Tsvangirai mocks Ncube

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has scoffed at MDC leader Welshman Ncube’s presidential ambitions, dismissing him as a village politician not suitable for “national office”.

Staff Reporters

Addressing senior MDC-T officials attending the party’s Matabeleland North provincial council meeting at Mpofu Primary School in Lupane on Sunday, Tsvangirai said Ncube confirmed his “village politician” status by concentrating his campaigns in Matabeleland North.

“Ncube should not be taken seriously as a presidential contender.
“He is forgetting that Zimbabwe is not only about Matabeleland North province,” Tsvangirai said.

“He is concentrating on Matabeleland North forgetting that Zimbabwe is also about Manicaland, Mashonaland and so forth.He is now the president of Matabeleland North province. He is doing village politics.”

Ncube has been addressing campaign rallies throughout the country almost every weekend.

His last rally was held in Pumula, Bulawayo, on November 19. Early last month, 10 MDC activists who were on a recruitment drive in Glen Norah, Harare, were arrested while campaigning.  Soldiers also attacked MDC supporters in Mutokosoon after Ncube had addressed them at a rally in September.

MDC national spokesperson Nhlanhla Dube said it was unfortunate that the PM was equating Matabeleland to a village.
“It is really sad if those words emanated from the mouth of Tsvangirai who thinks all the time Matabeleland is mentioned it means a village,” he said yesterday.

“President Ncube has no obligation to answer to Tsvangirai in terms of strategy.

“If Mutoko is Lupane, if Chikomba is Tsholotsho, if Mashumbi Pools is Nyamandlovu, if Rusape is Nkayi, if Mutare is Bubi, then I can gladly say I am happy that I didn’t learn from the same Geography textbook as Tsvangirai. We will not spend time responding to Tsvangirai. If Ncube is a bad politician, Tsvangirai wouldn’t spend time talking about him.”

Tsvangirai is on a whirlwind tour of all party provinces where he is meeting top provincial leaders and gearing them up for harmonised elections expected early next year.

So far, the MDC-T leader has toured Midlands, Matabeleland South, Harare, Chitungwiza and Bulawayo provinces.

In Lupane, he urged Matabeleland North party structures to ensure that MDC-T wins all the 13 constituencies and demanded 200 000 votes from that province in next year’s elections.

In 2008, the MDC-T garnered five seats in the province, while Zanu PF and Ncube’s MDC got four and three seats respectively.

Former Information minister Jonathan Moyo got one seat when he contested the election as an independent candidate before rejoining Zanu PF.

“We need to win all the 13 constituencies in Matabeleland North,” Tsvangirai said.

“There is no way we are going to donate the constituencies to Zanu PF or Welshman Ncube.

“Well, I cannot even be talking about Ncube, someone who fires his elected MPs and councillors. He will soon be left alone in his party.

“I need 200 000 votes in Matabeleland North which translates into about 10 000 votes per constituency. This is just a minimum,” Tsvangirai said.


  1. tsvangirai must not insult us. e lupane we will not vote for him. it is an insult for him to equate matabeleland to a village. i tell you for the remaining months before the elctions tsvangirai will be de campaigning himself. what a dull presidential candidate he is. am a concerned lupanean

    1. Speak for yourself Lupane. You have not even caucused with anybody to warrant the use of the inclusive word “WE.” You are right by saying you are a concerned Lupanean (sic) because that clearly underpins the fact that you are alone in your little corner, and if ever you are not alone, you are, still in the minority!

      1. He has lost my vote. So Lupane is right

      2. Shut you mouth you two, you are both papets, both your candidates are horrible, you don’t even want to think of. I would rather vote for a 100 years old President than the two dumb candidates.
        Soon after they win, they rush to merry so many wives, it is a shame, I will personally ask the media not to publish news for our dumb leaders because we get embarrased.

        1. josphine, u’r one of the most lost of them all, dnt confuse a UZ professor and a guy who barely touched tertiary education, there is a big difference. pple with your opinion are the reason we have such a stagnant economy and development, things must move, we need new ideas, new projects, new innovation, will we get that from a 100-yr-old?

          1. muchinda wewarren park

            you are right uz professor haana chaanoziva akatiza party huru akaisa rimwe dofo (mutambara) pachigaro now he cant get rid of him,he should go back to mdc t

      3. hot head, lupane is right, its not just lupane, i’m sure you saw the many mat north towns mentioned, get your facts right, or go back to school

    2. tribalism does not take us far guys , if ncube is behaving like a village politician let him be told .

      1. Tswangirai is an idiot, he fails to acknowledge that Ncube is well educated than him and therefore better qualified for the nation office than him. Shame on him.

        1. Ncube might be educated but not worth to be a politician.He has failed to win an election since breaking away from Tea Boy.In politics ,those degrees dont matter Mbulaleni.l have heard him on numerous occassions lampooning Tea Boy and l i think thats the name of the game.Since we are going for elections,we shall see who wins.

          1. How many elections Ncube has lost and how many Tsvangirai have lost so far if can answer that question then you will know who is the village boy politician.

        2. Ncube is educated but not wise . Hear it from me

          1. ALWAYS COPYING Gukurahundi Mugabe in every which way – very typical.

        3. well aducated means nothing/ mugabe ane madegree hobo but nyika iri papi

        4. Ncube is a Zanu Pf tool for splitting opposition votes, he well knows that he cant win a thing, he has failed to stand as a presidential candidate instead he opted to hire mutambara from nowhere. what a fool he is. Tsvangirai for presidency.

          1. Hawu bo!!!!!!

            I thought vote splitters confessed to their sins a long time ago, aka Dabengwa and his friend Makoni. They clearly spelt out their objective inn 2008 “To spilt the vote and prevent Chematama from coming residence in Chancellor Ave”. And they managed.

            Its now even better, two of them, Zapu and Mavambo. Who needs a third spoiler? Also look at how everyone hates Ncube. Mugabe does not want him in meetings, too sharp and alert. Chematama has a “limited concentration span”, not sure how he managed to concentrate long enough for sex.

            Chematama would rather keep him at arms length, lest his deficiencies become even more apparent. Clueless Arthur rubs hands in glee, hopingNcube’s sidelining will buy him some legitimacy.

            Why are they all ganging against Ncube? May it be that he is the real deal? Let us follow closely, kulendaba lapha!!!

        5. Mbulaleni, education and intelligence are not mutually exclusive!!

        6. Heading a country does not require PhD’s. my bro. Does Nelson Mandela have one? Did u test his tenure in office after 27yrs of trials & tribulations in isolation while Mugabe was allowed to study in detention? For that matter Madiba was only at helm for 4years. while Mugabe the so called educated is still thinking people need him! Ndiani asina kufunda apa?

          1. My teacher always said lack of education equals mediority and ignorance,problem with Tsvangirai is that Ncube heads MDC which is not personated unlike ,MDC-tsvangirai ,ncube might be in Lupane campaigning but he is not alone Chamunorwa might be in Mutare also campaigning political parties should not be personal possessions of political leaders like MDC-T.moreover tsvangirai thinks we dont know that there is a political and media collaboration to reporting only about Ncube when in Matebeleland in order to label him a regional leader.

          2. Mandela is lawyer by profession and he did practice law before he was arrested you fool

        7. What education do you talk about Welshman? Get a life, education needs to be integrated with practical life to be effective. An MA in family law does not make you a very educated person. That is the backward African way of thinking. Even Mtambara and Jonathan MOyo are not educated as far as iam concerned. They were just opportunists who were given the chance to go to school but unfortunately did not get educated

          1. The only educated idiot is Mugabe, the rest are puppets. Mugabe was a supper President when he started, he only became bad when he merries mother africa who had an agenda of taking the President’s money whilist other men are servicing her

        8. being educated does not directly translate to being a good leader,when r u going to learn u dunderhead

      2. u didnt read this article, wena musaigwa, it clearly states that ncube has been touring Zim, and since the professor did not answer to such an allegation…well, u can see who is the educated one from tht

      3. buy who?

