Zifa must sort out mess

ELSEWHERE in the Press this week, Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) vice-president Ndumiso Gumede confirmed that the Federation of International Football Associations (Fifa) were getting fed up with Zifa and the world football governing body could soon terminate financial assistance to the association and let it collapse.


Gumede revealed that Fifa have already garnished $75 000 from Zifa’s 2013 $250 000 grant “after the association inexplicably failed to respond to a critical financial questionnaire sent to them by Fifa”.

Consequently, the senior national soccer team and other teams’ participation in important competitions including the World Cup hangs in the balance unless “government chips in”, according to the veteran administrator.

The Warriors, undoubtedly the country’s flagship team, are still participating in the 2014 World Cup set for Brazil after a pathetic start in which they lost 1-0 to Guinea at home and drew 0-0 away to Mozambique earlier in the year. Crucially, the Warriors have to fulfill the away fixtures against the Pharaohs of Egypt and Guinea.

There is nothing to write home about the Under-17 and Under-20 teams now facing at most three-year sanctions from the Confederation of African Football (Caf) after failing to travel to Congo-Brazaville and Angola for their respective African Youth Championships assignments.

The only silver lining in the dark cloud are the women’s teams who are well- oiled with sound sponsorship and management. The women’s teams have managed to fulfill all their fixtures, thanks to good planning.

While Zifa affiliates like the Premier Soccer League and women’s football are awash with sponsors, ironically, the mother body is struggling to find one. The problem with the current administration is that it passes on the buck when it fails and claims glory when there is success.

For example, when the Warriors were on the verge of qualifying for the 2013 Nations Cup in South Africa after beating Angola 3-1 in the first leg of the final qualifier, there were boisterous voices emanating from Zifa which were only doused after Angola beat us 2-0 in Luanda to shatter hopes of Warriors’ appearance at the continental extravaganza.

Crucially, the current Zifa secretariat is not up to scratch. How can someone explain why the association “inexplicably failed to respond to a financial questionnaire”.

Of all the things, how can a whole association fail to respond to a QUESTIONARRE? There were no mental gymnastics involved here except answering basic questions.

Then comes the issue of expecting the government to chip in. While the government should play its role in the welfare of Zifa, the football governing body must take into consideration that government is seized with various more pressing issues like education, high unemployment rate, improving its citizens’ standards of living, etc. The government cannot concentrate on a small organisation like Zifa, while ignoring very important aspects like service delivery.

That is why Zifa should, with immediate effect, employ competent people who can mobilise sponsorship for the association and make itself-reliant just like many other football associations across the globe, people who can turn around the association from its quagmire.

They should stop being cry babies and put their house in order to attract meaningful sponsorship, just like what their affiliates are doing. We have never heard the PSL blaming the government for lack of sponsorship! In short, Zifa must sort out their mess than blame the government for its inadequacies.

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  1. Good one editor: how can zifa expect to succeed when they took gumede from his rural village to become v.p. How can zifa expect sponsorship when they go against the same people who will pour in funds. How can they prosper when its all tribalism talk . Zifa must go

  2. get well soon Peter upinde panyanga apa paZifa ,you are our hope ,,we know you can mobilise the sppnsership

  3. Rafiq Khan is the man who knew what he was doing at ZIFA. The warriors qualified for Afcon under his administration.

  4. Gumede, Dube ,etc …did any of thee guys kick a ball at some point? Certainly not. So why are they involved in soccer? Peter Ndlovu should recovery early enough so he can lead ZIFA. Peter, no doubt, will not dissapoint. Khan can still come back. The nation needs people who know what they are doing at ZIFA….not this recycled bunch!.

  5. The e-mail from fifa was not answered coz zifa was busy with asiagate which they consider more important than receiving a grant from fifa. After all Cuthbert is there to bail them in case of need. Its really amusing to hear Gumede threatening that the warrisome will not fullfil their remaining world cup qualifying games unless govt comes in with the finance. The zifa must resign and let people with at heart takeover. Sponsors, like Mbada, Marange Resources are waiting for an invitation to partner zifa but with people like Cuthbert who think that football needs him more than he needs football will not come aboard. Recently there were reports that fifa had concluded investigations into matchfixing allegations in RSA after SAFA had delayed or was hestitant for the fear of damaging its football industry. In Zimbabwe, zifa was very enthusiastic to expose the matchfixing allegations irregardless for the after effects. Lack of sponsorship is one such after effect as noone wants to associate with zifa. What Safa has done is damage limitation as opposed to Zifa which was boasting about its investigations but is now mourning.

  6. Gumede u are full of tribalism. Ungumuntu isutirivanhu so wat. U have failed. U said pple were personalising things,tru that. The cause is u. When u think i are right u make a lot of noise. So when things go wrong, we will point fingers at u fool.

  7. they are useless at zifa, they run it like a rural market. zifa has one email account (zifa@aricaonline.co.zw) and every employee has a password to it even those that left 2-3 yrs ago still have access to the email. that is how stupid zifa is, no wonder why asiagate came to existence. it is still very easy for one to fix games in zimbabwe because we have not learnt anything from asiagate. asiagate was orchestrated by people working at zifa, some are still there. these people have gone for months without salaries so they will resort to madhiri and sabotage, wake up Dube and co.

  8. safa fired every member of staff till investigations are completed. Mr Dube promoted Mashingaidze to CEO yet he was part of the old corrupt regime lol.

  9. Does anyone out there know what ZIFA’s website is or facebook page? I have looked for it with no joy

    1. U wil never have an internet page belonging to Zifa as long as Cuthy Dumi and Benny are there. So that u can have direct contact with them and tell them the truth of their misdeeds.No ways buddy. They aint interested in being told that they are tribalistic and a bunch of thieves.Question, how come every year the fifa grant is misappropriated? And coincidentally Cuthy always has some “available” cash to bail out the Association.Interesting!!How come Gumede is awalys talking of retiring claiming he has put in more than what he is getting and yet he sticks around like a loitering fool?

  10. There is need for change at Zifa so togrther with Bob they should start to pack their bags. What a shame things in Zimbabwe are going heywire. you need to be careful with the ladies why are they being sponsored may be someone is enjoying magero maZimbo tinokuzivai. there is no smoke without fire very soon we will hear something

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