Zvimba paradise city revealed

A State House and presidential and VIP villas are the centrepieces of the new capital city planned for President Robert Mugabe’s home district, Zvimba, as the government forges ahead with the construction of the contentious satellite town.

Report by Everson Mushava Chief Reporter

The State House, presidential and VIP villas will be built adjacent to a wildlife sanctuary and monument, with luxury hotels and shopping malls, coupled with three-way freeways, completing the picturesque setting for the planned satellite town, triggering questions as to where the money could be coming from.

From a video obtained from the Ministry of Local Government, Urban and Rural Development, which is spearheading the controversial project in Mt Hampden, the new city will be built on “6 000 hectares of virgin land”.

Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo is heading the construction of the city.

Ideally, the ministry claims, the construction of the new city, described as the Sandton of Zimbabwe, is meant to decongest Harare, but sceptics believe it is part of a grand strategy to “bring luxury closer to Mugabe’s doorstep”.

Sandton is an affluent suburb on the outskirts of South Africa’s commercial capital, Johannesburg.

According to the video — titled Parliament: The Centre of National Government and Epicentre of Satellite City — the project is set to “inspire future generations and serve as the country’s heritage”.

It will also have official residences for the Speaker of Parliament and President of Senate.

At the centre of the city will be the Parliament Building surrounded by recreational parks and government offices.

“As master planner, the Ministry of Local Government will ensure that the Parliament Building harmonises with the overall vision and concept of a modern city,” the promotional recording says.

“As a result, the city will have expansive gardens with green spaces to expose the country’s natural beauty.”

A new university, technology centre, schools, churches, hospitals and an industrial site are some of the landmarks promised in the video.

Five low-density suburbs to be known as Oldbury, Mt Hampden, Mgutu, Marryvale and Nyabira that have already been planned, complete the “paradise city”.

The city’s electricity will be generated from wind and solar power to augment erratic Zesa supplies.

The city will also have a separate water treatment plant from Harare, which suffers from regular water cuts.

Chombo last week defended the construction of the new city on the grounds that the colonial government’s plans were to build present Harare in Mt Hampden

However, the plans have not been endorsed by the inclusive government and Public Works minister Joel Gabuza yesterday said he was still not aware of the project, a week after NewsDay broke the story.

“The project is shrouded in secrecy,” Gabuza said. “A parliamentary committee was appointed, which was supposed to be chaired by my ministry, but I later gathered that it was being chaired by Chombo.

“When I queried it, I was told that Chombo was simply there to provide land.

“I don’t even know of the new plan for Mt Hampden. I know only of the Kopje plan. The committee had not reported to Parliament.”

Initial government plans were to build a new Parliament building in the Mt Hampden area.



  1. From Nkandla to Zvimba same fanana!

    1. Mt hampden is only less than 7km from westgate and after all it used to be part of harare west before zanu pf started this issue of stupid delimitations so I see nothing wrong with the developement

  2. let the city be constructed ,people should desist from opposing some things that will benefit everyone, i think its a good idea with the plan to be a new city anywhere in zimbabwe.

    1. u are tright tk

      1. He is Not right. How can we embark on grandiose harebrained schemes like this while we cannot even feed ourselves. We do not even have our own currency for crying out loud! Harare is far from fully developed and there is nothing wrong with it. What is wrong with Africa veduwee? Perhaps there real issue is that isu vanhu vacho we are as simple minded as our leadership. This is like Mobutu See Sekos replica of St Peter’s Basilica at his mothers village in the middle of the Congo jungle. Asi chiiko Nhai? Where is the money coming from…..diamonds? Then we say the country is under sanctions when we are looting our own resources and trying to recycle the dastardly deed thru grand projects like this. I once read a book about an African dictator called “Richer Than All His Tribe” – sad but too true!

        1. Chiambo wakapusa Let the city be built whats wrong with that, doesn’t matter where it built it will nolonger be zvimba ;even if its zvimba whats wrong with that. development is development and its good for the Country. Go Ahead Chombo, just don’t award yourself and yours tenders

          1. Chitambo is right how Chombo or twinkle eye chinese plan on building a State House in Zvimba when the caapital is Harare? Zimbabwe is not a big country that can capital cities moved like what has happened in some East or West African countries. How about fixing the sewage systems and the roads and hospitals and schools and Zesa before they can quit to say “Tazorora we can build another city” Zvimba is not a city it is district.

        2. speak for yourself. Uchasara uchingocomplainer when everyone has moved on!

        3. Well said Chitambo! At least there is one person with a brain on this thing! Build a new city for the elite while the rest starve! Use that money for health, education and roads not a play ground for the corrupt and their equally corrupt eastern skum.

        4. Chitambo. We as as Zimbos r sick and tired of politics of doom selfishness and complaint pervert the mind. ”Hell is the state without vision”. Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live! let us all believe in this noble ida.Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are
          presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new
          evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is
          extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it
          is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize,
          ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief such you hold for Mobutus.So bear in mind this.

