MP fumes over sex workers

Bulawayo East MP Tabitha Khumalo (MDC-T) yesterday lambasted fellow legislators who refused to speak out on the rights of sex workers, dismissing them as hypocrites.

Report by Phillip Chidavaenzi

The outspoken MP said her colleagues pretended as if sex workers were non-existent whereas they sought their services frequently.

Speaking at a meeting on gender violence organised by the Zimbabwe Women’s Resource Centre and Network (ZWRCN) in Harare, Khumalo said such MPs failed to appreciate that sex workers constituted a significant proportion of the electorate.

The MP said the law branded every woman a prostitute and she needed support to fight for its repeal because it was wrong.

“Our problem as Zimbabweans is that we don’t want to speak the truth,” Khumalo said.

“We are in denial when we pretend that sex workers are not there. Some of the beneficiaries are even top chefs.

“Section 8:11 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act allows the police to arrest any woman walking (in the streets) after 7pm.”

“Technically, it means we are all prostitutes.It’s wrong. To repeal the law, I want someone to second. People say because I speak out about prostitutes, so I am one of them.”

The legislator claimed her audacity to speak out on such issues was the reason behind her removal from her post as MDC-T deputy spokesperson.

She said as part of her campaign for women’s rights during the ongoig 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, she was going around leisure spots in Bulawayo distributing condoms.
“I’m going to bars, nightclubs and shebeens to distribute condoms,” Khumalo said.

“Women are being infected (with HIV) when they could have been protected. I don’t care what people say. As long as they are voters, I will stand for them.”

She accused fellow MPs of refusing to support her because they feared losing their constituencies yet sex workers were also voters.
“For them to second me, they fear losing their constituencies,” the MP said.

“But the commercial sex workers are also voters. It is surprising because the same men exchange the sex workers in hotels like undergarments.”

ZWRCN executive director Naomi Chimbetete said there was need to shun violence against women even beyond the 16 days of activism.
“There is need for practical action,” she said.

“But we need support. The 16 days may end next week, but the real issues are for 365 days. We need to be united and establish a way forward.”

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  1. Chabwino Chauruka

    Thabitha Khumalo has been a politician for the past 13 years and she has only opened her mouth for one thing: the rights of prostitutes. Are there no other issues to mention Miss Khumalo? Prostitution is a result of a failed society. Let’s deal with issues that force people into prostitution in the first place. Let’s put our economy in good order. Let there be ethical conduct all round. Corruption must be eradicated. The family unit must be strengthened. There must be proper leadership in society including political leadership…………. Prostitution cannot be tolerated!

    1. please apa marasika..we cannot support bad things because there are big shfs benefiting them……, in other words you will fight 4 corruption to be protected for the sake of your corrup voters, ngochani becoz there are big chefs….talk of something better

  2. Silvester Matambo

    Reason why Zimbabweans should reject the immoral, pro homosexual western used condoms

  3. Thabitha! Why didn’t you save Tsvangirai your boss the trouble of hopping from one woman to another by offering your big watery v*a*gina to him since you are such a shameless prostitute? That way you could also have saved him the hundreds of thousands he is paying (paid) to Locardia Karimatsenga and the monthly maintanance he is paying to Ms Nyathi and other women.If MLF succeeds in its ambitions,thats where prostitution should be legalised not in the whole of Zim ……kwete bodo.

  4. Thabitha, having many so called sex workers does not make the practice right. It is an abomination to allow such things to happen in our society. Let those who are doinh it in secret continue as one day, it will come out in the open. You should encourage people, especially women from being used as commercial sexual objects.
    How would you feel your daughter, telling you that she is a commercial sex worker?
    Thabitha, you can do better than this please.

  5. This is all MDC T mps can think and talk about. From their head to their grassroots it’s all about sex issues and nothing better. It’s a shame some pipo wasted their ink voting for this prostitute into parly. They have no clue of real issues affecting pipo. This is why they waste parly time talking about street hooking business. When she says ma”chef” engage these pipo she has her leader in mind. Talking at length about nothing. Ndiyo “Chinja bhebhi” yenyuka iyi

  6. Why are u distributing condoms in Bulawayo? Why not Harare? You seen to imply that Bulawayo is the bedrock of prostitutes and prostitution. Why didn’t you hand out condoms to Tsvangirai before he started bonking every woman nyoro?

  7. “But the commercial sex workers are also voters. It is surprising because the same Tswangirayi exchange the sex workers in hotels like undergarments”. Thabitha you have been sent by your boss to recruite as many sex workers as possible to quench serial womaniser’s sexual appetite.

