Rahman quits

RAHMAN Gumbo is now weighing his options and could be going back to club football following his resignation from the Warriors.


Gumbo resigned from his job as coach of the Warriors yesterday morning — just hours before a Zifa board meeting, which had not been concluded at the time of going to print.

Gumbo could, however, not state reasons which led him to take the decision.

“I have resigned from my job as coach of the Warriors,” he said. “I have sent my resignation letter to Zifa. That is all I can say.”

His resignation came a week after a Zifa high-performance technical committee had recommended the appointment of a foreign coach after it carried out an in-depth analysis of the report on the doomed 2013 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) campaign submitted to them by Gumbo at the request of Zifa.

A local mining company is understood to have been sounded on the idea of hiring a foreign coach and is said to be prepared to bankroll the coach’s salary once the recommendations of the technical committee are approved by Zifa.

The foreign coach should be in place at least by the New Year to prepare a new team — from the ashes of the disbanded team — for the Fifa international friendly dates for January. Gumbo took over as coach of the Warriors in March this year for the remaining 2013 and 2014 qualifiers following the suspension of Norman Mapeza for his alleged involvement in the Asiagate match-fixing scandal.

He had signed a two-year contract with his brief being to lead Zimbabwe to the 2013 Afcon and also to guide the team to the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

Gumbo, who won league titles with Malawi’s Telecom Wanderers and Township Rollers of Botswana after having lifted the Premiership crown with Highlanders twice, however, failed to lead the Warriors to next year’s finals.

The Warriors bombed out of the continental soccer qualifiers at the last hurdle following a 0-2 defeat to Angola having gone into the match carrying a healthy 3-1 lead from the first leg in Harare.

That painful defeat was met with a chorus of disapproval from football stakeholders and with the Zifa leadership having resolved to disband the Warriors leaving the technical team, it raised a lot of questions.

Gumbo was in his second spell as Warriors coach having taken over from Sunday Chidzambwa in 2004 before he was sacked the same year following a 3-0 loss to the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

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  1. The job was becoming too hot for you..eh, thats the best decision you have ever made in your life only that it came a bit late

  2. gumbo tidzosere pawakatitora,then u wil resign.who will clear yo mess.

  3. this was a pre-emptive resignation, he was going to get fired anyway

  4. the mess was already there when he got there. those before him should clean up theirs first!

  5. Good ridance though too little too late

  6. National team fan

    we don’t need foreign coaches for our national team , the problem is ZIFA wants a coach who serves the interests of some of their individuals , we have the coaches with qualities and experience we need for that post.. the likes of Moses Chunga, Norman Mapeza, Yogie Mandigora; jus to mention a few

  7. Gumpo was better that the Asia gate tycoons – chidzambwa and Rushaywa. This breed of people is corrupt.

  8. the people who appointed gumbo should be fired because his cv is too thin for national team responsibilities,he is a green horn who has only won the league in malawi and bots then you appoint him national coach,the people who appointed him are the rot in our soccer

    1. He won the league twice in a row in Zimbabwe with Highlanders. Get your facts right.

    2. Chohota, you need to do your homework, don’t just criticize for the sake of criticizing. Are you leaving in Zimbabwe and a soccer let alone warriors’ fan? Gumbo has his own successes and failures like any other coach. That’s what you guys did to Mhlauri, let’s be constructive guys, no foreigner will take us any further than the round robin stage for any international competition, history is there to tell.

  9. gumbo z the worst coach, anoita zvechi mafia mubhora. enda hatikuteveri

  10. Thank you lord for reminding Gumbo that he was hurting Zimbabwean fans, Lord please give us a better coach now. For ever and ever. Amen

    1. Raman thank you for what you done its unfortunate you were working for an un organised pple who always want to someone imgine being to prepare for crucial in threedays zifa must shape up or leave office

  11. Siyanai na Rhaman,hapana chaakatadza,its our Team and ,zifa ,That are rotten,we will miss u Rush

  12. Gumbo the worst coach in what sense. In Zimbabawe besides Marimo he has a better CV. iF YOU SAY HIS cv is thin why did you not complain with appointment of Norman,who also lost to Eritria, an unknown quantity cpmpared to Angola. More over Gumbo did not have players at his disposal, you decide to silently ignore this. Simply tell us that only people from the North have a right rather making noise about Gumbo. In any case one can fail in life so where is the problem. If it was someone from the North he was not even going to resign but wait to be fired so that he gets money, greedy chete.

