Tsvangirai woos Diaspora vote

MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has lined up international rallies to woo the estimated three million Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to come back home and vote in the forthcoming general elections, which President Robert Mugabe wants held in March next year.

Report by Moses Matenga

Although the draft constitution does not allow the Diaspora vote, the MDC-T would sell its manifesto with the hope that most of the economic refugees could still come back in droves ahead of the polls to cast their ballots.

Tsvangirai will address the first of a series of rallies to canvass his party’s support in Johannesburg, South Africa, tomorrow before travelling to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Botswana, the United States and Britain, among other countries.

MDC-T organising secretary Nelson Chamisa said Tsvangirai was also expected to update Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora on the current political situation in the country, the constitution-making process, the Diaspora vote and the need for Diasporans to help in rebuilding Zimbabwe.

MDC-T South Africa Province in a statement yesterday said: “The MDC SA Province is honoured to host the president of the party and Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in Johannesburg on Saturday November 10, 2012. The Right Honourable Morgan Tsvangirai will address a rally in Johannesburg.”

Chamisa said the message to the Diasporans was to remind them of the importance of “catapulting” the country back to its breadbasket status.

“Our message to them is that it’s time to rebuild Zimbabwe and we need our gifted and talented voters in the Diaspora to lay the bricks to restore our integrity,” Chamisa, who is also Information Communication Technology minister, said.

“After South Africa, we will go to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Botswana and other countries where we have Zimbabweans.

“We want to connect to the sons and daughters (of Zimbabwe). It’s time to rebuild Zimbabwe and we need all the skill, talent and ability for the transformation effort in our country.”

Finance minister and MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti, national chairperson Lovemore Moyo, women assembly secretary-general Sibusisiwe Bhuda-Masara, youth deputy chairperson Costa Machingauta and Chamisa will be part of Tsvangirai’s delegation during the Diaspora campaign rallies.

Mugabe and his Zanu PF party insist elections should
be held next March, but other parties argue that the dates for the polls would depend on the implementation of Global Political Agreement-stipulated reforms.

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  1. The only succes u can xpect is to get sponsorship but I can asuure u these guys wont come to vote.

  2. ya, they may fail to come and register and vote but that also sdals most of our ,.theiq included_What we shld all know is Lets all strive to vote out these looters.Once we are thru wth thm we can now turn to cleansing our country of some shameless corrupt MDC POLITICIANS.it wll b easy dealing with them unlike these looters_cum_murderers..sure,lets be unitd.evn amwe masmaller political parties lets leav th flimsy policy issues

  3. Whether they come to vote or no he is still going to win. Remember Bob was once the Prime Minister and now the President. It is going to be the same way.

  4. Tsvangirai, must not waste time and resources with Zimbos in the diaspora. They are fighting for survival out there and without an Act of Parliament to allow them to vote from where they are, people will not fly-in to vote and fly out after. Besides, what guarantee is there that they will leave the country alive. Come back home and let strategize how we can defeat ZANU PF from within, time is running out.

    1. Mataura wadyehwata! Lets not waste resources, who would want to fly,drive or ride a bus back home to vote and then leave soon after? Ngavanogadzirisa mitemo inoita kuti diyaspora ivote irikweyo.

  5. Honestly does Morgan think that those people who are struggling to make ends meet will sacrifice hard earned cash just to come and vote. He must be crazy, he shuld have just made sure that they are allowed to vote from where they are. Obviously this would have worked to uncle Bob

  6. Mareva wadyewata. Ngavagadzirise mitemo inoita kuti vari diaspora vavhote vari ikoko.

    1. Ende urikuhuta chaizvo, trying by all means to discourage the diaspora vote. It is going to be a very rough ride for Zanu this time round, wait and see.

  7. What a waste of time and effort – its costly for most of these people to come home. There is the need:

    1. To register as a voter in a costituency first;

    2. To come down and vote in that constituency.

    Again, I understand one has to have resided in that constituency for a given period to be eligible to register and vote. This automatically renders diasporans inelligible.