    3. vanhu hamuziwe metamphors……horaiti u will be happy akanzi province politician…..its just a damn statement, guys dont show us your imbecility nemacoments enyu….lupane keep your vote u deuchebag

      1. Mudhara wekwaBushu


      2. people want to be emotional when dealing with politicians statements, how about a pinch of common sense. All these guys just want our votes but we are busy insulting each other. Better to share ideas

    4. Tsvangirai is 100% right. Tribalistic Ncube will not get any serious voter’s vote. He just wants to give Mugabe advantage by concentrating on attacking Morgan more than he does to Mugabe. Tempted to believe that Welshman is a CIO agent.

      1. tsvangirai is the one who is a CIO ,we know he bomb ANC house in Woodville in the 80s with the help of ZANU but Mugabe gave him amnesty and was ellevated to heard labour union.

      2. chibinge, ncube is not tribalistic, he notices the sufferings of the ndebele, he is aiming for the decentralisation of development, and u have to go to those pple, who happen to be his pple. the tribalistic one is our current Gvt, all getting fat in mash land

    5. vuka wena Tsvangson is not equating Matabeleland to a village,Matebeleland north is not the whole Matabeland but part of Matabeland,yu stupid.

  2. honestly this sadza politician is costing mdc too much

  3. yaaa we told you that zanu p[f will win, these mdcs are confused puppets.let them them confuse themselve.

  4. sadza politician indeed he is

  5. tsvangirayi why hate matebeleland at same the same time you want their votes. hope the ndebele are not all that stupid to vote for him, even to give him a single vote. Buhera will vote for this western puppet. let him waffle for the last time. he will see the result soon…

    1. shame on you who still believe in politics of tribalism even though you know that we are now in a global village where politics of enthinicism does not work

      1. u’r so lost musaigwa, why are women still ‘bought’ at lobola if we are in this so called global village, please differentiate between the 2. u cannot mix african values with global ones

    2. Tsvangirai does not hate Matebeleland YOU SHOULD READ THE STORY AGAIN. He was attacking Ncube his political nemesis The one who has been spliting votes and parties confusing the people of Matebeleland and being rewarded by Bob with a farm.

      1. never accuse of anyone of splitting votes ,you only get votes you deserve,everyone has a democratic right to form his or her party and campaign for votes.l see Tsvangirai does not believe in multi party democracy.

      2. Some people are stupid they cannot not find out the the farm issue before openning their dirty mounth about the farm issue, ask Tsvangirai where and when did Ncube acquire that farm.

      3. jabu, u should read it again!!! tsvangirai insulted matland but calling it a village, when it takes a huge part of zim!!! he is implying that us in matland are insignificant!!! and again, i say, ncube did not reply tsvangirai, because he’s the educated one. the one who starts talking trash about the other candidate is actually the scared one, using a tactic to quickly get pple’s minds polluted

    3. we not voting for tsvangirai but for MDC T FOR BETTER ZIMBABWE

      1. Never again, this man is so backward, you vote for him again, he will go and merry 50 women with your money, this man is from hell

    4. Ncube is not Matebeleland, you stupid!

  6. The PM has, in typical 10% mentality abused the goodwill of Matabeleland. By sleeping with the enermy, and everyone would know ZANU(PF) is, the PM has done Welshman a big favour. He will win in Matabeleland without breaking a sweat

    1. kuvhotera W NCUBE kutambisa mavotes .I,do not think murikua a change

  7. Morgan Tsvangirai’s pursuit of delusional politics is getting sickening. Even as a village politician, which he is not, Ncube would be better than Tsvangirai who has earned himself a legendary reputation as a bedroom politician. Iwe President Haitombomiri of Fuck Minister, please leave Matabeleand alone. Each time you come here we fear that our schoolgirls may end up being sexually abused because your tool wants all – widows, single mums, school kids etc. While Tsvangi was in Matabeleland, did you remember to get your illegitimate son Ethan a birthcertificate, or take responsibility for that other kid you fathered with a Victoria Falls party member some years ago. And as you returned to harare, did you pass by e Norton and say hie to those fine gentleman you fathered with that woman who works at Silveira House in Harare? I think you should do, because their mother literally kept you while you were walking around harare in those 1 rand for 4 sandals while you were at ZCTU. Need I say more? Go back to your village, get your kids birth certificates and look after those that carried your cross when you couldn’t. Finally, Mr Fuck Minister, go and pay the cattle you owe for illegal exploration of Locardia’s carnals.

    1. the battle to outst mugabe can not be easy if people who should form a united front a divided on tribal grounds . guys let us unite and defeate mugabe rather than being divided on tribal grounds . we don’t eat our tribal differences but together we can make zimbabwe prosperous by removing mugabe

      1. Mugabe is not the headline in this conversation.his unification of his party proves him a better leader than the two combined.How long shall we as Zimbabweans be blind enough not to notice that Zimbabwe has only ONE independent party!At the end of it all fighting him(Mugabe) is fighting Zimabwe.


      1. kikikikiki, you ran out of words kikiki@#$%&*^+

    3. Mudhara wekwaBushu

      maishaya pekumubata napo…right now kukanzi Tsvangirai chakat maakutomhanyira kunyaya dzake dzemadhirezi!!! kushayiwa njere ka uku!!! Ko ndiye ega here mutungamiri atanga kuzviita zvevakadzi!!! Nxaaa mhani…manje mazorwa butter imi coz tinongomuvhotera chete chero aita sei kwete kamuzanu pf kanonzi wereshimhani kenyu kamunot kakadzidza ikako but muzive kut magap arimumuromo make ndozvakaita njere dzake izvozvo!!! Chinja Maitiro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Because you are one of the women, his dirty @#$% comes and swim in your dirty @#$%^&* plus 100 other women

  8. A case of a pot calling the kettle black! A really biblical Pharisee this Tsvangirai chap is.Seeing the spec in Ncube’s eye whilst ignoring the log in his own eye.Yes Ncube is really fumbling up by firing the core elected leadership of his tiny party but you Mr.Prime Minister are also a real national disgrace because of your insatiable appetite for women.

  9. chombochangu chidoko

    dont spend time fighting one another. if you have same goal, unite and fight one enemy. time is trickling fast. soon we will be counting loses due to split votes.

  10. All said and done, you must have seen that Welsh will win, he is not a village politician, he has campaigned everywhere, including Mutoko where you can’t go because of fear. I know, Mr Fuck Minister, that you are actually the worst anti-Ndebele tribalist, so much that you find it better to cohabitate with Mugabe if that can shut you out. The reason why you had only 65 so-called provincial party leaders in Lupane when you expected 165 should tell you that Welshman has been with the people while you were sneaking into bedrooms and luxury suits spreading HIV. Can someone please ask Matsheka to teach the Fuck Minister how to use a condom before he tries to sound like a gentleman.

    1. I speak as a person neutral in terms of MDC politics what i am not neutral to is ur choice of wording using vulgar to articulate ur point. Matebeleland is in zimbabwe with ppl with morals pliz be moraled least we judge u as speaking for ur ppl

    2. i must sallute your enthusiasm and belief but you will be a fool to think welshman will win,he cannot and will not even win in bulawayo that is just wishfull thinking,these two mds must unite @ least for the sake of ousting bob then disband after even a grade 1 chap can work that one out.true tsvangirai is a shame and a mess of a leader, how honestly does a grandfather impregnant an 18 yr old,how then is he going to make policies protecting our gal children against sexual predators when he is one!

    3. jabu u are nothing mo than ncubes bitch

      1. kikikiki, ran out of words yeeeee, kikiiki

    4. Jabu wakadhakwa.

    5. vulgar and tribalist

    6. Don’t you have AIDS yourself mate? Did you not forget to take your ARV today.

  11. Tswangirayi is foggetting that he is a serial womaniser , undisputable champion of uprotected sex, four time presidential loser. He is thriving on attacking other presidentail canditates, he has nothing to offer to zimbabweans except aids, used condoms etc. Its my fisrt btime to learn that mat north is a village

  12. musaigwa wechitwo

    it those very seemingly small words akapunza musha. m sorry to Mat. North for the insult but open up mafungiro – being called a village was simply to state it’s a small area in as far as Zim is concerned. the same could have been said by Ncube if he could think like chamadzimai (aka chamatama). However, be careful to make the “wrongest” of decisions out of your anger. At the present moment there is no one else asiri Chamadzimai to lead us out of the stressing Zimbabwe – ngatimupei basa tozodealer naye time time nokuti hapana mumwe of baba chatunga’s caliber aripo. 2013 elections will bring another transitional period for us as Zimboz to groom a leader worthy of the office – if and only if chamadzimai fails to deliver.

