Kunonga threatens to shoot journos

EXCOMMUNICATED Anglican Church Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga yesterday turned hostile and threatened to shoot journalists covering his eviction from church properties following a recent Supreme Court ruling which outlawed his seizure of church assets.


Kunonga arrived at the Harare Anglican Cathedral in the morning and found deputy sheriff Andrew Chakanyuka shipping out movable property from the cathedral’s pre-school located in the church basement.

The Supreme Court last week ruling in favour of the Church of the Province of Central Africa led by Bishop Chad Gandiya empowered the deputy sheriff to eject Kunonga and 10 others from the cathedral offices at Paget House along Kwame Nkrumah Avenue and from 101 Central Avenue in Harare.

Kunonga’s priests and tenants had been given until end of the day on Tuesday to vacate the properties.

The irate Kunonga flew into a rage when photojournalists shot pictures of the evictions.

“Please don’t take pictures of me, please,” he said as he advanced towards NewsDay photojournalist Hardlife Samuwi.

“I will shoot you,” he shouted.

The threat took place in the presence of other journalists from the privately-owned Daily News.

Moments later he had another angry confrontation with the deputy sheriff after the latter demanded keys for the three church vehicles — a Toyota Hilux, a Toyota Fortuner and a Mazda 626 — that Kunonga is reportedly clinging to.

“I didn’t bring a car, leave me alone,” Kunonga said as he walked towards his lawyers’ offices at nearby Tanganyika Building.

Later in the afternoon, a security guard stationed at the cathedral was allegedly assaulted by men, believed to be hired bouncers, who were escorting Kunonga back into the cathedral.

The men were closely monitoring vehicles driving in and out of the premises after briefly taking over the property.

After the assault, a report was made to the police, following which members of the anti-riot police swooped on the scene and arrested six of the thugs who had been patrolling the premises menacingly.

Kunonga is believed to have left earlier in a vehicle with tinted windows before the arrival of the police.

Soon after the arrests, student priests from the Anglican Church’s Bishop Gaul Theological College arrived and forcibly broke the lock that had been placed by Kunonga and took over the cathedral.

Some members of the church who had gathered at the scene expressed shock at the turn of events, especially Kunonga’s apparent defiance of the Supreme Court ruling.

On Monday, Kunonga filed an urgent High Court chamber application seeking to stop his eviction from Anglican Church properties across the country, claiming that his priests would be rendered destitute.
The matter has been sat down for hearing by Judge President George Chiweshe next Tuesday.

Kunonga wants his priests and followers operating from Cathedral offices along Nelson Mandela Avenue, Paget House along Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, offices at 101 Central Avenue and any other premises in dispute to be spared evictions pending determination of the matter.

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  1. Why not do what Gandiya did..I mean move away until such time that the courts rule otherwise? Or could it be that you only obey those laws that you like eh Bishop? This is akin to spitting the supreme court judges in the face. This puts the police commissioner of police in a spot. Now all those people who say there is no rule of law are vindicated, yet we hear that some countries have imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe..now what are these countries going to say about us now? Or rather what are we going to say about all this now?

    1. when Jesus sat yes no one cn say no. Kunonga kunonga kunonga heeeeeeeee how many tyms did i call yu????? Ita mushe, rega vemachurch yaite zvekunamata.

    2. Bishop my foot the guy is a sewer rat

    3. Zanu brought sanctions on themselves. They love sanctions to use as a reason to justify their violent ways. Fortunately Zimbabweans have woken up to this ruse.

      What would Mugabe and Zanu use as an excuse for their failures if the word ‘sanctions’ had not been invented?

  2. the rumblings of a dethroned, disgraced, excommunicated and now Evicted shameless ex bishop.

    If Kunonga needs control and power that much and thinks he is popular let him try a political office which i am sure he will lose.

    Start your own church, build properties and name yourself a life bishop!!!
    Or go kumunda watakakupa and start something productive there.

