Mugabe in dramatic U-turn

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday excluded MDC leader Welshman Ncube from a meeting of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) leaders to discuss the new constitution despite making commitments to include the minister in the crucial process.
Report by Everson Mushava

Mugabe – who is defying a Southern African Development Community (Sadc) resolution to include Ncube in the meetings – is said to have convinced Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara to meet him without the MDC leader.

Ncube was informed about yesterday’s meeting by both the PM and President’s offices, but was not told of the venue until he traced them to State House.

When he arrived, he was kept outside while Mugabe, Mutambara and Tsvangirai discussed the fate of the constitution-making process and the MDC leader was only briefed about what the three had agreed on.

MDC secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga said they felt betrayed by Tsvangirai who had earlier promised to boycott the meeting if Ncube was excluded.

The minister said they were shocked by what they saw on arrival at State House.

“To our surprise, Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara were already in the meeting while Eric Matinenga (Parliamentary and Constitutional Affairs minister) waited to apprise them on the task he was given last week,” she said.

“Mutambara came out and invited Matinenga inside to make his presentation while leaving Prof Ncube out.

“He (Ncube) was later called in after Matinenga’s presentation and after a decision on the way forward was made.”

Misihairabwi-Mushonga said Tsvangirai now appeared to endorse Mugabe’s position to exclude Ncube.

“Now we have a bigger problem with Tsvangirai than we have with Mugabe and Mutambara,” she said.

“Tsvangirai is saying one thing in public and behaving differently in private.Earlier in the day, we heard Mugabe had told Tsvangirai he did not want Ncube to be part of the meeting and that Tsvangirai had vowed to boycott in that event.”

“But surprisingly, he was part of the meeting without Ncube.”
Tsvangirai’s spokesperson William Bango said he was not aware Ncube had been excluded from the meeting. He insisted the meeting did not discuss the contents of the new constitution, but the process.
“They can make those allegations, but the meeting looked at the process,  not the contents,” Bango said.

“They will meet again next week to discuss the contents.

“Today (yesterday) Minister Matinenga simply presented them with a report on how the process can be lifted and the principals are studying it now.”

At the weekend, Bango said last week’s meeting did not make progress on the constitution-making process because Ncube was not present.Misihairabwi-Mushonga said Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara had already made decisions when Ncube was called in yesterday.

“They decided to set up a small committee to look into the submissions on the divergent views submitted by Minister Matinenga,” she said.

“This means the process had been opened to renegotiation to allow the Zanu PF proposals.I wonder how Tsvangirai can agree to such a stupid position when he had repeatedly said he would not allow renegotiation of the process.”

“He was not supposed to agree on that. If a deadlock is to be declared, let the facilitation team break it than making such concessions.”

Matinenga’s mobile phone was not reachable while Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba was not picking his phone when contacted for comment on the developments.

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  1. Welsh & Priscilla can-not expect PM to fight for them in their war with Prof Mutambara. These TWO Professors should go back to the Univesrsities where they belong…..their war is now sickening. The PM has better things to attend to rather than to involve himself in the war between two unenelcted fools who call themselves professors. Welsh, you caused all this, you discarded MT, went to the US to look for AM to lead what you called genuine MDC, now you cry to MT to fight for you against a monster you created, you are an idiot Welsh

    1. Welsh kept quiet when there was violence all over the country in the run up to the rerun because he was against an outright Tsvangirai victory as this would have left in the cold politically.

      He had lost in the parliamentary election and the only way he could come back into mainstream politics was if a coalition government was formed. He thus tacitly approved of the violence.

      Up to today Welsh has never condemned the violence which occured then because he was a direct beneficiary of the violence as it denied MDC T an outright victory.
      Suddenly he cries foul and wants Tsvangirai to come to his rescue, Please !!!

      Welsh you still owe the nation an explanation about your trysts with Henrietta Rushwaya who betrayed the whole nation, though i dont expect Newsday and other Alpha publications to take you up on that one , that is if they even print this comment

      1. blatant tribalism wont get us anywhere john,if you have the anglican church saga l wouldnt think you would dispute ncubes only perpetuate tribalism by trying to jusitfy what is not justifiable and you go on to attack alpha because there is a ncube,a ndebele at the helm..really?Are we there YET?