  8. The Khumalos nerver cease to amaze folks since the 19th century.

    Is Tabitha diversifying the Khumalo family business from cattle Ranching to prostitution? The whole of SADC knows the Khumalos monopolised cattle ranching since the times of Mzilikazi who started his ranches with a few beeves borrowed from Chaka Zulu himself. Sorry, cattle rustling, not ranching. From Cattle rustling to prostitution! What a hall of fame! -sorry, what a hall of Shame?

  9. @khumbulani, dnt insult us like that, if u ar to insult thabitha, insult her nt th khumalos,

  10. yaaaa mdc-t yakapenga chete. nothing else tsvangirayi aruza zvake uyu. dead and buried this western puppet

  11. @Mbonisi.
    Why are you quiete. Here is proof of where prostitutes come from. And who supports them. With regard to what you said yesterday. This is in your face.

    Whats the problem with these guys. the topics which they always want to introduce.

    MaKhumalo – what about the rights of rapists, corupt ZRPs, Corupt Zimra, they are also voters. So should we repeal the laws which prohibits these acts?

    MaKhumalo, what will you be doing in Avenues, alone @ night when you dont stay there? No proper woman stands on a corner, wearing nothing, of whom the police will arrest.

    1. @Hombarume. This is gukurahundis. They are shona woman whom Mzilikazi raided from the shonas. They are too many here in KoBulawayo.

      1. @Hombarume

        You are so desperate for my attention – now why are you impersonating me with the above comment? I never wrote that – please stop your stupidity!!

      2. Mbonisi you are a pathetic tribalist. Do I read you correctly when you say ‘Shona Women’ or Shona people in general are Gukurahundis and today you admit that these people are many in Bulawayo.Precisely uMhama wako is a prostitute?? Anything bad is done by the Shonas?? Khumalo!! has become a Shona Gukurahundis today becausing she is lobbying for immoral rights. Shame on you bro.

        1. @Tendausaru Mupfanechoya

          Please read my comment above, that comes immediately before yours – you will see you are an impetuous spitfire!!

          Engage the brain before the mouth – or is it the fingers or keyboard?


    2. @Hombarume

      Now I know, most of your mothers are prostitutes since most of you have Ndebele mothers and Shona fathers.

      Badayisa ngemizimba omama benu neeh? Bengingazi!!

  12. Khumalo is supposed to be a royal name deserving respect and dignity. Wena MaKhumalo uyabahlambalaza abakoKhumalo wenza bayeyiseke ngodoti lo omkhulumayo. Prostitution is said to be the oldest profesion and we all know it will always be there until forever but that does not make it right. just like murder and rape- was there since i dont know – will always be there – but will never be right.

  13. Saka mbavha, mhondi, rapists, varoyi,….etc….These are also voters. Should we also encourage them and support their actions because they will vote for you. Stupid woman. What kind of a woman would advocate for immorality in society?
    You are a fool. Go get your head examined!!

  14. Thabitha is 100% correct we cant pretend as if prostitution is not a socio-economic problem. Some MPs think that by not addressing prostitution the problem will just die away. Zim has a very high H.I.V infection rate and prostitution is a high contributor rightfully we must debate this issue

  15. @ Victoria

    Sorry Vicky my sister for injuring your feelings. But I said nothing but the truth so help me God. I was simply repeating facts that are ubiquitous everywhere-even in the water the facts follow you everywhere and you can’t do anything but submit to their fate. If I was wrong in my submissions please correct me. (1)Is Tabitha not one of the khumalo Clan? If she isn’t please quickly issue a family statement disowning her because she is indeed a shame and a half (2) Was Mzilikazi not Khumalo 1 from Zululand? Don’t tell me Mzilikazi and Shaka Zu;lu never met to strike a deal involving the mass movement of cattle from Zululand to Matobo (3) Is Tabitha therefore not a great great, great, great grandchild of Mzilikazi? (4) Was Mzilikazi not a cattle Rancher-maybe the name cattle rancher had not yet been brought by Rhodes, but it applies to anyone who posseses and grazes cattle (doesn’t matter whether those cattle are stolen.) (5) Did Mzilikazi not run away from Shaka with his cattle?Whats wrong with that storyy sister Vicky? Don’t you like to hear that grandpa stole something ? Are you filled with shame and anger at the same time when you hear that storry, well if so then I thank God that you are very normal for they say “shame and anger are siamese twins..” (6) Is Tabitha not advocating for prostitution? Surely dont tell me you havent heard of Tabitha Khumalo and her gang of prostitutes before? (7) Is Tabitha’s philosophy socially appropriate? If not, what steps have you taken as the Khumalo family to whipt this daughter into line? Do they not Say the Khumalo family is Mzilikazi Royal blood? Was the biblical Tabitha(Dorcas) her namesake known for prostitution or works of charity? (8) If you have done nothing to ground Tabitha and to talk your half sister into common sense-, the you,and the rest of the Khumalo family share the blame. you did not bring up this radarless, clueless, reckless daughter according to the customs of ubuntu. Once more, if I am wrong, accept my appologies, but if I am correct, please round up Tabitha, summon her before family elders and give her ten strokes of Hippo’s tail. She is such a shame!

