Mapeza blasts Zifa

FORMER Warriors coach Norman Mapeza is a bitter man and believes the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) board is victimising him for demanding his outstanding dues from the association.


Mapeza was one of the outright casualties in the last batch of Asiagate match-fixing suspects announced by Zifa this week after being slapped with an effective six-month ban despite being found not guilty by the Ethics Committee led by Retired Justice Ahmed Ebrahim.

The other officials who will have nothing to do with football are Monomotapa owner Solomon Mugavazi (five years), Bantu Rovers proprietor Methembe Ndlovu (two years) and Shabanie Mine coach Luke Masomere (two years).

All the players who fell in this category were heavily fined while at the same time receiving wholly suspended sentences ranging from five years to one year.

Although they were deep into Asiagate trips and admitted receiving money from betting syndicates, former Warriors manager Ernest Sibanda and assistant coach Joey Antipas escaped the guillotine and had five-year sentences wholly suspended without any fine.

Mapeza said he was perplexed that although he was pronounced innocent by the Ethics Committee, Zifa had come down hard on him.

He suspects that because he is suing Zifa for $400 000 allegedly emanating from unpaid salaries, allowances and damages, he suffered the wrath of the Cuthbert Dube-led board. The former Monomotapa coach had a three-year contract with Zifa, which effectively began on April 1 last year. Mapeza dragged Zifa to the Labour Court citing a breach of the Labour Act in the manner in which the association handled his contract.

“Why am I being suspended for six months by Zifa? Is it because I refused to sell my country for 30 pieces of silver? I’m really confused by thei r verdict because I thought when someone is found not guilty, they are innocent.

“I never got anything, but some people who went to Asia have been exonerated. I can only suspect that they are victimising me because I took them to the Labour Court since they owe me money. They haven’t paid me anything and I want what is due to me,” said the former Galatasaray man in the wake of his punishment.

The former Warriors captain argued that his suspension since February was enough punishment since he had a family to look after.

He said: “I have been prejudiced of my job for almost a year and they still want me to serve six more months. While I was suspended, I could not do anything and I think I have suffered enough. I need to do what I know best and move on with my life. If they insist I’m still suspended, I’m not going to appeal because I believe I’m clean.”

Efforts to get comment from Zifa chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze were fruitless as his secretary said he was in a series of meetings.

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  1. Truly speaking ZIFA has destroyed our football and must be investigated.Norman is being punished for demanding whats due to him. And this Cuthbert Dube is on a mission to make sure that our football collapses . He must be locked up with his entire board of thieves.

    1. I have said it before that this ZIFA and the so called Dube are destroying our football yet some short sighted people think he is doing a great job. Look at this nonsensical hypocrisy they are penalizing Mapeza when the very appointed commission found him innocent????? What is the basis of their judgement.

      In all fairness I repeat ZIFA itself did not have the legal right to do the investigation BUT may be the sports council because ZIFA was the one orchestrating most of those rigging games.

    2. Truly this man by the Curthbert Dube is killing our zimbabwean football,if the whole zifa board abolished I think we will be starting to achieve the results. Eversince this board camein, they are only working to destroy our football and even the carriers of these so called footballers.This asiagate is just their planned animal of destroying football. Please do something before this board kills our football.

  2. mr mapeza knew of the match fixing and kept quiet. akadziya moto wembavha, if he was and is innocent he should have said it the moment he knew something fishy was taking place only to refuse to take part in it and pretend to see no evil, speak no evil and see no evil. now he is crying foul when he committed one himself against zimbabwe. he fully knew of the fixing and i think six months is okay for him. this is business mr mapeza no permanent friends.

    1. Rhodes: the thing here is fairness. If we are to apply what you are saying, why where others who even went there and participated were found not guilty? Why are others exonerated?
      This is the thing which makes us not to support Zifa even financially as corporate world. Fairness is essential to a body like Zifa.

