‘Bin It’ campaign launched

ENVIRONMENT and Natural Resources Management minister Francis Nhema has welcomed the Proudly Zimbabwean Foundation initiative “Bin It” that seeks to eradicate litter in Harare.

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Speaking at a breakfast meeting in the capital yesterday, Nhema said there had been widespread deterioration of the environment manifesting itself in various forms, including land degradation, water and air pollution, with disastrous consequences felt.

“The ministry is delighted that all our preaching and actions have been reaching the right ears and various solutions on a number of issues are now being brought to our attention,” he said.

“Proudly Zimbabwean Foundation has come up with one of these solutions to the problem of litter.”
Nhema said he was disheartened by the litter in the city.

Special councillor and chairman of the foundation Joseph Kanyekanye said the initiative was there to assist the city council in reducing litter.

He said the “Bin it” campaign would begin tomorrow with at least 2 400 volunteers to clean up the city. The foundation trustees include Kanyekanye, Godfrey Pasipanodya, Dave Emberton and Fungai Chiposi.

Harare mayor Muchadeyi Masunda said the initiative was a consolidation of the 55 months that he had been at the helm of the city council.

“Kanyekanye and Emberton managed to bring everyone,” he said. “They are going to work with the council environmental management committee.”

The breakfast meeting was attended by AfrAsia Kingdom Zimbabwe Limited chairman Nigel Chanakira and the chief executive officer Lynn Mukonoweshuro, NetOne managing director Reward Kangai, Standards Association of Zimbabwe general manager Eve Gadzikwa, Capital Bank managing director Lawrence Tamayi and many others.


  1. Cleaning then people will defile the city the next day. Why not just have a bin at every block corner. In harare you can go for 3 blocks or 300 meters without seeing a bin. So the end result is throw the rubbish on the ground.

  2. dirty places are reflection of dirty minded people. The mindset of the people in Harare needs to change first. People have a tendency of throwing litter on the ground whether or not a bin is nearby!

  3. There are literally no bins in Harare. You go for more 100 metres without coming across one and you end up throwing the liter down. Some of us leave in low density areas where refuse collection is non-existent and we have have challenges in disposing of baby pampers. They dont flush, they dont burn and if you throw them mugomba, dogs will throw them around and we end up look for corners to dump them.

  4. The success of any clean up campaign begins with making bins available to dump trash in and following that up with a consistent and thorough refuse collection regimen. We can talk about cleaning up, proudly Zimbabwean and all that, unless we DO the things necessary to keep our country clean, we will continue to live in trash. We might as well propose that each person carry around their own bin for when they want to throw away trash. Lets DO and stop TALKING!!

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