        1. ZViko i read Makwiro’s comment 3 times but failed to see how his comments are tribalistic.

        2. hapana tribalism ndebele pple makutsaga pekuda kutaura nyaya yenyu these guyz are in a race and as we know politics as it is a man got to do wat a man got to do to win its a dirty game

    2. Tichafa Tazvigwira

      Well said Mzi: Ncube must fight for his space ALONE. When he dumped Tsvangirai he thought he would make it alone.

    3. You are right Mzi , i SUPPORT U 1000%

  2. Dramatic u-turn?????!!!!!!!Whats dramatic here unless the word has acquired a new meaning.Sensationalism at its height!!!Please guys, balance your stories!

    1. I very much agree.It should be Tsvangirai sells out

      1. Welshman humiliated

      2. rubbish, What does he owe welshman. Remember welshman dumped morgan expecting a huge following. he shld fight his own battles.

  3. Why did you use the name Mugabe. the heading must read PRINCIPALS IN DRAMATIC U TURN.

  4. Welshman shud juss keep out of politics. In the game of politics, i wach ur back and u watch mine but b prepared to to be fooled wn ur watch ur partners back whist he/she is plotin with other to attack u

    1. this is crystal clear. mgabe, tsvangirai and mtambara are tshona supremacists and tribalists. they want a meeting without ncube because they can talk in tshona and agree to marginalize matabeleland. all the stupid comments on Welshmen are hogwash. only a fool can claim that Welsh sold out on Tsvangirai. the moron betrayed the values of democracy and split the party. mgabe wants him coz hi is easy to convince on technical issues. they want to look at the draft constitution being an unholy trio so that they can produce a watered down concept of devolution of power which Welsh will never accept. magugurawunde ndini…

      1. Washaya nyaya .Enough with the tribalistic mind set

      2. Zvauri kutaura ndezvebenzi. Haufungi washaya nyaya iwe.

      3. Ndwindwi kaBhubezi

        Tshona manje? Ko Ukanzi Mudzwiti nhaiwe mundevere?

  5. Welshman is a political green horn who should not be taken too seriously especially where national issues are concerned. He can not beat Mugabe to the political game. He should be content that his principal prof Mutambara was in the meeting. After all he represents no one apart from Coltart and his gay fellow Rhodie sellouts scouts

  6. whose constitution is this? the oldman and his contenders or the peoples’ why not let the people vote and see a way forward?

  7. Welshman will survive Shona Gukurahundi Shona tribalism – be rest assured, the Gods are with him!!

    1. by the way welshman is known for being very tribalistic. ask the people he schooled at college what he thinks of us the Shonas. Give him two minutes to rule and you’ll all be shocked.

      1. @Vhulela

        Wena Vhulela, we will never take Gukurahundi accusations of tribalism seriously because it is always a “given” that you all call anybody from Mthwakazi a tribalist – this is Gukurahundism taught to you by you masters in Harare.

        Why should we ask former school mates about Welshman – he is now a political leader, an adult and far more mature than he could have been in his school days – unless you can produce CONTEMPORARY/CURRENT proof of his tribalism, all your claims are simply Gukurahundism very much deserving of the Gukurahundism dustbin!!

    2. MaShona nemaNdebele sei muchida kuita sekuti muZim ndimi chete murimo heee tribalism yei mamwe marudzi ese takatyora munoti hatifungi. Kwanai

  8. th heading is misleading why mugabe’s name not the GPA’s

  9. kikiki wereshi hauna power

  10. Apparently Zimbabwean professors have a knack of courting controversy, look at them, Mahoso, Jonah Moyo, Welsh, Mutambara, the list is endless, there is a problem here of being a proffessor.

    1. Mutongi you forgot Madhulu

    2. Mutongi Gava you forgot Madhuku

    3. Welshman and Priscilla just keep quiet you represent nobody. Leave Tsvangisto alone. Yu expelled yo MPs becoz yu thot they were coniving wth MDC T so leave Tsvangie alone

    4. Spot on mutongi. They make me feel that to be a professor u have to be nutty. U c when u write a thesis u go out into the world and try to convince everyone that what u wrote down is the best bullshit of all. Yet No country was ever ruled by a professor. Tell the Dukus Ncubez Tambaras Nutty Jonos & Hosos and not forgetting Mupaparike papaz to stick to the library and leave politics to real human beings.