    Mind you I’m a pro-ZANU PF – Anti Bobo saka m quite in the know of what m sayin. This Ncube guy should just join up naJonathan Moyo – campaign more in his area secure a job as an MP then weigh his chances at being a President in Zim – he is even not worthy comparing naSimba makoni nokuti Simba is already known (kutadza zvake kuronga tunhu twake zvakanaka) and can stand side by side naBaba chatunga, naChamadzimai.

    Food for thought …


    musaigwa wechitwo – wedzinza raSave – nyakubereka chedu chidadiso chechiuono chikasimba Chamadzimai. lo – tati timboti sekei zvishoma, asi VaTsvangirai mungwarire mashoko, nesuwo tisafunge sepwere.

    1. General Pancho Villa

      Ndaseka zvangu Musaigwa nyakutiberekera Chamadzimai. Mwana morairawo.

    2. i really agree with musaigwa, am very pro-ZANU PF but anti-Bob, guys lets put our differences aside for now inorder to unseaat Bob. The only candidate who can compete wth Bob is Chematama (whatever other names you may want to call him). Like it or not, thus the truth. Dont 4get kuti Welshman akadana Mutambara & Mutambara refused to run as a presdential candidate. SO MY POINT IS CHEMATAMA FOR 2013 AND WE LOOK FOR A REAL PRESIDENT AFTER. I KNOW ITS VERY PAINFUL TO MOST OF YOU GUYS BUT THUS THE ONLY WAY OUT. REMEMBER UNUTED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL

    3. from your comments l can deduce somethng very important facts about the zimbabwean politics,and thank you to newsday.to shona people ndebeles should just tow the line simple because they are the majority.doesnt matter how stupid the likes of tsvangirai are,as long as they are from superior tribe,whatever zvava norutsa should be treated as the best meal to ndebeles.tsvangirai has demonstrated that several times,including siding with mugabe at the expense of ncube.the long and short of it,ladies and gentlemen of matebeleland you will be insane to think these maggots love you be defiant and proud like them,they have never voted for ndebele including nkomo.so be it forget about them,if they want to remove mugabe they have the numbers to remove him so be it,let them go to their kith and kin in mash west a bigger village which never voted for tsvangison and tell them to help them.dont be fooled by these maggots havakudei.look at all the comments from shona guys and see for your seves

      1. Spot on my friend. They just want the Mthwakazi vote so they can remove Mugabe, whom they put in office against our will in the first place – after which they can continue with their Gukurahundi discriminatory and marginalisation practices against us.

        1. Dont speak as if mugabe is a burden to only the Shonas. You arealso suffering under his rule. It really suprises me that this is the time that u find it convinient to bring up tribal issues. U suprise me and worse i wish u guys were representing the true Ndebeles. Mat land is no longer a dormain for the Ndebeles just as Mash land is not only a habitant for the shonas. Zanu pf is so cunning posing as ndebeles and posting here and mesding up with u guys beware.

          1. Mugabe has always been a burden to us Matebele people, nothing new there.We know that MT will be another burden to us hence our vote for Ncube whether he wins or not….

        2. ulamanga mbonisi

        3. I wish an American candidate could run for Zimbabwe, those are the only straight forward people I have seen with no corruption or anything. Of cause they might have binders of women but not women to rape but to give jobs. I am embarrased to say I come from Zim, I would rather say I come from Rhodesia.



    1. why does every word spoken misconstrued to echo tribalism, it seems the nation is in some need of a dose of healing


    3. So you want Tswangirai to only have Ndebele ministers . Poor scope my brother. We Ndebeles are fewer than the Shona people so the ratio maths comes into play. Tswangirai will win these elections . Rather vote for him cause Ncube while educated will not win. People should realize that politians will always insult each other. Ncube did the same a few weeks ago

      1. Join the winning team’!!!!!!!

  14. jabu mana mbijana jaha elidala, singasebenzisi ulimi olungalunganga. Siya yazi sibili yindoda ekhutheleyo emacansini sibili.

  15. @jabu mathebula primitive thinking from an iron age man u did better go back to school and finish ur o’ levels.u are a retard who just come up with idiotic issues.upgrade ur reasoning capacity

    1. @ Admire. You are a typical primitive idiot. The next time Tswangirayi will put his dick in your orifice.


    2. how do you do do that, you do realise that you said nothing , save to just hurl insults at someone…now which school taught you that line of reasoning. this country is in a mess because of people that make decisions based on emotions, please do grow up!

  16. I have said it in the past and I will say it again, most Shona speaking people have swallowed Mugabeism hook like and sinker in the last 32 years and Tswangirayi can never be an exception.

    There is no Shona speaking person or politician who I have heard, read about or seen who does not oppose a Ndebele on tribal grounds, but on ISSUES – none what so ever, none.

    If you know of any please show me one. Their greatest woeapon is the tribal card, but when they oppose each other as Shonas, that tribal card suddenly disappears.

    These are the people who have indirectly and unwittingly created the MLF – they have planted ideas of secession in Matebeleland – ideas that never existed in the minds of the people in prior to 1980.

    But they tell us they are building a united nation – some strage people indeed!!

    1. fuck u mbonisi

      1. @ Gukurahundi wtf please comment and no insults. This just exposes your ignorance and small mind.

    2. You Mboniso particularly you do the same things that you accuse Shona people of doing and you paint a very wrong picture of the region and the Ndebele people

    3. You are lying and you know it. Its you sees tribalism in everything.

    4. @Mbonisi you are not serious. There are divisions among Shonas too. There is mazezuru, makaranga, etc. The politics around succession in ZANU has much to do with Shona intra-tribalism. But we are not alone, look at how Zulus are busy supporting ZUMA. In Kenya, the Luo support Raila Odinga, in Sudan here is the Hwistians and Moslems, in, Nigeria too. So this is an African phenomenon, ethnofractionalization caused by too mainy tribes And ethnic groups. ICho!!!!

  17. its high time sehlukane labantu bempumalanga, hw can tsvangirai compare matabeland wth a village, sebesidelele kakhulu

    1. khausvisisi. is lupane a village

  18. Tswangirayi is fuel secessionism in Mthwakazi provinces – wait and see!!

  19. “If Mutoko is Lupane, if Chikomba is Tsholotsho, if Mashumbi Pools is Nyamandlovu, if Rusape is Nkayi, if Mutare is Bubi, then I can gladly say I am happy that I didn’t learn from the same Geography textbook as Tsvangirai. We will not spend time responding to Tsvangirai. If Ncube is a bad politician, Tsvangirai wouldn’t spend time talking about him.”
    Tswangirai is very dull he does not even know this. no wonder he also claims that his love scandals are the oprerations of the CIO. One wonders if the Cio errected his pennis and inserted it on Lorcadia, Lorata nyathi and many more. People must vote wisely- i repeat.

    1. Eish that was vulgar

    2. And you are duller and you dont know it either

  20. Fuelling secessionist politics in Matebeleland has now become a fashion statement with Shona speaking politicians.

    Why don’t they talk like this in Mashonaland/Manicaland/Masvingo kanti?

  21. @ Admire. You are a typical primitive idiot. The next time Tswangirayi will put his dick in your orifice.

  22. Tsvangirai you are reducing your self to a village idiot . Focus on bread butter issues

  23. if Ncube is a Village Polician then who is Tsvangirai??? a bedroom politician

    1. You got it right Tich.


  24. Welshman parted ways with Tswangirayi in 2005 precisely for this reason – behaving like Gukurahundi Mugabe, especially when it comes to Mthwakazi/Matebeleland!!

  25. MDC-T/ ZANUPF one side of a coin.

  26. It is their tribalism that helped create the MLF, but now they are crying!!

  27. @Admire, you are the primitive idiot who needs to get back to your mother’s womb. in the hope it will be reconstituted then to bear a child without down syndrome. You must have spent your whole life licking the Fuck Minister’s arse, which is why you think like an arsehole. If you mean going back to school to learn to appreciate that a serial fucker, four time presidential election loser can be my president, go tell that to Locardia or Matsheka.