  13. You don’t know how to make money in Zim. Wait until they fire you then go to the courts… ask Conor for more details. The entire Zifa must have quit long back but they are waiting for some one to fire them so they can make more money

  14. for me Gumbo lacked on tactics and motivation. On the latter his outburst at Karuru after the match with Moz was the height of craziness. I had never heard that a coach would wish to kill his own player for failing, even the most temperamental of them. A good coach who motivates his players in fact protects them even when they blunder and takes the responsibility

  15. Tribalism from the people of the North.Just assess the source of all negative comments

  16. Gumbo took over the national team during the period when players were being suspended due to the Asiagate scandal. he had a thin base from which to chose his players. Its unfortunate that in this day and age, coaches from the Southern region are never regarded as equal to their Northen counter-parts. People always harp about Chunga – a coach who has won the championship only once in his more than 15 years coaching carrier. just look at what Rahman has achieved in the period that he has coached. lets look at our football situation with a fair mind guys.

    I could see that Rahman was never liked by people from the Nothern region and this was evident from the boos he received whenever the warriors were playing. we failed to support our own son.

    as for the Angola game – surely did we expect to come out with a win in that game. why did ZIFA promise these youngsters fortunes on their last game. this was tantamount to subjecting the guys under pressure. the offers should have been done throughout the campaign.

    guys we wont go anywhere if we continue to behave like this.

  17. Gumbo was the best from the yesteryear hopefuls , we know you are hankering to bring your deadwood of Moses Chunga, Mapeza and your (imbecile) cronies in harare, we know your innate failures in all spheres of life, typical of your ilk.

  18. Pagels has been offered the job

  19. He was not equall to the task. Let’s try Pasuwa

  20. thats why harare has never produced english league material

  21. Tribalistic lot you will never achieve anything in soccer, bring your pasuwas and all your…, (diarise this, you will never make it in soccer). Your greed for high sounding posts and the accompanying USAs is known. Hire whoever, i bet my last penny you will not reach finals for any tournament.

    1. Mhofu vakatisvita kumaFinals. no need to bet we will get there with technically better coaches not Gumbo. better Gishon Ntini than Gumbo.

  22. Majournalists are crap copy from south African journalists not this crap remember the whole world is reading www. are ypu guys been paid by dube

  23. Its not rocket science that this boatd has failed. come on you sports journos

  24. When dealing with selection of our national team I think we should appoint a coach through his CV not to look where one comes, thats why we always fall short

  25. We simply do not have talent in this country that is the painful fact, even if you hire a coach from Jupiter or some faraway galaxy you will never win fokolo especially with these greedy hyenas that administer our football, khohlwa!!! Accept this painful reality

  26. I think the problem is with guys at 53 livingstone ave. Dr Rush is a good coach bt was given little time to deliver. For continuity he shd have taken the assistants from Mapeza/Madinda era for afcon while lookng for his own. The person responsible for national teams at 53 livngstne has let the country down! Imagine fans failing to fill Rufaro for a warriors home match.

  27. Can Zifa tell the nation why it needs to hire a foreign coach? Have Zifa exhausted all the talent we have in this country, east, central, north and south regions? The problem I see here is that the whole Zifa executive doesnt understand football and I wonder if they have advisers.
    Chris Gaza, I do agree with you, these guys havana pavo, Rahman was still going to be fired though. I do also agree with Chohota that this bunch of Zifa fools should follow Rahman enmasse.
    Those basing their contributions on this matter on regionalism, please revisit your thinking capacity.
    Chibale you stand to be corrected. Yes Peter comes from Bulawayo and played well in the English Premier League. Remember Chunga played in Belgium, and Belgium is not in Africa. Currently we have Archie Gutu in Sweden. These guys are not from the southern as you want us to believe.
    To Khiwa, stop this nonsense about tribalism, give facts. Chidzambwa took the Warriors to their first ever Afcon finals in Tunisia and he is a local and is from Harare.
    A team from Harare, or rather northern region has won the local championship 19 times and reached the Caf Championship once. What else do you need from the southern? For our football to progress, lets stop this nonsense mentality on tribalism or regionalism, instead, let gang together and push this rotten Zifa board out of our beautiful game.