  11. If Welsh think he has a war to fight, he can fight his battle and not expect MT to fight on his behalf.

  12. Gukurahundi Shona tribalism – we will bring it down to its knees rest assured!

    1. @Mbonisi- I always look forward to you comments not that I agree or disagree with them but I admire how you patiently try to school some of our brothers here who (some of them) clearly do not have the capacity to to learn.

      Unfortunately there is a media blackout on Prof. Ncube and this conspiracy to deny him his rightful position is carefully done so that we all remain blinded to the fact that Prof. Ncube is a sharp politician whose following is drawn towards him not by coercion but out of respect and trust of the man. And the only reason why some partys are still in power is because there a party of gangs who thrive on instilling fear…..

  13. Mugabe anoda kusiya anyora dondo ofa otisiira nhamo. Madhara cant write a draft 4 us. Ncube you are reaping what u saw have u ever stood with morgan. Next u are out

  14. welshman & mutambara are all sellouts, they must not give tsvangirai a headache who to choose

  15. Still dont understand why Tsvangirayi is expected to help the other MDC with the Mtambara problem. They are opponents and this problem is frankly of their own making and the other parties are simply capitalising on it.

  16. I dont think there is a problem in leaving Ncube, this guy is not serious at all. Such pple are not supposed to be part of the proceedings especially when talking of rebuilding our beloved country.

    1. @ James

      Leaving Ncube outside the Principals meeting will never be a problem forh those of Gukurahundi upbringing, infused with large doses of Shona Gukurahundism!

      Gukurahundism by its very nature is all about “othering”; “marginalising” and “excluding” everything and anybody from Matebeland/Mthwakazi provinces. You obviously agree, because this comes NATURALLY to you people!!

      1. you must be an angry person mbonisi, you hate shonas so much, beware u may die of high BP. And by the way what caused Gukurahundi?

        1. @dividola

          How do Shonas come into all this?

          I am tallking about Gukurahundis who hate Welshman Ncube because he is a Mthwakazi/Ndebele – I am not talking about Shonas!!

        2. Instead of focusing on the subject in question Mbonisi you waste your energy of Gukurahundi. That’s the same mentality Welshman has, don’t worry they will invite him when they start deliberations on Devolution it seems that is the only contribution his party (which is him) has to offer.

      2. Your comments are very unfortunate from a seemingly learned guy like you Mbonie.Tribalism is a very dangerous disease. Anyone who has such an inclination is sick in the head, ndebele. venda kalanga or shona speaking. Tribalists are not fit to co exist with normal people.

        1. @ papa zulu
          Please address the real tribalism being exhibited here by Gukurahundis who hate Welshman for being Ndebele!!

        2. Unfortunately the Ndebeles haven’t given Welshman Ncube a mandate to represent them.There are Ndebeles in MDC-T and Zanu PF with mandates from Ndebeles.I am not sure which Ndebeles you want Ncube to represent.You are treading on thin ice and just expressing tribal sentiments without any legal or political basis.You are the tribalist here homeboy.

  17. Welsh why both with that sellout Tsvangirai, the man has become incompetent, decisive, untrustworthy, a skirt chaser, & definitely a tea boy for his uncle Mugabe. Nothing surprises me these days with what Tsvangirai does, his loyal lies with Bob & Mutambara. Now who is a sellout? Rise up people of Matabeleland come elections as we carefully cast our votes for a right leader, Tsvangirai & Mugabe are definitely not getting my vote…

  18. @James Zimbabwe needs diversity when it comes to politics, we are sick & tired of same political parties with it’s leaders, with their empty promises. It’s time for a change… Meaning fresh faces like Tendai Biti with strong leadership qualities, should now take up leadership in MDC. Otherwise Tsvangirai will forever come short against Mugabe, resulting in countless government of national unity which is a bummer.