        5. Zimbos are a confused lot, they complain that South Africa is better developed than Zimbabwe and when Development comes they cry and say we want Sadza first??? Dont be fooled by these reporters who say Zvimba this Zvimba that. 1st of all Zvimba is in Zimbabwe (meaning this is a development for Zimbabweans), 2nd Mt Hampden falls under Zvimba but is very far way from Kutama where the president comes from. in fact its like what Kariba is to Mondoro and both fall under mash-west. 3rd there is a conference centre bieng built in Gweru and it is not in Zvimba, a shopping mall and Hotel at the national Sports Stadium, the Diamond hotel that was built in Mutare and all those places are not in Zvimba. I believe there could be a lot of projects going on all over the country that i dont know about like road refurbishments in different directions, mutare plumtree, bulawayo ect. wat do you have to say about that

        6. Your reasoni9ng boggles my mind. So we shoiuld stop every development simply becos we have nothing to eat? My brother,the stomach will never say enough. Letrs stop this criticism of the project based on flimsy political lines. I also blame Newsday for trumpeting the Zvimba factor and insinuating that its a plan to bring dvlpmnt cloer to Mugabe’s homestead which is more than 1oo km. Its a fact that Hre is dvlpng on all sides encroaching on to other districts eg seke, goromonzi, beatrice, domboshava and ngezi districts. Nhasi zvashata nekuti i side rekwa Zvimba? I personally dnt see any more space fo dvlmpnt of Hre City which has become congested such tht even the roads in city centre cannot be expanded.Lets be objectiveon this issue and leave petty politics and grandiose aside.

        7. Chitambo if you cant feed yourself dont assume everyone is not feeding. This will create employment and many people including you will be definitely be fed. Dont oppose development simply because, it is being led by ZANU-PF members. MDC will never rule for your own information, Chinja maitiro.

        8. Yes , Chitambo you make a very valid point ,only fools will mark you down , this country is burning and the rot has to stop .

        9. How convenient for the Head of the Senate? She already has about 8 farms in Chegutu, just down the drag from Zvimba. Who is funding this hairbrained scheme? The money should and must be put into updating all our hospitals and schools. Who gives a ……..about a new city in Zvimba.

    2. constructing a new city when they have failed to look after a small city like Harare…. craziness of the highest level


    4. on whose money my friend your money your diamonds but not for you my naive friend

  3. Let them construct the ‘paradise city’ but ALAS they will never have the paradise to live in it

  4. Mash West already has more towns than any place in Zim. Why not look at other provinces.

  5. stop dreaming. typical election time rhetoric.

  6. Regai vavake kana mari iripo, Employment opportunities will flourish. Remeber Zim is on 95% unemployment rate

  7. Development pliz

    I think its noble the next should be towards Beatrice. People find things to say but no one is speaking of Sunway City another city along Mutare Road.

  8. I am really disappointed.There is a critical shortage of power in the country. Most cities and towns are going for days without power. Entering the CBDs of Harare and Bulawayo there is great buzzing from the generators which are adding to the emissions, thereby cutting our lives by half. There is no clean water. many people in Harare, Bulawayo, and all the towns in the country have gone for months or years without water. No one trusts tape water even the minister responsible for water supply, does not use the water he is supplying. The construction of the two major roads, Harare-Bulawayo and Harare- Beitbridge is going on at an amazing rate of one kilometre per year. Kunzvi dam is still on the drawing board. The last I saw of Chitungwiza railway line was the shaking of hands sometime back just before the elections. Bridges are now taking an infinite time to finish. The Norton bridge had started when my kid was still at the nursery, now he is in lower six, the bridge is still not through. Tokwe- Mukosi, who knows when it will finish. Meanwhile the unfolding disaster in Mbare, where more sewage is flowing than water is yet to be addressed. Supermarkets are now full of imported foods, all because the industry is under performing due to the fact that the new owner of the 200 hectare farm is utilising only five hectares. Now after all this Mismanagement of everything in the country, you want to build a state of the art city with multiple sources of water and power. In a country with diamonds, platinum group of metals, gold, rare earth minerals, good soils for agriculture, plenty of water, the best weather in the world, let alone the victoria falls. All I have grown to understand now the name Ignatius Chombo is synonymous with greedness and lack of conscience. A man whom I think never fired a single bullet at the enemy, neither was he a war collaborator, is now at the forefront of impoverishing people. He is even more greedy than Smith himself. God will judge one day soon.

    1. Ratogo Kanyi.i couldn’t agree with you more.this is poor policy making that will have a negative impact for many years to come and it now confirms the caliber of leaders we have,a bunch we entrusted with our lives, heritage and livelihood for 32 years!.it is even clearer now that they are a greedy lot,boot licking plunderers,wicked, self centered and very selfish.all because some and not all actually fought the liberation war,and that’s the basis on which they justify their actions??the country’s most fundamental departments,so to speak are in shambles,but alas!!this begs the question,who can account for the $2 billion dollars worth of diamonds that is said to have been looted??

      1. Advocates of Ngochaniism munonetsa. We preached sanctions against Zimbabwe ndimwi vacho mavakuonda. New City ndozvo

    2. Complain after complain without solutions makafita kuita makuhwa kana kuti makazvarirwa pabarika, sei musingasvodi. Kana waona zvanetsa former party yako upinde panyanga tione kuti unozvigona. Tibvireyi apo.

  9. Tendai Chaminuka

    Fairy tale indeed.If Chombo said the colonial government’s plans were to build present Harare in Mt Hampden why didn’t u tell him that the colonial government’s plans were to make all commercial farms belong to whites and Harare was meant to be Salisbury and Chivhumudhara is meant to be Enkeldorn.The list is endless.Nyaya chaiyo ndeyekuti parliament which comprises Z.A.N.U(P.F),M.D.C-Tsvangirai and M.D.C-Mutambara/Ncube agreed to build a new parliament in Mt Hampden instead of giving preference to Bulawayo or other city,where was Coltart when such a short sighted decision was being made.The media should make much noise so that the new parliament is built in Bulawayo.Bulawayo with the closure of companies is becoming a dead city and it will be very much appropriate if government offices are shifted there as a revival strategy.

    1. ko coltart apinda papi apa and sei?

