PM to deliver beasts to Locardia’s parents

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has reportedly acquired three oxen that would be delivered to his estranged lover Locardia Karimatsenga-Tembo’s parents.


Tsvangirai  will deliver the beasts as he attempts to fulfil the cultural requirements of terminating a traditional marriage.

The development follows the recent withdrawal of a $15 000 maintenance case by Karimatsenga after Tsvangirai agreed to pay her a lump sum as an out-of-court settlement. Both parties have refused to divulge details.

Unconfirmed reports, however, suggest Tsvangirai could have paid Karimatsenga between $180 000 and $300 000.

But the requirement for the Premier to herd the beasts in person to the Karimatsenga homestead in Christon Bank near Harare was outlined in the same agreement drafted between Tsvangirai, cited as the first party, and Karimatsenga as the second, dated October 30, 2012.

It read: “The first party shall pay to the second party a lump sum payment. The second party acknowledges receipt of such payment.
“In addition, the first party shall further deliver in person to the second party’s parents three oxen in fulfilment of cultural requirements. ads Ads

“The litigation between the parties shall be withdrawn. The parties agree that this agreement is a full and final settlement and no obligation shall be due from one party to the other neither shall any rights accrue in favour of any one of the parties arising from the relationship which existed between them and whose termination they acknowledge.”

Karimatsenga’s lawyer Jonathan Samukange yesterday confirmed Tsvangirai was ready to deliver the oxen, but had been told not to do so in November.

“I can confirm that the three oxen are available and we stopped him from delivering them in November because of our cultural problems.
“We do not want to offend our custom, this is purely on African Customary Law,” Samukange said.

Commenting on the payments by Tsvangirai, Samukange said: “We are happy we both got paid, our client received her lump sum and we got our legal fees, but if you want to know how much was paid to Karimatsenga, you may contact her and she will tell you if she so wishes.”

Karimatsenga was two months ago confirmed Tsvangirai’s customary wife by the courts after she successfully applied to stop Tsvangirai’s marriage to Elizabeth Macheka.

But the requirement for the  Premier to herd the beasts in

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  1. Did you omit some of the words said by Samukange or the herald added what was not said by Samukange the herald said Loca is still married to the PM and you didnt mention that which is which

  2. This Tsvangisex is being pushed around ths much by a lady. Is he man enough????

    1. ‘Big dhara’ Sexism,or any form of prejudice for that matter is anachronistic for a supposedly modern and enlightened society.Anyone irrespective of their standing in society is free to assert their rights.

    2. What do you mean ” is he man enough” Tsvangirayi is a really man, a few man would have the spine to the stand the way his love life was publiced in the media, at least he doing something to sort out the mess and to do good to those who were aggrieved by his marriage to Macheka,I say thumbs up Mr Tsvangirayi ” uyidonda emadondeni”

  3. Well done Loca, very witty and tactical….got rich overnight…

  4. Hayi bo! Indoda Tsvangirayi liyifundise ukuthi idlale inanzelela ngaphansi kwezidwaba! Isikhathi esizayo izahamba kokuphela ingadela ukuqaphela! Yipolitics esidlalwa lapha! Qaphela ndoda! Ngubani owaziyo mhlawumbe sisazotshengiswa amavideo akho udlala kwezothando!

  5. why considering November as a month of not to delievr beasts????????which month was Loca married meaning the payment of lobola kikikikikikikikiiik

  6. I wonder where Jonathan Samkange studied customary/traditional law. As far as I know, Zimbabwean traditional customary law requires that those beasts be taken to gold-digger Locardia’s parents by the intermediary (the munyai or sadombo) through whom all the negotiations took place. Making the PM personally deliver the cattle only goes to confirm what the PM claimed was political interference in his love affair by state agents. The whole idea is to simply humiliate the PM. No wonder Samkange(a close relative of Mugabe) is an aspiring Zanu(PF) member of parliament. He is simply being used by his political party and Mugabe to do things which would never be done in any traditional court of the Shona people.

