‘Mugabe input scheme set to trigger violence’

President Robert Mugabe’s $20 million farming inputs scheme is likely to trigger a fresh wave of political violence as the inputs are only benefiting Zanu PF supporters, a leading human rights watchdog, the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), has said.


In its latest report released over the weekend, the Jestina Mukoko-led ZPP said Zanu PF had anchored its campaign on free food and seed handouts in addition to use of State-sponsored violence as it gears for harmonised elections expected early next year.

The ZPP expressed concern that the partisan distribution of inputs under the scheme could set the tone for political intolerance and set the stage for a bloody campaign.

Part of the report reads: “The Presidential inputs scheme debacle may well have set the tone for the 2013 electoral campaign period with vote-buying emerging as one cornerstone of Zanu PF’s electoral strategy.

“Most cases of harassment, intimidation and discrimination recorded in November are linked to the distribution of seed packs in the Presidential Agricultural Inputs Scheme.

“The people who are suspected to belong to parties other than Zanu PF were denied the seeds and fertiliser which were emblazoned with a portrait of the Zanu PF leader. The perpetrators are local leaders in Zanu PF who argue that the seed packs were donated by their party president so they cannot give it to opponents of their party.

“Zanu PF started distributing maize seed and fertilisers under the guise of the Presidential Inputs Scheme to mostly card- carrying members of the liberation party and in exceptions to everyone present,” read the ZPP report in part.
Soldiers and known Zanu PF members were involved in the distribution process.

“A senior army official (name given) attached to the National Food Security (formerly Maguta) allegedly threatened villagers with violence if they do not vote for Zanu PF in the upcoming elections. During the meeting that was held on November 13 at Chivi growth point, the official declared that only known Zanu PF activists would get agricultural inputs under the Presidential inputs scheme.

“Almost in all of the country’s 210 constituencies there was distribution of maize seed packs and in some cases fertiliser. The distributed packets had stickers with the image of the President,” read the report.

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  1. Silvester Matambo

    This hiv whore is at it again – singing for supper

    1. Those are comments that can only come out from a person with Nit wit.

    2. What else can u think of in ur narrow warped mind. Certainly u constantly think of that coz ur mum who suffers from it bore u behind an anthill. Wakazvarwa mai vako vakafongora sedhongi. There is nothing spectular abt the alleged illness. It is a condition youstinking idiot.

    3. @Sylvester you’re insane. I think ZPP got it wrong in saying donations are likely to cause political violence. The only word of advice I give to the president is that he is seggregating people, meaning that those who do not get any handouts do not see any reason to vote for him. Instead he should have used it as a compaign tool to say “Look I don’t care which party you’re from. I’m only interested in your welfare”. Some recipients will not necessarily vote for his party. It’s all fair and fine. People must make their own decisions.

  2. Nonsense get your facts right before you write another propaganda article.

  3. Its very unfortunate that there are people who still use one’s health condition, i.e HIV as a way of describe another people. The UN declared 1 December as world aids day to be observed as a human rights day by all progressive people and communities. Its either the above writer or the UN suffers from a sick mentality and need assistance.

  4. “President Robert Mugabe’s $20 million farming inputs scheme is likely to trigger a fresh wave of political violence” Keyword being “LIKELY” whcih clearly shows that Jestina is singing for her dinner here. Reports based on speculation are more likely to cause violence than distribution of inputs which has been happening since independence.

  5. In DZ Extesion people were given 1 cup ye tea ye mbeu while the top brass ye zanu pf took quite a number of packs for resaling pamisika yavo.Kukaita musangano they force people to the meetings.Ukaregera uno makwa.

    1. Even in Rimuka

  6. Why cant the MDC just start its own input scheme. Tsvangirai chooses to blow the millions he gets in donor money on women.

  7. ndizvo pfutseki enda unotenga mhani iwe stupid. wajaira zvemahara.
    kumakwa kumakwa kuita seri, silly. vote zanu pf the people’s party

    1. john ndiwe uri stupid. big arikutaura chokwadi.Famba mumalocations umu uone. vanhu vanongowana one cup yefertilizer vonzi chivhoterai vaMugabe.

  8. HIV staus is just an additonal acquisition prefix to one’s distinguished social status – Its just like a doctorate degree. If someone is a Doctor of Philosophy, no amount of hiding it changes their intellect. Infact that doctoral degree which they hide affects their level of thinking, the way they behave and so on. They are distinguished by their social accomplishments. So if someone is HIV positive, they are HIV positive. Trying to pretend they are not does not change their status. Isn’t it always said ‘Budai Pachena?’ . Infact the HIV status also affects the thinking patterns of people just like a doctoral degree. HIV positive people tend to lose memory a lot, get depressed, have illogical thought patterns and so on while HIV negative people behave somewhat normally. PhD and HIV positive persons are likended comparatives. Both prefixes are acquired through a conscious process and effort;the former being formal education,and the later fornication with multiple partners. When one is adrrssed as Mr. Dr.X and the other Miss HIV+ Anna, where is the discrimination? Denying the audience of people’s social prefixes is a muzzle on their expectations and preparedness to make informed decisions. If you are dealing with a psychiatric, the sooner you know, the better prepared you are to process information and correctly interpret behaviour patterns thereof. Denying that a pyschiatric person has no mental problems is like pretending that they are normal and capable of normal behaviour. fraudulent misrepresentation it is indeed-a daylight robery of society. Such is the dilema of pretenting and misrepresenting that a HIV positive person is at an even keel with the whole society. But is a Doctor of Philosophy at the same keel as everyone? Definitely not. So as a sign of respect for what people have acquired through conscious effort, society should prefix those achievements before their names inorder that prospective audiences of these socialites are informed. Dr. X, Proffesor K, Mr Psychiatric V, Miss HIV +Q, Teacher M, and so on. Where is the discrimination. We honestly should not rubbish social self esteem accorlades.

