MDCs to form grand coalition?

THE two MDC parties in the inclusive government and several other smaller political formations are reportedly planning to rally behind one presidential candidate in a grand coalition to supplant the President Robert Mugabe-led Zanu PF regime in next year’s harmonised elections.


Although the pleas to unite the pro-democracy factions against Zanu PF are as old as multi-party politics in the country, party and civic society leaders yesterday said if the move succeeds, it will ensure a resounding victory for democracy.

Political analysts also pointed to the advantages of a united front by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangira, Welshman Ncube’s MDC and Simba Makoni’s Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) against a sitting dictatorship post every election.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said: “The position of the MDC is that it welcomes co-operation and unity of purpose of all progressive democratic forces for the purpose of the removal of dictatorship. It, therefore, has always co-operated with other political parties.

“The decision of what form of co-operation it will be will have to be made by members of the MDC itself. Our leadership would be guided by the decision of the national standing committee, national executive, national council, the provincial executive, district executive and ward executive. All leaders will have to make that decision.”

Mwonzora said: “Gone are the days of having little political fiefdoms and it’s time to have one strong candidate who has realistic chances of dislodging the dictatorship especially one who has defeated Mugabe before.”
The MDC camp also indicated it supported a grand coalition although it remained sceptical of Tsvangirai’s commitment to the deal.
A senior member of the MDC, David Coltart, yesterday said the 2008 election was lost because of split votes hence there was need for unity to “fight a common enemy”.

“This is probably the best that we can have. In 2008, elections were lost because of votes that were split,” Coltart said.

“(Welshman) Ncube and I are not in fact at odds on this issue. Both of us agree that in an ideal world, we should have a single united opposition against Zanu PF, but we both recognise that that is well-nigh impossible. In the circumstances, we should strive to agree on an electoral pact so that we do not split the vote as happened in 2008.

“We both know this will be very difficult and if there is any disagreement between us it is in how we rate the chances of obtaining an electoral pact. He (Ncube) is very pessimistic that this is possible whereas whilst I am also fairly pessimistic, I think it is still possible. My views in this regard should not be taken as any fundamental disagreement between us or any loss of faith by me in his leadership.”

MDC99 leader Job Sikhala added: “It’s good, but there is no one who should be automatically imposed on the people. It needs negotiation.

“It’s true the common enemy is Zanu PF and people want to work together to obtain democracy in Zimbabwe. It’s obvious we all want to see Mugabe’s back.”

Political commentator Charity Manyeruke said it was possible for the parties to unite ahead of elections as they shared similarities.

“It’s their right and it’s normal like what is happening in other countries to unite and confront a formidable force. It’s understandable. I see no differences between the two MDC formations in terms of orientation,” she said.

Gideon Chitanga, a PhD candidate, Rhodes University-Politics and International Studies and a Fellow of the Centre for the Study of Democracy, Rhodes University and the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, recently wrote: “There is no doubt that any attempt to patch a top-heavy elite coalition will not succeed.

“If such a coalition succeeds in rallying a number of elites and their supporters together, it may help in securing electoral victory without advancing democracy, and therefore can only secure minimal change if any.”

The two MDC formations have previously conducted successful pacts, particularly when they all rallied behind Lovemore Moyo’s election as Speaker of the House of Assembly in 2008 and 2011.

Recently the two MDCs presented similar positions to the constitution-making body, Copac.

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  1. Well it’s high time these leaders unite and fight a common enemy as they all want to dislog Zanu Pf.Good luck if that will work as the thought of being head of state is sweet music,the motor cade and the trips abroad,mmm they all sweet so who wants to be second in command.Thats the fight which will soon eminate and next the breakdown of the agreement.Remember we have a Prof in Ncube,Dr in Makoni and Mr in Tsvangirai see anything wrong with this picture?Food for thought.

    Happy Holidays MaZimbo mose.

    1. I do not think that is the solution to defeat ZANU (PF) The best option is to form another Party ZUNA (PF) Zimbabwe United National Alliance (People’s Front) This will split ZANU (PF) votes. This Party is to be formed early 2013. I Know of people who are working on it.