      1. The Zifa board must be investigated.There have shown us kuti izvi hazvisi zvebhora .

    2. Rhodes, i think watumwa na cuthbert dube. what does NOT GUILTY means?. where did you expect him to lodge the complaint when the ZIFA people at that time where the brains behind those things. What do you say of Enerst Sibanda who admitted receiving the money and was found GUILTY and handed a five year ban only for ZIFA to suspend it with no FINE. for ypur infomation Mapeza did not even go to Asia, it was a cecafa tournament in Kenya.

      1. and the CECAFA tournament in Kenya was not rigged thanx @ZORA some people here just get into issue they do not know and use their natural hurt to appease their brainwashed minds

      2. how can you be found not guilty and sentenced? the ethics committee recommended that he be suspended for 6 months because he saw it happenning an never reported it. that he did not take part in it is good but keepin mum baba isn’t good at all.

      3. Rhodes wacho ndi Cusibet Dube

    3. i beg to differ with you on this one, ehe kadziya moto wembava, ko why is it mbavha yacho who really dd the stealing is let off the hook bt akangoona mbavha ichiba is penalised, why is that so???? maybe u can answer that. pana mapeza pane nyaya apa, akanzi haan amhosva yet he has beeen suspended for 6 mnts, for wat, like he said those who admitted vega kuti they benefitted from the games have 5 years suspended….wat kind of hypocrisy is that…straight from a bush court….DUBE get away with your Zifa board….mupei mari yake period….


      Rhodes, hauna info. Mapeza refused to take the money in front of the team manager and the Head of Delegation saka waida kuti anoreva kunaani apa iye ai reporter directly to the Head of Delegation? Also Mapeza is not being punished for kudziya moto wembavha. Go back to the report yeZifa unoona kuti why ari kupiwa punishment usati wataura twausingazive.

      1. was he sent to prison when he came back? my worry is why did he choose not to speak?

    5. Ernest Mapepa Sibanda new about what was happening, was given 5yers by the committe but has been exonerated. The same is for Antipas. I really wonder why you are not seeing the injustice here on Mapeza. It should be the same spoon for everybody

    6. Iwewe uridofo chairo kufanana neZIFA. Who deserve a stiffer sentence akaona ne akaita?

    7. Rhodes stop thinking like the notorous Cecil John Rhodes. Kana wadziya moto wembavha zvinoreva here kuti unopiwa mutongo unodarika wembavha yacho? The only sensible conlusion in all this mess is ZIFA are out to frustrate soccer supporters.Its not a secret tht soccer fans wanted Mapeza to be the coach and this asia-nothing was the only way they cld dash ppl’s hopes.If there are pppl who deserved suspended sentences, it is MAPEZA and Ramson Zhuwawo who never took part in the match he was supposed to go. ZIFA simply pulled the travell itenerary to implicate players, which is a traversty of justice.

    8. mosiya mbavha mosunga mudziyi wemoto wembavha . ingazvakaoma

      1. Kuoma kuti gwaaaaA!

  3. Can someone open an account for Mapeza, timubatsire murume uyu. Let donate, he did the right thing but getting punished.

  4. nomara akaireat badly suly im failing to understand our zifa on this one.

  5. Mapeza is not a poor man as far as I know. He is one soccer player who managed to invest wisely and ZIFA are just acting out emotions because he sued them. He should not appeal, rather wait until May 2013 and start again his job. Weldone Mapeza for being so honest to your country and ZIFA rewarding Mapepa and Antipas for Asiagate.

    1. Mapeza should appeal and get the right judgement why him and for sure they owe him money please can they make sure they pay him all his dues and let him provide the nation what he has. From what we know Mapeza even used to pay his own tickets to come and play for the country.
      He has his on investments yes and even if he decides to be out of soccer he still has a decent living anyway.
      But these hopeless ZIFA members must be fired and ZIFA dissolved and new people should come in for soccer administration.

  6. guys mapezas and all participant hd litle 2 do coz rushwaya ws so powerful politicaly thos days and any NO frm the young stars could mean end of intermational or even local career as she had the power to influenc any coach to call them on national in other words their wings wer cliped

  7. If we have to investigate we need to find out how much money was Dube given by Sepp Blatter to exaggerate and destroy our football. Sepp came here for a purpose soon the truth will come out!!!