    1. My friend it is social academics like you and tribalists like the lot of idiots who are commenting on tribal lines that make Zanu pf smile all the way to the elections. Thank God we have the majority of Zimbabweans who do not have the tribal and superior academic feeling that some of you have.It is this lot that due to their numbers will assist in getting rid of Bob and Zanu pf. Academic superiority makes one feel they know all the political solutions. Do some research and find out how many years it takes an opposition party to get into power world over. Changing leadership with only 13 years of existence! Just like the way you change the national team coaches and look at where it has gotten your country.Just look at how academics and tribalism have messed up our soccer. We think we know it all and a certain tribe think they can run Zifa on their own. Do this at your own peril. You will carry on dividing the votes and it will be one GNU after another. Simple: Get rid of Zanu pf and BOB by voting in Morgan. Deal with Morgan within the 5 year term limit If he succeeds then its only another 5 years. Surely what demage can he do that will surpass what comrade jongwe did in the 30 years of office? Just becoz he is a Shona and does not hold a degree.OMG. Lets just hope that the “uneducated” non-tribalistic majority will have an edge over the rest of you numbskulls otherwise we are in for another GNU.God help this country.

      1. Thula mntwana weGukurahundis don’t lecture us about tribalism when your ancestor’s blood is dripping with it. Occupy yourself by eating mbeba and let us vote Welshman to lead the people of Matebeleland…you got that?

        1. my frend u dont think.dont express your stupidity on this forum

  19. i guess people will be wiser in future

  20. Akulandaba Welshman mfana wekhaya, isono sakho yikuthi u li NDEBELE. Wether they call you or not for these Kangaroo meeting, you are assured of my vote. These are the things that makes us Mandebele feel marginalised.

  21. the courts are doing us a disservice by not passing judgement on this critical issue quickly for justice delayed is justice denied. they should just give finality to who is the president of mdc-n

    1. @Chris Gaza

      The courts are not the issue – they have never been the issue. They are just being used for ulteria motives, that is all.

      You had Bennet’s case, where we not told about “waiting for the courts”? and after the courts ruled in favour of Bennet then what happened? Is Bennet the Deputy Minister of Agriculture today?

      So, lingazikhohlisi – akukho Nkantolo elindiwe la, ngamanga kuphela. When have Gukurahundis bothered about what the courts say, unless the ruling is in their favour?

      So forget it – there is no court ruling these guys are waiting for – we know it is all about neutralising opponents and for Gukurahundis, if tribalism can do that for them – its bugger national unity – who cares; it will be used to good effect – we know this for sure, we are not stupid!!!

  22. SO, amongst all of you bloggers, who is the judge as to who amongst these politicians is right or wrong, stupid or clever, and all that kind of s***. None of you knows the underlying cause of their feud so shut the hell up. All you know is what you read in the papers.

  23. Its a matter of time. Come 2013 we will be with the MDC-T Gukurahundis crying themselves to sleep.

    It will be tears all over the place after Tswangirayi has been dribbled to the wayside by the older Gukurahundi – the 89 year old geriatric – wait and see and just mark my words!

  24. Seems professorship and Zim politicks is ‘water and oil’ :
    Prof Morgan Tswangirai (Dictatorship, Confusion, Womanising, Lack of Strategy)
    Prof Robert Mugabe (Dictatorship and Violence, Divide-and-Rule-For-Life Strategies)
    Prof Jonathan Moyo
    Prof Arthur Mutambara
    Prof Welshman Ncube

  25. By the way, Jonathan Moyo beats them all because he is virtually the President of Zimbabwe, Mugabe eats from his palm, hence he can insult, redicule him anytime and nothing will happen to him, he decides for every Zimbabwean (AIPPA, Constitution, Political Strategy, etc, etc….)

  26. The headline is misleading, Mugabe did not make any Dramatic U turn. MT and AM have simply decided to close ranks and exclude Ncube. why drag Mugabe into this. By aligning with Mutambara Mr. Tsvangirai is further weakening the other MDC unit. (divide and rule My brother) i wonder where he learnt that trick. Your exclusion Welshman should not suprise you. Study the game make wise alliances and for goodness sake end this tiff with Mutambara its weakening your position in important matters.

    All three of you boys can learn a thing or two from the old man.

  27. politics does not need cry babies. for starters ncube must rename his party as he has with the colours of the part if he is genuine. just like the anglican saga, u cant run away from a union and claim ownership on the sidelines. kunonga and ncube are on the same platform too much noise no action. he ran away from tsvangirayi and now he expects the same guy to fight for his cause, i dont think so. as long long as he doesnt stand on his own he will fail and the other guys gaining milage.