    2. Godfrey Mawoyo can you just enlighten me on one thing I hear the so called opposition now ruling partners supporter and local press singing loudly that ZANUPF is now dead and buried how then do you want to unite and fight a corpse or has the press been lying to us all along that ZANUPF is dead. The call for unity is surely a realization that individually ZANUPF remains the most supported party if not then let the most supported party stand on its own and win the elections (not defeat ZANUPF as you would want us to believe that its them against ZANUPF). What divided these parties in the first place will it not come back to haunt Zimbabwe these unholy alliances are an acknowledgement of ZANUPF electoral muscle and political invincibility. I almost believed the lie that ZANUPF WAS DEAD UNTIL I SAW THIS ARTICLE.

  2. The pact should be between the big parties only such as mdc-t, mdc-n, zapu, mavambo. the mdc99 should be left out, they will just cause confusion

    1. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Huyai mese, hamumbotikunde, isu se ZANU PF we dont care what our opposition does, we just play our own game and defeat them with all their tactics . . .

    1. A dictator is a ruler (e.g. absolutist or autocratic) who assumes sole and absolute power (sometimes, but not always, with military control or bribes) but not officially sanctioned by heritage, as in an absolute monarch.[1] When other states call the head of state of a particular state a dictator, that state is called a dictatorship. The word originated as the title of a magistrate in ancient Rome appointed by the Senate to rule the republic in times of emergency (see Roman dictator and justitium).[2]

      Like the term “tyrant” (which was originally a respectable Ancient Greek title), and to a lesser degree “autocrat”, “dictator” came to be used almost exclusively as a non-titular term for oppressive, even abusive rule, yet had rare modern titular uses.[citation needed]

      In modern usage, the term “dictator” is generally used to describe a leader who holds and/or abuses an extraordinary amount of personal power, especially the power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly[citation needed]. Dictatorships are often characterized by some of the following traits: suspension of elections and of civil liberties; proclamation of a state of emergency; rule by decree; repression of political opponents without abiding by rule of law procedures; these include single-party state, and cult of personality.[citation needed]

      The term “dictator” is comparable to, but not synonymous with, the ancient concept of a tyrant; initially “tyrant”, like “dictator”, did not carry negative connotations. A wide variety of leaders coming to power in a number of different kinds of regimes, such as military juntas, single-party states and civilian governments under personal rule, have been described as dictators. They may hold left or right-wing views, or can even be apolitical.

      1. so how is our president one ?

      2. @Peter. And your point is???

        1. Pauro , Peter has no point at all , just a waste of space ,yes the opposition must team up and send zanu pf packing once and for all .

    2. Please explain,which game do you play?

      i hope haasi ekudashura nekuuraya vanhu.

      1. John weku Mabvuku

        Va Tomana, are there no laws against people who peddle falsehoods about state murders etc? I havent heard of anyone killed lately for political reasons except the police officer, cant these people be persecuted

    3. John weku Mabvuku

      SaManyanga, the coaltion cant be, period. Everyone wants to be president! Vachakanyana vagorwa, vagotukana, vobva voti IZANU PF yati infiltrator! Mukanya havadi Chamatama nokuti chikoro hapana uye Mushona! Ivo Mushona futi we Bvudzijena ku Mberurume, Mberengwa, Kwa Chief Maziofa asi vanoda kunzi ndivo the direct descendant of Mzilikazi ka Macthobana… Khumalo! Dzinemunhenga..Eish, my lungs hurt from laughter!

      1. You must be a member of Chipangano , right John ?


  4. Welshman is seeing that his party is irrelevant and will not win any parliamentary seat. He now sets his mouth piece – Newsday, to talk of a coalition. Stand on your own Welshman. Tsvangirai can make it alone because you will not add any votes to MDC – T. Looking back, what was the contribution of Mutambara’s MDC to Simba Makoni’s votecount in 2008? – Nil. Same as for Welshman to Tsavangirai in 2013.

  5. Peter, u have an opportunity here, educate the readers in completion if you choose to…go ahead and submit how our president is not considering that dictatorship is not an event but a process that culminates. you can as well give examples of what you call dictators and draw logical similarities and differences if any.

