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Renamo worries Zanu PF, MDC-T


ZANU PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo has described recent reports suggesting that former Mozambican rebel group Renamo was contemplating going back to war as worrisome.


“We are very worried about possible instability in the region if war breaks out in Mozambique,” said Gumbo.

“Our position as a party is very clear. We support national unity in Mozambique. We work with Frelimo as one of the liberation movements and we obviously will not entertain any rebellion in Mozambique,” Gumbo said last week in a telephone interview.

Former Mozambique rebel leader Afonso Dhlakama has quit government to camp in the bush and is reportedly preparing his men for war against the government.

Dhlakama, who is camped at his former military base in Gorongosa, is demanding a share of that country’s wealth, according to reports emanating from Mozambique.

Dhlakama’s Renamo forces once waged a war against the Frelimo government between 1977 and 1992, leaving over one million Mozambicans dead.
Zimbabwe deployed soldiers to Mozambique to assist that government’s forces to end the hositilities.

Said Gumbo:“As far as we are concerned, we want continued peace in Mozambique. We are not going to entertain a situation that will be against the interests of Mozambique and the region. We will not support rebels and a movement which we think will be detrimental to Mozambique and the region.”

Dhlakama has been quoted by AFP as saying he was prepared to go to war to achieve his demands.

“If it is necessary, we can go backwards. We prefer a poor country than to have people eating from our pot.

“I am training my men up and, if we need to, we will leave here and destroy Mozambique,” he was quoted saying.

The MDC T has also raised fears against instability in the region if war breaks out in Mozambique, saying the African Union and the regional bloc should intervene urgently.

“The MDC is extremely worried about the political and security developments in Mozambique, especially the possibility of another civil war in that country

“The war in Mozambique will bring untold suffering to the people of Mozambique and beyond. Further, it will reverse all the economic, social and political gains that have been made so far.

“We urge the international community, especially Sadc and the African Union, to deal with the disturbing developments in Mozambique as a matter of urgency,” the MDC T’s standing committee said.

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