  28. Gukurahundis should revisit the history of the MDC split – Welshman Ncube never split from the MDC – it is your Tswangison who split from the rest of the MDC during their 31 vs 30 NEC split over the Senate elections. Refusing to acknowledge this fact is pure Gukurahundism – nothing else!!

    1. Just like Zanu split from Zapu right? So what? Who is in the majority. You are splitting hairs fool.

  29. Mugabe knows that he can easily dribble past Tsvangirai and Mutambara when it comes 2 critical constitutional matters by so doin he wl be able to smuggle the Zanu PF position ,Mr Tendai is has by far the best brains that can match Mugabe,Ncube as far as constitutional matters are concerned

  30. You ignore one man’s warning cries…next time its you whos crying. When Morgan is President which is soon, he will be shifting positions as the situaTIONS SUITS HIM. You will cry. When your leader’s shortcoming are being exposed…dont just defend him……this is one of the reasons Mitt Romney lost acceptance because for a State leader to vacillate is dangerous………& countless times we have warned about Morgan’s weakness. Its you who must pressure him to change otherwise he will enter the State House with that & plunge the country into embarassments. We say this not so you dont vote for him….( the stakes are too high not to) but expose his weakness & help him improve NOT JUST IGNORE………..THATS HOW WE CREATED MUGABE……….& NOW HE UNTOUCHABLE.

  31. isono sami yikuba ngumzwa ngendaba …….khonale ezimpapwe ruinz okunathwa amanzi esewage…. ehalale okulentombi ezinuka amakhwapha…. abingifuni mina……

    1. Really?

  32. @Mbonisi and other misguided fools, gukurahundi was necessary to get rid of dissidents like you. We still need another cleansing to get rid of pple like yourself, little welshman ncube etc

    1. @Dumb Prof Welsh

      You are very right – Gukurahundi is necessary, what do you think Jabulani Sibanda is doing in rural Manicaland, Buhera, Chinoi and all those Shona areas – its to deal with Gukurahundis, like you!!!

  33. Generally speaking, Gukurahundis are very stupid, and dull people. Even as adults, they lack the capacity to think independently from what they were taught – no matter how much evidence is presented to them that debunks their previous teachings.

    Gukurahundis are cocroaches that have spread all over the world running away from their Gukurahundi upbringing. They think the world owes them something and are always seeking attention!!

    1. Ndwindwi kaBhubezi

      You seem to be painting all Shonas with this same Gukurahundi brush. You have just lost my respect

      1. @Ndwindwi kaBhubezi

        Not all Shonas are Gukurahundis and not all Mthwakazi are NOT Gukurahundis e.g. Jabulani Sibanda and Enos Nkala are also Gukurahundis, just to name a few.

        The problem with the Shona is that the majority of them are Gukurahundi or rather they exhibit Gukurahundi tendencies or mentalities – for example the tendency to want to exclude anybody from Mthwakazi from participatiing in national affairs unless he participates under the leadership of a Shona – that is Gukurahundism in my book.

        Its unfortunate those who are not Gukurahundis appear to be outnumbered by the Gukurahundis!!

        1. Ndwindwi kaBhubezi

          OK Mboni. But so you know there are some of us who are not interested in politics and we do not pick sides because we believe all politicians will sooner or later lie and deceive because their drive is to get into power. Good Christian men like Obama we not supporting gay marriages in the first campaign but just to get votes his position changes on the second campaign. David Cameron entered politics as an ultra conservative but now he wants those receiving British aid to enact laws supporting gays. Zuma got in on a populist pro people platform but now they feel neglected, especially the youth and the gap between rich and poor widens, witness the strikes and his response etc. Cyrill Ramamphosa entered politics via trade unions but now that he his rich he writes emails supporting mining houses against the strikers. Chiluba the same and he got corruptly rich. Tsvangirayi will probably go the same way and so would Ncube. As for Zanu we all know what has happened over the past 32 years. My suggestion is we declare Zimbabwe a Christian nation, with a Christian Constitution and Christian leaders, but fat chance of that happening! By the way one of my parents is Shona and non of my family are in politics or power and so in your terms there is none of us likely to be Gukurahundi. Lets keep it respectable.