  10. why criticise development wc will benefit the mass

    1. Sir andrew which “mass” do you speak of?


      1. wakamboitawo kana commerce here iwewe .

    3. what “mass” are you talking about? Harare appears congested because of poor planning. we have small roads that lead in and out of the city and if those were to be expanded we would have such chaos.

      1. meant to say wouldnt have

    4. masses doesn’t mean the same in Zim, you will be a witness dont worry

    5. sir Andrew sure which mass will benefit,how can you built another city when you have the Kadomas,chegutus,lupanes,plumtrees and chiredzis of this world turning into eyesores,and this so called city will be for the rich only.
      ee tinozviziva maneta kugara nevarombo.You made us poor and now you can’t stand staying with us.Go ahead built it,but remember God is for us all.Typical African.

  11. Allow me to say this is actually prophetic and its gonna come to pass, God keeps His word,,money or no money..Chombo is only a vessel being used.

    1. what a highly deluded maroon you are… a prophetic word from where gullible man of cloth.

    2. think before you talk.if buhera could do the same, it means more job opportunities.

    3. General Pancho Villa

      What prophetic when they are failing to spruce the Harare-Masvingo-Beitbridge road??????

  12. I think the most ideal location for a capital shouls be Kwekwe, ite centrally located and and can easiuly be accessed from anywhere in zim. u can then built a new airport etc, an there’s gold nearby.

  13. ndozvavakangotaura ku sunway city

  14. Probably 0ur president is motivated by President Zuma when he constructed the Zumaville.

  15. Nigeria with all its problems built Abuja from scracth- where at the centre of the country. If ZPF had respect for the people they would do something similar, but alas not these thugs.

  16. thats being crazy vanhuwe revisit your reasoning thats why you are not remitting diamonds proceeds to Min of Finance

  17. in as much as theres nothing wrong with development, wherever it happens, our nations priorities should be more focused on improving infrastructure that will benefit the economy at large rather than benefit the lifestyle of a few elite. I would have thought the zimbabwean government would rather spend these resources in improving railway infrastructure, roads, boarder posts and export processing zones. the harare masvingo road, harare bulawayo roads, beitbridge and harare mutare roads should take priority over this project, honestly. the whole of SADC would have been paying tolls to government for using these economic arteries. an international airport in vic falls, etc, the list is endless but you choose to build a fancy city in Zvimba 1st?????

    1. Taura hako. And how about completing the universities they started building like NUST rather than starting new ones. We have for too many universities for a country this size anyway!

  18. development is needed but not in Zvimba alone, there are other places where such development should be made, e.g Buhera, UMP, Hwedza, Gutu, Gokwe etc. That’s selfish of an 88 year old ruler to hope to enjoy the closeness of such amenities to his home. Ipaivo vamwe. What message does he send to those to rule after him…Build a satellite town in Buhera right?…kana iriyo game yacho hapana chakaipa.

  19. I am surprised the Gukurahundis are quite serious about this – something that has not even been agreed at Cabinet. But what is new here – bulldozing issues has always been the halmark of the way Gukurahundis operate.

    Tswangirayi, Welshman, Mutambara still busy fighting each other whilst Gukurahundis forge ahead as if they won the 2008 elections – thats the price you pay for pursuing narrow parochial interests!!

  20. I don’t see any problem with that.

    1. General Pancho Villa

      Because you don’t see.

    2. You don’t see a problem because you were born dumb

  21. zvimba-gate or is it mugabe-ville

  22. That area belongs to the Mbari clan.Muripi vanhu vekwaMbari nyika ichienda?Bvunzayi Chief Zvimba kana Chief Chiweshe vanokuudzayi.Makatorerwa Mazowe yese nemaBrigadier,Harare yese ikatorwa Snake Park yaakutongwa navanaZhwao iyezvino Mt Hampden yotorwirwa nana Chombo.Kana vakatorera mabhunhu, chipiwayi imi nyika yenyu.Kurumidzayi ,mhuri ingashaye nhaka.Iyi inhaka yenyu vana Mbari.

  23. This is a very positive development for Zimbabwe as a country, one of the problems in this country is that we are too polarised that even when someone comes up with a very good plan we are very quick to throw it out the window. There is nothing wrong with this development, the city will be located around Zvimba there is nothing wrong with that also Zvimba is a part of Zimbabwe.

    Lets look at the benefits of this plan.

    Job Creation: Many builders, plumbers, architects the list is endless will ultimately benefit us.

    New Constituencies will be created.

    Major cities will be decongested.

    boost tourism and ultimately boost economic growth

    A City is not built in a Day the reality is that this will happen about 20 years from now and non of the people you see in Government will be active in politics i believe.

    Let’s look at this with very open minds!

    1. General Pancho Villa

      Job Creation- what will happen after the construction?
      New Constituencies- isn’t the relocation of the elite to this constituency?
      Major Cities- who will able to travel from Masvingo to this city when the road is not accessible?
      which countries are that less developed that they encourage their citizen to come all the way to marvel @ this new city? No tourism boom my friend.

      1. Well after constructing there will be a lot of offices, shops, hospitals that will need people to operate hence job creation.

        A road is very trivial to bring as an arguement it is something that can be fixed in a short period of time.

        A good example we go there to do our shopping and many tourist go there also.

        One thing you have to get rid of is the mentality that Government will be spending money, of course they will spend money to build government offices but the rest of the stuff they will just sell stands and you and i will be building not the government and we stand to benefit.

        1. General Pancho Villa

          How many empty offices do we have at places like Joina City, Eastgate, Westgate, High Glen, Chitungwiza Town centre and none is operating from these places because there is no capital to start viable business?

