PM attack sparks war

The MDC-T has lashed at National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairman Lovemore Madhuku for criticising Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s stance on the constitution-making process, saying the activist had assumed a Zanu PF role.


Madhuku criticised the MDC-T leader’s handling of the constitution-making process as “childish behaviour” at a recent public meeting in Harare.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora yesterday labelled Madhuku a Zanu PF mouthpiece.

“People like Madhuku have taken over the Zanu PF role of attacking Tsvangirai for everything,” he told NewsDay.

“The point is Madhuku is just being abusive of the PM because of his (Madhuku’s) failures.

“He rejected the draft constitution before he even saw it and now that it’s a good document, he has very little to say, but to abuse the MDC.

“The MDC is astounded by the allegations by Madhuku that Tsvangirai’s stance on the constitution-making process shows he is childish.

“It is one thing for Madhuku to constructively criticise our president and it is another thing to hurl empty insults at Tsvangirai as if someone is on the Zanu PF payroll.”

But in a hard-hitting response, Madhuku’s NCA yesterday said it was a shame that there were people who were getting angry on Tsvangirai’s behalf.

“It is unfortunate that there are some in the MDC-T who appear to be paid to get emotional and angry on behalf of their party president much to the detriment of their own misplaced political reason,” the NCA said in a statement.

“The statements attributed to Professor Madhuku are in no way a deviation from the values and principles of the NCA as they relate to the continuing struggle for a people-driven constitution as opposed to the fallacy and national disaster that has been the political principals’ undemocratic Copac process.

“We have no business with the MDC whatsoever, as they are not part of NCA because of their chameleonic tendencies of being part of a bogus and illegitimate money-spinning constitution-making process.”

The latest fallout was sparked by statements attributed to Madhuku, a strong critic of the Copac-led process, where he was quoted as praising Zanu PF for its “intelligence”.

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  1. Typical of all opposition and so called analysts and professors. The only meaningful contribution to this country is to criticise Tsvangirai. Its sad that a man who was once of good repute has joined in the bandwagon of rhetorical criticism. If he is not an agent of zanu pf how come we have not heard him say anything negative about Bob and his Zany party. Prove us wrong Madhuku. Zanu yakukudyisa handiti.

    1. It shows that Tsvangirai is the man of the moment! I don’t know why the MDC-T is so silly to be destracted by the same simple trick ZANU (PF) has used in the past – paying people to cause confusion in strong opposition parties.

    2. Not all who criticize Tsvangirai, are Zanu PF, Tsvangirai can be and must criticized unless he wants to be a dictator like Mugabe. Mudhuku is entitle to his own opinion just like any Zimbabwean.

  2. NCA you are irrelevant to things in Zimbabwe . Your constitution and views have failed . If you want to get into Politics get in ….Do not sit on the touchline and throw stones….Morgan is our Saviour…

  3. The NCA i s an NGO. They have to be making controversial statements once in a while to justify their existence otherwise without making noises, they die an inevitable slow dearth. It is difficult to imagine the relevance of the NCA beyond the resolution of the current Zimbabwean political impasse. In the meanwhile, the NCA must keep making appropriate noises to justify their donor sponsored wages.

  4. Madhuku has gone heywire

  5. madhuku joins the likes of chaibva to critises tsvangirai. they are given platform by zanu on their zanu broadcasting corparation (zbc). that wl nt help

  6. join politics openly

  7. Tambaoga Shirichena

    Professor Lovemore Madhuku has relevance by criticising the current constitution making process. NCA will not have relevance once the new constitution is adopted. NCA opposed the current constitution making process ab initio and Douglas Mwonzora should realise that. Constructive criticism is helpful as it provides checks and balances. Take a clue on the best views of NCA and put in the dustbin what you think is irrelevant from NCA. Douglas Mwonzora must not lose sleep by the rhetorics of Professor Lovemore Madhuku’s remarks in any sphere of democracy. Madhuku’s NCA asserts that “we have no business with the MDC whatsoever, as they are not part of NCA because of their chameleonic tendencies of being part of a bogus and illegitimate money-spinning constitution-making process,” is enough conclusion to cement the irreconciliable ideological differences between NCA, MDC-T, MDC-M, MDC-N and ZANU PF. Tolerance of individual differences is one of the qualities of modern democracy. May Douglas Mwonzora learn to accept divergent views and opinions and move forward.

  8. madhuku has done nothing to improve the political and econumic improvement in zimbabwe sice he was born

  9. madhuku is now out of his normal senses.he is a learned man yet he cant even see how tsvangirai has helped the nation from the horns of dilemma zanu pf had subjected us to.the current constitution gave
    them powers to deal with us in any way they wanted,now we want to correct that madhuku then starts
    to talk rubbish.urimwana wezanu iwe ndazviona manje wairasa haulume mese na bhosi waka

  10. Why is debate shunned in ZIm? Why do grown men behave like children all the time? Finally what happened to Tsvangirai’s broken down Nissan Sentra that he drove when in charge at the ZCTU?