    The two MDCs could use its western contacts to raise millions of dollars to help fund travel fares to Zim for most of these people – otherwise forget it!!

  8. Atharu you are dead right … i May not like the womaniser but he is my best take. I dont just think he has the brains to be such a thorn in the flesh like some murderers whom we know. We will simply give him the boot and put in SImba or even Ijipiti Dzinemunhenzva

  9. John weku Mabvuku

    Debate.. interesting though one sided and sometimes full of vitriole…hate language. The list of countries to be visited speaks for itself….very nostagic white emmigrants we displaced wherever we are today, they dream of coming back, PM is clever, rides on that dream and skims them of millions
    yatinozoita zvatinoda nayo….look at tthe delegation kuti, Team yaana biti na chamisa ndokuti verbal vitriolic power. Like a band which plays yo favourites only, thats what the diasporans will get. Chatinoda apa imari …..Bvunzai Paraffin!!

    1. Taurahako hako John weku Mabvuku,chatirikuda apa imari chete

    2. ummm, not all diasporans in places mentioned are white, we are still a BLACK majority ….. ‘shaking my head”….

  10. Zanu Pf is already ahead KIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIK——-

  11. For some of us who are not illegal in the diaspora. if he can meet half of my airfares, i will come and register and vote. am home sick.

    1. wasting time unofunga kuti vanhu vanga dzike kuno voter nxaa

  12. Just an excuse for TSVANGI to go on a shopping spree with his CONCUBINES

  13. its not a feasible idea they should concerntrate on local vote

    1. Lets concentrate with those who are in zimbabwe.The best is for opposition parties to unite and vote for our womaniser.Gentleman lets get all the simpathisers of general mujuru to leave zanu and vote for tsvangirai.tsvangirai ,if you are a mistake then you are a better mistake than the likes of munangagwa and mugabe

  14. Campaign at home and leave those diasporans to deal with the pressures of living away from home. Morgan should campaign here. Vakomana, ndiani ari kuronga zvisina basa so?

  15. whoever came up with the mistaken belief that every Zimbo in the diaspora is MDC?

  16. He must not waste his time with the election because his enemies are simply going to eliminate him and destroy his party.Mark my words, AFTER THE SO CALLED ELECTION THE MDC WILL BE NO MORE.

  17. No, the people of Zimbabwe need this ERECTION. We have been waiting long enough just to have this ERECTION


  18. Oh! These headless chicks,ndege dzinouraya idzi

  19. The truth of the matter is zanu gave lost since yr 2000 but havabvi pamasimba vanhu ava. Chiweshe akatiza nema results hapana chakaitika. The thing is opposition yemunyika medu haina zvombo saka vakaramba kubva pachigaro tinovarova netsvimbo here?

  20. Saka whether we vote or not pundutso hapana ma comrades. The best that can come out of that election is another unity govenment…..

  21. Yes we should all go & vote, unfortunately if I was voting Morgan Tsvangirai isn’t my 1st choice. Ncube for President.

  22. Tsvangirai uses his P*enis to think for sure. Does he reckon that everyone in the diaspora is a supporter of his stupid MDC party? Campain there at home where the majority of Zimbabweans are.He should use his p*enis to jackhammer Elizabeth, Locardia, Ms. Nyati, Nosipho Shilubane and many others we don’t know by name.



      1. John weku Mabvuku

        This level of contribution is childish and unZimbo, Vana vanyamunhu havatukani nezvinyadzi, Mr editor pliz screen, vamwe vana vadiki.

      2. Mufana uyu arikuda kurohwa ne bhande

      3. kuva nevakadzi vakawanda hakudadisi.kusiri kare tiri kumufushira

    2. You got it all wrong bra,please re-think and this time try to use your brains.

    3. absolutely right, his penis should vote for him as for me Welshman Ncube or president haters choke on that.