  28. zifa and journalists are fucked up, with the journalists we have football is going nowhere, learn from the best sports journos. RDM is fired in the morning and sports journos are already talking of Rafa as a replacement, by the end of the day Rafa is the new manager. They even knew that he had boarded the plane in Abu Dhabi. Today Mark Hughes was fired in the morning and the media is already talking of Harry as possible replacement. In zimbabwe maJourno like Tawanda and Petrous are too ZIFA, you will be remembered for killing football.

  29. mashingaidze,dube,kausiyo,gumede,kasu,b moyo, and a lot of these councellors just have to be banned from football they have done worse damage than asiagate

  30. constructive journalism is needed from you journalists.

  31. kanairi nzara yemaJournalists who have to wait for Gumbo to quit, the Dube will be another dictator

  32. Charles Mabika (Centre): Victim of careless crowd handling conduct

    Denvar Mukamba: Used as a pony

    Masimba Mambare: Used as a pony

    • Sports journos spoil the party

    The 2012 selection process of soccer stars turned out to be a big yawn and circus of worrying proportions as sports journalists had well-orchestrated choruses of hate – one from Harare and the other from the Southern Region – to use regionalism as a ploy to satisfy their selfish egos at the expense of our footballing heroes who had played their hearts out for supremacy during the course of the season, the Real Soccer Investigating Unit can exclusively reveal.

    Once the worm of hate rears its ugly head, all the tenets of objectivity are thrown into extinction and along the way, real soccer stars are denied their well-deserved moments to shine as they become ponies in a regional war that is bereft of constructive thrust and has no place in an independent Zimbabwe. It is shocking to realize that there are some journalists, players and administrators who thrive on regionalism and tribalism at a time the world has become a global village.

    True journalists feel for subjects in the afar field of Brazil, Ethiopia, Honolulu, Finland, just to mention a few and take great interest in their successes or failures with the conviction of making the world a better place to live in. If a Harare-based journalist can afford a smile when a footballer in Bulawayo objectively makes it on the calendar and with a flipside journalist smiling when a Harare-based player does the same, then we are constructively playing our role as nation builders than being plunders of the fabric of the profession – journalism – that has a mass effect.

    According to eavesdroppers – observers – of this publication who watched proceedings as they unfolded at Mandel Training Centre last Saturday, it was clear from the onset that sports journalists from Southern Region had a gripe with their counterparts in Harare and the outcome, especially of the towering player – soccer star – of the 2012 season was chosen, not on merit of the field of play but on the turf of regionalism as journos lost focus from the radar and used soccer players as launch-pads to satisfy their selfish egos.

    Apologies, this journo could not attend the selection process as he had lost a relative and was at a funeral that Saturday. May the soul of the departed man rest in eternal peace.

    However, one of our trusted eavesdroppers who was on assignment courtesy of this publication is of the opinion that in future, all sports journalists should not be considered for the selection of soccer stars as they have a dangerous propensity to spoil the party, like they did “religiously” at Mandel.

    In their well-orchestrated plot, journalists from Southern Region who were on the selection panel made sure that Denvar Mukamba, Dynamos twinkle-toed player was not a regular feature on their ballot player papers and if ever he did, he probably occupied the sixth position so that he does not garner enough votes that would take him to position one.

    Our eavesdropper successfully sneaked into the deep secrets of the ballot papers and established that some players of mediocre quality were preferred ahead of Mukamba to influence the questionable outcome of the selection process, just to fix the Harare chapter of journalists.