  34. I think the generality of the bloggers here are right the last months or two after an episode like this,sista priscilla has alwayz decided to run with her crybaby stories to the AMH newspapers.and the sad part is these newspapers have been more than willing to paint this villifyng picture of the pm.i have a couple of questions for sista priscilla.which pple as we speak do you and welshmen draw your legitimacy from,seeing as you r not elected and the majority of the elected members of yo party have crossed the floor.its nonsense to tell us that only the mps crossed the floor and not the electorate becoz those mps were elected as your party reps.another question is who stands to benefit if gvt business comes to a halt becoz of yo personal feud with mtambara,especially the constitution business.the boycott strategy works well when you r outside gvt and not when u r inside,zuma put that to u at the just ended conference when u tried that trick.the last question,why should the pm be fighting mtambara in yo corner.u created yo own party constitutional crisis be coz u wanted to look different.ikoko kwamakadzidza uku do they not also teach pple management as well as leadership skills.u cant miss an oportuninity to let us know hw uneducated the pm is but he certainly can teach pple like u a great deal in those fields.

  35. Mbonisi yu ar a bitter man, yu seem to be learned though, yu will die of stress ooh. yu dont need to overeact with these national issues. occupy yourself with how yu could feed your family period.

  36. I truly urge my fellow Zims to get rid of Mugabe’s Gukurahundi politics – you have a country full of potential, but your relationships as people of the same country are abismal, to say the least!

  37. I truly urge my fellow Zims to get rid of Mugabe’s Gukurahundi politics – you have a country full of potential, but your relationships as people of the same country are abysmal, to say the least!

  38. mbonisi endaka kuna vamugabe vacho kwete kungogwauta pano apa

    1. Akuthule wena – ziningi la eMzansi izangoma, zizokwesula ubuGukurahundi bonke buphela nya. Yiza, ma ungena mali ngizokukhokhela – akukhathazi!!

  39. Ncube should rejoin MDC-T and the new party will become MDC. I’m worried about the T as a suffix on the MDC led by Tsvangirayi. How can a different person become a leader in a party with an initial of the founding president? What if Tsvangirayi suddenly behaves like Kunonga, who claimed that church properties are his ARGUING THAT THE PARTY HAS HIS INITIAL ON ITS NAME!! So the crisis we have in Zim politics might be traced to Ncube’s doorstep. Why did he invite Mutambara to lead the party ahead of cadres from the movement, especially Gibson Sibanda and others? For a professor to form a party knowing very well that the base shall be in one region is the height of irresponsibility and can easily be labelled divisive. So if the prof is for Zimbabwean development, he should consider rejoining MDC or ZANU PF whichever he fancies but his best bet is MDC led by Tsvangirayi…I hate the suffix of MDC-T!

  40. bhadharai maenumarators mari dzavo pliz hapana chinofamba mukasadaro.

  41. Can’t wait for elections to cast my vote for Welshman Ncube, Tsvangirai no place for you & Mugabe in Matabeleland. Now keep drinking your team while gossiping about Ncube but votes will show you where the door is at come elections. Once voted for you but that was pivotal mistake that I will never ever repeat. Rise up Matabeleland born free & kick Gu

  42. Gukurahundis out of Matabeleland!!

  43. Ncube stop crying foul like a baby. God knows what will become of this country. Both leaders seem to be posesd by an unknown spirit. Look wat is happening! Mugabe is blatant ditactor.Tsvangirai is a fool and political clueless! surely guys wat good do u xpect 4rm Tsvangirai? He named the party after himself. he is undecided an depends on other people’s minds. wat a hogwash? @Zimbabweans, pliz lets unite and pray 4 good leaders. God says a good leader comes 4rm Him. Lets not be dissapointed coz we save the mighty King. Sollution will never come 4rm Tsvangs or Mugab or ncube bt 4rm God!!

  44. gugurahundi sounds bitter esp 4 ndebeles and other shonas in middlelands. Zanu-pf is behind it. so pliz lets not blame other shonas who ar innocent. the saying is : like the jews so were the ndebeles. period!!

  45. tsvangirai hs betrayed us. we want devolution bt he is quite. do not allow this mugabe to swallow it. we know him. he swallowed Zapu and now he wants to swallow Mdc and devolution? never! enough is enough granny! period

  46. bob, tsvangirai are selfish caz they agreed to include ncube. their actions show that they dont wanna incoperate the ndebeles. a questionof interest is that what will zim be like if one of them win the next election. surely these guys arent fit to rule dis country. its not dat supporting ncube bt jus citing facts.