  3. VaKunonga mashaya zano here, sure makuda kudeura ropa manje idai Mwari vakuitara nyasha zvenyu.

  4. what a shameless excommunicated bishop,why does he like embarasing himself like that.applying to high court is a waste of time because cpca won the case at supreme court.

    1. mr noizmaker of the yr.

  5. u deserve 2 b mr noisemaker of the year,evry yr we wll commomarate dis award,u destructerd lot.

  6. Kunonga shot himself in the foot and now he cant bear the pain. where is the ZRP in all this they helped Kunonga to evict Chad and crew in the first place weldering in thier hands tear gas nemaBUTTERSTICK, teargasing & BUTTERSTICKING women, children & grannies as old as 80+yrs. Now it his turn mavara ake azara ivhu ha..I suggest he turns back to the real GOD not of this earth. Just u move out bishop coz u cant win against GOD.

  7. Va Kunonga iyezvino dzazotacha. Shuwa endai na baba ava kwa Makandiwa vanobatsirwa.

  8. chokupamba ngaatibvirepo………………..

    1. imi siyanayi na bishop vangu vnofamba nepfuti manjaira venyu vanofamba nema bibles ka isu tinorwa nenyama kwete nomweya , we,re solders in flesh together with Bishop , political analist, preist Kunos

  9. Kushanda kwaMwari kunoshamisa, vaKunonga hamuna kurashwa, dzokerai kunaMwari nguva iripo. Vatsigiri vavaKunonga, musanyara Mwari anokudai, dzokai pakurasika kwenyu. Hazvina kuipa, kwaiva kuedza luck

  10. Vakunonga why you waste your time pazvinhu zvisiri zvenyu. Remember Anglicane church was formed before your birth. Zvinoratidza zvoga kuti uri n’anga.mutendi haadeuri ropa wakabvira kare

  11. kunonga, hunzvi, chinotimba same fanana

    1. Kunonga like any Zimbabean has a right to be heard. He has appealed so let his case go through the process.

      1. asi chiyi nhayi warasika papi mu one room everyone else is very right Baba Kunonga should repent God loves him

      2. MN don’t be silly, does ‘right to be heard’ include threatening to shoot people?

      3. chifiro chekariba

        iwe muridziwenyika nyashanu gotsi rinonhuhwa mbanje dzakukora kutaura zvakaora kudaro kunzi dzipakate hakusikunzi ridza

      4. chifiro chekariba

        vanamuridzi wenyika kana musina nyaya nyararai mbanje dzamunoputa dzakukorai kunzi dzipakate hakusi kunzi ridza kunonga anga anga ari mushandi weanglican basa rikapera ndipo paavakuda kutora company property iwe wotsigira zvadaro nyarawo mani

    2. You got the similarity spot on. Kunonga, Hunzvi, Chinotimba and Jabulani Sibanda are birds of the same feather! Greedy Kunonga ceased to be a Christian long time ago. He thought of becoming rich using Zanu PF & Robert Mugabe’s name. Shame on you old man. Respect work! I can not say respect God becoz you’re Godless!

  12. tell me something people of zimbabwe, why does a bishop need a gun for????????????????? seriously walking around with a gun on your hip!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaah ndashamisiska

    1. @Mhofu
      He needs a gun because he is a Gukurahindi.

      1. Mbonisi you are a revisiònist demagogue. You only know gukurahundi. We are tired of your gukurahundi story. We never participated in it, go and talk it over with mugabe. Dont propel tribalistic divisions that sowed seeds of gukurahundi. The international courts will take charge but we are looking ahead as progressive Zimbos. We never mentioned the atrocities that madizola carried out. Raping murdering and how zim was turned into a state of fear by marauding dizolas. Shut up if you arent having anything to say

  13. if its hard to remove Kunonga from religious institution how abt the respectable gvt authorities ?

  14. Ko kana Bishop Kunonga, cde Hunzvi nacde Chinotimba vakafanana imhosva here. Ko iwe wakafanana nani.Ngatipei mazano anovaka kuti vanhu veAngclican vataurirane pane kuti tikuchidzire. Mwari ngavatibatsire.

