‘Zanu PF blocking Gukurahundi solution’

National Healing, Integration and Reconciliation co-minister Moses Mzila Ndlovu yesterday accused Zanu PF of frustrating efforts to address the Gukurahundi massacres by blocking debate.


Human rights groups say over 20 000 civilians were butchered in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces by members of the 5th Brigade deployed by President Robert Mugabe to deal with an alleged insurgency in the 1980s.

Mugabe has refused to apologise for the atrocities that many believe were targeted at Zapu supporters led by the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo.

Mzila Ndlovu, of the MDC led by Welshman Ncube, said he was blocked from initiating the reburial of Gukurahundi victims discovered at Silwane Primary School in Lupane, Matabeleland North.

The minister said the villagers discovered the remains sometime in August last year and approached his ministry seeking government assistance to give the victims a decent burial.

“There has been no progress on the human remains at Silwane School because Zanu PF is not sincere in any Gukurahundi-related
issue,” Mzila Ndlovu said. “People asked for a decent burial of the remains but it appears Zanu PF is determined to suppress the Gukurahundi issue.”

He said Silwane villagers had not known peace since the discovery as they were being intimidated by people believed to have links with Zanu PF.

“They are being intimidated to stop associating with me and to stop talking about the Gukurahundi issue,” Mzila Ndlovu said. “I challenge the people of this region to never shut up until the Gukurahundi issue is addressed properly.”

He urged communities with Gukurahundi mass graves to protect them saying Zanu PF was determined to tamper with evidence of the massacres.

“It is high time we stopped pretending that we have national healing, there is nothing, but our colleagues in government pretend there is a lot going on,” the minister added.
“People here still experience suppression and intimidation similar to Gukurahundi.”

He said Zanu PF was behind the Human Rights Act which will only deal with cases of human rights violations that occurred after 2009.
But Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo yesterday accused Mzila Ndlovu of inciting people instead of promoting peace as a minister.

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  1. Zuni pf has to pay for what it did to Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe is not Mugabe’s private property it is not God givenas he claims unless if he means his god the devil It painful what he did and he will pay for everything he has done to Zimbabweans

  2. Gukurahundi ZANU PF believes in sweeping things under the carpet. I guess that is what all guilty people do.

  3. National Healing Programme

    let us list down all organs, parties,persons who have done, or are accused of having caused ills to pipo of this country. lets further try them and ask them to own up to their alledged crimes if such exist. here is my proposed list:
    organ Alleged crime Year Preferred Judgement
    Zano Piyef Beatings the Electorate 2008 Dissolve Party
    Zim Gvt Gukurahundi Massacre 1982-87 Apeasement
    Smith Rhodesia Refugee Massacre 1975-1978 Bannish Rhodies
    Piyef Zapo Massacre of combatants 1963,1973 Dissolve Party
    Madviti Massacre of Nguni tribes 17-18th century Appeasement/Banish

    Acording to the national assessment above, there are 5 candidates for the Hague’s ICC right here in Zimbabwe that need to be arraigned before courts, local and international. I move a motion that as above, since the 17th century, the country has seen two demons that need to be dissolved for good as the masses can leave peacifully withou both,so let the pipo have clean fresh air without these two parties. there are two institutions that should appease the pipo through customary rites of appeasing avenging spirits, let them own up, come forward, apologise to their victims on ZTV (even if they commited some of these crimes before there was a T.V in Africa), and do the customery rites of proper burial (are all corpses of these crimes still available? If Silwane has some, then Old Kobulawayo must have plenty of Lobengula’s exploits-somebody please Cde Mzila Ndlovu must immediately commision acheological works at this infamous cite and dig them Nguni bones up-this nation is more determined than ever to heal up!). Ifurther concede that two more demons need to be banished from this peacifull land the way satan was sent packing from above. Pipo would be gratefull to seperate with these demons. Way to go-in pairs! True national healing!