        2. Mbewe siyana nevanhu ava. Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Nyangwe ukatsanangura sei havazvinzwisise. Wamboedza kuavaudza asi misoro izere kushora chete. Mugabe achafa asi city inoramba iripo saka chakaipa chii pamunhu ari kuita development.

          1. taura hako mwana weZimbabwe

      2. look at Dubai tell me why a lot of people visit it as shoppers or tourists. let Zvimbaville prevail Zimbabwe as a whole will benefit in the long run. give us constructive criticism not kungowawata.

    2. Mr Mbewe major cities are not congested, the services such as water, sewerage and electricity have not been upgraded since independence. This money should be used to build roads, power stations, schools, dams e.t.c in all parts of the country and that way the major cities will not be congested as you claim. Bulawayo city is dying because of lack of water and it has taken ages for a 12 km connection to Mtshabezi dam because funds are “not available”. And a new city only 50km from Harare, in the 20 years you talk about they will have merged into one. Talk about myopic.


  25. African leaders seem to have a penchant for constructing some lasting monuments in memory of themselves.Mobutu Sese- Seko built a paradise in the middle of his impoverished home area which he called Gbadolite.We hear Zuma too is constructing a zumaville in his rural home area of Nkandla just as the great Nelson Mandela had his own palatial residence in his rural Qunu.Before the bewildered Zambians know what is really going on, their new geriatric leader Sata has already diversified a large chunk of treasury money to construct his retirement paradise, in a manner grossly unconstitutional.As long as such monuments don’t end up as white elephants, in the middle of nowhere, then legitimate funding permitting, these leaders may as well pamper themselves.Whilst we are still at it,our leadership have to remember that the Zambezi water pipeline is still awaiting funding since 1924 so that a large number of our people in Matebeleland are assured of a lifeline, water-wise.After all, Muamar Gadaffi achieved a much more impossible feat by constructing a waterway to irrigate the Libyan lands in the Sahara desert.

  26. What happened to the Chitungwiza train project? the president even launched it at some point.

  27. Yah power is sweet. There are so many projects which should have been completed before the mansion in Zvimba. Chombo are you aware of MZWT , Mtshabezi pipeline, gway-shangani project, Lupane state University, Gwanda university, Manama University , Kuzvi dam, chitungwiza railway line, Norton bridge, Tokwe mukosi dam, mutare -plumtree rooad project and millions of zimbos without residential areas. Then you introduce such a multi-bilion project at the expense of masses peril. This is one indication of senility amongst bulk of the policy makers

  28. Well its all business to Chombo He must have a stake in that. remember the airport road a mere 10km is to cost 80 million dollars. the truth will emerge one day. don’t money flows from the poor to the rich, if the rich don’t plough back into the hands of the poor, God will judge someday. Don’t forget how Gadaffi died, how ceausescu died, hitler and so many. As for my dear brother Mr Maston Mbewe, You are still yet to understand Zimbabwean politics and its direction.You need to travel a lot and understand other countries especially the Scandinavians. in particular Denmark. I think at the moment the problem you face is that you do not know the country called Zimbabwe properly. Visit so many places in Zim. See the people and understand their lives and hear their views. My great advice to you is go to where Cameroon street starts, follow it on foot until you reach Ardbenie, try and see as mush as possible along the way. when you come back digest and ask yourself why. As for myself only one question is always in my mind these days, and that is “What is the real cause of human evil?”

  29. This is how Zanu PF has been doing things ever since, to them there is only one place called Zimbabawe and its Harare and its surroundings. Take example of Nigeria, gevernment had to move from Lagos to Abuja but here they want to extend Harare and talk about decongesting the city. What a shame. Welshman has been a lone voice on this to relocate government offices. Unfortunately Morgan thinks people from the north will rebel and lose vote and he will say silent is golden. Why talk about a new city when we have a lot of them which are work in progress, starting with Bulawayo, Masvingo, Mutare and the list is endless. Unfortunately when people talk about relocating some to Bulawayo what others see is only regional or tribal. This is reality whether its people from that region calling for it, there is merit and there is nothing wrong

  30. Ayaz……imi vanhu we…..saka muda kuti city iyi ivakwe kupi….kwabuchu here kana kuti kumzarabani……this is development…. saka……kwanai mhani…..akuna kusafunga kwakadaro…..hanzi tinenzara……saka…….shandai ka….uda kupihwa nani chikafu….zvino new town yorega kuvakwa kotengwa chikafu chamunosvera machimama zuva risati rapera……this is for the next generation……

    1. Government has an obligation to provide basic services to the citizens of Zimbabwe such as schools,hospitals, sewer and water services, electricity. Government should first fulfill it’s mandate of providing these to the existing towns and cities before planning a new city which will drain the fiscus as these same services will be required for the new “city”

  31. Its very funny, instead of sparing money for the obvious famine knocking at the door of this season, money is used for building luxuries for people. After all, where is this money coming from, i wonder some who are so sucked into the vortex of this system saying its a development that will benefit the mass, which mass? are all the Zimbabweans going to dwell there?………….

  32. Lets not just oppose some noble ideas for the sack of opposing. This is a good thing. Let the construction begin.

  33. Guys the difference is Obert buys properties while Robert is building properties.
    Matebeleland, dont worry (R)Obert Mpofu would be starting his Sun City there.

  34. We should wake up from the idea of just criticizing for the sake of criticizing. Let them go ahead with the project which i think will benefit the whole nation. We should not wait until Harare is congested like Lagos or other big cities to start coming up with another city. I dont care where the money is coming from but the important thing is that the city is for Zimbabwe despite it being located in Zvimba.

