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Stunner, Maskiri feud turns nasty


THE feud between Desmond “Stunner” Chideme and Alishias Musimbe aka Maskiri took another twist this week when the latter described the former as “stupid”.


Speaking to NewsDay about his upcoming tour of the United Kingdom, Maskiri said Stunner is misguided when he claimed to have an upper hand in music because he had staged shows overseas.

Maskiri will next month go on his maiden tour of the UK, his first overseas assignment.

He is expected to stage a series of shows in the UK over the festive season.

The tour comes a few weeks after Stunner bragged on Twitter that he could never be beaten to his trade by a person who has never flown overseas for shows.

Stunner made the remarks in response to a discussion that was hinged on his beef with Maskiri.

He wrote: “Why would you want to compare me with someone who has never been on a plane? My music travels (sic).”

This week Maskiri laughed off the assertion describing Stunner as “stupid”.

“My friend, boarding a plane and singing are two different things. So, when he says that, he is lost,” he said.

“Whoever makes such an assertion is stupid and it is proof that they got exposed to the good life at an ‘old age’.”

Stunner sparked the feud when he insinuated that Masikiri’s music was useless in his track Godo. A line in the song advices music fans to delete Maskiri’s songs from their playlist to create space for Stunner’s track.

On an album sleeve posted on Facebook recently, Maskiri wrote: “Tinodya mashark” (we eat sharks) in an apparent reference to Stunner, who calls himself a shark.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Stunner simply said: “Write what you want. I don’t have a comment.”

Maskiri’s upcoming overseas tour seems to have given him confidence to hit back at Stunner.

Dubbed “Zimbabwe Urban Grooves UK Takeover”, the tour will see Maskiri perform alongside Trevor Dongo, Leonard Mapfumo and MacDonald “MacDee” Chidavaenzi.

Maskiri promised exceptional performances during the tour.

“It is going to be a performance yemufirimu (movie-style),” he said.

Meanwhile, Maskiri has announced he will be releasing two videos next week for his singles Tsotsi and Mhondoro from his album titled Recovery.

“I am working on the Tsotsi video. The one for Mhondoro is already done,” he said.

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