Jonathan Moyo humiliated


EDUCATION, Sport, Arts and Culture minister David Coltart has taken to social networks to dismiss Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo’s often repeated claim that he was a member of the Selous Scouts.
Report by Nduduzo Tshuma

Moyo has repeatedly claimed that the Kumalo Senator – who defended many PF Zapu leaders who were harassed by President Robert Mugabe’s administration soon after independence – served the notorious commando unit of the Rhodesian army.

The latest claims were made in an opinion piece last week where the Tsholotsho North MP appeared to take offence at Coltart’s insistence that Mugabe must reveal the source of the $20 million he used to buy agriculture inputs he is dishing out to farmers.

Moyo accused the minister of attempting “an impossible task of trashing (Mugabe’s) scheme”.

But Coltart responded through Facebook and Twitter last Friday labelling the former avid Zanu PF critic a “desperate” and “an unprincipled political chameleon”.

The minister said he had a two-year stint with the British South Africa Police (BSAP) after being conscripted by the then colonial government “as part of compulsory national service”.

He said Moyo’s claims that he was a member of the Selous Scouts must not be taken seriously.

“It is always such a relief to be in Jonathan Moyo’s bad books,” he wrote on Facebook at the weekend.”

“It is comforting to know one must be doing something right.
“Dear old Jonathan must be desperate – he, of all people, knows that I was never a Selous Scout, but he has to roll that falsehood out again.”

Coltart said many Zimbabweans no longer took Moyo seriously because of his unprincipled political career.

“I hope Jonathan will also say I played prop for Rhodesia Rugby – he may as well because it is just as unlikely as me being a Selous Scout!

“Jonathan Moyo is viewed by all rational Zimbabweans as an unprincipled political chameleon who cannot be trusted,” he said.
“This allegation (about Selous Scouts) has been made time and time again against me for over 12 years without any damage to either my reputation (such as it is) or political prospects.”

Coltart, a lawyer by profession, said he was hesitant to sue Moyo because he had “an inherent dislike for defamation suits because they can perpetuate, feed and enlarge a defamatory statement”.
“It may seem curiously naive, but at the core of my belief system is that the good Lord knows the truth and that is all I have to fear,” the minister added.

“ Jesus was slandered and never had the opportunity to resort to the courts to redeem his reputation, something he didn’t actually care about.”

An undeterred Moyo on Saturday renewed his attack on the MDC secretary for legal affairs.

“I maintain that Coltart is a former member of the Rhodesian Selous Scouts,” he told an online publication.

“This is not an insult, but a description of a historical fact whose devil is in the detail and is based on public record.

“Any Rhodie who served any organ of Rhodesian forces was a Selous Scout in letter or spirit or both and so the difference was in detail and not in orientation or purpose.”


  1. So what if he was a Selous Scout – we will still vote for him, because he has proved to be a human being over and over again than you Gukurahundi thugs.

    Being Black does not automatically qualify you for my vote – in fact to be honest, I have come to hate black people in the last 32 years with a few exceptions, they are just too cruel and thrive on discriminating and “othering” others – never mind I am also black!!

    • you are a big fool.this type of talk will never be tolerated if in america a former Nazi MILITARY officer saved in the US or British me the Minister is not proving that indeed he was not a member of the murderous gang.the mere fact that he serves in the gvt is a travesty and shows that voter education is lacking in Zimbabwe as the people seem not to know what they are exacly voting for

      • Kudzi you are indeed a born free go and check ZANU PF records some of the Ministers could have been UANC Muzorewa’s party they ordered massacres in Mozambique and Zambia. Also check ZNA how many were Rhodesian soldiers. Chiyangwa did what Coltart did if you didnt know. Now that I have told you pliz go ahead and think what you want.

      • @ kudzi

        Mentally, you are Gukurahundism-infected – I would not not expect anything better than what you have posted above!!

        Given the small white population, you think the Rhodesians would have survived the war that long without the Black African component of the army – so why pick on David Coltart?

      • Kudzi is smoking something.

        Coltart a selous Scout? What a joke.

        He would never have got through the selection process!

        Only 10 out of 100 candidates ever made selection.

        No wonder ZANU-PF still have nightmares about the Selous Scouts. They were top soldiers and ZANU-PF were petrified of them.

        But to label Coltart a Selous Scout is joke of the weak. Weak moyo and now WEAK kudzi

      • Now stop being an idiot and go bck to your history again, you seem not to have covered a lot of history at school young man, why do you want to embarrass yourself here on this forum. Pretending to know may be dangerous. What do you tells us about knowing whom to vote for..nxa!!! silly boy!!

  2. How can we pacify the victims of the Liberation War if we stoop so low to the point of judging Prof Moyo as Humiliated for calling Coltart a Selous Scout? In liberation war parlance he is!! It was a generic term used to describe people like him, Madzakutsaku, ma Puruveya, Ma DA, nedzimwe mhondi dzese, get it right. Coltart unashamedly calls his ‘stint” national duty to fight against the same forces that accorded him a ministerial post!