  47. President Jacob Zuma took over mediator-ship from Mr Thabo Mbeki the former South African President who is a signatory to our GPA as that country was chosen by SADC to facilitate for a peaceful settlement in Zimbabwe, and on the same grounds Prof Ncube should smartly assume the post once held by Prof Mutambara.Unless the GPA was signed on personal basis by principals other than party positions then we have a problem ahead of us.Mr Thabo Mbeki should have continued his role if that is the case.

    I am of the opinion that President Robert Mugabe and Prime-minister Morgen Tsvangirayi should vehemently tell Prof Mutambara to solve his leadership wrangles first in order to represent the party MDC at GPA meetings or face exclusion to GPA meetings unless the President and the Prime-minister have personals towards Prof Ncube which i do not believe exist.

  48. All these mugabes ,ncubes and the buhera born ‘his sexellency’ pm womaniser, are wasting our .iT SEEMS SIMBA MAKONI is the best alternative ,an able,blameless,wise ,temperate,experienced,handisome,uncorrupt and a lamb without blemish.

  49. ncube ibenzi remunhu.why wastin’ his time breakin’ away from a victorious side, chake kudivider mavotes and with us knowin’ that, we won’t waste our time considering debris as the original rock.

    wake up mr ncube, cde mugabe is tryin’ to show u th way although he is doin’ it for his party’s benefit

  50. Not unusual, at his age!!!!


    OG: So when can elections be realistically held?
    WN: We know that realistically the processes that have to be undertaken to have elections will take longer than March.

    OG: Have the principals hijacked the constitution-making process?
    WN: There appears to be an agreement between Mugabe, Tsvangirai and (Deputy Prime Minister Arthur) Mutambara that after the stakeholders’ conference government must take over the process to expedite it. We know they put this proposal to the Minister of Constitutional Affairs (Eric Matinenga): he has confirmed it publicly and rejected the move, saying it is a violation of Article 6 of the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

    OG: How do you relate to Tsvangirai?
    WN: We worked together in the National Constitutional Assembly. In the united MDC post congress he was the president, I was the secretary-general. So I can say historically we worked together closely and well. In the government we have worked together closely and well. But we lead different political parties and therefore we believe in different things ideologically, policy-wise.

    OG: Has your relationship been strained by allegations Tsvangirai has allegedly sided with Mugabe on the issue of Mutambara’s principal status
    WN: Well, that was not unexpected.

    OG: Why was it not unexpected?
    WN: Because I know Mugabe would always oppose me and my party. In fact he will seek to destabilise and destroy the party and I know Tsvangirai would support Mugabe’s agenda. If they really didn’t want to interfere in the internal affairs of the MDC they would have accepted our communication to say the MDC had its congress and it elected so and so as its president.

    OG: Who is benefiting here? Is it Mugabe or Tsvangirai or both and what are the benefits?
    WN: I cannot see any benefits for Tsvangirai or the MDC-T. The only person who benefits from this and a dysfunctional inclusive government is Mugabe.

  52. All my fello zimbabweanns unite for one cause brothers ncube is now facing his divisive deeds so he want others to fight for him whilst sleeping wake prof

  53. IF Tsvangirai was principled then he would do the right thing. In this case the right thing is Welsh is the leader of his party and Mutambara the Usurper and impostor. Principled people put their personal feelings aside..and they always stand and fight for the right causes on the good side. Like what Welsh did some time ago. He was principled enough to vote For Lavumo Moyo to be speaker

  54. Tribalism is naivety and it has no place in Zimbabwe. Call it Gukurahundism or whatever! It has no place in our beautiful country. We are a united people and we shall remain united for generations on end. Politicians in Ncube’s/ Mutambara’s MDC are not serious. They are not ready at all to be the leaders that this great nation needs. Can someone please help them?

  55. Pambili leZANU PF comrades.

  56. tsvangirai and his collegues are tribalist this is shown by their intention to ignore khupe as a running mate of tsvangirai

  57. history is repeating its self here,shonas voted for mugabe instead of a competent nkomo because ,nkomo was kalanga from matebeleland

  58. That is politics amai each man for himself, Tsvangirai has got his own party why would he bother about Ncube? Wake up, and smell the coffee.

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