Tamborinyoka conscious

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka has regained consciousness, the Premier’s office said yesterday.

Report by Staff Reporter

Tamborinyoka was involved in a near-fatal car accident on Sunday and sustained multiple injuries after his vehicle burst a rear tyre and rolled thrice as he travelled to his rural home in Domboshava.

Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Jameson Timba said: “His condition is improving. He is conscious, but can’t speak because of the gadgets around his face. He is responding to stimuli which means he can smile and recognise people.” MDC-T organising secretary Nelson Chamisa also said: “As the MDC family we are doing the best together with the doctors and the relatives, but certainly God will do the rest.”

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) said they were praying for the speedy recovery of the former ZUJ secretary-general and Daily News News Editor.

“ZUJ would like to join the Tamborinyoka family, government of Zimbabwe and the nation in wishing the Prime Minister’s spokesperson and former ZUJ secretary-general (Luke) Tamborinyoka a speedy recovery,” ZUJ secretary-general Foster Dongozi said.

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  1. Rutendo Moyondizvo

    Glory to God. Jehovha mukuru.

    1. Tank you JESUS.

  2. Rutendo Moyondizvo

    We give glory to God. Jehovha vachapedzisa basa ravakatanga rekurapa.

  3. Nemaroronda ake Ishe Jesu takaponeswa, naizvozvo newewo Luke nezita ra Jesu uchaponeswa, remember when God said in Jeremiar 32vs27 ‘Behold i am the Lord, the God of all flesh, is anything too hard for me?’ I wish you a speedy recovery.

  4. God still loves you my brother. God’s hand must be seen on you so you will be able to see his hand. turn up on him with faith and courage. I think brethren like Baba Chamisa who are more closer to you than us can strengten you with the messages of faith and hope. We expect to see you soon in the work that you were called upon.

  5. wish you a speedy recovery mwanangu. We pray for God’s intervention. Definitely you will be out of this and be on your feet again, Zimbabwe needs your presence

  6. we ar with u & we still need u pabasa,so we wish u a speedy recovery my brother.nemavanga aJesu takaponeswa

  7. God be with you Luke, a speedy recovery so that you continnue with your good work.

  8. Mwari munoshamisa munoratidza nyasha nekubwinya kwenyu. Kudzwai Jehovah.

  9. Nicholas Mukombami

    I am praying for the speedy recovery of this man and his eventual discharge from the clinic. I was very worried on Monday I could not even work properly. GOD is great. I salute my LORD.

  10. I am happy that our honourable speaker of our Prime Minister is recovering so well,I want to thank my God because this shows his greatness,we are now having a relief,noone,especially those who opposses our organisation of excellece was expecting that Mr Tamborinyoka will recover so soon but because of our almighty God,Mr Tamborinyoka will do well,we continue to pray to our God as a family,party and as a country.We expect him to reach a full recovery and continue from where he left.

  11. glory be to God …we still need the man to do duty with the President in the coming New Zimbabwe

  12. never a sickness Jesus cannot heal,never a disease Jesus cannot cure

  13. TGBTG- You won’t die Br, we still need you, Get well soon

  14. Glory be to be to the ALMIGHTY GOD who heals the impossibities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. This miracle shows kt vanhu tikabatana tikanamata
    A prayer of agreement the Word of God will
    prevail. My faith in God has been strengthened. I have seen God shine
    in this situation. Luke if u r not born again
    better do so but if you are, wedzera moto
    pabasa raMwari.

  16. Jehovha ndewe minana Mr Luke.kana iye mwari achigona kusimudza marombe kubva muguruva kumaisa pamusoro soro anotadza nei kukupodzai mavanga amunawo.kuna mwari hakuna zvinoramba get wel soon mr Luke.

  17. Jehovah has already sealed your discharge card. You are healed and restored. keep the smile.

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