  8. This is all football politics, Dube, Gumede and crew hate norman for sure. i don’t knw what’s with us zimbabweans. we don’t want to see prosperous people.tinongoda vanhu vasina chavanoziva. there is tribalism at its best in the zifa circle. imagine what happened when Norman and Madinda were coaching the national team. some guys in zifa didn’t want norman to the extend that they made the two sit on the same bench and at the same stupid are these zifa guys, then comes the Rahman era.look at this. it was Madinda, the Rahman, then Peter against one muzezuru. This just shows u there is politics in zifa. even ukaona vanhu vacho vezifa ivava, they also ex/Zanupf cadres who are put in those positions to politicize the beautiful game. maretired bragadier anodei muma gorvenment parastatals.vakapedza zvepfuti saka ngavapiwe mudyavagere wonder why Dube is doing al this, he’s the ZBC board chairman, ZBC in Zanupf pure saka moti angaite zvipi. Dube wavakufarisa iwe. on another note, Rahman thanks for leaving our national team, you were a disgrace.ndiwe umwe waiva ne tribalism.and thanks vusa nyoni wako akatandaniswa futi. ndairwadziwa kuenda kunoona national team ichitmba coz ndaiziva kuti unotambisa zvikweya zvako zvaikubhadhara mari.

    1. nyandoro,chaka,nyoni,zvimabhuza zvaipa gumbo chioko muhomwe for marketing reasons thank god zvakatandaniswa.

    2. how convenient that you should always mention tribalism,where the current zifa board is concerned.and yet when rushwaya and company were busy selling the nation for a penny , you choose not to acknowledge it as the crux of the matter unearthed by the who you refer to as tribalists/politicians belonging to zanu. what have you to say now,seeing as most players and technical bench who are implicated, “justifiably so”, benefited and survived the cruel and harsh economical environment of that time,actually come from mashonaland!!let us be rational here.we are all zimbabweans. where a vote of no confidence is applicable,do so, with all necessary and usable facts, mr kenzo sir!

    3. mugeyi “paid” mhofu to play in the first ever afcon we qualified for. zvirikwese kumashona nemandevere baba.

  9. Mapeza don`t worry they really know that you are a threat to their new German coach. what did these German coaches achieved in Zimbabwe? talk of Chidzambwa and Muhluri and you were the next. tikavabata tichavazora bhata it is still their time so let them enjoy. Mhofu you showed them what you are made of and even in South Africa they know you


    l will definately take over the Zifa Presidency and my first task would be to investigate why the current Zifa Board have decided to kill Zim soccer. I will recommend double life bans for anyone found guilty. Pane anosara ipapa? Hameno. Time will tell.

    1. Makadziya tsano! i would recommend *32 Life Bans for each and everyone in the current Board

  11. wamama norman

  12. Much as Mapeza did not derive any benefits from the match-fixing and illegal betting.He was not wholly exonerated of culpability by the Ibrahim committee,the committe must have applied the principle of moral blameworthiness,in this instance Mapeza as the head coach his blameworthiness was high,(upon his return he should have filed a report with the police or line ministry)that would have been consistent with the impeccably high standards of integrity he exhibited on the tour however he opted for silence, hence the recommendation of 6 months ban,which is relatively lenient. I believe the learned judge applied his mind and arrived at that sanction taking cognisance of the aggravating/mitigating factors.However it is my view that Mapeza’s case juxtaposed against those of other offenders he should have been forgiven.