    1. @John. Surely why would you ask Peter to explicate anything? He simply regurgitated a discription of what dictatorship is,nothing more. He did this by googling it up, cut and pasted everything from Wikileaks without contextualising his submissions!!! That is the level of intelect we have in our beloved Zimbabwe! lol

  6. Batanayi tikuwachiseyi ka1zanu ndozvatisina basa nazwo kutimarongeyi mapolicy edu ndivo atinotemba daimukangobudirira kubatana munyatso gutsikana

  7. Here is a comment I have used elswhere in regard to the questions about who needs who most between MDC and MDC-T:

    And by the way, the truth is
    MDC-T needs us far more
    than we need them. Isn’t it
    ironic that whilst some of
    the leadership there may
    shout at the top of their
    voices that they don’t need
    MDC and Professor Ncube,
    they will still shout even
    louder that they lost the
    2008 election because of
    lack of support from MDC?

    Surely it is MDC-T that
    actually needs us nomatter
    how some of their leadership may be in denial. They have failed to dislodge Zanu PF by themselves. It is therefore beyond doubt they need us as MDC!

  8. I totally disagree with tht,after wht Welshman did in 2008.Its even better to do it with other parties not Welshman and Job Sikhala,They said they can do it without Tsvangirai so they must carry on.

  9. Every Zimba who wnt 2 c Zm mvng forwd wld luv dat, its tym ey shld stop callng each regional leaders or village head & unite 4 national interest. The mdc-t needs mdc 2 win majority those who say t cn wn on its own ey shld luk back @2008 & stop 2 be selfish 4 nthng. Together w stand & divided w fall.

    1. @Comrade. Are that lazy that you cannot spell properly? Your attempt at shorthand is rather preposterous. Here is an example of what I mean; the calling: you just missed out an i, love: you left out an e! Surely how lazy can one get?

  10. The leadership of the oposition parties have to understand that every leader has a right to be where they are now. But their individual rights are not as strong as they would be if they were united. We also know that the opposition parties are not equally strong in terms of support they command but they will never accept that they are weaker than the other. This is the case every where in the world of politics. The reality of where they are in terms of numbers is always after the elections when individually their numbers are tallied and individually they would have failed to detrone the incumbert but their numbers put together paint a different picture of a possible huge victory had they united before. Unfortunately the Unity has to be before and not After the elections.
    if it was after the Elections Mugabe would have long been history. When will this lesson be understood by these learned Leaders. It is the same lessons ladies and gentlemen that opposition politicians have taken after every election but learnt nothing from them and thus continue to fail.

    Pride aside, big headedness aside, differences aside and Zimbabwe forward, the only logical thing is unite and truimph, remain devided and be decimated to erelevance.

    You are your own enermys. If you can not unite your small parties how can you unite the country?

  11. its ok but kumele kuzwananwe because you will find that after doing that sekulunge konke omunye abesefuna ukwenza intando yakhe we are tired ngokudlaliswa kubi

  12. I see a perpetuation of the status quo,al beit, not in the GNU way, but the Zanu PF way.It’s increasingly becoming difficulty to see a leader with little traits or no Zanu PF genetic karyotype.Mr Tsvangirayi’s time was 2008 and he fell into a deep slumber(called GNU) on duty as Mr Thabo Mbeki and SADC sang him a lullaby.That became a Zanu PF legitimate victory,enshrined in political fair play.Now as things stand and a more politically conscious electorate tht Zimbabweans are – hail bread- hail butter.We have seen what power can do to in a short space of time to those who came lately!We know our politicians both in the old and later day parties- the devil we know is better!!!!!!!!Viva Zimbabwe!!!Viva Nyika yedu!!!To hell with individual spineless hungry characters!

  13. honestly, if they are going to unite do it already,at least with a leader who has been chosen to counter the current (Mugabe) i am sure that if that person (whom so ever chosen by the coalition) will be on his toes so as not to make mistakes and try and prove that democracy without the iron fist is beneficial to all progressive zimbabweans. the other thing is that i think Simba Makoni would be the best candidate in that tsvangirai’s reputation is basically in the mud (locadia thing) and welshman…..well…there are stories or doubts to say with the connection to jacob zuma, whether they would be beneficial or retrogressive is really an issue that does not have a clear inclination yet. so Makoni for the coalition.

    1. why Makoni? give other tribe a chance to rule..why not Ncube since he’s educated & is from Matabeleland..

