constitution, free and fair elections, and the respect for human rights.

Roth said Biti has a strong record on human rights and of pushing for governance reform.

In 2008, Canada imposed a number of sanctions on Zimbabwe, including a ban on the export of arms or arms-related technical assistance. It also froze the assets of a number of senior government officials, including President Robert Mugabe.

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  1. Pamberimberi neJongwe rakabikwa rikaisiwa mhiripiri!

  2. Mupfana weBikini

    Newsday moderator wenyu ndiani uye ano moderator chii?There is a lot zvatinonyora zvamusingaburitse why?Ipapa I wrote something in the morning asi hazvina kubuda.Im watching.

  3. John weku Mabvuku

    Izvi zvokumanyira ku Canada nema domestic issues edu hazvishandi, Hon Min, The Wall Street Bubble is bursting, the reccesion is imminent and as we all know, Canada or anyone else is Not going to tell us how to govern ourselves. Tsvagai mari yokucampaigner mushe, moitawo mushe. When Baird says “Human” he means in their parlance, “white” people being chased from farms, where Hon ‘Issues Sorrounding’ Biti sees black MDC hooligans who killed a policeman being arraigned before the courts, ma frequency acho akatosiyana. Dzokai henyu Hon, kana makapiwa Samsung slim pad latest, kamari, nemukadzi wechirungu, zvenyu zvakatoita.

    1. Thanks jotso. Watopedza so. A great weekend bra!

  4. Biti and company are in enerst out of sync in terms of understanding the kind of people the west really are. First, capitalists foreign policy values interests first and little to no interest in morals. At present western nations are lining up strategically for the long term to usurp power in the middle east and take control of the vast oil reserves. Syria is another pawn in the game of capitalists who have invented and coined new terms and conditions to instigate regime change like they did in Libya etc Check how many nations are involved in this most uncouth of wars…no participation no shares in the spoils. Capitallist economies are at a huge turning point economically and to ensure the future control of resources anywhere in the world is paramount first by installing puppets and second by sheer brute force and deception. They will sustain a media and war campaign for as long as possible to get what they want and when they go in they do not leave. Biti and company’s chances of being ushered into power backing from the west has failed for the last 10 some years and the guys from the west have lost patience. See how we have seen press statements purpoting to endorse a Mugabe victory if the it so becomes; if it is not repositioning themselves I do not know what. Biti has tried unsuccesfully to get a cash injection from the west ever since the inception of the inclusive government. In short they no longer want to back a losing horse!!! Good luck with your foreign trip bro. Democracy, rule of law and human rights are a farce. The west do not observe any of it when they go about their business in their foreign excursions and their policy on Zimbabwe is no different. Do you call sanctions democratic, to me its called forcing or manipulating someones hand. You mdc guys went with these sanctions at first thinking it will sweep you guys into power. It wasn’t democratic of you was it? It has taken a long time for you guys to wake up. The only perfect system of rulership is a mornachy which Christ is coming to institute. And with the rapid way in which scripture continues to be fulfilled; Nimrod the Babylonian and his God foresaken Babylonian economic and political system are fast coming to an end. Come back home bro…the waters you are in run very deep…you will be corrupted even further. Research on the Federal Reserve Bank; the Council For Foreign Relations and The Brookings Institute their origins, their purpose and who the originators are and who runs these institutions today. I suggest we all pray for wisdom and revelation to understand the times we are in. These are the masters of greed and deception that our good friend Biti has befriended; they of the superiority mantra and the more he goes to them for assistance the more he entangles himself. In isi-Ndebele we say ‘Zithiywa ngezikudlayo’ (They are trapped by what they it). Tell him John weku Mabvuku!!!

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