  13. Iwe rhodes,while you said Mapeza akadziya moto wembavha is it worth to punish him and then you pardon mbavha dzacho dzakakwidza moto? This does not need a rocket scientist to notice what is taking place between the lines. Imagine, a national team manager(Sibanda)confirming that he received the dirty money had his five years sentence wholly suspended without an option of fine. Whats the rational there and what picture does it depicts to the football world?
    Aona munhu achiuraiwa ndokubva anyarara neaonekwa achiuraya who deserve a harsh penalty there?Football politics hadzifanira kutambwa zvakavata kudaro. I’m failing to stomach why ZIFA attracted the attention of the football world with the so called Asiagate saga yet they are producing the most shocking results. Spending a lot of money doing endless meeting only to publish the results which are not worth to be produced by even boarding school students committee.
    Instead Mapeza deserves to be given a thumb up for refusing to receive the dirty money that Sibanda and company received. Justice should be fair to everyone.

    1. in as much as exoneration of mapepa and antipas is concerned my view is it was wrong to do so but in some cases a guilty part can make a plea bargain and get a lighter sentence, if you think you are a hard nut to crack you get a harsh sentence maybe that’s what happenned with the two guys (mapepa & antipas). personnal opinion obva.

  14. actually what have we achieved with mapeza?

  15. we have achieved a lot with norman Rhodes, eg failing to go to Gabon , asiagate silence etc.

  16. Rhodes ,if you dont have anything to say do not speak coz you expose your shallow mind. How can you punish someone for seeing but refused to participate and pardon someone who received the proceeds from a crime ? Kana watumwa naDube taura hako because you missing the facts. The problem is ZIFA is led by lunatics driven by emotions. Norman is punished for contrctual disagreements not Asiagate. Dai matare edzimhosva achitongwa ne ZIFA , vafakazi nevamhan’ari kuChikurubi , mbavha kumba.

    1. u are accussing me of being sent without arguing facts here. i asked how can you be found innocent and then sentenced to time in prison? he saw it happenning and what? he kept quiet. he had and has lawyers upto today, he should gone to his lawyer get him to record a sworn statement that the lawyer would have kept for him and wait for the right time like when it was known that some games were actually fixed and present his case. that way he would have helped himself a lot guys. i have nothing against mapeza and am also disgruntled by zifa just like you and me.

      1. you faceless rhodes should be examined. how can Mapeza be convicted without having received the bribes while those who received the bribes go scotfree. indeed some of those chaps were initially convicted and then pardoned. My thesis is that Dube is not in power but the guy who is in power is a tribalist Gumede. Look how they have persecuted Mapeza and moving him out. His coaching position has from the start not wanted by Gumede who used both Madinda and Gumbo to elbow Mapeza out. Dube is powerless and confused and abused by the powerful and vindictive Gumede who has tribalised Zim soccer.

        1. sometimes you don’t have to receive to be said you commited a crime. by mere seeing and keeping mum is participation enough hama.

    2. Juventus coach is serving one year for a similar case. ZIFA is biased, pliz increase the ban

  17. Mapeza is Shona ,Maphepha Sibanda is Ndebele so is Assbert Dube , Gumede and Moyo so what more would you expect from this tribalists

  18. Rhodes anenge akanyengerwa mukadzi na Norman

  19. Simba if you want mashingaidze go to PSMAS

  20. ZIFA are a confused bunch whatever they do is illogical. A five year ban and acceptance that one received the blood money is wholly suspended and a six months ban one is asked to serve. You wonder whether they think using their brains or stomachs , i think the latter is more applicable to them. By the way the 2014 world soccer qualifying matches a continuing in March 2013 and we spurn the call for a friendly match though with lowly Swaziland.

  21. The Juventus coach is currently serving a one year suspension for knowing but not participating in match fixing. His crime is that he failed in his duty of disclosure

  22. The guilty are afraid … so the saying goes. Of what I ask? Appearing before a Commission of Inquiry!…. Just look at all those who refused or snubbed the Commission, they do not look innocent. Why talk now when you have been found guilty when you chose to be silent when given the chance. History shall record that so and so sold their country

  23. Just to answer someone.Mapeza won all his home games when Mhlauri was fired he was the acting coach he dismised Malawi 3-1.He won 3-0vs Liberia NSS ,Won vs Mali 2-1 if it was not of ZIFA who made them co-coaches with Madinda he shld have qualified we don’t favour Mapeza he never bought us even a sweet but Zimbabweans lets applaud munhu agona not abt shona or Ndebele eg Adam has done a good job at chicken inn