    1. You can not even spell the name ‘Macheka’, go back to school.

  28. People yu ddnt get the paradoxy of the phrase the President ddnt say Matebeleland is a village ,i can interpret it like Ncube is only confirned in one province .But he is also not a presidential material he owe us an apology he is a sellout zimbabwens are wise people they cant vote for a zanu pf moron ,we could have defeated Zanu pf in 2008 .Tsvangirai is the only face of the struggle to unseat Mugabe not this ambitious tribalist.

    1. I m sure you are fighting for your gay rights in the wrong platform. You label Ncube a tribalist by campaigning in Matebeleland you moron, primitive idiot. Tswangirayi is only a president in your bedroom. Otherwise watch, he will screw your wife.

    2. Welsh is a C10 thrown in the ring to divide the Mat. vote.

    3. True man very true

  29. Kutukana kana kusatukana, vachadyiwa vese maMDC zvakare vanaMugabe kumaelections. Zanu PF yakarongeka. Inechiremo. Chibhakera chinoreva kuti takabata nyika , mbama ichireva kuti makashaya nyika. Rovai ndima president Mugabe.

  30. Yes Thabani, Tsvangirai is the penis of the struggle against Mugabe. In Ncube a tribalist because he wants to be president and not a deputy like you will always aspire to be? Talking of presidential material, who is better – a president who spends time campaigning in Mutoko or one who spends his time chasing school-girls, Zanu pf widows and married women? What does the MDC-T party code say about his open-zip policy?


  31. You know, SA is worried of poor education. I bet Matebeleland should do the same. These guys can not comprehend a comprehensive report.

    Moregay said Welshman is into Village politics. Never did he say Matebeleland North is a village. Matebeleland, Mashonaland, Masvingo, all have villages.


    Besides, whats wrong with a village? Isnt USA pushing for a Global Village?

    1. @Hombarume
      We know you are a Gukurahundi, you will always support Gukurahundi politics, their political language and everything about them, no matter what.


      1. watch out bro for this obsession you have with gukurahundi as a victim of that i find your politisizing it very offensive,you are trying to use hate to gain power same as mugabe only different sides,hate destroys the one who harbours it not the hated one,just saying y’all just saying.

    2. Malebe ka nyoko

  32. umntwana wenkazana

    guys ‘am really concerned about the way we ostensibly misinterpret things. I am afraid, we are giving ZANU PF a chance to misrule us once more. We have seen many seasoned politicians fall by the wayside in multitudes of elections since 1980. God has already answered our almost endless prayer in Tsvangirai. Unfortunately, we mock, insult, vilify and denigrate him at every turn. I would, to some extent, like to agree with Musaigwa Wechitwo, if we decide to divide the apparently ‘thin and fragile’ electorate along tribal lines then it would be the highly inflationary Zim $ all the way to state house. Mandebele amahle, zihlobo zami ngiyalicela, uTsvangirai is a better devil than umgabe. Igukurahundi ngayibona. Maybe lina liyazela emaphepheni. Get off it guys and smell the coffee. take a case ye USA lamhla ibuswa ngumuntu omnyama ngoba it began uJ.F Kennedy engupresident in the early “60s. Lathi sizalibusa moma kanjani.Kodwa ke bantu abahle kumele kuqale ngokukhupha iZANU PF first then the rest will fall into place. Let 2013 be that year. Think guys. Think.

    1. @mntwana weknazana

      Lento oyisho lapha, tshela umholi wakho uTswangirayi, ungasitsheli thina.

      Basho kanjalo ngesikhathi sempi – bethi masibeni yimbumba siqale sikhiphe u Ian Smith – sathi sesimkhiphile esihlalweni uSmith kwenzakalani?

      Selifuna ukuphinda njalo elikubone izolo, livele limbona lomuntu elimthembile ukuthi akehlukanga kangako namaGukurahundi, engqondweni yakhe noma kunkulumo yakhe?

      You can not replace one Gukurahundi with another, especially when you can already see that this other younger Gukurahundi is not any better – he is equally a tribalist!!!

      1. Thanks Mbo! Remove Senior Guk and replace with Juniour Guk, no no no nada mani same fanana. The guys that were given amnesty in 1987 had seen this Guk is wahala.

  33. I think Moregay is missing it by attacking, Welshman. He should now start telling us about his plans if he wins. Welshaman is our next president after Moregay. For now ngatibvisei Moregarbage.

    Moregay, dont diss Welsh’s tactic. and stop kutuka cause iwewe une zvekutukwa zvaka wanda.

    Concentrate on Mugabe.


  34. Silvester Matambo

    Lets all Zimbabweans reject this recless mouthed western ass licker

    1. welcome to the campaign period, if this is still new to you in zim politics and at this time, welcome aboard the ship. you shall hear more of it from all these guys with ambitions to be presidents in zimbabwe. so don’t shout at each other but find your right candidate and stand by him not personalise the arguement. he has been called names as much as mugabe, mutambara and ncube did feel to say to him so its a circle its always going round and round.

      1. it is a fact that the people who vote don’t concern themselves with semantics and analysis of statements such as many are doing from the above statements, people want jobs, good health, education, food on their tables and shelter it doesn’t matter who brings them, because these so called wise and presidential like candidates of yours can not produce anything fruitful and they have created this scenario we are in

      2. @rhodes

        Calling each other names among politicians is one thing, but being tribal is a totally different thing – tribalism and racism are very sensitive issues globally – its a no, no for those in leadership.

        No Matebeleland/Mthwakazi politician that I know has ever said anything tribal about any Shona politician, but it is always the Shona politicians who do this, albeit it indirectly why?

  35. by election tym there will be 6 MDC’s against ZANU PF

    the words to describe tsvangirai


    1. try to describe the other political leaders and tell us what they have delivered on

  36. Honestly speaking Ncube should leave politics to politicians. he is so self destructive this dude.

    He fired all his elected MPs and senators, leaving himself and a bunch of unelected, unpopular people like Priscila, Welshmen, chihwayi, etc. And he still want to have a say in the matrix of things.

    He is representing no one same is mutambara besides themselves and their wives.

    Welshmen is the reason why mugabe is still clinging to power because of his power hungry attitude.

    After causing havoc in the united mdc in 2005, he is at it again with mutambara.

    What more if this person is commander in chief of ZDF

    Truth hurts, and Morgan anatsa kuti pfe pfe pfe now the usual hoodlums are shouting tribal politics. There is nothing tribal about what Tsvangirai said

  37. Attitudes don’t take us anywhere, but unfortunately they are the drivers of our views and opinions.Think Seriously about this Zimbabweans: 2005 mutambara takes overt the leadership of smaller MDC; Chimanikire dumps Ncube”s mdc; Joel Guebuza dumps Ncube’s mdc; 2009 splits Job Sikala splits from Ncube’s MDC and forms MDC 99; Ncube’s MDC fires 3 legislators for being close to Tsvangirai, 2010; Ncube’s MDC splits another faction headed by Mutambara (MDC M) 2012 Ncube’s MDC fires 5 elected MPs for being close to Tsvangirai; Ncube’s MDC expells 49 councillors for being close to Tsvangirai. In 2008 Ncube lost the election to a Tsvangirai MP. Honestly, are we missing something here? Where to Mr. Professor? Where to my learned brother? Wisdom is proved by its results and so is leadership. Unless we cast out the evil spirits that seem to cloud the thinking of some of our brothers in academic circles, Zimbabwe is going nowhere. Lets pray for reason, vision and wisdom. Those who have eyes to see let them see and those who have ears to hear let them hear and those who are blingerd by narrow ego may the Almighty help them. I rest my case.

    1. Amen haleluja

    2. THE BEST contribution in this whole discussion. Give that man/women a BELLS!!!!!

    3. we call this restructuring all spies out

  38. with all ths it is fuellng mugabe’s zanu now there’s 3 MDCs no mdc will have the power to remove the united ZANU PF

  39. This is clearly an insult on us the people of Matebeleland. Welshman you are definately doing a good job concentrating your efforts on MatLand because kumasvina haulume, because they dont understand you.