  35. Some people here a drunk with Harare sewage water. Let Government first upgrade the basic services such as water, sewerage and electricity in existing towns before taking on such a mammoth project

  36. There is nothing wrong with the plan, but first finish what has been started. One step at a time, no need to rush. We dont have dual carriageways on major trading routes, and here comes another proposal. what we will end up with is a half built eyesore and no money to complete the project. take it slow, kwete apa bate apa bate iyi

  37. Thts a noble dispite criticism.It wl become a problem wen the tenders starts rolling.The few wl be wealthy while the masses wl suffer.Bt it wl b better to decongest the city bcz the gvt still accounts the biggest employer hence gvt biznes shld move.

  38. Quite bad is the taste of this insensitivity, new towns are not necessarily development and neither will they be beneficial to all. Sandtown in SA is not for all, it was built by whites to avoid running into poor blacks in Joburg central, so who is zanu-pf running away from in Hre? The answer is clear- the poor Zimbabweans living and working there. They have amassed so much wealth, they feel more Zimbabwean than the rest of us, or is it they feel they are more white than black.
    You see when you have that kind of money from diamonds and it’s not going into the fiscus then you can do such things. By the way which government is building this city? the zim government I know has no money to hold by-elections, to build power generators, build new dams for cities like Byo that have water problems, has no money for the health needs of its people, has no money for its constitution making process… the list goes on. But they can afford to build a city from scratch in the bush.
    So where is Tomana, Biti and all to question the source of funding for this city? To our parliamentarians who are also participating in this, I say I wonder who you are representing there. Come new constitution and none of this will happen. Is this the reason you do not want devolution of power in Zimbabwe, because surely zvimba does not and will not have the kind of resource to build that kind of a city.

  39. how about moving the capital to Bulawayo

    1. ndivo matongero avo .Tsvangirai sinks a borehole and there is a demo ..what shd we do now?

  40. Mr Chombo vanoronga mari ava, He will be the holder of most of the title deeds for the land in the new city. He is a great Capitalist.

  41. In Angola its called City of Kilamba. Same concept with Mt Hampden DC. But for Zvimba City i see this as a way to seclude themselves from the majority of the suffering population. You will need a pass to get there. Rhodesia Style. Chombo said thats what they are following.

    1. Do you know that Kilumba city is a ghost city,it cost a massive $3,5 BILLION AMERICAN ,and it is brilliant on paper 750 x 8 stories buildings/flats was to accommodating 500 000 people as was planned but at 200 000 American Dollars per apartment,the majority being poor and the banks not giving mortgages to the majority to buy at that price one can see it was a misplaced project,imagine if 3,5 billion dollars was used to built pro-poor Mandela RDP style houses to give the people for free,how many would have benefited,now they have empty schools,apartments,malls at Kilumba ,google Kilumba very massive project,the best in Africa but a useless white elephant so architects of the Mt Hampden project should take that in mid as well.

  42. i see no problem with development in any case.we all want development to happen in our country and i personally commend Chombo for having such plans. However, Zimbabwe doesn’t need this new city at the moment neither will it be necessary anytime soon. The government firstly needs to finish all its pending projects b4 they start thinking about giving birth to another baby.. what i see here is

    >> the elite are tryn to run away from the dirty water in harare
    >> the rich want a city powered by solar and wind energy leaving the masses in darkness in harare
    >> their luxury cars are getting damaged from potholes so they want to drive them on new roads

    let them use the money to fix the water situation in Bulawayo, harare and all other cities, complete the dualisation of byo-hre and hre-bbridge roads..

  43. Animal farm by Eric Blair. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  44. The so called new parliament building shown in the press is actually the Australian Parliament house in Canberra.why are we copying our former colonizers if they are so bad ,if we want to move away from colonial legacy why are we going towards it . these people are liars and hypocrites

  45. if God can only allow so shall it be be subject to your principalities God is in control

  46. Yes! Mani! Why cry so much over ZANU-PF propaganda? This is election time. Zwimba must vote and so catch them now. This is no Govt project. It is not a development project. It is a political project existing only in the campaign books of the party yevhanu!
    where can govt get such money? let us be serious. There is no money for Govt to pay Civil Servants. there is no money for food aid to starving people. there is no money for ARVs, you name it. Stop having sleepless nights over this. ZANU-PF must win back Mash West and so they must come up with something catchy! This is it for them!.

  47. Why build another city when existing ones are neglected and are deteriorating daily this is just another example of zpf stupidity with misplaced priorities. The second largest city in the country is rapidly becoming a ghost town with companies shutting and relocating to Harare. Smaller cities are becoming the private property of the ruling elite with factories and industries either closed or about to close. We dont need a new parliament either, we need rehabilitation of existing infrastructure, roads, hospitals, public transport, schools, electricity, water and sewage etc. We need as a nation to stop being excited by shiny new things and look at what we have right now and get our priorities straight and look after what we have instead of destroying and then thinking something new will solve a problem when the new will soon become neglected and not maintained.

  48. Clearly Gukahundis do not see themselves out of power any time soon. They are making long term plans of a new city, excluding their MDC partners in government.

    If there were some in doubt out there – this is the full proof that there is indeed a diamonds-fueled parallel government in office – there is no doubt about that.

    At the time the Chiadzwa Diamonds find was announced I did make an observation that this would turn out to be a curse to Zim, after all the efforts the opposition had made in dislodging the Gukurahundis from power – the Gukurahundis were virtually bankrupt and by 2008 we were almost there.

    Thabo Mbeki messed up everything with his GPA – what with these diamonds; Gukurahundi arrogance is back. It is clear to me that these people are going nowhere – next year’s gonna be bloody – watch the space!!!!

