Men fear circumcision

THE male circumcision programme that was launched in 2009 has only seen 10% of the targeted 1,2 million men by 2015 being circumcised, a government official said yesterday.

Report by Pamela Mhlanga Own correspondent

The programme’s national coordinator in the Health and Child Welfare ministry, Sinokuthemba Xaba, was speaking during the opening of a voluntary medical male circumcision clinic in Bulawayo’s Lobengula suburb.

He said most males feared getting circumcised due to a number of factors.

“More and more men have heard about the benefits of male circumcision, but have various concerns that prevent them from getting circumcised,” Xaba said.

“Males have questions like; what if something goes wrong?

“Will the wound heal? Where will my foreskin go? These are some of the fears that we hear every day from men who are considering going for the procedure.”

He indicated male circumcision was a simple and safe procedure that took less than 20 minutes and was conducted by highly trained doctors and nurses.

“During the procedure, you do not feel any pain as it is performed under local anaesthesia,” he said.

“With good hygiene and care, the healing process is fast and foreskins are placed in plastic bags and incinerated as per Ministry of Health and Child Welfare guidelines and the Human Tissue Act of Zimbabwe.”

Xaba also said the ministry wanted to expand male circumcision services to all districts nationwide.

He said the provision of more of these services will help to ensure that they were readily available even in remote rural areas.

Xaba said government was still a long way from reaching its target of having 1,2 million men circumcised by 2015.

“We need to further consolidate our partnerships with all stakeholders in the health sector, religious and traditional leaders and the media to help their communities better understand the benefits of male circumcision to men,” he said.
Bulawayo mayor Thaba Moyo, who officially launched the clinic, commended the opening of the facility — which will be the second one in Bulawayo.

“As residents of Bulawayo and Lobengula, you may be wondering why the city of Bulawayo is committed to the voluntary medical male circumcision programme?

“Male circumcision works as the ministry has carefully analysed evidence from the clinical trials conducted in three African countries, which showed that male circumcision offers 60% protection to men against HIV infection,” Moyo said.



  1. its true coz m actually one of the men fearing such – no pain in gettin it done bt the aftermaths ma1, if sm1 could convince me kuti the pain is minimal then would do it. my wife is currently out of the country for a long tym, i would take it asi panoti marwadzo apo cant take.

    1. Usatya ini it too me two wks if not less to heal,pain is minimal course salt yako gara uinayo.Otherwise its quite safe u will also b protecting your wife.

      1. Kutaura Muchinyanya

        so maybe u can tell us more from your experience.. how is ur sexual performance after circumcision compared to before? is your manhood still as sensitive at before? i had it takes longer to ejaculate after circumcision.. is that true? it would be helpful if u said said something based on ur experience so far.. thanx

      2. “u will also b protecting your wife.” WRONG. One study started to show that circumcising men INcreases the risk to women, but they called that one off before it could be confirmed. IF circumcising men reduces the risk to the men (and it’s a big IF), then the claim that that protection also protects women assumes that the men cheat, or go quickly from one woman to another. Both are likely to undo any protection they got from getting circumcised.

  2. the problem with mc campaign z dat in most cases the implementors do not make use of local focal persons like peer educators and the like thus the limitd response as it is not people driven as the locals wouldnt have been sensitised

  3. Feli "fidza" Mushonga

    Me will not go there ever! What is something gioes wrong? There is NO INSURANCE for my willy! At 35 years of age- I am at my sexual prime and hence let me stay as I am , lest the will lose its strength! As for the HIV story- I dont cheat… I am oddsessed with the wife to the extent that I dont step outside!

    1. Great for you man! And exactly, if you are in a monogamous situation, you are not a high risk individual, so why would you get a part of your body cut off. Best wishes.

  4. I reall y don’t want the loss of sensitivity. And the idea that it is someone else’s culturala practice being imposed on me. H A N D I D I !

  5. The the only real way to stop STDs is ABC: Abstinence, Being faithful, and Condoms. Foreskin amputation will not prevent disease. Circumcision does not replace condoms, yet it makes them much more unpleasant to use because it reduces sensitivity so much. Foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis. Ultimately, circumcision increases STDs, because cut men use condoms less. Circumcision is a Western scam that appeals to the tribes that already are already attracted to cutting.