  14. Morgan and Welshman,from 2005 till now you had the chance to correct whatever wrong happened and bring the MDC back.People want the MDC original not some T ,N, 99,M or whoever.Mark my words,you are heading into political obvilion unless you bring our party back.This is probably your last chance.

  15. we may brag .unity is indespensible.l am mdc-t to th bone but RWIZI RUNOZARA NEMADIRO.(smaller streams flood the river) Thoz smaller parties make a difference.To stop th torture lets hav unity of purpose.that wil be victory 4 zimbos not 4 one particular leader.To th leadership BE MATURE AND FOCUSED, Dont be swayed by overyealous supporters who want to boast about popularity,which wont deliver a democratic zmbwe.Remember a single vote counts!!!!

  16. This move needs to be carefully observed bcoz at the moment Welshman has fired all the elected MPs from his party and they have moved to MDC T and I feel MDC T is now stronger on their own without Welshman who has only 3 elected members who are remaining and from the article it shows that Coltart is the man behind this pact and I applaud him but its better for him to come back home and join MDC T. Be careful of Welshman he is cunning I think he has calculated his moves and he has seen that he has no chance hence this ldea of a pact. I urge you to handle the issue with care but otherwise MDC T go it alone this time you are stronger than in 2008. Once beaten twice shy

  17. apart thoz who cm to favor solo endeavours r not in th democratic forces’ ranks,they r zanus who want our leaders work seperatly 4 their benefit.SURELY WE LOSE NOTHING IN UNITING.To our leaders ,lgnore unity calls to yo doom and peril.whoever dares to rubbish ths call wil only do so to promote their irrelevance.Zmbwns hav suffered because of individualistic individuals

    1. Ndomafungiro ako kwete emunhu wese

    2. atharu , you got it right ,you have a valid point.

  18. You shall try all tricks but to no avail. ZANU PF will or is going to win next year election mark my words. Remember certain quarters from the opposition have consulted prophets and traditional n’angas and the reply they got was or is that ZANU PF is going to win with an even wider margin this time around.

    1. God alone will detrmine the winner of this election, not prophets ,n,’angas, sangomas, or demons from hell. We as zimbos will play our part in voting and the Almighty will hand the power to the deserving candidate . And when God makes a decision no general , soldier or greenbomber will stand in his way. God bless my country Zimbabwe

      1. Thats true mwari ndozwaaingoita kubvira kare kwete kutianoisa mutungamiri waunoda

  19. I do not think that is the solution to defeat ZANU (PF).The best option is to form another Party ZUNA (PF) Zimbabwe United National Alliance (People’s Front) to split ZANU (PF) votes. this Party, I understand will be formed early 2013.I know of people who are working on this Party.

    1. Kungodashurwa chete bob hatimboda naye

  20. Tsvangarai imbudzi chaiyo. Aneshungu dzekutonga, asi hazvifi zvakaitika.

  21. true democracy does not need uniting all opposition..wat we need is multiparty..if the smaller party split the vote then the top 2 ll go for run off..

  22. hakuna chsingaperi

    Chatunga rwendo rwuno unomama chete !! Uchanononga tsubvu kumusha kwazvimba uko !!
    this time hamulume

  23. unity is the way to go.thank you coltat.

  24. Dzimwe mbudzi dzinotaura kunge ruzhinji rusingadi bob muchafa nekushamiswa

  25. Each time this old barbarian appears on our national tv and talks about elections, he instils great pain in our minds. i tend to hate him more. bob take your chorela, your rotten zim dollar and your so called sanctions to zvimba

  26. I tell you these guys are talking unity because they know that they are left with only 2 elected MPs and 1 Senate member and they know that they do not have any chance. they are there to disturb like I said MDC T handle this carefully and let them not distract you from the main aim of total democracy. Welshman and gang spoiled in 2008 big time and they have not mentioned or admitted their mistake until now. They know that it is them to benefit after chasing the majority of the elected people and only remaining with those appointed through the GPA. The only thing there is for them to join MDC T

  27. welshman is a suspect never trust him he can be a cio.
    mdc t forever.

  28. Simba is the potential presidential candidate for the coalition.paava vose hapana angaenzaniswe naye,considering mogan’s diplomatic mistakes and love scandals ,his image now is in the dust.

  29. lets hope they will be committed. Its going to be tought.