  49. Zimbos are a confused lot, they complain that South Africa is better developed than Zimbabwe and when Development comes they cry and say we want Sadza first??? Dont be fooled by these reporters who say Zvimba this Zvimba that. 1st of all Zvimba is in Zimbabwe (meaning this is a development for Zimbabweans), 2nd Mt Hampden falls under Zvimba but is very far way from Kutama where the president comes from. in fact its like what Kariba is to Mondoro and both fall under mash-west. 3rd there is a conference centre bieng built in Gweru and it is not in Zvimba, a shopping mall and Hotel at the national Sports Stadium, the Diamond hotel that was built in Mutare and all those places are not in Zvimba. I believe there could be a lot of projects going on all over the country that i dont know about like road refurbishments in different directions, mutare plumtree, bulawayo ect. wat do you have to say about that

  50. im ashamed with all who are against this, honestly. but what i know is “these are zimbabweans”. Its not that people have good ideas other than this, but because of jelousy.
    Zimbabweans are like that. As a Capitalist Shona myself. I believe in survival of the fittest.
    Whoever wants to built a City and have the money, let him do that. If you think it there is a place more deserving, you are free to go and built on your own.
    No one is asking for money from anyone of you guys for that City. If i may ask, what have you guys done with your monies? Spend on booze and prostitutes. These guys i envy them, they are developmental and with an investing mind.
    If everything is above board, let them go on. Every area is represented in Government. As Chombo builds Zvimba City, Let (Bulawayo) Obert Mpofu build Nkandla City,(Masvingo/Gweru) Munangagwa builds another Rozvi City, (Mutare) Mutasa Sena City.
    These guys are as influential as Chomba, the fact that they are not organised should not affect Chombo. If anyone thinks its diamond money, then Obert is the King there.
    Jelousy people. All of you who want a City in any part of the country for yourselves, simply put your monies together and start your cities.
    I hate people who just want to criticise for nothing.

  51. This is a political city. That is to say it is built out of a political will and not economic sense. Normally cities arise from the ground due to economic activity around them. There is no economic activity to justify the building of such a city. It is not organic. It is deliberate. If it ever sees light of day, some day it will die. Speaking of dying, since the Bulawayo we know is dying , why not call this new one Bulawayo for old times sake!!!

    1. Moyo – Bulawayo is dying because of your mentality. A city can be Political (Pretoria), Economical/Business (Johannesburg), Judicial (Cape Town), Sports (Bloemfontein). They said its a parliament building meaning a Political City.
      You Bulawayeans neglect your city, what do you think happens when all you consume is South African made? You kill your own industry while creating employment for South Africans. Why do you start your own small companies? and support them. For me i only drink juices by Eden Valley, not Golden Fruit. What happens, supporting them. I wear Bata shoes. This is what makes a city thrive. Its my policy now to consume Zim products of quality.

      1. A very simplistic way of looking at Bulawayo’s woes. Bulawayo is not dying because we do not consume Zimbabwean products, it is dying because politicians interfered with the smooth running of affairs in our erstwhile fair city. They took most of Bulawayo City Council’s revenues in excessive taxation to develop other parts of the country. In the early days of our independence, foreign currency was very scarce and companies had to apply for whatever they needed. Bulawayo firms, while they contributed a lot to the national foreign earnings hardly got a fair share of their earnings. Some were even advised to relocate to Harare if they were to stand a chance of getting any. A great son of this country, Simba Makoni, had to comment that killing Bulawayo would not benefit the nation! But alas, none listened. Indeed some of the problems being faced by the nation are due to the fact that Bulawayo, the cash cow of this country was deliberately murdered. Stop blaming people of this city. Blame the powers that. be.

      2. Good point, majority of them they all run to Hillbrow and Gauteng,they finish school thinking Egoli,when there they do not want to identify with Zim ,i meet a lot,work with a lot,they dress this superiority complex thinking they are zulu,Shonas they study hard even on candles ,they get degrees,they think broadly,they start businesses whlist the MBONISI’S whine here and boring us with words like Gukurahundi every time,time is gone mahlabezulu ,walala wasala look at KING OBERT he does not waste time looking and feeling sorry about his tribe,he loves himself,his tribe,his country and is making money there,people like Mbonisi am sure they even hate themselves for it start with self hate to hate at such magnitude.

  52. A new city with MULTIPLE SOURCES OF WATER AND MULTIPLE SOURCES OF POWER. Just imagine, If they can abandon the city while they are living there, How about when they are now in the new city. One thing for certain is that they will abandon the rest of Harare and the rest of the cities and towns. All I know God is there for everyone. Solomon Tawengwa once forgot all service to build a Mayoral Mansion which in the final end he never lived and no mayor is living in it now. Is that Development all you proponents for the New City. These are the people who went to the university on grants which most never paid back. These are the same people who had three meals a day at the university. Today a civil servant is being given meagre amount yet expected to pay cash for his/her child at the university without meals. At most of the State Universities no construction is going on. What for anyway their kids are going to Australia, States, Canada and Europe the same countries they tell us are bad. Now they want to build a new city for their children. If there was water, power and Industry in Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare, Mavsingo and all the other towns and Growth points would anyone have bothered to come to Harare? In Harare at the moment in most buildings no elevator is working or maybe if luck only one is working, for sometime but not always. At one time the ministers and perm secretaries had to move out of the buildings because the elevators were not working. If the situation goes on as it is one of these days those rail lines will be used to build matanga a mombe. Meanwhile Chawasarira is struggling to remain in the skies.
    In short these guys have lost touch with reality or they don’t care because they have no conscience. For if they had, 2008 is not very far, when people saw chunks in the supermarkets but not the cooking oil extracted from the, when we bought a line for 150 dollars (now one dollar), when women jostled for a place in a line before knowing the product to be sold, When men had to have one or two extra holes on their belts. When a beast had to go for two or one bag of maize. When one had to pay a chicken as transport fare.When so much of productive time was lost because people where at the banks waiting for money which would never come. When so many died in Budiriro because no one had attended to the sewage system. Now four years down the line we want to built a new city in the of decongesting the city yet the truth is they want to run away from the responsibility of rebuilding the infrastructure.

