Soldiers get bonuses

MEMBERS of the Zimbabwe National Army became the first government workers to receive annual bonuses yesterday, NewsDay  has learnt.


Although Finance minister Tendai Biti, who is expected to present his 2013 National Budget tomorrow, was not immediately available for comment, it is understood that soldiers received their bonuses yesterday while members of the Air Force of Zimbabwe, police, prison service and other civil servants were expected to get their 13th cheques next week, according to impeccable sources.

The 2013 National Budget is expected to address civil servants’ salaries and the watershed elections set for next year to end the coalition government.

Most soldiers were ecstatic that they had received their bonuses.
Soldiers with the rank of private, according to sources, received net salaries of nearly $900.

“We received our bonuses today. I have checked with my bank and my salary was doubled,” said one soldier who preferred anonymity.


  1. Thank you Minister Biti and President Mugabe. May the Almighty God bless for the great work that you are doing.

  2. saka salary yemusoja plus bonus yake haisviki pamonthly net salary yangu?

    1. Shon corner. idya yako yakawanda wakanyarara isu todya yedu $900

    2. really not necessary dude….

    3. zvine basa reyi izvozvo yu are nt a nation builder

    4. I’m sorry dude but you need to have your mind read for bragging and passing such a sick comment. No one ever asked you to compare. To our dedicated government workers this will go a long way in alleviating some of their problems. A big thank you to all the civil servants for the good work you are doing in keeping the flame burning. May the good Lord bless you and your families. Big thumbs up to Hon. Biti for his unwavering commitment to Zimbabwe despite the difficult working conditions. Siyalesaba maZimbabwe amahle ngomsebenzi omuhle eliwenzayo. Sicela liqhubekele phambili ngethemba likuthi ngelinye ilanga kuyolunga

  3. Tendai Biti you are very worriesome and you are fooling yourself my dear brother in politics,giving bonuses to over 200000 civil servants will only portray Mugabe as the giver .You are giving other people bonuses when in actual fact there are nurses out there who are not employed,,you are even allowing the Ministry of home affairs to allow Chihuri to recruit more pipo every year yet you know that the police are Zanu and these are the same pipo who have refused to salute Tsvangirai..Students are not receiving any money from you yet you are giving pipo bonuses,,zvakasiyana chii nababa vanoendesa Mwan mukuru kunodzidza ku France mwana mudiki asingaende kuchikoro zvachose vachiti havana mari,,kupusa,,inini i will vote for Welshman Ncube,,I know he will not win but i will vote 4 HIM only to split your votes so that you know kuti vanhu muZimbabwe vakangwara,,munofamba nemota dzakanaka vana vachitambura,,hee maDiamonds haasi kuuyisa mari kuTreasury yet recently makaendesa maMPs ku Vic Falls and you splshed more than 5 million yaitokwana kupa the unemployed nurses money 4 payes

    1. yu are misinformed my dear yu think mari yebonus inobva muhomwe yaBiti ende yu think kuti Biti ndiye anopa vanhu mari it’s the cabinet my friend yakatungamirwa naVaMugabe so don’t blame the weatherman instead be grateful kuti the inclusive government is making things happen in Zimbabwe Especially VaMugabe.Yu think kuti manurse ndiwo ari unemployed chete poor yu we cannot have nyika ini manurse chete ende unogeza chembere uko kana usina basa.Thank yu Baba Mugabe,Baba Tsvangirayi,Baba Biti etc…….

  4. aaaah musoja asina kana 2 ‘0’ LEVEL $900 anoidii apa isu tiri paattachment yeDegree tichipuwa $200 nxaaaa

  5. i think salary figures should not be published. that is private and confidential.

  6. Degrees does not make some one clever, look at Mahoso, Mupepereki, Obert bofu…etc the list is endless, and where are we as a country, ma MBA, ma PhD u name it just for nothing,we busy training crooks & selfish diamond thiefs. If u Vote me for President of Zim in the next election i will only fund education that is relevent, college & apprentice and i will make everyone with more than one first degree pay tax for that.

  7. y do we black pple hate one another,chatinongoda kuda kuseka ma civil servants chete hanty?Lord have mercy.

  8. Tomorrow is coming, get set and ready for theatrics and histrionics from the Biti fellow. If he stuck to his budget and disbursed what he promised in his previous budget it would be half the comedy but no, he will come in, with all the hype and drama associated with Chiundura’s TV dramas, throw unfunny meaningless figures, crack idiotic infantile jokes and use IT charts and graphs to say….wait for it… NOTHING. The budget presentation has become a circus which the public does not need and to add insult to injury the imbecillic tongue trickery will be broadcast on national radio and TV. Why not just skip to the usual stock in trade script now common knowledge of doing absolutely nothing at the ministry…or has the minister and his colleagues at the ministry run out of toys?

    Postpone indefinitely this presentation and spare us the drama PLEASE….All I can fitting say really is: Zvipi? Why not invite the nation to a . motor rally at the National Sports Stadium so that we can all drool at the new cars that you guys have bought for yourselves. You could throw in a braai for yourselves while we starve on the terraces, to convince us beyond all reasonable doubt that you are God’s chosen people instead of torturing us with this so-called budget!!!!

  9. Thats wonderful

  10. No bank charges for deposits less than $800.00, 4% interest for above 1000 deposit over a month, sweet what i call a stroke of a genius, thanks man!

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