    1. Iwe Dread, wadziirwa manje. What does ‘masvina’ mean. You guys waste time sifting the internet instead of going to gather madora in Lupane. Makanganwa kuti mune nzara year in and year out. If you think you are being hard done here, just cross the Limpopo where your whole lot came from. Tshaka, who you ran away from like rats, is long dead. We will never miss you people, it may be good riddance. You did not come here carrying Matebeleland with you. We had a better name for that side of our country.

      1. Were you carrying anything when you arrived from Burundi apart from being followed by flies everywhere?


  41. lets have one voice ,lets stand up and get read of the oppresive atmosphere.Lets fight for the betterment of our Zimbabwe.Come next year lets all stand up and vote for Tsvangirai and give him a chance.Beware of the divide and rule which is being used by Zanu we are tired about Zanu.How can Ncube win when he only concentrates in Matebeleland North lets be watchfull be virgilant my fellow Zimbabweans.

  42. Enviro toita zvebasa

    “Survival of the fittest,”z the name of ths politics game….according to premier’s wordz,Ncube z not a politician but just a village boy tryng to occupy the highest job position,,,,,wait & see,results will tel

  43. Rejoice Ngwenya

    A village that has no running water, no electricity, no all weather roads, no Internet, a poorly stocked clinic, no bank, no supermarkets – is a desperate village. But it needs a politician who understands ‘village deficits’ to get a vote from such a ward. Harare and Bulawayo have no regular water, serious power outages and my goodness … potholes. If politicians understood village politics, they would be better politicians. If you can satisfy the economic demands of a villager; if you can stop a villager from dreaming about going to find work in the city – your policies are good. I believe in village politics.

    1. Rejoice

      Well said my brother – to expect such reasoning from Gukurahundis is asking too much!!

      1. Gukurahundi u speak of hw old are u??? U want to be like the Chineese who fights saying ur grand father killed my grandfather 100 years ago. We are sorry for what happened during the gukurahundi era.

        1. We are talking of Gukurahundi ways of doing things not the Gukurahundi itself.

          1. mbonisi you are a sorry state really,i feel sorry for your life,your kids (if u even have any) such kinda thinking is arbsurd not to mention extremely stupid! but if u doing it for fun then congrats u have gotten our attention!!

    2. And Tswangirai will turn your village into a metropolitan city with all the glitz and bling bling

    3. Well said, my sister.

  44. truly speaking Tsvangirai is absolutely right about Ncube coz the guy is so power hungry and self centred. He’s main focus is matabeleland and his election manifesto is devolution oe power and nothing else. He’s so tribal that it disgust me though I’m also from matabeleland and share the same surname wt him.

    1. You blooody liar – you cannot be a Mthwakazi with such Gukurahundistic thinking. What is tribal about Ncube – what is wrong with focusing in Matebeleland, is this not part of Zimbabwe? Besides, is Mutoko, where some of his supporters where recently beaten up by the police in Matebeleland?

      Get rid of you Gukurahundi mentality and you will soon see things much more clearer!!

  45. This guy Mbonisi is a Zanu PF guy. He was sent to sow division among the people, so that Zanu PF can maximise on that. Gukurahundi only divides MDCs, not Zanu as these guys signed a pact. By so doing, others will vote Wlesh and Others Morgan, leaving Mugabe to take it home.

    Mbonisi – You are non productive and always have a low self esteem by being Ndebele. No Shona mind who is who. They think of making money. Your tribal low self esteem affects other guys who might need to focus and stop blaming tribe for their failures.

    there is no University, college, employment (except Zifa) where your tribe takes effect. Shonas dont mind who you are.

    1. Your Gukurahundi upbringing needs to be washed off – go throw yourself into the Zambezi River!!

      1. Mbonisi hater. Your shona upbringing disillusions you.

        1. Mbonisi hater. You must have eaten a rat pie through your orifice

        2. Mbonisi could be CIO because most of my peers do not share his thinking. Seriously the guy could be CIO. BE CAREFULL GUYS The idea is to split the Bulawayo vote

    2. i agree with you 100% mbonisi is shona and a zanu pf spy,sent to divide since independence zanu has one policy divide and rule and what better way to do that than use hatred the only power almost as strong as death.thanks for openning my eyes from now on i’ll ignore him and scroll past his spy comments

  46. Who told Tsvangirai that he alone, and maybe Mugabe are presidential materials only? What has been his criteria for ticking down Ncube? The number of women bedded, seeing he has been on an unbridled joy ride testing here and there. Or the current president who had a fling, while poor Sally breathed her last? Are those the qualities one must exhibit to enter State House?

    Shame on you Tsvangirai. Elsewhere you would have long resigned after the birth certificate debacle for Ethan became publicly consumed.

    Be advised to steer clear the frailties of your opponents, so that dirt may not be dug up against you. Sounds like you will be truly and well rubbished by the time of his election, whenever it will be. Mind you, you are not the legendary Bill Clinton, who emerged from that “I do not know that woman scandal” to win a second term. Beware, and be warned. Zip your mouths, and just explain why there has been no meaningful preparations as per SADC, ahead of the crucial polls.

    Lame Duck.

    1. @mfanasibili

      All these Gukurahundi politicians tell themselves that they are the ONLY people who should contest and lead in Zim politics – they are mad.

      We will continue attacking this Gukurahundism until its totally wiped off from the face of our nation!!

      1. Qotho Mbonisi.


  47. understanding is very crucial, so read before you pass a comment. Tsvangirai is ryt

    1. @tony-rich
      How could he be wrong to you – when all of you Gukurahundis seem to think alike?

  48. the issue is not abt fighting Mugabe but its abt whom are we going to put in his place.This Tsvangirai guy is becoming overzealous he thinks he is the onlyone to run Zim politics not knowing that the real president Mugabe is going back to the office and at the same time him(Tsvangirai will be left languishing with his polygamy

    1. @mugrade 7
      Its not about running Zim, its about ruining Zim!!

  49. If indeed the defense of freedom, human liberty, and the pursuit of self-government and self-determination is “tribalism”, then i am a proud tribalist and will not apologize for it. I am seek and tired of this foolishness that says whoever seeks to promote any other interest than Zezuru interest is a “tribalist”. After all, those who accuse us of tribalism have been practicing it since the formation of Zanu in 1962 or so, and interesting, Tswangirai has been a member of that same stock!

  50. Mzilakawulandelwa

    Batshele Mbonisi. This Mbonisi Hater shame on you. Facts Facts Facts!!!!

  51. tswason will never rule Zim thus why he has change 4rm politics to sleeping with women, for nw he’s jus enjoying this moment coz he knows he cnt go further than being a PM of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Bishop Emmanuel told him so…………………………….

  52. Tswangirayi – a Glorified cabinet Minister – a typical Gukurahundi, he is failingto deal with his own tribesman – now he is resorting to Mthwakazi!!

    It is not us in Mthwakazi who almost threw you out of the window from a high rise building; it is not us in Mthwakazi who pummelled that thick Gukurahundi head of yours and nearly opened that skull – these are your tribesmen – leave us alone!!

  53. @ Mbonisi.
    1 – Was Gukurahundi necessary?
    2 – What should an elected leader do to contain an uprising by a section of the loosing population?
    3 – Can Gukurahundi recur?
    4 – What lessons were learnt?
    5 – Were there any other alternatives for using an army to this armed revolt?
    6 – What caused the revolt and Gukurahundi?
    7 – Why was the world quiete?
    8 – Who were the revolters and Who were those who curled the revolt?
    9 – Were there other fights/revolts or uprisings like Gukurahundi before and after 1982?
    10 – The revolt was it in line with democratic principles?
    11 – Was the containing of this revolt right?
    12 – What led to the end of the revolt?

    1. lol – Lets see how these questioned would be answered. Although i see that there would be no wrong answer, Mbonisi wont score above 2.

      He will start to spew, and vomit all around.

      wait…..wait…wait…Yoh, Here it goes.

      1. Mbonisi hater. Your brains seem to be located in your genitals.

    2. @15th Brigade. defenceless persons, woman and children are not an uprising, those were the targets of your brainless bloody parents.
      there was’t ever a revolt. but it was olny a creation of your bloody parents who wanted to justfy killing nkomo’s supporters. Now they regret and tell us that was ” A MOMENT OF MADNESS”.
      You were informed about history through the orifice of your bloody parents.

    3. Exactly my point. They cant answer questions. Life is about queastions answered correctly. The more questions you answer the higher you go up the ladder of life.