    The only randomized controlled trial into male-to-female transmission, reported from Rakai, Unganda that the men circumcised were 62% MORE likely to infect their partners with HIV than the intact men were (Wawer & Gray 2009). In 2010 Bailey followed up with the men of Kisumu, Kenya finding the cut men there were NOT less likely to have HIV after all. A 2007 U.S. military study found circumcision does not affect HIV rates in American men. A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (2012) among Caribbean men stated that “compared with uncircumcised men, [cut men] have accumulated larger numbers of STI in their lifetime, have higher rates of previous diagnosis of warts, and were MORE likely to have HIV infection.” Finally and most importantly, circumcision makes men less tolerant of using condoms, because it reduces penile sensitivity.

    1. Michael is absolutely correct. These findings are confirmed by a vast number of independent international studies. Male genital mutilation – so called circumcision – involves significant riscs and no HIV/STD benefits.

  6. “Male circumcision works as the ministry has carefully analysed evidence from the clinical trials conducted in three African countries, which showed that male circumcision offers 60% protection to men against HIV infection,” And Moyo believes in Santa and the Easter Bunny also.

    Stupid is as stupid does. What else is there to say.

  7. Absolute garbarge. Male circumcision is genital MUTILATION and does NOT prevent HIV! It does, however, remove the most sensitive parts of the penis and cause permanent sexual dysfunction (Sorrells 2006, Frisch 2011, etc etc).

  8. The prevention of HIV transmission is not the only benefit we get from circumcision.

    1. The benefits claimed for circumcision are all exaggerated – slight reductions in rare diseases that can be better prevented by other means or treated as they occur. Or else they are completely false. Circumcision is a “cure” looking for a disease, an interference looking for an excuse. The claimed reduction in HIV has not been shown in the field, and another study started to show that circumcising men may INcrease the risk to women. Condoms much more strongly protect both partners.

  9. In Zimbabwe, more of the CIRCUMCISED men have HIV than the non-circumcised. This was measured twice, before and after the circumcision campaign began, and the ratio was the same before and after. (The overall rate fell, probably because of the rest of the campaign.) That is also true in 9 other of the 18 countries for which USAID took surveys.

    Xaba is trying to shame men into getting circumcised, by calling their reluctance “fear” but it is very reasonable for men to want to keep the best part of their organs. Men circumcised as adults commonly say it is like going colourblind, or losing the sight in one eye. They can still function, but not so pleasurably.

  10. Hazvishandi izvi
    kana usinga huri unozvikuvadzirei, b faithful as God intended, kana zvaramba @ e most use a condom

  11. Circumcision is an horrible and barbaric sexual mutilation. A holy man of mind will never accept freely such a decay.

    About 50% of the penile skin: The double layered foreskin (prepuce), along with the rest of the shaft skin, is a mobile skin system and can freely move up and down the penile shaft, even during an erection.

    The Pleasurable Sensations of the “Ridged Bands”: The 1/2 inch wide bands of tissue near the tip of the foreskin is the most highly innervated and erogenous part of the penis containing thousands of nerve endings called Meissner’s Corpuscles. The loss of this tissue along with the adjacent sensitive frenulum, reduces a man’s pleasure and full range of sexual response.

    The foreskin’s Gliding action: This is the hallmark mechanical feature of the natural human penis. The non-abrasive gliding of the penis in and out of its own sheath of skin facilitates smooth, comfortable, pleasurable intercourse for Both partners.

    The Comfort of a covered glans: The foreskin’s inner mucosal tissue provides a warm, moist, protective covering for the sensitive glans. The glans of the circumcised penis becomes dry and calloused from exposure to air and rubbing against clothing.

  13. No need to be cut ,just open your dick and keep it like that,it will become strong as circumcised one ,but you will enjoy sex more than a circumcised man .For two years now mine is permanently open ,and to tell you the truth iam enjoying every thrust of my sexual life .My wife is very satisfied .That skin also becomes strong that it cannot be easily lacerated.Try this,you will enjoy without pain and loss of your foreskin.

    1. Thats exactly what I also thought – I’m sure it has the same effect. I pulled my foreskin back when I as a teen, 15 years ago. Now its always clean and strong. Buts its never taught anywhere. Ndakatozvozvoina pa internet.

      Vanhu vanongoda mari dzema donors so that they can drive brand new double cabs. NGO work has become a lucrative business, just like some new churches, schools, private hospitals. Ndezve mari chete!

  14. Man, man missing the point are’nt we. All the preventive measures that have been offered to save as mitigatory measures against the deadly virus are not meant to make men irresponsible in their sexual behaviour. Circumcision is just one of the many ways to reduce hiv/aids and it is very safe if done properly. No need to fear it actually improves your sex life. Just be responsible enough and accept this initiative because it works.