    1. MN, zvekutaurirana zvakaramba kare, that’s why the courts were involved and they made a decision.

  15. Shona Gukurahundism even in Churches bafowethu, yimihlolo yeyeni bantu!!!!!

    1. mbonisi you really are a piece of work… your every word reels with hate for the Shona.. this tribalism you fervently knock around at every turn seems to have found a home in yours…… you are rotting with tribalistic tendencies and you think the shona will give a hoot? wake up mfana .. abantu abe sindebeleni like you are chewing the wrong bone… you shall starve..get educated and position in the economy and create wealth for the Ndebele….just like some companies in Ko Bulawayo who seem too keen to replace every shona with a ndebele even where its glaringly clear that the shona is better skilled. we know these things… but failure of your tribe is deep rooted in the hatred you have foisted upon the shona…ivo mashona varikungodya imi makatarisa… muchadya ruvengo vana mbonisi

      1. @Zingizi

        This has nothing to do with the generality of the innocent Shona people – please leave them alone.

        This has all to do with Gukurahundi ZANU PF aligned Shonas – who pursue Gukurahundism everywhere on innocent people – and Kunonga is one of them.

        There are also Mthwakazi Gukurahundis like Jabulani Sibanda – they too are just as evil. It just happens that the Shona ones are in the majority – well, that is the curse of being a majority – its not awlays an advantage!!

      2. @WESANGO
        This has nothing to do with the generality of the innocent Shona people – please leave them alone.

        This has all to do with Gukurahundi ZANU PF aligned Shonas – who pursue Gukurahundism everywhere on innocent people – and Kunonga is one of them.

        There are also Mthwakazi Gukurahundis like Jabulani Sibanda – they too are just as evil. It just happens that the Shona ones are in the majority – well, that is the curse of being a majority – its not awlays an advantage!!

      3. Wesango…. u show a high level of hatred. In which Zimbabwe are you living in coz u seem to be living in the early 1990s. You need to seek God coz from the way you write it seems u r lost n u nid to be shown the way to Light. It seems you are rejoicing that the Ndebele’s have to continue suffering. Continue clamoring maybe you ll be heard one day of which I doubt in this New Zimbabwe. Wake up mfana this hatred thing of the past… we work wt shonas/ndebeles, we are married to shonas/ndebeles, we have shona/ndebele galfrends so whats excitement about young man. Grow up.

        1. Mbonisi Welshman Ncube hates shona people to the last . Thats why his party MDC-N has split again along tribal lines. Read carefully his comments , he cannot distinguish between Zanu Pf and Shona people and the notorious Fifth Brigade. He has managed in all his contributions to convince Shona people that Mthwakazi is about tribalism even though at times he tries to soften his language and pretend to accept other tribes . Tribalism is what makes Mboniso and he has a cancerous hate for the Shona people.

        2. Give examples of Welshman’s hatred of Shona people?

        3. Ndex….wrongo you got it all wrongo buddy… no rejoice at all but pure unadulterated common sense… Mbonisi has a thing about Shonas and in particular Gukurahundi which as far as I have gathered is unhealthy if it goes unchecked…I may be a Ndex for all I care but Mbinisi’s brand of shona fixation just aint good. Let me ask you and Mbinisi this …Did Kunonga take part in Gukurahundi? then why the effort to link him to that disgraceful act on people? Lets call a spade a spade… Mbonisi is a thickened tribalist who is using the wrong forum for his activisim…if I can cal it that…

    2. Wena Mbnisi Kanti hindava uzonda amashona so? Did something happen to you at their hands. When I read through some of your comments you make a lot of sense but then you ruin it by Shona this and Shona that. I am born, raised and educated in Mberengwa and believe Karangas and Ndebeles live in harmony there.