      Examinations and tests, from grade 1 to PHD. Its all about answering questions. I knew Mbonisi (he changes his name to Matshiya Dito or some other name), but he still cant answer these questions.

    4. 15th Brigade,

      It is a crime in Israel and Germany to deny that the Holocaust took place. We certainly need that law to safeguard people from Matabeleland and Midlands from mindless utterances like yours.

      The matter is Mugabe and the security apparatus close to him in 1980 have the answers to your questions. He refuses even to this day to publicise the Chihambakwe Commission’s report. I am sure we are all agreed that blame lands squarely at Mugabe’s door. Had it been a necessary reaction to genuine armed insurgency, we all would have a copy of that report in our files.

      Also, look at the cronology of events and try to answer your own questions from an analytical point.
      1.Gukurahundi was a purely Shona unit.
      2. Only Zanu PF aligned recruits were allowed. Previous Zapu Shona recruits were removed.
      3.It was trained by North Koreans outside the command of the unifying ZNA whose control was under Masuku, Nhongo, Walls and the British commanders. Gukurahundi reported directly to Mugabe, even Nhongo had no clue what was going on.
      4.Exactly a year into rule, what had Mugabe to fear? Was Nkomo not in charge of Home Affairs and a member of Cabinet?

      Soon your questions will be answered. “Icala aliboli”. Wethu.

  54. the people on grass roots level dont have time to anaylse the meaning of village politics they see Tsvangirai as their messiah ,he has been tried and tested .lets take the situation across Limpopo ,they say all kinds of words about Zuma that he marries every week ,is not educated ,inkadhlagate ,no matter how Malema will say all kinds of vocalulary about Zuma like Mbonisi hater ,you cant tell people in Zimbabwe today that we have rebranded MDC and im Ncube ,they see Tsvangirai as the only man who challenged Mugabe and failed to make it to the grave imagine how he was beaten in March 2007 ,please forgive me i hate Ncube for he is the only reason Zimbabwens are suffering today he divides our votes the only chance Mugabe could be history in politics .Viva Morgan ,lets think above tribal sentiments lets fight a common enermy together with Ncube .

  55. His skull was nearly opened wide by the Gukurahundi police, but he goes on and on about Mthwakazi – leave us alone – we are not Gukurahundis!!

  56. They should have finished off that thick-Gukurahundiskull!!

  57. I think this Mbonisi guy has totally lost it, hate will break you, not those people you are accusing as Gukurahundis or whatever.
    Me my contribution is that people, this newspaper “Newsday” is the one dividing the nation, coz if you are to look at their stories they always want to show some element of tribalism that does not really exists.
    Me am a Shona and i share my office with three Ndebele guys and we all came to agreement that they is a divide rule that is being applied here,
    Me i never liked Tsvangirai, but what he said to Ncube thats politics, if he has said that to Mugabe, this story would have not gone the trabalists path it took, its people like Mbonisi that try to put trabalism in any story.
    Shame on you Mbonisi

    1. Shamwari, continue working with those Ndebeles at your own risk, remember they think like monkeys and behave as such. Why can’t you tell them to go and climb trees instead of having them sit in an office. They can’t read or write so chuck them out. That is bush material.

  58. They should have finished off that thick Gukurahundi skull!

  59. Thabani are you sick in the head. if 65 people vote ..33 say yes and 32 say no. Obviosly the majority says yes. I terms of democracy the serial womaniser was suppose to give in and participate in the senetorial elections. Remember the split of the mdc was along those lines. How do you blame the democratic ncube for serial womaniser’s loss. Your brains seems to be in the wrong position.

    1. You may be right, but Welsh is on a mission. Even if Tsvangy had given in to participate in the senatorials, Welsh would have sought another opportunity to divide the MDC. Please note, this one is a CIO and he is at work.

      What does Welsh say when people suggest that he join hands with Morgan to unseat Bob?

  60. At the end of the day, when i see the effort i have put in trying to reason with this tribalist crew. i see that its a day wasted.

    Also, these tribal-low-self esteemed people only comment on silly issues. On issues which are productive, you cant find them. So then why should i be drawn to waste my time with these low-self-esteemed people.

    If people from this region are only interested on tribal things, no wonder why they complain without solutions. This might the reason why even their reasoning thinks Government is sabotaging them. They think the president is the one in charge of their lives.

    It is now a mentality problem. Which for a fact is working against them. They are waiting for a government which will do everything for them, but that government is non existent in this world. A government gives equal oportunity only. As an individual you then do whats best for you.

    Life is about competing to get what you want. These guys forget that even them being conceived, they had to beat 1million other contestants, to the egg. If they continue to complain without action, then they are into extinction. Or going to be worse than they are, nomatter which government comes.

    Mugabe did his best to give equal opportunities to education, employment etc. I never heard anyone who didnt get a job or loan cause of his/her tribe. Only these lazy, dundaheads, weak, unstrategic low self esteem people think its a curse to be Ndebele. Wasting time agonising, thinking if they had been Shona things might have been better. Please Shonas are busy agonising on how they should make money. All new building in Harare are privately owned, not government. Small businesses being started are private owned not government.

    Show me where you think government is sabotaging you? or where you think Shonas are sabotaging you?

    1. hombalume. are your brains located in your orifice

    2. @Hombarume

      Your Gukurahundi mind is proving a total burden on you. I have noted from your contributions, you love assuaging your complexes by exaggerating achievements by Shona people, where does this come from? if its not from a Gukurahundi upbringing?

      There are many Shona people who are always being deported from Mzansi – dirty, uneducated and useless if I may add. But you go on and on about this fruitless useless self-praising. The lions in the Limpopo region closer to river Ngulukudela/Limpopo all feed on Shona human meat – they are now so fat, and you know it!!

      You must know that being a majority also carries negatives – you will always the majority in poverty, in lack of education, in the sick, prostitutes etc. Just go around Johannesburg, Sandton, Pretoria – most blind people following each other holding a stick are Shona. Most prostitutes are Shona – you can go as far as Cape Town, Gaborone etc.

      Stop yourself praises mani – you are embarassing innocent Shona people – uyabayangisa!!

      1. @Mbonisi
        thanks for proving my points. We cant intelectually converse. A person who always want to pull others down, shows low-self esteem. Just like what you are doing. This shows the great difference between us. I am Nambya. dont label me Ndebele. My grandfathers have been living with Shonas before your arivival. And dont pull me into low-self esteem mentality.

        This is my last direct comment to you. My concern was you never commented on business or economic things, only tribal trivial things.

        1. @Hombarume
          There is no purpose in debating the economy and business with Gukurahundis because its beyond their levels of intelligence. All they understand is Gukurahindism and their 1800s tribal wars hangover. Gukurahundis dont debate issue, they debate Nehanda and Gukurahundism. Never confuse them with issues such as the US fiscal cliff, the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the growing mergers and aquisitions trend in Africa – all this is beyond your Gukurahundi mind!

      2. why are all blind people Shona?im just asking.Whether you are in South Africa ,Zimbabwe or UK.

  61. Tsvangison maybe campaigning by sleeping around. After all, what woman maybe foolish not tovote for the father of her child knowing that this is where maintenance money comes from? Tsvangison has in his voter’s portfolio: Loreta Nyathi, Locadia Karimatsenga, Macheka,etc, etc. If he were a Catholic priest, would you not say he has converted quite a number of hard core ZPF members? maybe he reasoned out that to defeat ZPF, penetrate the women’s league. Politics is not about who is smart, educated e.t.c. its about who is prepared to be ditier than thou to win.

    Mbonisi, I wish you witnessed Gukurahundi and you knew the reasons for it. Those that have seen the war do not talk about it. Its not like a game of pool where you all pack your bags and go home intact-and afford to have a post mortem without side effects the way you do. I encourage you to study the cause and effects of Gukurahundi thoroughly , and more so, look within your own stables-thats probably where the chief Engineer is. Personal deslikes can burn a whole nation. But however, just burry the hatchet before it takes its toll on you. One day you shall get carried away by your infatuation with this Gukurahundi stuff and say the wrong thing at the wrong place in the presence of the wrong people. Who knows what will become of it. You have made your score, those with ears have heard your lamentations, and if there is any repenting to be done, this is where the priest invites new converts to the pulpit to be baptised. If noone shows up, then such a priest was not worth his salt. He was probably preaching the wrong sermon.