  23. It is also very feasible to take days off from work, meet travel expenses, spend all that time on the road, incur some opportunity costs all for the sake of a rigged election result, hazvibhadhari. Ko iko kumusha mapedza here kuita ma rally?

  24. sorry i wanted to say not feasible

  25. Yemadiasporans haiiti varume, they speak of a tight budget and at the same time squander such a lot of money on fruitful & impossible missions?

  26. We are aware that he is going to Jhb for a nice time with one of his many concubines.

  27. Rejoice Ngwenya

    I also think it’s expecting too much for us to expect Diasporans to pay US1200 in airfares to come and vote. $200 paid into an MDC and MDC-T ‘electoral account’, the money can help us take on Mugabe’s diamond campaign. We need a flyer and poster in each village, township, location and constituency. We need newspaper, television and radio ads; millions of manifestos, T shirts etc. Send that money so we can send ZANU-PF to the museum.

    1. waurayaruzhinji

      wataura chaizvo Ngwenya, vanhu ngavapihwe maflyer ,maT- shirts, mabuntana, etc,everywhere mumapurazi, mumigodhi, mumatowns, nekumaruzevha, to restore confidence in people( the electorate)

  28. Tsvangirai ……..in Johannesburg, South Africa, tomorrow before travelling to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Botswana, the United States and Britain, among other countries….My word!!!! is he goin by combi????

  29. Gud idea , it can be a fund raising YES, but these guyz in diaspora can influence family and friends back home to vote for change

  30. Typical of zimbabweans! All insults and nothing! Yu are not going to be voting for Morgen but for your own country, so pliz those zanu thugs flooding this wedsite with all sorts of insults know that i and those like me will drive from Botswana and vote. If you are sick of being called a foreigner wherever you are then you will make an effort to go and vote.

  31. So these donors dont think at all. You fund such a money spending joy ride? Shame on you. These people know that come March 2013, thats the end of the MDC project. This is the last chance to ride on planes. The likes of ana Chamisa havachafi vakakwira ndege futi. This is the last chance to mobilise and share donor money. And the foolish donors will always dole out money.

  32. I think its Tswangirayi did not say he is forcing people in the diaspora to go and vote , rather he is encouraging them to go and vote, I know thinks will be made tough by the foolish laws that are in place , e.g proof of what what, but those who can make it we need to try to go, your vote is needed guys to change things and remember your vote is your voice. So guys lets make an effort to go and vote, I can not listen to some hear who are hell bent on discouraging others. Come rain come thunder will definitely be there and mine will count, ufuna loba ungafuni. I will be there.

  33. As long as the trips do not constrain the budget.

  34. Zimbabweans are a sick lot for sure, just by the posts on this forum. Muchakaura kusvika madhongi amera nyanga

  35. once mdc t got into power their true colours showed. No big difference between them and zanu pf really. Why even bother voting when we know nothing will change? 2008 proved that


  36. Zanu hooligans,don’t waste your time….we are coming in thousands……,buses after buses,to vote,every vote counts,munonyura……agen,and you know it…

  37. The only political party that makes sense these days appears to be the Green machine!!

  38. I am in botswana,i am a registered voter and i wil definately come to vote.and we are so many here and we can never vote for mugabe.kuti mugabe ndokuti mhondi.

    1. Mtk, tell them. we will surely be travelling to vote and vote Morgen so spare your smelling breath all you zanu and wishman. Its becoz of Morgen that all yu fools insulting him can now sit hehind yo pc and write. under zanu a simcard was worth 2 mombes

  39. Do u mean welshman anohura nevana vepa Nust?green machine yekudini when you are feeling pressure frm a single minister,obert mpofu.