    I have a belief that one day, from the deep parts of this country, with the will of God a dynamic, courageous, focused, man will emerge. One with the people and country at heart. One with a vision that will inspirer the whole nation. One who will cause the Industrial furnace to be rebuild and fire again. One who will instil discipline in the society without butchering his own people. One who will cause many to suspend their idleness and become productive. One who can term the animal called corruption. One who will cultivate the culture of democracy. One who is truly Zimbabwean first before he is MDC-T, MDC-N, MDC-Z, ZANU PF, ZANU-PQ OR MAVAMBO OR MAPEDZESERO. Certainly someone still active, in the early fifties and certainly not a grandiose womaniser.

  53. Hombarume, I am very sorry for you. A society may be educated without being civilised. that is what I see in many Zimbabwe. I am a shona who grew up being told by my paternal gran father the you need to wake up early other wise if madzviti comes you will be killed. I grew up thinking a ndebele is a bad person. Today, After so many years in Europe and so many Ndebele friends I now have a conscience and at the end of the day we are the same people. If you see blood flowing in the river you go up the river to find the cause. There are a lot of things you can gain from the Ndebele and there a lot of things that the ndebele can gain from the shona. There was no point in bringing tribalism in this discussion. After all tribalism these days is an issue for the small minds. Introduce ideas and issues relating to development HOMBARUME. If you have no ideas, that’s the universities are there.

    1. Ratogo Kanyi: I am very developmental. Zimbabweans are not educated as to my definition. Education is being able to get what you want without defrauding anyone. Being educated is the ability to survive and excel in a challenging environment.
      Now we have Zimbabweans who say they are educated but non of them innovative to get ourselves out I get pained when my people still wait for the rains, while they cant dig wells to water their plants.
      We have these MPs who celebrate donations from NGOs while themselves are buying expensive things from abuse of funds from Parliament. They want 4 cars to use while their constituents dont have ambulances.
      Mugabe on the other hand, although we might hate him, but he is puting back the money into circulation.
      Morgan spends it with women.
      We are just not educated. but a thing like starting a construction, has good effects. It stimulates the economy.

      1. Taura hako Hombaz-pane pakanzi vana sisi nana mukoma vedu vachashaya mabasa in thi construction project???This project will stimulate economic activity in Zim and mapenzi arikuti ngativakeyi kuKwekwe havaketi-developments like this are ALWAYS constructed were there is enough population to crate demand for the type of goods and services that will be on offer.What good is it to construct muKwekwe mune vanhu 2 tichisiya muHarare munemamilions???Kusafunda

  54. hakuna kwatino svika nenyaya yeku dya. we must start manufacturing every thing will come full stop

  55. Open minds yes, but this is not the time to be building cities. People are struggling in this economy created by this same government. Let all the diamond revenue come into the government coffers and then we may talk of such projects in future when Harare, Bulawayo, Masvingo and other towns have clean running water and all the things necessary in a modern city. Otherwise this is a project of people with misplaced priorities.

  56. The priority, i assume is to bring back investment and a vibrant economy.Construction is directly linked to economic growth. It actually accounts for a sizable chunk of the GDP’s of most countries and is an investment driven industry. It would actually help if more project where planned . Money would be injected into those municipalities and communities and employment would be created…. but clean water first other wise it all makes no sense.

  57. isn’t this a desperate way to try and regain some votes in mash west. zimbos are very intelligent, i tell u. they cannot b taken for granted

  58. Inini handidi ZANU but ndinoti ngaivakwe nekuti zvirinani mari dzirikubiwa kumaDiamonds dzishandiswe kuita izvi then kana Zanu yabaya zvinenge zvave zvedu

  59. The problem with Zims is that any discussion which revolves around development and touches on Bulawayo or Mthwakazi provinces in general inevitably becomes tribal – I don’t know why people cannot see beyond tribes. People like Hombarume need a reality check indeed.

    It doesn’t matter how much people can try twisting issues to try to suit their narrow tribalistic agendas, the truth all over the world is this – private sector investment never goes into uncharted territory, unless the returns far outweigh the risks, for example in the oil producing economies – thats a fact.

    This nonsense of accusing people of “do something!!” is just utter rubbish. The fact that a thriving industry such as Omalayisha now exists, is that not evidence enough of the people doing something for themselves?

    People in rural Mthwakazi provinces now have solar heating facilities and DSTVs in their homes, I know many families with children in South African schools, Colleges and Universities paying from their own pockets and scrouging around for Presidential scholarships that have all gone to the undeserving favoured few of the well connected – these are people who work hard for their families in South Africa all because of a useless Gukurahundi government in their own country.

    It is Government’s responsibility to creat an enabling environment for business to thrive. This is why Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) all over the world are usually wholly state-owned or majority state owned. Governments use them to intervene where there is market failure. But in our case there are no such interventions.

    If an enabling business environment is not government’s responsibility, why are people like Hombarume excited about the plans government has of Mt Hampden – why not just say:

    “Government stay away and let the people of Mt Hampden do something for themselves”????????