    1. stupid dofo!!!!!!!!!

  11. the Nissan sentra is irrelevant at the moment .learn to follow things that are being discussed dofo reminhu

    1. Natasha,don’t you get the point? OK. Madhuku feels that Tsvangirai is compromising by trying to push through a poor constitution. I feel that the last 4 years have shown me the writing on the wall about Tsvangirai I question his wealth.

      Insulting someone because you dont agree with them is childish.

      1. coming up with a wholly people centered constitution at this moment is just a dream …. only what we want are the provisions which provides for a free and fair election. all other things will be worked out when zanu is out of power. we can dream and dream but zanu will never accept a constitution that will undermine its political future.

    2. zvakwana idofo, zvesentra izvo ndezvipi

  12. who doesnt know maitiro emhondi dzenanu pf , dont ever think zimbabweans are stupid, your time is over donnt ever think u can convince the public by such stupid analysis

  13. i want to tell zanupf one thing , they will never win in a free and fair election against the mdc ,no matter how much you spent compaining , makarwadzisa vanhu muchivaponda

  14. Madhuku Zvawanga wakura zvakanaka Chii. You are joining a loosing team.Ya sekuru

  15. we need to debate issues not personalities, policies not politics

  16. Its very sad that NOWHERE in the world is there a PEOPLE DRIVEN constitution but may be a CONSTITUTION FOR THE PEOPLE. What Madhuku wants will only happen in the REPUBLIC OF UTOPIA. But he is partly correct.THE COPAC constitution process is VERY FLAWED. Rambai zvenyu.

  17. Madhuku is crape,save musacheuke muridzo

    1. The truth of the matter is without this new constitution weduwee imimi ndimi muri Harare kuno kumamisha tinokwara nemabase aBob maakunganwa because safe. Iwe Madhuku ”chisingaperi chinoshura musoro wegudo chave chinokoro”. New constitution means even ground for a new despensation regai Mugabe adyiwe zvakanaka. Musaite setuKUTU twunopesvedzera, kuti tirumwe. Please onsider the interests of the masses

  18. Of course Madhuku like everyone else has every right to offer his opinion..Mwonzora should remember that his job as spokesman is not a stroll in the park. Calling Madhuku a ZANU apparitchik is not sufficient defence to his criticism. My view is that since same Mwonzora has so much on his plate why is he wasting his time commenting on trivia? Madhuku is in search of relevance after singlehandedly destroying an important national project like the NCA why give him this legitimacy he desperately craves my commenting on the rantings of a gutter bird?
    Mwonzora should not try to be clever by half by sidestepping the real issue; which is the coming primaries and the DISASTER coated avenue he and his colleagues have chosen to travel.. If anything this is destined to put new steel coffins into the MDC’s future it is this one, not the distractions from Madhuku who is already a small spark on the rear view mirror of the Zimababwean political ship of state sailing fast into the distance. Concentrate on the bomb that is staring you in the FACE; primary elections..go back to your grass roots on this issue before you do further damage to your party with these careless ill thought out statements you are making presently..You sir, are playing with FIRE and given the current status of our fire brigade this is ill advised.

    1. Wilson Chikarakate

      Madhuku’s head is growing tripple bigger than his senses leaving big space enough to accommodate political rhetoric utterance tumors.

  19. At Zanu PF we are having a laugh whilst former colleagues argue. This is good.

  20. What do you expect from Madhuku. They share the same head with Jonathan Moyo and l will not be surprised with his utterances. Vese ndivana musorodamba

  21. Professor Lovemore Madhuku is an Academic. The life of an academic is governed by conscience and facts. As an academic you are bound by the facts and the truth, and not by fear of who supports you or what. Douglas is a Politician and these are people who do not discuss facts and ideas. If you can’t accept criticism then you are not worth a leader. The problem with MDC Supporters is that you are just like Zanu pf supporters, you can’t accept the limitations of your leaders at any cost. We don’t eat the constitution. Douglas as a layer is well aware that the US constitution was done in three months, why should this one take ages, well so that they make money..Now the same guys don’t want primaries yet you pretend you are a party for democracy. Mitt Romney lost, we know he will not contest again. Obama is in his last term. Why should zimbabweans be condemned to the choice of an 88 year old man and a Elliterate womaniser?

  22. Mdc t yenyu iyi

  23. I suppose if you smell fart, you say it must be ZanuPF because it stinks. You are their opposite extreme. And the worst part about people like you, is that you turn Tsvangirayi into a Mugabe

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