  30. Pamberi nekuvatana!
    Phambili ngokubambana!
    Forward with unity…
    all those against the unity of purpose are selfish & their motive is to divide the peace loving zimbos.

  31. simb,.morgan is the best presidential candidate we can ever get in zimbabwe, even in a thousand years to come.

  32. unity is power. kwete zve empowerment zvaana bhobho zvekuda kuba mari, kusanyara. enuf is enuf. Simuka Zimbabwe simuka dzamara tatora nyika yedu.

  33. looool I find it quite interesting hearing all these Shona fools talk about Unity, when it is them who Voted Mugabe into Power in the first place and it is them who in the 1980s supported Mugabe’s drive for a One-Party-State while he was killing people in Matabeleland and Parts of Midlands.

    How come the Shona people didn’t stand up against Mugabe and call for Unity to Remove him back in 1982-1987??? The people of Mashonaland( all Shona-speaking areas of Zimbabwe) didn’t care and they turned a blind eye when the people of Mthwakazi(Matabeleland and parts of Midlands) were suffering at the hands of Mugabe.

    You only want Unity now, because your beloved Mugabe has turned on.

    We know from History that when Shonas say Unity, they infact mean Swallowing up Ndebele-led Political parties and deputizing those Ndebeles under a Shona leadership to form a Shona-dominated Party for the Shona people by the Shona people.

  34. pple lyk GIVENS are dangerous in our society, how can a person in his rightful senses say Tsvangirai’s time was 2008? ok now can you tell me when was Mugabe’s.its has been clear ever since that we got the GNU that Zanu pf was abusing power, detracting and impeding development. how many reforms have been implemented and who refused to implement them. zpf want peopl to think as you are thinking right now. to you i should say zpf has successfully distorted your political vision, u have been manipulated by these losers. to my fellow zimboz i say lets support our tsvangirai the way ANC supported their zuma, there is big hope in Save , lets defy zpf propaganda

  35. this is all thats needed, fight the common enermy together then later on we fight to choose the best

  36. United we stand divided we fall. Zanu pf knows very well they dont stand a chance against a united opposition.Zimbabwe’s problems will not be solved by a proliferation of parties. If the leaders of the oppostion have a country at heart then they should hold an indaba and as I have said before before oppostion should form their own GPA in waiting.After all they all have one goal, and that is restoration of democracy and the respect that Zimbabweans have lost over the 32 years Mugabe has been brutalising the people. The opposition should stop fighting against each other.

    Even Dr Makoni and Dabengwa should acknowledge they cannot go it alone,there is strength in numbers. Zanla and Zipra forces remember were under different leadership but had one goal.The removal of white rule, and theirs was a unity of purpose.Kenya managed to remove the Arap Moi only when the opposition formed a united political party.They are no winners or losers only the people stand to win.Fragmentation will play in the hands of Robert Mugabe.

  37. Proud Ndebele urizidofo and I wonder kuti what are you proud of. you seem to want to live in the past while we have moved on and stop dreaming about a Ndebele or Shona leader at the moment things a based on merit. According to the way things are its obvious that Shonas out number the Ndebele so at most if you know your mathematics well the majority will always dominate but it does not mean that the minority cannot provide a leader. Proud Ndebele you are a tribalist and it is not going to help you. the only thing you have to do is to join them becauce you will not beat them. My own observation about the Ndebeles is if they are not in Bulawayo they are going Egoli they shun places like Harare and other places in Mashonaland. It goes to show that they do not have the country at heart yet they yearn to lead the country oneday

  38. I support the idea of unity but should be very careful with welshman himself not his party.he is a democracy loving leader would talk good about mugabe like what welshman did.I predict that in the negotiations, welshman would demand that all constituents in matebeland should be filled by his mdcn candidates and the talks will fall right away.

  39. Proud ndebele is jonathan moyo (tht political prostitute) trying to play a devisive role so that his catch (zpf) can win elections.

  40. whose votes will split?we want multiparty,let the electrorate decide,who are you to say zanu pf is our common enemy ? each party has its policies lets go for it like that

  41. It against the zimbabwe law to unite.Posa waiting the first day you meet and you will have your dinner at Matapi political station.where you will saved Sadza mbodza with cabbage.

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