MDCs turn to Sadc over Zanu PF intransigence

MASVINGO — Zimbabwe’s much anticipated constitutional referendum — a forerunner to next year’s harmonised elections — seems to be headed for a brickwall, as parties involved in the constitution-making process have reportedly failed to agree on contentious issues, MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora has revealed.

Report by Tatenda Chitagu Own Correspondent

In an interview on the sidelines of the MDC-T’s provincial council meeting held at the Masvingo Civic Centre yesterday, Mwonzora said the parties had resolved three quarters of the outstanding issues and were stuck over the remainder.

“We are not sure when we will hold the referendum, but we will sit down as a committee. While we were satisfied that there are no major changes after the second all-stakeholders’ conference, there arose political issues like devolution, the National Prosecuting Authority and running mate clause, among others,” said Mwonzora.

“We felt as the two MDC formations that there was no need to revisit the issues,” he said. “If not resolved, the referendum will be delayed. But we hope that will not happen as we feel that the (draft) constitution should go to the people. It (the constitution) is now a stale document to politicians. It is not up to the political leadership to decide, but the people,” Mwonzora said.

Describing the latest stalemate as a “deadlock not on substance, but process”, Mwonzora put the blame on Zanu PF for applying delaying tactics.

“As the two MDC formations, we did not see any need to revisit the sticking issues. But Zanu PF still thinks there is a need to reopen them and get them resolved. But can we go back and keep on negotiating even if we have renegotiated the issues? You cannot negotiate in good faith twice.

“This is a dispute bent on the process. It is a deadlock not on substance, but process,” he said.

The Nyanga North legislator said the MDC formations would turn to Sadc for intervention if Zanu PF did not give in.

“We will invoke the Sadc Maputo Resolution which states that the facilitator must intervene,” Mwonzora added.


  1. Resolve the sticking points first. Who needs this running mate? This is purely an American idea. Why can’t we do things our own way? SADC can not dictate but can only encourage an atmosphere of peace whilst we resolve what tends to separate us. Problem is the two MDCs think they represent the whole Zimbabwe. The idea of MDC is to delay election until ZPF fields another candidate who is not Mugabe coz they know they can not beat him in an election

  2. You miss the point Tawanda – Mugabe is an easier opponent for Morgan Tsvagirai than any replacement; but all the same if the three parties cannot resolve the impasse, SADC as sponsor has to be involved.

    The sooner Morgan Tsvagira gets into power, the better, so the MDCs are not playing any delaying tactics – it is Mugabe who is delaying the election to his own disadvantage – ari kuchembera zuva nezuva – kana uri mumwe weZanu taurira manegotiators ako aite zvinemusoro.

    1. Musaigwa munotaura zvinomusoro nokuti the more time these people are taking in resloving these issue the faster the oldman is getting old before he rules for the next five yers.

  3. Typical of the MDCs, they can never resolve issues internal. Always believe outsiders and not indegenes will solve Zimbabwean issues. Its Europe, America, and of late they have this hopeless believe that South Africans are the messiahs of Zimbabwean. What kind of reasoning is this?

    1. we need outsiders in this case because we have failed to agree.Why not just give the people the draft to vote on it instead of negotiating zvisingapere

  4. what else do you think they can do besides turning to sadc? do you want to resort to violence?remember that they are dealing with people who are like Kunonga who has taken us 5 solid years inflicting irreversable damages to the GODLY PEOPLE. Read the word of God in relation to resolving issues–you seek the 3rd person to intermediate. Hence they are very right to ask for Sadc intervention.

  5. delayin’tactics the better,old gettin’oldest coz we are dealing nana handiende y we rush.

  6. Thank you for Mosaic wisdom Moses. But my point is lets exhaust all internal means at our disposal. There is no deadlock declared. Now when one rushes to a neighbour, to me you would have shown kuti you have reached a dead end in your reasoning. One can no longer defend his position to an extend of being able to convincingly explain to others to buy in your ideas. Zanu Pf has a position which it is defending and have every reason to believe that position resonates well with its constituency. What did the people say on the NPA, about devolution and running mates. These issues, like is happening, will have to be negotiated and the party that defends its position most will carry the day. I do not think we need South Africa and SADC to dictate issues on the the said topical matters. It remains to us as Zimbabweans to chart what we want in the constitution. I am personally very critical of of our Southern neighbor because, they themselves have one of the most dangerous and defective constitution in the world for it does not only protect white capital interests at the expense of locals but it is extremely anti-African for it legalizes gays and lesbians, eighteen years after apartheid, black South Africa have no clue yet on how to proceed with the controversial yet very important land question. Thanx to the constitution they pride very much about, a constitution celebrated for the wrong reasons

    1. Mumwe wangu, Politibro yakati no running mate, no devolution, after accusing Mangwana of selling out unoti ndiani achaita give in to this. ZPF haitsudunuki kusvikira Gushungo vati Devolution ndizvo. If that happens, ZBC, Herald will full of stories saying devolution ndizvo. Manje nyika isina vanhu vanofunga independent of their political parties ine maone

  7. Constitution ndeyedu, tipei tikuudzei kuti tinoida kana hatiide. Zvamurikuita zvinotisembura…haisi yaRGM or MRT. Kuti president handi kuti Mugabe kuti running mate sandi kuti Mai Mujuru kana Khupe. You are making decisions after puting imaginery people on positions ndosaka muchidzungaira kudai!!!

  8. The constitution must go straight for referendum to the people now. We are tired of old madalas who want to continue plundering national resources. Zimbabwe does not belong to Mugabe. What surprises me is that the so called spookesperson and not spokesperson continues to argue that they want views of the people to be captured in the constitution. My question is, What people beause people have already spoken. Maybe they want their spookes to resurrect and say something. We are tired of this Zanu pf nonsense. Zanu pf has destroyed the future of our country. What future do you think the younger generation has with the so called ‘Zanu pf looting and indeginization policy. What future do we have with a country spending more on imports than exports. We need change. We are tired of these old old old whatever. The constitution must go to the people and the people will say whether they spoke what is in the constitution or not. People does not mean Zanu pf . Why is Zanu Pf afraid.

  9. Asi ini zvinondishamisa chaizvo. Chirikumbonetsa chii chaizvo? Makore matatu muchiita chinhu chimwechete, muchibvumirana nekunyorerana pasi stage by stage, nhasi uno pindu vamwe vavekuti hazvisi izvo ngana na ngana vakatengesa naizvozvo ngatitangei zvekare. Zvese izvozvo zvinenge zvichidaidzira mari. Shuwa hamuonewo here kuti muri kuwanza? Ko inga pakanzi pachaitwa referandum wani?. Why cant you have the people decide?

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