Teachers to get laptops

THE Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) has come up with a programme to sell laptops to teachers on credit terms to empower them in information and communications technology, an official of the association has said.


Zimta has already entered into a deal with a laptop supplier Qrent, that will see teachers across the country getting the devices. They would pay for them over a period of one year.

The laptops are priced at $600 each and willing teachers would be expected to pay $50 monthly instalments.

Zimta Mashonaland East executive director Wilson Madoka said the project was meant to complement government efforts in upgrading standards of the education system in the age of technology.

“The President (Robert Mugabe) has been going around the country with the programme of donating computers in schools and we felt there was a gap left since teachers did not have their own computers,” said Madoka.

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  1. if headmasters cannot look after exam papers in their custody then imagine laptops?????

    1. uasofuckedupintheheaduthinklaptopsarespecialfucku.


    1. They need the laptops but they need to be trained to use them first for academic purposes.

  3. make sure your Qrent supplies malaptop anoshanda coz most of these dealers are crooks, tumalaptop twavo tunofa, unotenga 3 pagore, ukagara une zvikwereti.

  4. zimta wy do u tek trs 4 granted? 600 dolas is a lot of money & so u musataura kt kurerutsira maticha kutogobora. Saka choko maticha achatozvitengera. Mbavhaa dzevanhu. Regai vanhu vazvitsvagire kwakachipa

  5. If you say you want to empower them in information and tech, are you also providing internet connections for them otherwise they will be watching movies on those things.

    1. Good observation. I think ZIMTA doesnt really have a clue on how to improve our education. They put the cart before the ox! I thought ZIMTA and NAPH/NASH should first empower school heads and their management teams with IT training since they drive the school’s strategy. NAPH/NASH can then set targets for schools to acquire the gadgets. Schools can buy these much cheaper if they pull their resources together and buy in bulk. School heads should first cut school costs by getting connected to both the District and Provincial offices’ networks because most of the trips school authorities are necessitated by lack of IT connectivity. Empowering the teacher first will create unnecessary conflict in schools because of ‘adventurism’ by some teachers.

      1. Uri heammaster here nhai Lance…….impowerment to teachers ndizvooooo

        1. Correction………..Uri hardmaster here

  6. I hope the supplier for laptops is reputable nekuti vanokwanisa kutengeserwa mazhin’as zvikashaya basa

    1. laptops ndizvo but are u not also thinking about the perenial problem of housing? Munhu anogara here mukati melaptop? I dont think so.

  7. Who the hell is Qrent ? has anybody ever heard of them before? Somebody got very lucky here!!

  8. General Pancho Villa

    And who will cater for their training outside the 600 bucks?

    1. Who taught you to use your laptop? How much is ICDL? I think it is a great initiative and it will accelerate their growth and open a world of possibilities.

  9. Dont make business out of us we do not feed on laptop nor sleep in laptop enriching your self on our expence

  10. QRENT yacho ndeyani?

  11. these are used laptops, hw can they cost 600 while a new HP 635 costs $580, and these laptops are rented from southafrica, call me if u want info on these laptops. the ones that they r getting originally cost 350. ZIMTA or Qrent who is ripping who.

  12. $600 s dae light robbery need 400 or freely

  13. NHAVA brand is back!!!

  14. I can supply them at a cheaper price!!

  15. A laptop without learning resources is a waste of money. If only internet access could be affordable then this will be worth it as they can have access to resources that can be used in enhancing the teaching.

    What teachers need are books and resources and in my opinion these can easily be accessed on a cheaper and efficient android tablet,

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