  24. The guy is found innocent, meaning he is clean of the alleged offence, directly or indirectly. ZIFA uses the “rule of THUMP” to convict the guy, without leniency. Hamunyare makaita seiko imi….? Manje zvinotokuwanaiwo futi!!!!! Uchadzokerazve kwaTB Joshua…. Cuthbert Dube!!!!! You dont learn wakaitwa sei…?

  25. Mapeza you are spot on. Dont appeal this case. You will waste your $6 000.00. You have been banned for 6 months simple logic is that you can not lose $6 000 for 6months like $1000 for a month. You just need to concentrate on your other businesses. I know you from Chitungwiza as an organised chap who invested his money well. Enjoy your sabbatical from soccer and come with a bang soon after May. They can not keep a good man down. You can not appeal against an unjust conviction through unjust appeal mechanisms paying unjust moneys to unjust group of people. You will not miss a meal. You will be vindicated one day. This I tell, Asiagate can not be Ndebele way of punishing Shona footballers using Dube. No. You chance is right coming. You will show them that you are better than them.

    1. But one thing for sure is that Gumede using his Dube has destroyed Zim soccer. The future will tell. It was fine to clean Zim football but that needed wisdom, tact and intelligence. This was found wanting in the powers that be.

  26. What if the ZIFA guys also got part of the Asiagate money from those who acted as fronts. With indications that they Asiagate generated a million quid, maybe some were clever to pass it to the bosses otherwise how would you reason out the injustice to Mapeza?

  27. rhodes uri dununu remunhu kana curthbert dube vari sekuru vako taura zvakanaka mapeza introduced the young guys who we had pinned our hopes unto and was at least building a team isiri yemageriatics but anyway from the beginning zifa yaingomutsimbirira remember vakatomboti madinda coach. i thing we shld have disbarnded zifa not the warriors

    1. argue your facts don’t attack me. just like in italy a coach saw evil and spake no evil and he is serving a one year ban from soccer. so what’s so special about mapeza that he saw evil and as well chose to be silent. inga shona inoti rinamanyanga hariputirwe. he was supposed to speak not wait for journalist to find out. you become blameworth as well. guys mapeza is good coach fine but witnessing a crime and then decide to keep mum isn’t good at all. iwewe mwana wako akarepwa and your friend sees that rape and keeps quiet. after two years it is discovered that your child was abused then your friend says aah ndakazviona zvichiitika how do you feel about it. after all these coaches that have been (ab)used by zifa coming and going leaving behind unpaid salaries and allowances and anyone coming in says it is zimbabwe first. after they are dismissed they join the bandwagon of claims. eish maone muzimbabwe.

  28. dube should have to sent to court for destroy someone’s life


    Imhepo dzakangosimuka vaMAPEZA, endai kumapostori mushandirwe nekuzvinamatira.

  30. Rhodes, I think I have read your arguments with other guys for a long time. Yes, Norman is wrong for seeing a wrong thing being done and failing to report it, agreed? Mapepa and Antipas participated in the fixing of matches, benefited and failed to report to the authorities. They only gave evidence to the Ibrahim committee under cross examination. But that does not remove the blameworthness. Do you get me Rhodes. Analytically looking at these two scenerios, who should be punished more? Obviously the two should be punished more and Norman should have been give a wholly suspended sentence. Rhodes please respond to this.

    1. i think we are heading for the same conclusion. like i said a plea bargain is very much an advantage to the accused person. mapeza thought he was a saint because he didn’t take the blood money but he chose to see no evil and speak no evil. even today he says he is innocent but zim soccer suffered badly on fifa rankings which it will tale us time to be a force to reckon with in terms of soccer in zimbabwe. lets not hurt for mapeza without looking at his moral blameworthness vs our liking of him to be the messiah of our national team.

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