  16. Hayi wena Mntungwa, akuthule mani – yini uthanda ezocansi kangaka?

    Njalo njalo, mawuthi uvula umlomo wakho, uthetha ngozokunyobana, yini ngawe??

  17. mdc is a party of pfambi & womanenisers

  18. @Mbonisi – Your confusion is confusing me.

    Yesterday you said something about prostitutes. So Newsday reporters have put it to record of who support prostitution. and its your Beloved Khumalo, the Royal One.

    So your claim that Shonas are prostitutes is contradicted here by your Princes.

    1. @Hombarume

      At what point did uMntungwa say anything about Shonas? I thought she is just talking about omahosha in general terms nje, manje wena inkinga yakho yini?

      Please explain?

  19. MDC wo. Mashaya nyaya here? you are copying-and-pasting RSA. These topics you hear them in RSA.
    Very soon you would be talking of giving school children condoms. Its the same mentality.

    MDC inenge Wapusa Wapusa wo iyi. Man dont see anything wrong with multiple partners, woman also.

    This is an immoral party. I wonder what evil goes on at Harvest House.

    So they want Homosexuals (as they are voters), Male prostitue (Moregay Chemabhebhi), Female Prostitutes, and i bet condoms at schools. Wonder where we are heading.

  20. The tribal agenda is a ZANU PF and CIO project to divert focus from bread and butter issues

  21. Royal Insult. Thats what the Nigerians would call it.

  22. Of tribal politics, That makes Mbonisi 100% CIO! Shame that he shall vehemently deny that. Wait and listen to his response!

  23. WE WILL NEVER LEGALISE PROSTITUTION.BOOT HER OUT OF THE AUGUST HOUSE.SHE IS WORKING FOR WESTERN BACKED NGOs.If you accept her demands thieves will come will cpme with an idea of legalising theft.Your ideas are far fetched,inhumane and have cultural deficiency.

    You better be burried alive+kana zvirizvo zvomunoudzana kuMDC manje murikuirasa.UNOBVA KUPIKO IWE urikuda kuwana political milage nezvisina kana hunhu.

    where is my machine gun or you need to recieve Jesus.mwana wenyoka

  24. Tabitha,you are brave and bold,this is a sensitive issue,much as this abomination is as old as the human race Zimbabwe is a very conservative society therefore not receptive to neo-liberal concepts of human rights.This scourage succintly mirrors the depths to which our economy has plunged,therefore i feel that proffering solutions to address the macro-economic challanges would be a viable starting point.I think that angle will resonate with the people.

    1. Thanks Hebert, your comment is one of the few qualitative ones. I wish everyone had the same approach to issues as you have. But regrettably, the majority of the comments are devoid of quality, directionless, shallow, imature, senseless and worthless. One of the reasons people end up hurling insult and indecent name calling is lack of something constructive to say.

  25. Guys you seem to be insinuating that Ndebele women are prostitutes but do yu remember the story of shona women a about a few years ago in Harare who were paid money by a white foreigner to sleep with dogs and to be filmed whilst doing it. I think prostitution with dogs in Harare is far more worse shame full and disgusting.
    The only reason why maybe Ndebele women can do better in prostitution is that hey are more beutifull than the generaly hideously fat,loud, and ugly shona women. Remember you need good looks to be a prostitute and succeed. So Shona women have no chance even if they wanted to

    1. @Reuben Ndlovu

      Don’t you know that a lot of Shona people have Shona fathers and Ndebele mothers. So if they choose to insult their mothers, that is their funeral – its probably part of their culture, who knows?

      Wena uzikhathazelani ma abantu be bhizi bethukana nabo nina – ngokwabo lokho. In Mthwkazi cultures mothers are respected – we don’t such things about our mothers!!

  26. Ruben Ndlovu, are you saying the Ndebele women are the ones running the Avenues Area? If yes then the market is not lucrative. Ndebele women’s services are generally are cheap in most of the international markets whilst Shona women are generally expensive, and it takes time to hook one. The Ndebeles are a sure first time cheap hit. Also, Ndebele men do not take good care of their women, thats why they wind up selling their commodities in revenge and there are too many of them. They end up flooding the market and pushing market prices down. Infact when they are around, business falls down.

  27. Izikhotane/ Zvikotane

    My Afrom bros wasting time on non productive things. While we busy looking for money to burn. I mean burning it in the fire.

    Your tribal slurs. You are just wasting your energy and emotions for nothing. Lets be productive and unite, LETS MAKE MONEY FI BURN.