    1. “are not meant to make men irresponsible in their sexual behaviour”
      Oh really? Then why the heck would you offer them a protection that is useful ONLY if they act irresponsibly?
      It improves your sex life? If this was true men all around the world would be rushing to get circumcised.

      1. Perfectly said Toltze. There are so many of us who wish we hadn’t been circumcised after birth.

  15. general Tichatonga

    I am very saddened by this belief that our own country has started believing, circumcision doesn’t protect us from HIV. there are a lot of HIV cases in america, yet most males are circumcised at birth. in Kenya it is a culture thing yet they have a high infection rate. i am just trying to say shandisai macondom or to the best, ABSTAIN. circumcision is not the way to stop hiv spread.

  16. Xaba and crew, i think you left very important question asked by many; What are the procedures before the process. Does one get tested for his status before the process or you guys just carry the process once someone enters the premises? this is what many fear.the fear to know their status, that’s why they are not coming.the same as going to a new start centre. very few want to so explain clearly to all men out there. maybe just say munhu ingouya tongokuita circumcise even usingazivi status yako uone muwandiro wavanoita

  17. circumcision should be a matter of individual choice and not to be coerced or use falsehoods like it protects you and your partner, its smart, etc. This is all nonsensical. Cleanliness comes from washing with water simple. and how do you prtectect someone by being circumcised, the only circumcisian that works is that of the heart. This isssue of genital mutilation has since been banned and l wonder why these proponents are not arrested.

  18. What Sir, is saying is very true. I have done this fro the past year or so and it works. The inside is now dry but i still have my foreskin. The wife is also very satisfied..

  19. Just because you tell people 60% percent is not full protection so you should still use a condom, doesn’t mean they will follow. Most guys WILL NOT use a condom. A circumcised guy will feel like “saka why did I go through all that discomfort if I still have to use this plastic.”

    So their message it meaningless – its nonsense. People have been told not to drink and drive for decades now – bombarded with statistics and horrific pictures of car crashes – but they still drink at the wheel. Same thing with smoking.

    But this circumcision thing is worse coz now its diluting the condom message. Had they even studied to see how far the condom message was going?

  20. I enjoyed sex more before circumcision but now about 45% of that “naturality” is gone and gone for good!The only benefit,if true,is the reduction in diseases like penile and cervical cancers because the penis is now permanently dry because the foreskin is now gone.I think God created the foreskin so that the two lovers can enjoy their sexual experience more intimately.Personally I regret the lose of feeling to my penis.If you are promiscuous and detest condoms, go for it.If you are a one man woman and are particular about your personal health, circumcision may not be the way to go.For those contemplating going under the knife please take time off from work for at least a week because the discomfort of healing needs that you are relaxing at home.

  21. There is no data that shows HIV, HPV or any STD change or any real benefit to cutting off parts of a baby boys penis in the US, EU JP….In Africa the same % of cut men and natural penis men have HIV. Real world population studies show that a man with a natural penis is at no higher risk of HIV and HPV.

    The International Journal of Men’s Health published results of a study that showed circumcised men are 4.5 times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction due to loss of sensitivity. In a further study, The British Journal of Urology International reports that circumcised men can experience up to a 75 percent reduction in sensitivity compared to men who are not circumcised.

    The knowledge of the this WOUNDING affecting sexual pleasure and function goes back years so there is NO IF as to SEXUAL HARM, it is a matter of HOW BAD IS IT for any particular guy. Maimonides (the Torah scholar) noted that the act that circumcision weakens the faculty of sexual excitement and sometimes perhaps diminishes the pleasure is indubitable. Kellogg declared a ‘war on masturbation’ at the end of the 19th century and advocated circumcision to curb male sexual urges by removing the main male pleasure parts.

    The parts of the penis that are cut off are some of the most highly innervated parts of the human. The lips, nipples and fingertips have similar touch sense. To push this unnatural practice is wrong.

  22. “He indicated male circumcision was a simple and safe procedure that took less than 20 minutes and was conducted by highly trained doctors and nurses.”

    I wonder if they show the things that can go wrong. Injuries from the taraklamp. Bleeding. Infection. Injuries to the glans. Damage to the nerve.

    If not, google “circumcision harm gallery”

  23. Now, the Zimbabwean men and boys are now waken-up that male circumcision is very dangerous and ruins their genitalia integrity! Male circumcision is the most stupid and barbaric of all! Thumps up for Zimbabwean boys who know that male circumcision is very barbaric!

    1. Thumbs up for intact Zimbabwean boys!

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