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‘Implement politicians code of conduct’


KAMBUZUMA MP and chairman of the African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC), Willias Madzimure has urged Zimbabwe to speed up implementation of a code of conduct compelling politicians to declare their assets as a way of promoting transparency.

By Veneranda Langa Senior Parliamentary Reporter

The MDC-T legislator told NewsDay yesterday failure by Parliament’s Standing Rules and Orders Committee (SROC) to enforce the code of conduct before next year’s elections could perpetuate abuse of government assets by newly-elected legislators.

APNAC is an African network which capacitates Parliamentarians in the fight against corruption.

“Elections will be held next year and the Parliament’s SROC is still to approve the draft copy of the code of conduct for declaration of assets by MPs,” said Madzimure.

“It will be detrimental to have newly elected leaders failing to declare their assets as it will attract corruption in government and different sectors,” he said.

“Declaration of assets should be part of the code of conduct of any organisation. There are a lot of expensive cars belonging to employees parked at government offices and these do not match their remuneration.

“Examples are the passport offices, Environmental Management Agency offices, the police and other government departments. These should also be compelled to declare their assets.”

Madzimure’s remarks coincided with the release of Transparency International’s 2012 report which rated Zimbabwe as the most corrupt country in southern Africa.

According to the international anti-corruption watchdog’s index, Zimbabwe is ranked 163 out of 176 countries in terms of corruption. The report cited the security and mining sectors as the most corrupt.

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