    1. @matobo
      I did witness Gukurahundi and I suffered from it – so ungangutshelani?

      Those who don’t talk about it are the perpetrators, the victims do talk about it – hence the constant arrests and harassment of our Mthwakazi people by the Gukurahundi police to this day!

      1. Continue dreaming about mthwakazi, we can not stop you but remember it will always remain a pipe dream, Go on, dream big.

    2. Well said @Matobo.

    3. @matobo , i am touched by your frank , unbiased post. So its a good number of us who think that way. But sadly, the Mbonisi tribalist does not have space in his head. He tells us he is/was a victim of gukurahundi. I will repeat what I TOLD HIM SOME TIME BACK. If he had been swept by Gukurahundi this platform was going to be more mature…seeing one tribalist less is one headache less. The guy is fighting a ghost, his ghost. Many academic papers have been produced by scholars when they try to draw parallels between Lobengula raids in mashonaland and Gukurahundi. Some of the stuff in those papers is quite unsettling but Shonas have not gone on a crussade about it. Its time we deal with our troubled past but to lambast a whole tribe for something that was done by a group in government is not only irresponsible but outright madness. Sadly, these facts evade a mbonisi skull, coz there is no brains to talk of in that skull.

  62. hyah you mdcs continue 2 squable while zanupf gains ground. Wy cant wi see th obvious. Heh amasvina, amagundwane, gukurahundi this gukurahundi that, wat utter rubbish, wi are buzy playing violins while the city burns. Wen ar wi going 2 draw lessons frm this divide and rule tactik? Confused geckos

    1. Iwe Zit, ukandiona ugare watiza because ndoda kukurova nokuseri kweruoko nokuti ndazviona kuti wave kufarisa.

  63. NewsDay for once propagating hate speech. Stop it!!

  64. Welshman Ncube and Ransen Gasela introduced Tsvangirai to Ari Ben Menashe. Came the trial mysteriosly Ncube and Gasela were let off the hook leaving Tsvangirai to sweat it alone. Food for thought

    1. In hindsight this was good, infact the little Gukurahundi intellectual midget should have been hanged – a blooody asssshoole!!

  65. What the PM is saying is 100% true. Why did Welshman gave his party to Mtambara when he divorced the PM?he wasnt sure whether the majority would follow him because he was a Ndebele. Then it means he wasnt even proud to be Ndebele leading a political party with a national scope. He should have shown the people that its not about tribe but about leadership. Now he is back because things are okay so for him its safe to do his politics on the sympathy of well wishers. Honestly he cant be taken serious. the PM may have his mistakes (his human after all) but the rest of the nation owes him gratitude. No man has ever stood up against RG Mugabe since 1980 like the PM did.

    1. Wena Gudo, stop writing Gukurahundi rubbish here!!

      1. Ohh Mbonisi please wake up.Gukurahundi everytime. that cannot get you anywhere comrade. one thing you should understand is that people look for a strong leader, someone with credentials. thats why in ZANU PF they use Liberation Struggle as a credential( you cant blame them they are a Nationalist Movement). at the end of the day what people want is a person who can stand never be moved by anything. that person is the PM.

  66. Gukurahundis must be crushed – that is all!!

  67. @moyoza sily we are discussing political matters but u come up with sex facts then u are dull

  68. The man calls himself a Prime Minister and yet he is just some glorified cabinet minister of no portfolio. Because of these frustration with hios fellow Gukurahundi tribesman, he now takes it out on an innocent Mthwakazi politican, Wlshman Ncube.

    Go fight you tribeman at state house and leave Mthwakazi alone – sishiye – just go, silly native!!

  69. Tsvangirai wl rule dis country ask Bobo he is aware of dat coz no one since independence ever drove the old man to sit with him in the same office,so whether u lyk it or not Tsvangirai wl win elections set for early next year

  70. guys dont waste yr tym replyng ths guy mbonisi, his mission with welshman are same”DECAMPAIGNING TSVANGIRAI” and thy are helped with newsday. Welshman will never win even a parliamentary seat. 2008 they said they are popular in matb’land, only to win 10 seats. Are yu going to rule wth 10 seats? I live in bulawayo,wrking wth ndebeles, attanding tsvangson rallies with them,thy are nt lyk mbonisi, mbonisi z a cio tryng to give zanupf space. Pliz yu achieve nothing. JUICE UP 2013!

    1. Mbonisi is a self-confessed ZANU Pf activist and sympathiser just like Welshman Ncube. He has confessd to acts of violence as well. Please check out his last comment on the article regarding the murdered MDC-T activist

  71. lets start crushing them in South africa guys bayadelela

  72. Tswangirayi is frustrated with his fellow Gukurahundi tribesman Gukurahundi Mugabe – that is why he runs to Mthwakazi to find solace!!

  73. kwa Simba Makoni hakuna drama yese iyi, Zanu PF drama, MDC, MDC- T, all have conflict amongst themselves… MKD all the way. KaOne

  74. @mbonisi, Welshman ncube has nthng to say in zim politics, even the previous hang parliament he has nthing to say – wth only 10 seats. He z the same lyk Simba Makoni. Tsvangirai has invaded zanupf women’s league and now we hve Tracy Mtinhiri. Its a dirty game & z earnng more votes. If yu are a progresive zim tell Ncube to join Tsvangson, he may achieve smething. devolution yu ar talkng about was on Tsvangson’s manfesto in 2008,so welsh z introducing nthng new

    1. @admire
      wena you tell Tswangirai to join Ncube. Tswangirayi alone has nothing to offer but Gukurahundism and womanising. From Welshman he will learn what it means to be a principled leader; he will learn tolerance; he will learn what unity in diversity means; he will avoid inherent Gukurahundi tendencies and above all he will learn siNdebele and stop spreading Shona in Mthwakazi in a Gukurahundi fashion

  75. Zimbabwe will forever be misguided

  76. yea guys i have been reading your comments all the way,tswangirai and Ncube have got their own weaknesses but for now lets forget about tribalism and all sorts of things,what we should be concentrating on is urging the two to form a united front and uproot the old man who has run out of ideas.let me be honest and tell you one thing,my background is from two different tribes,my mom is shona and dad a ndebele.guys lets not be seperated by where we come from,we are all blacks and differences in language cant really seperate us. think about this deeply and you will come up with a solution and mind you some of these guys posting bad about tswangirai and Ncube are actually the dreaded CIO WANTING TO CAUSE CONFUSION,so dont be fooled by some of these sms. goodbye

  77. Public criticism yealds no unity

  78. Its really pathetic that we still have elements in our socviety who identify themselves with the language they speak.what kind of legacy are we leaving behind?are you going to teach your children?shonas are murders?ndebeles do not belong here?its a shame indeed.our own society is turning into a joke with such primitive trolls.shame on you

  79. Its mbonisi and 2 others against the world babe!

    1. With the exception of a few wise comments here, the rest is just tribalist invective, doesn’t do us any good. As for Tsvangirai, he’s belittling the importance of Matabeleland and ignoring Mugabe’s leagcy of neglect. Sure there are other province besides Matabeleland, but the truth is that this part of the country has for long been left out of the national development agenda. Stick to the issues Morgan.

  80. @mbonisi,moyozaand jabu mathebula guyz don’t bring some issues where they don’t apply.l question ur abilities.bring something constructive.we are of the gukurahundi mass lecture.start it again and l wil label u a loser,retard

  81. Welshman Ncube is a CIO operative through and through. Just reflect how he broke the hearts of millions of Zimbabweans in 2008.We should have finished with Gukurahundi then and doing something else now. The people who know him better than Mbonisi and who are his constituent rejected him overwhelmingly. He is so power hungry that he is where he is today through hook or crook. Just look at the splits he has caused since leaving the main MDC and the reasons behind. Elected members of the party were side lined in allocation of ministerial posts in preference of close cronnies. Mutambara was duped into endorsing the so called congress with promises that he would keep his job as deputy PM. This was despite advice from the likes of Morgan Changamire and others who knew Welshman better not to accept. Eventually when Welshman achieved his goal Mutambara was booted out. Now there is a problem because Mutambara has tasted free given power+pecks and is staying put. Ncube is now very angry with Tsvangirai because he is not helping him rid of Mutambara. How absurd! Most of the elected members have seen reason and jumped ship. Only time will tell

  82. Please Myhwakazi stop initing or votong for this Gukurahundi Tswangirayi. Tswangirayi’s Gukurahundis are even worse tribalists because they are still young. They are just using you for your votes they dont like you. It is them who through their tribalism put Mugabe in office, they did not need your help then – ask yourself this question – why are they seeing value in your votes now when they never so it then? Dont be used – all Gukurahundis are the same – they all hate Mthwakazi with a passion – whether you are a Moyo, Dabengwa or Ndlovu – as long as you are from Matebeleland/Mthwakazi that is enough to make you an enemy of the Shona. That according to the Gukurahundi gospel!!

