What is Mugabe afraid of?

President Robert Mugabe has once again exposed his deepening sense of insecurity and paranoid fear for his life by claiming Western plots to assassinate him.

NewsDay Editorial

He told party leaders at the just-ended Zanu PF conference in Gweru that his life was at stake because of the country’s diamonds. He said he was, however, not scared to die because many others had already died for this country.

The Zanu PF leader shares this curious belief of Western countries conniving to kill him and also to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle.

What they have not attempted to do, however, is to explain to Zimbabweans how the Westerners, or anybody else for that matter, could possibly achieve such a feat — recolonising this country — taking Zimbabwe back to 1890 while the rest of the world watches.

Is it this paranoia that drives our President to maintain such a ridiculous security network around his person? Mugabe is one of very few world leaders that move around with almost a battalion of soldiers and police — all armed to the teeth — in a country where there is no war.

When he is visiting provinces, about a two-kilometre radius is packed with armed military men usually deployed days before the visit — as if the country is at war and the President is visiting a rebel-infested region.

Mugabe has cited as examples of “evil” Western plots, recently fallen dictators like former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi.

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But, given what obtained in Libya during the insurrection against that dictator, would our President want to associate himself with Gaddafi?

That leader who called his own people rats while he ordered the annihilation of innocent unarmed civilians! This is not the first time that Mugabe has accused Western countries of plotting to kill him.

When he attended the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, after the fall of Gaddafi and  other dictators in North Africa, he expressed anger at how the continental body was handling issues to do with Western intervention in hot spots in the region. In his address to the AU, Mugabe said: “Gaddafi was killed in broad daylight, his children hunted like animals and then we rush to recognise the NTC (National Transitional Council).Well, well, that was Libya. Who will be next?”

The President told leaders of his party in Gweru at the weekend there are plots to kill him for the country’s diamonds but he is not afraid.

He said: “You can’t be afraid that you will be killed. How many have died. This is my country. I will die for it. A lot of others have died for it . . .They also want our diamonds. So let’s prepare to defend our sovereignty.”

This perpetual fear will get our leaders to rule this country with suspicion and therefore unnecessary heavy-handedness that will find scores of individuals being arrested on spurious allegations of saying bad things about the Head of State.

A popular leader should be free to move around their country without suffocating security. Law-abiding citizens of a country are good enough protection for a popular leader.

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  1. loooooooooooooooooooooooooool, angade kuuraya kaharahwa kakadai ndiyani. he’s js tryn 2 sway pple in2 thnkn the west r cumin 4 zim diamonds then we sort of vote in his favour in fear of re-colonisation, actualy i lyk re-colonisation bcoz our lives wil b beta off then than nw. we js talk of diamonds in zim bt hw many ppl hv benefitted 4rm them, mugabe knows its less than 20. look @ botswana diamonds, the elderly, disabled, children n unmarried mothers benefit 4rm the state whereas muno mugabe cn build a state of the art milk processing plant 4rm diamonds n his clique vana obert mpofu nw own vic falls n bulawayo @ the xpense of the populace. take a leaf off ian khama’s (botswana president) book, he walks freely sometimes alone bcoz he’s popular as he serves his ppl in a gud, transparent way, i knw dis bcoz @ 1 tym i shook hands with him n w had a 5 minute conversation where he asked m abt problems we face as foreigners in his country, mugabe hs mo than 50 cars on his entourage, ……………………MUGABE HAPANA MUNHU ANODA KUURAYA A DEAD MAN, HAPANA ENDE HAPANA. wakafa kare

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