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Sulu fails to settle debt


DENDERA musician Sulumani Chimbetu has reportedly failed to settle a $600 debt to a man who designed and printed posters for his birthday party show which was held at both Jazz 105 and Mushandirapamwe Hotel in May this year.

Report by Tawanda Marwizi Own Correspondent

The designer Wellington Nyagumbo says  efforts to get in touch with the musician have failed.

“Last time I went to his show at Kebab, his bouncers blocked me from seeing the musician,” Nyagumbo said.

“I told his marketing manager that I am going to humiliate them if they fail to pay me and they gave $100 promising to give me the rest this week, but he has stopped picking up my calls.”

Sulu’s marketing manager Trevor Jakachira confirmed that they owed Nyagumbo some money, but asked why he had rushed to newspapers to seek redress.

“Why rush to the media? Yes, we owe him an amount of money, but then he will be paid by the newspaper not us. For now the story is the album launch,” Jakachira said.

Sulu’s publicist Joe Nyamungoma said they would not tolerate any people claiming debts.

“People are taking advantage of the management change and they come claiming that we owe them money. We are not tolerating such nonsense,” Nyamungoma fumed.

He said their posters and flyers were designed and printed by Chipaz Promotions and not Nyagumbo.

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