  83. I will not be diplomatic here. I fail to understand most shonas. they are so steeped in ethnocentrism such that it has become part of their DNA. Their views even if they try to hide it are influenced by vain ethnocentrism. I call it vain coz a manyika friend of mine proved beyond reasonable doubt in a group of 20 assumably shona people that 14 were actually 2nd and 3rd generation malawian n mozambicans n 1 or 2 from tanzania. Now i understand why they project tribalism on other people. Coz they want to hide their own identities. They fear that A united zimbabwe will expose who they are. In fact they dont care abt zimbabwe like a migrant in SA not caring about Johannesburg. Its an illness a psychological illness. Today if Morgan wud say he wants an army to wipe out ndebeles for no valid reason but being ndebele. I dont doubt that a million will volunteer in one day. That is how sick and demonic it is.

    1. generalizing the ungeneralizable is what you are doing. Mashona or Mandebele is such a huge group that you can’t display such prejudice and expect any sane person to listen to such hogwash. You are simplying spewing poisonous bile that will never unite us as Zimbabweans. One would have thought that today’s young people would move beyond this Shona-Ndebele divide, but hey we may be going for the worst. Civil war maybe, something worse than Gukurahundi maybe? Is this what we want? Surely Father Zimbabwe Joshua Nkomo must be turning in his grave. Grow up Zimbabwe, Grow up, YOU ARE BIGGER THAN THIS!!

  84. PLIZ PEOPLE STOP STOOPING SO LOW. TRIBALISM IS so counter productive. We are Zimbabweans – lets embrace our diversity. Mashona this, Mandebele this, is so primitive. Come on Zimbabwe you can do better than this!!!

  85. PLIZ PEOPLE STOP STOOPING SO LOW. TRIBALISM IS so counter productive. We are Zimbabweans – lets embrace our diversity. Mashona this, Mandebele this, is so primitive. Come on Zimbabwe you can do better than this!!! Can’t we have a sane debate, with ideas being shared without resorting to the Shona-Ndeblele divide.

  86. As for Morgan, did he not attend the Democrats’ congress in the US. I thought he went there to learn. Those guys discuss issues, not people. What do you offer us as Zimbabweans. Do not expect my vote simply because you are contesting against the geriatric Mugabe. Give two reasons why I should vote for you. And please”Mugabe is old” is of not good enough a reason. What are your policies? What is MDC offering us? On land reform, on unemployment, on BEE indigenization, on equitable development. On the Zambezi Water Project? On our roads must of which we simply inherited from Ian Smith.

  87. Whilst the likes of Mbonisi and very few others like him would want us to believe this tribal gaffe, I must confess I am so happy to note that ninety nine per cent of the people who rejected Welshman in 2008 and are going to do the same again come 2013 are not Shona. I would again further not want to continue arguing with the likes of the above mentioned for they seem to be at variance with themselves. I rest my case

    1. @Papaz

      The reasons of the Mthwakazi people who reject Welshman Ncube, are different from yours and other Gukurahundis. Yours are tribalistic – this is our problem!!

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    Zanu PF vows to reclaim Matabeleland

    Food for thought how will they do that?

  89. Mbonisi and Ncube only the people will defeat you ,lets unite as Zimbabwe we are on the crossing line to pronounce victory but only as united MDC .The best is yet to come .

  90. Tswangirayi should fold his puppet party and join the civilised, national unity in diversity, progressive MDC led by the astute and well educated Mthwakazi, Professor Welshman Ncube.

    In this party no constitution is amended to suit the agendas of one individual. Leaders come and go in this party and the party remains.

    The party is so principled such that no one is beyond reproach. You cannot use your constituency support as a member or MP to hold the party at ransom – you get booted no matter how much support you have.

    This is a party of principles – its not about numbers, but quality of individuals in positions – whether MP or leadership

  91. Mbonisi i dont see the reason why this Zanu pf moron claim to be a leader of a faction ,when an appointed person is dismissing an elected person is that wht you cal democracy in your village politics and expect people in Mtoko and Chikomba to vote for someone who was rejected by his own constituency in Matebeland .Chinotimba can win an election against Ncube in Bulawayo because he is not a tribalist .shame on you .Viva Morgan Viva .together we can complete the change .

  92. What an upsetting, insulting,discrediting to people of Matabeleland in an article of Mocking President Welshman Ncube by Morgan Tsvangirai who view Matabeleland as a village,why is he coming to compaign and say its his strong hold when he term it as a village…so that was a direct insult similar to the Gukurahundi genocide which he was part of and which he continues to perpetuate…that statement was not only directed to President Welshman Ncube as a leader of MDC and a Minister of Industry and Commerce but to the entire region and the nation at large…

  93. think like soldiers, misunderstanding at times arise in a camp but they won’t shoot at each other instead they fight the enemy after the war try to resolve their differences in peace. If Ncube is a good leader like Nkomo he shouldn’t have allowed division Ncube mu C10, MUgabe act as if he has no link with Ncube but Ncube is Mugabe’s boy. Tsvangirai is dull, but i don’t blame i blame his advisors… those around him should guide him. True for a roadmap to a better Zim Tsvangirai has to win next election, but believe me after Tsvangirai new ZANU PF under Makoni will come in… for the sake of better future, better health, better education in Zim i will vote Tsvangirai to be President 2013 not that i like him but he is a better option we all need better living conditions, either you are from a Village, a farm egangeni wherever but we are all Zimbos. lets respect our nation and love our nation and do the best for our nation and prepare the future for our kids

  94. Jesus Christ is Lord and for those who love him it all works for good

  95. umaWelsh uyazi ukuthi ifranchise yakhe ingaphi yikho ezehlisa alande umphakathi atsho izinqumo zakhe kibo lazo izakhamuzi zibelethuba lokumbuza manqamu hatshi ukutolikelwa ngento elingayiqedisisiyo. yikho umthwakazi omuhle uthi phambili ngentwana yakwethu Welshman Ncube!

  96. i will advise Ncube not to respond to tsvangirai because he is mentally ill.

  97. tsvangirai dont overestimate your popularity

  98. Nhlanhla Dube is right Tsvangirai did not even learn geography that is why every place to him except buhera and komalume wakhe ezvimba is a rural area and matebeleleland north

  99. This mbonisi dog will cause you lots of anger but remember that his empty skull is of no intellectual merit….he sees everything in the eyes of his imagined Shona enermies. Such scum dont achieve much in business, social life …not to mention politics.

  100. Tsvangirai and Ncube must desist from mud slinging and form a force that will topple the potentate.

  101. I think Zimbabweans should be knowledgeable enough to know what is hate speech and shy away from xenophobic tendencies.

  102. The fact of the matter is that tsvangirai is the best match for mugabe so far and even the team that he has is vibrant biti,chamisa,mangoma,khupe etc. . and that issue of girlfriends its common with everyone when single and searching and most of us if not all of us did not marry our first girlfriends and politics played a big part on that issue.
    do you think if it was someone from Zanu Pf that marriage licence was going to be cancellled?
    Tsvangirai for presidency

  103. the ndebeles want one of their own so much, Matibili. in 2008 we had defeated the old man only for them to sell out by voting for Simba Makoni. this time they want to sell out again using Ncube and Dabengwa. Look at Jonathan Moyo he gives the old man all the strategies so that he is not removed from power. We have a common enemy why not fight to remove that common enemy and deal with other issues later. the chances of Ncube winning an election are between slim and none why not help Tsvangison to defeat the enemy.

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