    The tendency among some Zimbabweans to excuse government’s failures with respect to Bulawayo’s woes in particular,
    so they can blame the people of Bulawayo is in my view Gukurahundistic!!!

    Surprisingly, the same argument about Mutare or Masvingo’s citizens “not helping themselves” is never advanced when it comes to these cities and their economic woes- why?

  60. @Hombarume
    Uri dofo remunhu. dont be tribal. Some of the causes of company closure in byo is that
    1 kubyo kune vanhu vashoma compared to hre, therefore low buying power
    3 Do u thnk kuti dai hre iri byo, then zambezi water project could b thru by now. this is clear bulawayo irkubatirirwa

    Govmnt is the main contributer for byo problems

  61. why scatter resources unnecesarily lets do it one step at a time. All the projects are work in progress kusvika jesu wachidzoka! no we cant tolerate such anymore

  62. Wenhamo ndewenhamo. guta riye rotiza vadikani. vanengevozvibikira magetsi nemhepo isu veruzhinji tichibaikana neLoad shedding.water treatment plan vozvivakira inonyatsoshanda isu tosaratichinwa tsvina muHarare nenyika yose. Bhuruwayo ndivowo vogojomora zvimbuzi pamwechete kamwechete pasvondo sevasungwa. Ihohoho paTaundi.

  63. Interesting comments here but the real beneficiaries of this grand project will not be the people of zimbabwe but Ignatius Chombo and his equally corrupt cronies through direct particpation and getting lots of kickbacks in one form or the other from all the construction and related activity that will be going on there. This is why they are pushing for this thing because their already bulging pockets will be bursting at the seams when this project is completed(if they are still in power that is). Wake and smell the coffee guys u really think that corrupt Chombo really cares so much about you and me ! Please!!! It is sad that they are so many incomplete government projects all over the country, Harare included yet these guys are already talking of constructing another city,there can only be one motive which is unjust enrichment through corruption and bribery, the hallmarks of Chombo and his ilk.

  64. Thats how Abuja came into being Capital over Lagos in Nigeria.

  65. The idea itself is not bad. We do need to add to our OWN national heritage and legacy. Not just have these Rhodesian Cities. But seriously, the timing is madness. The economy is not normal yet – we don’t have our own currency. Until we do, we can NEVER say that this is a normal economy. Second, we hardly have enough electricity and water for our existing cities. They will probably make this an elite city which will get first preference in terms of water and power – while the rest of us stuffer even more. And this talk of wind power? Wind power doesn’t just work everywhere. Have they done studies to see if there is enough strong wind in Zim. You don’t simply park a windmill in the middle of a field and expect it to work consistently, that sort of thing mainly works near shores. We should have this a developmental goal for the nation – so that we agree to get ourselves to a certain agreed level, and then when we reach that level, we “reward” ourselves with this new capital.

    Also, this whole thing just stinks of exclusion. Surely a decision like this is something the whole nation should have bee allowed to make. Inga wani takavhotera new National Anthem all those years ago. Where has that spirit gone? Madhara aya they have divorced themselves from the people – all they do is use us to enhance their own ambitions. WHEN WILL THIS END? Vakungozviitira zvinhi zvavo vega, and the povo are either just tools or spectators.

  66. Iiiiii nyaya yakakora iyi!!! Well being someone original from Zvimba let e project go ahead en we go back to our motherland.

  67. all i know is tht zim don hve tht kinda money flaoting around so obviously its being donated. so if th building of th city will leave us in te same spotor better i dont really care.

  68. chitambo uare ryt man….why shld w compare zim to s.a…1)S.A ddnt chase awae white devolopers lyk we dd..d best wae todevelop a country is to first create a sustainable environment fr devlopment that is we shld 1st recapacitate n reinvest in d ada 10 majojor cities den we can tok of dis paradise…..the key question i hv is….what guarantee do we hv dat aftr 19yrs this paradise city wl not face or beta succumb to the challenges morden dae harare z facin???????


  70. I see no problem wth this.guyz let us nt critisize jst for the sake.u c at least this z an inheritance for generations to come.anenge atombo shandawo madimonds : Leon

  71. du yall no how it feels like to w8 long hours jus to see a doc by parirenyatwa , iznt this spzd to b our state of the art hospital???? yet a lot of pipo die in ques ..or seeing children going fo days without enuf to eat.. if u ax me , i think our current capital is beautiful and there z no need for such kind of expansion but renovations ..if u jus renovate , iam sho u wil have a lot of change to feed the nation.. iam sho wht we all need now is love …. not being isolated….

  72. There may be other reasons why people should object the project but certainly the location of the project is not one. if those objective because of the political boundary putting the project in Zvimba, then why not extend any other boundary so that the project falls into whichever boundary people want. The name Zvimba has encroached into many other districts where even the first Zvimba never knew about. we have Zvimba encroaching into Guruve and so forth. that should not stop a project going if there are means. I think in the future the project will lead to some economic benefits to the country.
    I drove in Harare over the Christmas holiday. Yes I agree its not the best place to be. so if they can move govermnent offices and departments elsewhere lets do it. Wakamboenda papassport office here. I think the Rhodesians built the office for a few whites who required passports then.

    Kana Munangagwa azotongawo we can move the Masvingo boundary to cover the new city. Kana Tsvangirai atonga we can also move the boundary of Buhera to cover the city. so that should not be a problem
    lets not hinder development. mari iyoyo yakasavaka you think ndipo pamuchaihoreswa. it will just disappear. so better iite zvinoonekwa nemunhu wese

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