    What do you think/

    1. Why dwell on issues that happened way in the past? Where you affected by the Nguni raids in the 17th/18th centuries? By your logic then everyone should complain about everything that happened way back in the past. What you mention is not in living memory unlike the four other candidates where there are still people who remember the terrible things that happened in the last 50 years.

    2. This a Zanu supporter no mistake about you man remember we talking about people who promised and faught for democracy leaders with degrees too are try to compare Lobengula nd Nehanda times to today times then you not mad but insane ngempela anyway its up to to try Lobengula if you ever find him and I wonder will eve Hague listen to a mad man like you?

  4. Graveyard Ghost

    I quite agree with Cde Ndlovu Mzila that all mass graves must be jealously guarded so that perpetrators of genocides cannot tember with them? After all, who could trust a muderer to keep the victimised corpse as court exibit on his trial day? The learned, principled Cde Mzila ndlovu is 100% correct. Let the MDC look after mass graves of their 2008 violence, let the Matebele people look after the mass graves of Gukurahundi victims. Isn’t it what Zanu Pf does? Looking after mass graves of the hapless Chimoio, Nyadzonia, Tembwe refugee massacres? I suspect they are retaining evidence for suing the British one day for crimes against humanity. But my principled Cde Mzee, there is one mass graves cite that you often omit, nor commission for inquiry. The Kobulawayo (Old Bulawayo) genocide cite. Lobengula used to chop off the heads of captives from far afield-as far as Masvingo, Mutoko, Guruve, Mesina,Selebiphikwe in Botswana and so forth. That place must be bristling with many a skeleton and many a roaming ghost to provoke the envy of historian acheologists researching on the evolution of homo sapiens and bantu migration. A comparison of skulls and skeletons should tell by height and physical deformities of the bones which tribe whos head Lobengula choped off, where they came from e.t.c.e.t.c. Isn’t the name Bulawayo derived from “Bulala uMthakhathi’ “Kill the witch?” There! You have it! A whole city named after genocide practices, yet the whole nation can afford to ignore that? In light of the efforts that you have made and the challenges you have highlighted as facing you, we can’t bellitle your task of healing the whole nation whose citizens have been agrrieved by one demon or another through out history.You have a dounting task Cde Ndlovu. Digging up old skeletons and repartriating them to their areas of arigin ain’t no joke! I suggest you encourage the repatriation back home, of all combatants and refugee skeletons lying in foreign lands, the digging up and proper burial of gukurahundi skeletons, the proper burial and appeasment of 2008 MDC victims and so on. But in the case of Lobengula’s genocidal citadel Kobulawayo, you have the mightiest of tasks. For example, whom shall you invite and encourage to safeguard the mass graves of the Nguni and Shona tribe’s departed? How shall you commision acheological works around that place with Cde Francis Nhema and his environmental laws castrating our egos-not mentioning Mzembi and his tourism and preservation of old heritage cite bulshit? Far worse is how you shall know which skeleton is San, Setswana, Karanga,Venda and so forth-and which of their relatives are still living to accept the apology and do the proper burial. Will the Khumalo tribe own up? Do they still have anyone yet living to appear on ZTV and offer a national apology? Our prayers are with you day and night, that you receive more wisdom, determination and victory in bringing to justice all war mongering, blood thirsty vampires from the accused Lobengula through Rhodesians,gukurahundi to the piyef pipo. I concede that this national healing task is much more daunting a task than you thot-much more larger than life and gukurahundi. Bigger than that. Umzima, Hamba Kahle, Xqawe lethu!

    1. Don’t be silly – please leave King Lobhengula alone. You can not in this day and age operate on the basis of history, knowing fully well that history is always written by the victor. We dwell on facts as we experience them – not on what is reported to have happened. How do you know it happened as reported – can you prove it?