    1. I do not think the PM had a gun held to his head when he signed the out of court settlement. Vana Hove do not tarnish your reputation commenting as shallow as this. Unless you are suggesting that his political opponents signed this agreement for him?

      1. A gun in many circumstances is not a the actual gun in a literal sense. So he may have had a gun to his head because he was desperate for this thing to go away……
        Get the drift?

        1. Hapana drift apa. Tsvangirai is a grown up, he had his lawyers advising and representing him. Why should we treat Tsvangirai like a baby? It’s all his own doing, kurumwa neche kuchera. That should teach him a lesson not to play with people’s daughters. This has also strengthened Zimbabwean women’s rights and for that we must applaud Locardia and Samkange for this milestone. Vanhu vanga vajaira kutamba nevana vevanhu. We will see a lot more men being put in their place for disrespecting our sisters. Vana WOZA will never achieve what Locardia has achieved for women in Zimbabwe. Not even Beatrice Mtetwa on her best day could have achieved what Samkange helped Locardia achieve. Don’t hate, appreciate!

  7. artmafirakureva

    why are they saying the beasts must not be delivered in november ss customarily it is a sacred month but in the courts they say the customary marriage took place during the same month.tiudzei chokwadi chaicho vanhu imi.moreover u want the groom to deliver mombe dzemarooro in person what type of zim tradition is that.asi vanhu ava matotemless mubwidi ekumbare akataurwa nasekuru gushungo kani.
    let me zip my mouth zvakutoda tuvarume tunoti chivaura,mahoso nekamwe kacho tutiudzeo chivanhu chaicho

    1. iwe haikona kdenha iwe ndiwe benzi vanhu vekumbare vapinda papi manje apa taura nyaya yako haikona kuda kuzviita maningi ndava

  8. Guys, am only interested on one issue. Does this mean this is a form of Gupuro. Does this technically and officially end this marriege? If this is the end then Morgan should prove it by getting his marriege license otherwise hapana zvaanenge akaita. Elimination of Interference is not enough! Mr President(Morgidza) are you now in a position to officially marry Elizabeth? If the agreement says so then your advisors have done their job, if not, fire them again. Progression is the way forward. Otherwise kufudza mombe to Lorcadia’s place’s is not the issue. I’d gladly fudza them as long as i get to be with the woman of my dreams, officially.

    1. they are going to video tape him, and use the same video for further money extortion, it is sinister that they want the big man in person. firstly they shall request him to remove his shoes, 2 he shall be asked to clap his hands as he enters the Karimatsenga homestead 3 he shall be asked to seat on the floor with folded legs. 4 they shall address him as mukwasha 5 they shall try to further penalize him for failing to clap his hands well or for failing to seat in their desired posture. 6 they may even disregard the out of court settlement and try to strike a new deal. i advise the big man to be as wise as a serpent he is dealing with??????????

  9. Rutendo Moyondizvo

    Mr president in waiting mungwarire mhandu, musadya zveko, or becareful muroad planned accident !!!!, maybe another truck will be waiting lol

  10. Gold digger!

  11. if relatively simple issues of marriage can vex one like this, how will more complex issues of Presiding over a state be?

  12. @ nhamodzinesu. You raise a very interesting and important question…

  13. imi veNewsday, tipeiwo maserious mutinyorere nyaya dzipera,nxaa!

  14. what can l say people?

  15. Apa wataura chinonzi chokwadi. Ava ve WOZA venge vari zii Morgan achizviita bhuru renyika. Ko ana MSASA PROJECT varipi. So you wonder whose rights are they advocating for if women are abused day in day out.I thought WOZA na MSASA PROJECT were going to organise a protest against Tsvangirai over his open zip policy. Pandinosangana nema joki e WOZA achiita ma demonstration ndinovadashura ne iron bar. Mari ye fine ndinayo.

  16. asi chii nhai morgan akazvipa zuva here rekunoroora loca the karimatsengas must pay for the taboo they caused no wonder why the marriage didnt last ,in shona november is not amonth yekurooresa,and why do they want morg himself aende nemombe a family member can go and represent him too ,asi loca wosiya eliza umbotapirirwavoka nhai kuenjoya

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