  28. Chitovah WaGutu

    Zvino ingava nyika here inonzi mumwe nomumwe zvaada. prostitution, legalised, words from an MP voted into office uuh, Dr Mzee once said “nekuda kwenyu kuchinja even pakaiswa dhongi u can vhoti” hezvoko. This poor Thabitha is a failure. draging the khumalo clan into mud. its a shame to her and a sorry to the family. kutadza kurara uchifunga legalisation yeprostitution. mari yeCDFkwakuhodha macondomu. iii chikoro chakanaka.

  29. It is clear that Thabitha Khumalo is a commercial sex worker. Surely how could a legislator, a law maker advocate for such unethical nonsense. If I was a law maker I would advocate for punitive measures that are drastic against prostitutes because prostitution is just unaccepted in any normal society. Here Thabitha is just trying to tell us that she actually is a commercial sex worker, thats why she is trying to justify this rubbish. Thabitha shame on you, FUCKEN PROSTITUTE.

    1. sdingi.. You are fucken gay.

  30. Akelishiyane noMntungwa bo – sekazwile!!

  31. She is campaigning for his boss mt to have as many prostitutes as possible during their campaigns to quench his sexual disires

  32. @Shame

    When will you learn that Gukurahundi does not mean Shona?

    Who told you Gukurahundi means Shona?

    You are trying to shout people down over Gukurahundi because you conflate it with Shona people.

    Gukurahundis are Zanu pf, or any one else who shares ZANU PF beliefs and tendencies, it does not matter where they come from, what language they speak – as long as one behaves like a ZANU PFer – he ise a Gukurahundi!

    So, if you go around in Mthwakazi disrespecting people, their language and culture – you certainly are a Gukurahundi, because that is exactly what the Gukurahundis used to do in the 1980s!!!

    1. Mbonisi one day you say most shonas are gukurahundis and another day you say zpf are gukurahundis. Who can take you seriously . Even the real Mthwakazis think that you are 100% CIO because even though Mthwakazi is about tribalism the leaders dont want it to be so glaring like you make it in your posts. You see you can never win on tribal politics because numbers matter when it comes to voting and also The numbers that attended to Tswangirai in Matebeleland recently speke volumes of the next poll results.

  33. @Mbonisi

    Mbonisi are you high on something? Khathi wena unathe iZedi, sikokiyana or mbanje? Mfanami, kodwa uyabhubha lomadrugs akhona. You seem to have been dreaming of Shame all day!To be very frank with the audience, Shame never made a comment directed at Mbonisi on this article today. Are you missing one of my Racial Eugenics lectures? Please if so, raise your hand. I will be more than willing to come right across with one.

  34. But all you guys you missed the following point which Thabitha Khumalo said

    “Section 8:11 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act allows the police to arrest any woman walking (in the streets) after 7pm.”

    Do you all agree with this section of the law. it means should your grandmother, mother, sister, daughter or wife be walking in the streets after 7pm can be arrested and be classified as a prostitute. It seems Thabitha at times sees beyond what the ordinary can read in the law.

  35. My word. I just screened through the comments at the top and I must say that Zimbabweans are still very narrow minded and conservative. It saddens me that one should refuse to protect a fellow countryman or assume that they do ot deserve the rights of the electorate simpl because they are sex workers. We keep arguing for the protection of our sovreignty and culture but we fail to understand that these are but instrumental values which must aid an individual to self-actualisation. If the cease to serve this purpose they become obsolete and useless. We must start thinking practically and not see sex workers as immoral parts of our society but rather try and protect them as they are human as well. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with sex work. In fact, ensuring the women who work in this industry are protected and possibly educated is a step to make sex work safer. Let’s not be idealistic and try and address wider issues or claim that ALL women who are sex workers do it out of desperation because that means that they are contemptible by definition. I am just overwhelmed by this ignorance and rhetoric. Zimbabwe is very far from developed.

  36. firstly, i would have thought that this respectable newspaper actually had moderators for its electronic version.. Evidently not. Just look at the tribalistic insults people are hurlin @ each other, some using all manner of vulgar words, zimbabweans clearly havent learnt hw to hve a constructive argument. Its funny how the people using all these obscenities are the same ones callin tabitha immoral if their behaviour is any better.. People talking about “machine gunning her etc” .. I’m willin to bet dat most of these people will be in church singin hymns on saturday / sunday. Tajaira zve kubhora where its jus about tryin to out shout the oppostion supporters. Well done herbert for actually tryin to addressin the matter at hand.. tinonyadzisa

  37. Better infect yr idea z best,i lyk it

  38. supporting prostitution to gain votes? there are more important issues to raise than this nonsense. do u have a relative in this ‘work’? can u applaud yr husband/son sleeping with a prostitute? shame on u.

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