  40. Pedzeranai IKOKO !!!!!!!!! isu ana DIASPORA tozouya toita ana MUCHEKADZAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. manje muchadya izvozvo kana mukasaenda kunovota.Bob kachatonga kusvika madhongi amera nyanga.nemi muchagara diaspora kusvika madhongi amera nyanga

  41. There are some other avenues that can be used by citizens in the new constitutions for those outside to vote, just read the copac draft properly and vote yes. You think the copac team were so stupid to write a constitution that can not protect its citizens?. MDCs must also monitor the voter’s registration processes in towns where most people are rodgers. In rural areas the registration is being done by party chairpersons of zanypf pliz keep your eyes on the registration process or risk loosing technically.On delimitation process eg harare south and some other constituencies, where towns are given less seats than rural areas.

  42. Tsvangirai kana Zanu pf yaramba kubva pachigaro handei musango.ikozvino takudawo hondo taneta nekungoudzwa nekachembere Bob he,takarwa hondo he takarwa hondo asi panguva yatairwa hondo kamugabe kaiva bhizi kukwira vakadzi vevanhu after hondo yapera takuda kugadza Tongogara pahu president kakabva kamuuraya zvakatirwadza ufunge Tsvangirai.dnt wry Morgan tiripo isu ma,war vet tiri padivi pako

    1. The MDC is doing exactly WHAT those of us in the Diaspora have been urging them to do. Engage the Zimbabweans, explain future MDC policies, go on a listening tour and the benefits will be twofold.
      1. If the potential voters in the Diaspora, and there are millions going by the current Voter’s role do not end end up making it to Zimbabwe, we will engage our our parents, brothers and sisters to vote MDC. The same so called economic refugees would have enough money to return were they not literary sustaining their families back in Zimbabwe. There is no stronger surrogate for the MDC to have in their corner than the Diaspora urging their families come out in their numbers and vote for MDC come next elections.
      2. Diaspora will return to cast their votes especially from South Africa. They did it before and will do it again this time. All this vile and kutuka we see from zpf sympathiers is an admission this is a workable strategy.

  43. I have booked my ticket home. Thank you Prime Minister.

  44. Yes i think he is right to approch people in the diaspora .By the way when one is campigning he does not go only to areas populated with his supporters.so even if there are people from other political parties in the dispora,tsvangirali can still try to woo them so that they vote for his party. People in the dispora only make a lot of noise through online newspapers and other foras but this will not change anything unless they come and vote.So diasporans should not dont let us down.They should make a sacrifice.After all nothing comes freely.If you want change back home(which i know we all want) then lets go and vote.

  45. Ndimuzila, balume! Lets get the scoundrels out!

  46. ndokutonga kwacho, its about wasting money while others are languishing in poverty, globe trotting, hefty money packs, trendy shopping, thats wat we get for voting people into office, luk at all the parties,


  48. Vasco da Tsvangirai embarking on another voyage around the world. Legend of the women, seas and air! Any excuse to please Elizabeth with a jet set life lest she kicks off about that huge payoff to Locardia. She certainly has this man by the balls now.

  49. wasting money .he dont deserve a president .tinoitei nappresident ane vana mirione. zivai kuti vana ivavo vachachengetwa nemari yehurumende. Zviri nani vatore mari iyoyo vabatsire vana vanotadza kuenda kuzvikoro nekushaya mari. Viva ncube 4 president, corrupt free party

  50. Tsvangirai haurambi wongoshingirira chawakabata kare,tsvaga pakazorora masimba enyika,kuvhota hakudiwi munhu wese,vashanu ivavo variko ita kuti vakuvhotere,chero hondo handiti iwe wakatiza asi nyika yakangouya wani,uye imbotanga watiudza kuti Elizabeth achavhotera iwe here kana baba vake,ungadai uchiita marally naana Chiwenga,Chihuri nevamwe vaunozivawo newe kuti ndoovane yese,mari tambisa zvako ndeyemapenzi

  51. Tsvangirai is wasting time, these diasporans will vote for mugabe becoz they dont want to c zim successng to prove their stay in other countries and want to make zimbos home laughing stalk

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