    Real critics can tell you that Mukamba cannot, by any standards be pushed to such a far-away slot – sixth position, judging from the good account of himself that he did in the field of play this season.

    Just as well, it does not require a rocket scientist to figure out that Highlanders is the top team of the 2012 season – in terms of consistent of good performance – and its coach Kelvin Kaindu qualifies to be coach of the season as he successfully led his troupes in a 23 unbeaten games and Bosso played exciting football as well.

    To absurdly suggest that, for instance, Kiglon and Quelaton were the best teams amount to chaotic psychological instability of selectors. The moral of the issue is that reality cannot be distorted because recipients of our news products are not dull.

    As journalists, we can only discredit ourselves if we abuse our trust and authority like what we are told happened at Mandel.

    When results are revealed at a special banquet of soccer stars, do not be surprised when Mukamba misses it all and probably takes fourth or fifth fiddle. It was all because of the seeds of hate among sports journalists.

    Real Soccer has no problems if Bosso goal-getter Masimba Mambare gets it but to use the two players as launch pads to settle journalistic scores was utter hogwash.

    For the sanity of our football and to create a hype of partaking future soccer star competitions, it is the wisest thing by our sponsors to exclude – should we say snub the participation of all sports journalists as they have proved over the years to be bad judges who cannot see reality and live with it on the performance of players.

    Their behavior is a serious drawback, not only against our soccer stars but the general development of Zimbabwe’s football.
    We hear that Bulawayo-based journalists had sour grapes over the skewed judgment over the Dynamos – Hwange F C match at Rufaro in which Nation Dube, head mentor of the latter and his lieutenants were assaulted by goons of the Harare giants and the points were awarded to the fault side – DeMbare hence their decision to influence the votes.

    Rightly so, the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League erred big time in awarding points to Dynamos and Real Soccer had repeatedly questioned that flawed judgment as the rule of logic says that the Harare giants were supposed to have lost three points as hooliganism and goon mentality have no place in our football. But to use that yardstick to fix an individual player like Mukamba was not the wisest thing to do and sports journos who sat on the panel should be ashamed of their action. They are definitely not representative of the sacred profession called journalism. They qualify to be activists. They should have left Dynamos and Highlanders to fight their own wars than becoming mercenaries and spoilers of the party at Mandel. What a shame.

    What is sobering and not surprising is that the very same sports journos failed to run their own camp with an insignia Sports Writers Association of Zimbabwe (SWAZ) and has been blown into smithereens by lack of focus. To expect them to use objectivity in selecting soccer stars is just asking for too much.

    Admire Taderera, now General Manager of Star FM left the presidency of SWAZ without even coughing the word SWAZ throughout his tenure and another aspirant eager to inherit the throne – Goodwill Zunidza (Sunday Mail Sports Editor) – once joined the fray of Zivanayi Chiyangwa (Junior Football Development) to assault this scribe at Rufaro on the grounds that the editorials of Real Soccer were stinging like a bee (Can someone advise Admire Taderera that his new position of General Manager does not require him to continue being Disc Jockey as he is demeaning himself by the day at Star FM.
    Certain habit have to die down with a promotion).

    Since this journo was banned from Rufaro by Zunidza and Chiyangwa, news had been raining like confetti – coming to Real Soccer – and the business has since not stopped. Thanks to well-wishers of Real Soccer who are always doing sound bites of the happenings, even at Rufaro where we have been given a person-non-grata status by the duo. The evil doers shall continue to come home to roast. The whip shall crack and perpetrators shall wail. We will not stop at anything. Such is life maface.

    Zunidza, according to our eavesdroppers was barred from voting for soccer stars at Mandel and was relegated to an observer.


    On a sad note, Real Soccer castigates in the strongest of terms a security detail who released a dog from a leash on prolific football analyst Charles Mabika at Ascot stadium Sunday where Dynamos played Hardbody in a final lap of the league. We wish CNN a quick recovery and also encourage law enforcement agents to differentiate journalists and hooligans, of which Charle is not in the latter category.


  33. there is no report on zifa AGM from all the papers this shows how dube rules the media

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