MDC says defections a hoax

THE MDC has dismissed the defection of its 11 councillors from Umzingwane Rural District Council (RDC) to the MDC-T as a hoax, saying the politicians had crossed the floor several times before.

By Our Staff Reporters

The MDC-T unveiled the councillors, including the local authority’s chairperson, on Friday in Bulawayo.

But MDC spokesperson Nhlanhla Dube in a statement said their rivals were just playing to the gallery.

“The MDC notes with particular concern and disdain the continuous falsification of party belonging and/or membership, and the alleged termination of such membership by various former members of the party,” he said.

“While all this might be laughable to those in the know, members of the public have been unsuspecting victims of this political forgery.”

Dube said the councillors who claimed to have defected had not been members of his party for the past two years. ads Ads

“The majority of them are defecting for the fifth or sixth time rendering them nothing, but career defectors,” he said.
Umzingwane RDC vice-chairperson Amanda Khumalo, speaking on behalf of the councillors, said they defected on the advice of the electorate.

“We have joined the MDC-T on the advice of the people who elected us. They are the ones who said we should join the MDC-T,” she said.

“They said there is no future in (Welshman) Ncube’s MDC. Umzingwane is also angry as they now realise that Ncube took them for a ride when he told them to vote for (MKD’s Simba) Makoni in 2008.

“If we had voted for Morgan Tsvangirai, he could have been President by now and he could have changed our lives for the better.”

MDC-T deputy organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe said the defections reflected the party’s support in Matabeleland and the country as a whole.

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  1. Dead right,these villagers, especially on the part about makoni .i for one even lay those bodies of the murdered in 2008 right on ncube’s doorstep we wouldnt have had the rerun now,would we?hope they r the wiser this time.

  2. And to mr Editor where is the initial story?seems like you r only interested in the reaction from from welsh’s party here ohh ok its in the Dailynews!

  3. So it took these stupid villagers almost 4 years to defect….othathekile imota zama…..

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