    1. @Shame, I tried to follow your line of thought and I found it rather skewed. When one contracts a disease such as AIDS/HIV its not necessarily by choice. Circumstances differ. There are people who get it, not through fornication but through other exposures. Your slant to stigmatise these people is not only silly but diabolical. Showing empathy towards them will earn you more before men and God.
      “PhD and HIV positive persons are likended comparatives. Both prefixes are acquired through a conscious process and effort;the former being formal education,and the later fornication with multiple partners.” Shame’s post.

      Whoever sired this soul called Shame has acquired a curse, a curse that has the potential to haunt them for a long time.
      Shame, you shamelessly post such trash to display your lack of brains and heart? Shame stereki!

    2. zvawave kutorepta uriwe tsvaga basa kuherald wanzwa

    3. Shame. I almost wrote insulting you but i later on realised that u are a person who need help. You have expressed your thoughts in good gramma which means you must be an educated fool. You got no idea of how people contract HIV, let me help you, some are raped by People of lose morals like you and get HIV, some are born with HIV. some are given with their spouses like what is going to happen to you, some are given by some wife to be or husband to be in a trustwothy relationship. So do you think its fair to stigmatise these people. Even those who got them thru promiscuty they never really intented to do it for the sake of getting HIV. Who are you son of a snake to stigmatise and label them as HIV +Q.

  9. Manyorero avamwe vedu anongoita savanhu vashaya zvekuita. Pwetere pwetere yamuri kuita iyi, ndeyeiko? Zvokungotukana ndizvo zvinogonekwa, ko kana mukangodavidzana zvakanaka mungagwara here nhai vanhuwe?

  10. UNGATADZE kuvhotera vamugabe nokuti wapihwa cup ye maize seed,m no let us vote Our ptresident .rowell i repeat uri godzva, ziva gwara remusangano wakaunza rusununguka kwete rakaunza ma sanctions. Vote zanu pf !!!

    1. dont tell pple what to vote for wanzwa. john pple know what they want

  11. MDC is beter coz they do not force people kumisangano yavo you go there willingly.You are forced to go and collect that cup of maize seed.Ana john majaira kutuka chete wakazvarirwa pa shabeen here usina tsika?If it was a people,s why did you loose in2008?

  12. matowana pekuudzirana vekuvhotera,murikugutisa your vote is your secret,asivo sekuru bodo tsvo

  13. Shame haana kuzvarwa ne mukadzi,akaita zvekusvinwa sehurwa.

  14. Jestina how will distribution of maize even on partisan grounds trigger violence why can other parties that even distributed radios, regalia, manifestos not distribute seeds to their own supporters. People are being recruited in right now Harare City on political grounds is that also likely to trigger violence. Just check the Easy Park and its council successor they are all MDCT youths. So should the President stop distributing seeds even to his supporters remember this programme like the computerization program is run by well wishers not through treasury.

  15. this is done by even giving to their activists

  16. If the efforts my fellow Zimbos put in debating trivia were equally exerted on real issues affecting the nation, Zimbabwe would have been a much better place to live. Unfortunately we simply love to hear ourselves talk and nothing else.

    1. cliford musvamhiri

      hiv yave kuku pengesa Jestina.

  17. A donor in your own country as CEO! Strange and funny!

  18. This what is called buying the vote and guess what it will be an effective carrot especially for Zanu PF supporters. Give a Zimbabwean a free soccer game when Mugabe wants to fill the stadium it will most surely pack the “house”

  19. No wonder politicians use people! it seems everyone is ready to die or commit a crime for a certain criminal politician, i hope we be civilised to ounderstand that we all have different views! lets tolerate each other, otherwise we are creating our own hell on earth

  20. Gurundoro wekwa Seke

    There is nothing wrong in Mugabe giving people free seed and fertilizers.The recipients are the biggest problem.Instead of enticing prospective voters ,they actually drive them away by hoarding these inputs,thereby prejudicing other ZPF supporters and as Jestina correctly puts it this has happened before.Most of these beneficiaries are very lazy as hunger is perrenial in their lives whether inputs or no inputs.They spend most of their time kumisangano iri unproductive and when inputs come ,they deny deserving people.These people are doing more harm than good to their party and watch my word,because of these free inputs,the party will dismally lose come elections.We saw it during the mechanisation era.

  21. @ jestina……your story falls short of some fundamentals on the ground…why would MDC supporters queue up to receive donations from Mugabe and cause violence if denied? The logical assumption here will be that MDC will feel left out and therefore cause violence…is that it? on the other hand Mugabe is Zanu and what ever he donatres will without doubt be shrouded under zanuism….this nonsense about presidential input scheme is but a ploy..MaMDC ndizvo here kuti munoda kurwira mainputs aZanu…kana zvirizvo then hamuna brain..kana kuti Jestina adoma isiyo nyaya…then it would be a very iresponsible article which in itself could trigger further political animosity.

    @Shame…. unonyadzisa iwe munhu iwe….conscious process??? my foot..you ignoramus…you have just equated two issues that are so unrelated…ko kana ane Phd aine HIV unomudaidza uchitii? Dr. HIV. Nanga?? fool…

  22. one cup is enough for yo garden if u want more go kumusha where there are vast fields,its like kuchemera boots usina makumbo stupid””

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