      1. @Zingizi

        Its Gukurahundism that is the problem, not Shona people. Shonas just happen to be the majority of those driving Gukurahundism in Zim, with the Mthwakazi ones like Jabulani Sibanda and Enos Nkala in the minority!

        1. last time you called Jabulani Sibanda a Gukurahundi

    3. Wena Mbonisi Kanti hindava uzonda amashona so? Did something happen to you at their hands. When I read through some of your comments you make a lot of sense but then you ruin it by Shona this and Shona that. I am born, raised and educated in Mberengwa and believe Karangas and Ndebeles live in harmony there.

  16. Is kunonga a church man, politician or modern day satanist. Maybe he is making the church his personal business. Kunonga must be arrested and thoroughly investigated so that he returns whatever benefits he got from using all church properties. Justice has been done!

  17. mazvionaka kuti kutonga kunonaka. havo vamubishopi vakuda kupfura vanhu masikati machena. bvumai kuti penyu pamakatungamirira pakakwana. sudurukai mozopa mazano kuvadiki sasekuru n the world over will respect u.

  18. But why is that in Mthwakazi you don’t find such-Kunonga type of people, especially Churchmen?

    1. because fortunately for Zimbabwe the Mthwakazis are a timid brainless lot with unmitigated hopes for political granduer….ngapi? Is that a reflection of the who?????

      1. @wesango

        Are you sure?

      2. Wena Wesango….. you seem to be articulate yet so uneducated, misinformed and brainless at the same time. Which makes you a very dangerous person not only to the people of Zimbabwe but to yourself, and your family. Pity, there is a gal/wife who think they have a responsible and deep husband and little do they know that you are so shallow and full of hatred for the harmless Ndebele people. This makes the people who believe and trust your capabilities be it at home or at work brainless too. So stop down grading your colleagues by unthoughtful statements…. Nxa uyanyanyisa, unosvoda mhani….

        1. Why every issue is becoming a tribal thing?its so disheartening.l am shona n my wife is ndebele but for the 5 years we have kived tugetha,that topic has never come up.why u?


        3. @Ndex…. there you go…. shooting off on a curiosly psychopathic course…. stick to the issue of this column..at the end of the day you may actually help someone… especially yourself. You are a half mature individual who is more a danger to yourself…..

  19. I have a room in DZ, not very big but for Kunonga and his wife they can find a place to sleep, kwete kunetsa vatsvene vari kuda zvekunamata havo. Imi ve Anglican makamuwana kupi mupengo uyu. What is his cause. This is a true thug and its not what we taught him whilst he was with us at Africa University

  20. His gun license must be withdrawn he might also be a threat to his own family and even to his congregation.

  21. kunonga musvuti wembanje plus ane dhimoni.pasi naye uye ngaahvarirwe.

  22. Nothing more harmful than a tyrant in a Priests clothing…be gone with the wind you nasty little man.

  23. Mapurisa ngaatore pfuti iyo. Imi bishopi kana matorerwa pfuti moshandisa zvibhakera. Asi imiwo chambokugarai chiiko nhai bhishopi? Hamungadaro morwarasu? Muharare hamuna here vangakubatsirai vezvoutano nokuti dambudziko ramava naro roda kuti pawane umwe anofana kukubatsirai Ivo Ishe Vokudenga Vachironga nezvokuti mungaitirwa nyasha sei.