    2. Dont be silly how can u talk of lobengula who died centuries ago face the truch

    3. Dont be silly how can u talk of lobengula who died centuries ago face the truth

  5. this country is full of so much hatred my God.

    1. @lizzy
      I am not sure this is genuine hatred. My own take is that, divisions tend to suit certain people who cannot stand competition.

      It is always the best weapon to deploy – simply exclude others on the basis of exagerrated stories about them, even if one is unable to prove the veracity of those stories!!

  6. Clearly we are none the wiser after reading this story on how exactly Zanu PF is being said to be blocking the Gukurahundi solution. This politician is doing what politicians do best, opportunism and incitement. The is no statute that works in retrospect, even the ICC will not investigate and try human rights abuses that happened before it came into being. Only special tribunals set up specifically for that purpose can deal with issues like Gukurahundi. Wipping up emotions in Mat Land is not a solution to Gukurahundi, neither is saying Zanu PF is blocking the burial of those found in mass graves without saying how they are doing that. Saying people believed to have links is not proof that they are Zanu PF or that Zanu PF has anything to do with their activities. When Zanu PF wanted to give decent burials to those found at Chibondo they were accused of disturbing those bones that were resting in “peace”. Activists from Mat Land sued to stop the burials in Mash Central, could we then say Mat Land people are blocking a solution to Chibondo for victims of Ian Smith’s brutality?

    1. When Jonathan Moyo was in the political wilderness, he sponsored a private members Bill that would recognise Gukurahundi, its victims and its effects. It was meant to criminalise the denial of Gukurahundi – what happened to that motion? Didn’t Gukurahundi ZANU PF oppose it – what do you call that?

      Artists have been arrested for writing Gukurahundi Dramas – what do you call that? Is that not ZANU PF opposing anything to do with National healing with respect to Gukurahundi?

      Please give us a break – you all the right to love your Gukurahundi party – but to expect that people will just keep quiet about something simply because you dont want to hear about it – you expecting too much. Minister Mzila is right!!

      1. I call that democracy. Not all bills proposed or sponsored in parly get to see the light of day. Artists being arrested is now Zanu PF and not the police? Tipeiwo maserious.

  7. Zanu be warned about the Gukurahundi massacres and the many other crimes against the brothers. Abel’s blood still cries out from the ground. The blood of innocent women and children and helpless old men cries out from the ground. If you get punished on earth, and openly with tears repent, maybe you will escape punishment from heaven. But the murderers are still spoiling virgins and getting more and more wealth, land, houses, cattle, businesses and are not being removed from privilege and power. I prophesy to you that the day of reckoning is coming. When fire burns you for ten thousand years, and your victims curse you and laugh at your pain, you will look on yourselves as fools, deceived by Satan and deceived by each other. But many of those you murdered will be seen with Jesus Christ in heaven, Their suffering over, with Jesus himself wiping away their tears, with peace and joy all over them, you will grind your teeth and weep with torment. Your victims will be blessed. You will be cursed. You will scream in pain “woe is the day that I was born! Woe is the day I lusted for blood and power and money and glory! Woe is the day that I did not choose a life of rural simplicity, herding my cattle and loving the wife of my youth, and eating the sadza and muriwo that grew on my own arm and that I was taught to love by my father!”

  8. jonathan moyo paakangojoina zvekare zanu he never talked abt gukurahundi bt when he was booted out of zanu he was raising this issue now and then.

  9. What were the causes of gukurahundi operation 1983-1987? (2) who was the minister of deffence then? (3) who was GAYI GUSU what role did he play before and during the operation? (4) when the operation started where was Joshua Nkomo did he make any effort to stop the operation? (5) Is it a fact or a fiction that the were weapons of war discovered in Gwayi and Somabhula areas? If it is a fact whose weapons were they and why were they not handed over soon after the war of liberation? (6) a. lastly what does the word dessident mean. (b) who was Gwasela

    1. U a stupid zanu pf dog

  10. stupid Zanu Pf.

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