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PM attack sparks war


The MDC-T has lashed at National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairman Lovemore Madhuku for criticising Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s stance on the constitution-making process, saying the activist had assumed a Zanu PF role.


Madhuku criticised the MDC-T leader’s handling of the constitution-making process as “childish behaviour” at a recent public meeting in Harare.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora yesterday labelled Madhuku a Zanu PF mouthpiece.

“People like Madhuku have taken over the Zanu PF role of attacking Tsvangirai for everything,” he told NewsDay.

“The point is Madhuku is just being abusive of the PM because of his (Madhuku’s) failures.

“He rejected the draft constitution before he even saw it and now that it’s a good document, he has very little to say, but to abuse the MDC.

“The MDC is astounded by the allegations by Madhuku that Tsvangirai’s stance on the constitution-making process shows he is childish.

“It is one thing for Madhuku to constructively criticise our president and it is another thing to hurl empty insults at Tsvangirai as if someone is on the Zanu PF payroll.”

But in a hard-hitting response, Madhuku’s NCA yesterday said it was a shame that there were people who were getting angry on Tsvangirai’s behalf.

“It is unfortunate that there are some in the MDC-T who appear to be paid to get emotional and angry on behalf of their party president much to the detriment of their own misplaced political reason,” the NCA said in a statement.

“The statements attributed to Professor Madhuku are in no way a deviation from the values and principles of the NCA as they relate to the continuing struggle for a people-driven constitution as opposed to the fallacy and national disaster that has been the political principals’ undemocratic Copac process.

“We have no business with the MDC whatsoever, as they are not part of NCA because of their chameleonic tendencies of being part of a bogus and illegitimate money-spinning constitution-making process.”

The latest fallout was sparked by statements attributed to Madhuku, a strong critic of the Copac-led process, where he was quoted as praising Zanu PF for its “intelligence”.

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