  24. While i reserve my sentiments towards the scandal, they are scriptural refernces i would gladly share to evaluate a true or false prophet:mathew 24v4: & jesus answered & said take heed that no man shall deceive you.Math 24v24:there shall arise false christ & prophets, and shall shew great signs & wonders, insomuch that they could deceive the elect. In light to the first two verses 1john4v1 says beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God, because some false prophets are gone into the world.Rev16v13-14: i saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, & out of the mouth of the beast & out of the mouth of false prophets.for they are the spirit of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto kings of the earth & the world. 2corinthians11 v14: and no marvel , for satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 1John2v18 little children, it is the last time & as ye have heard that the antichrist shall come, even now are many antichrist, whereby we know its the last time. jeremiah 23v16: thus said the lord,hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you, they make you vain:they speak a vision of their own heart & not out of the mouth of god. jonh 10v41:and many resorted unto him & said john did no miracle:but all things john spake of this man were true. mathew 11v11 among them that are born of the women there hath not risen a greater than john the baptist. The two verses show that john was a great prophet not much bcoz of any miracles but beause he taught the truth.ist corinthians1v21 it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe v25 becuase the foolishness of God is wiser than men. Mathew 7v22,23: many will say to me that day, Lord, Lord have we not in your name, cast out devils & done wonderful works and God will say i never knew you dpart fom me doers of inquity. In conlusion John14v15 if ye love me, keep my commandments. isaih 8v20 : to the law & testimony if they speak not according to this word, there is no light in them. 1john 3v3,4 we know him, if we keep his comandments, he that say know him & keepeth not his commandment is a liar. I rest my case food for thought.

  25. “On Monday, Kunonga filed an urgent High Court chamber application seeking to stop his eviction from Anglican Church properties across the country, claiming that his priests would be rendered destitute.” Rendered destitute my foot.. vaimbogara kupi vasati vabvuti zvivakwa zvaMwari?

  26. Nyashanu can’t you see this has nothing to do with rthe right to be heard. Kunonga was heard by the supreme court. Who does he want to be heard now. Its about the greedy Samkange. Remember a lawyer still gets his money win or lose. The basic ruling was propety belongs to CPCA. Whoever is occupying the properties should therefore vacate whether it is Kunonga personally or his church as he claims in the urgent chamber application. His church cannot claim the supreme court ruling refered to kunonga personally when they themselves are in illegal occupation of the church’s properties. This samkange guy expects to endear himself to zanu pf supporters. Is he not intelligent enough to realise that many of those supporters are anglicans and this continued percecution of their church will alleanate them from him.

  27. Kunonga, you have reached your end now, CHECK MATE!!!!!Clinging on to this will discredit you further,,,,, Just leave in piece you might win a few sympathisers, otherwise you will completely destroy yourself. Zvabuda pachena kuti uri ZIZI RISINA NYANGA!!!KI-KI-KI!!!

    1. vakunonga makadyawo zvakwana siyayi vana vamwari vachichenesa IMBA YAMWARI

  28. KOzvakabvepi kuti Bishop vofamba nepfuti vachisiya Bible?Musatukisa Mwari nemabasa eukari hwesimba nemari,svodai zviso zvakakupoteredzai .Ko idzo mhuri dzenyu dzinotii nemabasa enyu Bishop?Simba repfuti mukereke here vatendi?

  29. Nhai iwe Kunonga imbondiudzawo kuti mwari akakunonga kupi washaisa mufaro vana vamwari.zviya iwe Kunonga ndiwe mwakomana wekutanga waSATAN.ko baba vako ivo Satan vanofara here?kana waona baba vako uti kwanzi nevana vamwari musatikanganise kunamata mwari wedu.

  30. Shona Gukurahundism in Churches is a non, no bantu bakithi – please stop it!!

    1. Tribalist

  31. Cry my beloved Anglican church. Kunonga is a disgrace

  32. Ziyatsha madoda ukunonga le si bhamu hayi bakithi kunzima laphe mhlabeni ubukali lobumenemene

  33. Why not take a leaf from Guti, Makandiwa, Engel, etc? They broke away from main Churches but left without even a bench. They started with their own things.

  34. For those of you who wonder why Bulawayo is like what it is, this guy Mbonisi is a good example.
    Tribalism is so enshrined in his mind. And is a BIG FOOL.
    He reasons as this Kunonga guy.

    To Kunonga. In the end, perileous times will come, where man would be lovers of gold more than lover of God. Why fight over a building? Yet you claim that you want to leave this earth to go to heaven.

    Man is the temple of God. Not building made of hands of man. Besides, if Anglicans are sodomites, why would you want things of gomorah. Be like Abraham who stayed far away from Sodom and Gomorah.

    Start your own Church and be satisfied with what you have, not rob. Give Ceaser, what belongs to Ceaser. Give Anglicans, what belongs to Anglican.

    1. Kuda zvemahara neruchiva ndiko kwauraya nyika. Tangaiwo zvenyu vakomana zimba riya 40 rooms re kuBorrowdale brooke, mapurazi ose aya nhasi ku invader church gonyaraiwo vakomana.

  35. @Hombarume

    Most Shonas regard Mthwakazi people as supporting the MLF and therefore secessionists; most Mthwakazi regard Shonas as responsible for Gukurahundi and therefore Gukurahundists.


    1. Mbonisi you are tribalist dont hide behind words

      1. Thats fine.

  36. Kunonga was endearing himself to ZanuPF by singing his Master’s Voice,but elections are due in a few months.Zanu PF have ditched him because the Anglican Church saga will cost them a lot of votes.All those women worshiping in the rain because of one man?

  37. Kutonhodzwa kwa Chauruka.

  38. sorry baba u dug your on grave. Lala ngokuthula kanonga.

  39. Aiwa asi imi vanhu mese you just disappointed me, you tell me kuti hapana kana one wenyu ane a very good advice to give to our once Bishop now a just confused Kunonga, I am a very busy man but let me quickly tell mface Kunoz; enda kwaMakandiwa upiwe zvikwambo, yako problem inoda team chaiyo kwete one or two, you are in deep sheet, kwaMakandiwa zvikwambo hobho, and if you need a job he can as well employ you to count the offering. On a serious note; I’m hurt by the fact that there was a time when people used to trust kamudhara aka Kunoz and to think kuti this is what they trusted, some man preaching with a gun in his jacket and a Bible in his hand, now it’s the Bible somewhere not known and a gun in his hand, this world is going to the dogs, who do we trust?

  40. chisingaperi chinoshura chokwadi… izvi zvanhuhwa.. vamwe vakati gudo guru peta muswe .., ndinofarira vanoti charovedzera charovedzera gudo rakakwira mawere kwasviba…. iri ibveni chairo!

  41. in a normal democracy the late Kunonga should have been arrested for threatening to shoot a journalist. that is a crime. but then you must remember achine kasmell keZanuPF therefore he is immune from arrest. in the meantime he should enter his grave, lie in it , turn into a spook and roast in hell until the end of time.

  42. @Mbonisi Yes Kunonga is a zanu p f does that have anything to do with gukurahundi mbonisi gukurahundi pained u but pliz stop preaching shona gukurahundi rather cal it mugabe gukurahundi bear it in mind that not everyone was in zanu p f supported gukurahundi at that time.kunonga is a thug but that won’t qualify him to be a killer.tel us how these pple can solve there differences and hw kunonga can be expelled from the church by the church doctorines and policies

  43. UbuGukurawundi emacaweni sicela buphele asebleeif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. @mbonisi aaaah! U qualify to be a triblist otherwise and a racist also.l wil never write in ndebele or shona my dear


    LOVE EACH OTHER. Stop fanning the fires of hatred.

  46. Kunonga wavakuenderera mberi, tavakuzokurova manje. Wakajaidzwa. Shit. Who do you think you are?

    1. taura hako wena ZVAZVIRI zanupf vanotoiti “chiwororo” inoworora vese vanomboita manyemwe nayo. kunonga warashwa zvino

  47. Kunonga araswa neZANU PF, yaona kuti haana Chaunga, haana dhiri. No one is perenial kuZANU. unoraswa kana usisadiwa. Gandiya ane Chaunga, mari achadirirwa nemusangano, wait & see!!!

  48. l would like to pay tribute to the gallant true believers who through the 5 year siege remained steadfast and calm until the day of victory. Makakunda miyedzo yakaoma may GOD bless you children of the MOST HIGH

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