    • These MDC idiots amaze me, they listen to a Selous scout telling them that he was doing national duty killing Zimbabweans and this MDC paper headlines that The Prof was humiliated, Where is the humiliation?

  3. The headline should be “Coltart ashamed of his past” for indeed he was a die-hard Rhodie Selous Scout. It’s on record and some of us have better detail than he wants to portray. As for those who hate those of their own skin colour in favor of these colonial gay remnants in the mould of Coltart – Lord have mercy! Such blackman are an aborminasion and brain washed. Prof Moyo is right

  4. Whenever you are condemned by Jonathan Moyo then you must know you are doing something right. I like the spirit of confusion here. So Moyo is now the barometre of righteousness. Both Moyo and Coltart are a confusing lot. They are better off shut up than make noise. None of them deserves my vote until they both disabuse themselves from the notion they hold, that they are above the people of Zimbabwe.

  5. I hate it being a Black man worse still a Zimbabwean – there is absolutely nothing to be proud of in being Zimbabwean. Zimbabweans are an embarrassing lot – ever seen such a brainless lot.

    All they spew day in and day out is either Gukurahundi racism or Gukurahundi tribalism. They cannot think independently from Mugabe’s influence. You can see it from what they write here.

    Unfortunately psychological damage is always very difficult to deal with because the victims don’t believe that they have a psychological problem, later on acknowledge it!

    • @Mbonisi- I always look forward to you comments not that I agree or disagree with them but I admire how you patiently try to school some of our brothers here who (some of them) clearly do not have the capacity to to learn.

      Unfortunately there is a media blackout on Prof. Ncube and this conspiracy to deny him his rightful position is carefully done so that we all remain blinded to the fact that Prof. Ncube is a sharp politician whose following is drawn towards him not by coercion but out of respect and trust of the man. And the only reason why some partys are still in power is because there a party of gangs who thrive on instilling fear…..

      • @ Baba T and T
        The major problem Zim faces – which is the “urgency of now” as Barack Obama calls it is to undo the psychological damage brought about by Mugabe’s tribally and racially divisive politics.

        Even Steve Biko had a similar message to Black people in general through his message on Black Consiousness.

        The Mugabe-induced tribalistic and racist mental slavery displayed by some here, especially some among our Shona speaking countrymen is shocking, absolutely Shocking.

        It doesn’t even matter whether they are in Zanu PF or in the MDC-T opposition camp – they simply spew the same Mugabe-speak bile – outright Gukurahundi gospel – you would think its Mugabe himeself talking!!

  6. I wonder what H Chitepo,Simon Muzenda, Joshua Nkomo, Josiah Tongogara, L Takawira, Parirenyatwa and others like them would say upon hearing that we now have ma Selous Scouts, madzakutsaku, mapuruvheya and so on who are now cabinet ministers of Zimbabwe. Zvinotyisa. I think panevamwe vakutengesa nyika.

    • think straight bro. zimbabwe is not for blacks alone, just like Europe is not for whites. Chitepo, josh, dydmus, mudenge and thousands other zimbos stayed and were welcome in europe – whats the problem with that.
      if zimbos vote for anybody because they find something good/right that he is doing who are u to ask.

    • If we r to judge people on thier distant past then all those who once had sex out of wedlock,stole,killed,got drunk etc should not go to church. Wisdom eh?

    • there are more selous scouts and madzakutsakus in the zanu gravy train than anywhere in the world some of you are too paranoid, myopic indeed shiboleth to live in the 21st century

  7. Certainly agreeing with Jonah is the same like agreeing with mental patient, what has he done for Zimbabweans other than limiting their freedom space, reducing them to mere domesticated animals in a pig stay, posa, etc are all his initiations.

    • Mbonisi l think u r not so clever. Pane zvaunotaura zvine musoro but wozopata panyaya ye Gukarahundi esp if u say u wont forget n forgive. Learn to forget n to forgive. Wena abomkhulu bakho abangamagwala ran away from Shaka after thieving. When they arrived here they murdered the shonas ana stole their cattle. Wat makes them more barbaric is they murdered all the ugly women n left the beautiful ones to take as wives. But y are the shonas not mourning abt this day in day out. Both these were unfortunate happenings, moments of madness. But singing abt them wont bring us any gud bt only HARM. Thats y Welshman MDC doesnt even talk abt it. He is clever n focused on the good of Zimbos, the stupid Morgan MDC is singing gukurahundi to divide Zimbos. So dnt tarnish ur nice comments by being tribalstic. Historically wena lo Colart u dnt even belong to this land. Lizobuyela kini lingafuna ukuhlupha.

  8. Phillip Chiyangwa was in the BSAP reservists does that mean he was a member of the Selous Scouts? There are in ZanuPF ranks whose fathers and relatives were memebrs of the BSAP. The Selous Scouts were legal members of the security forces. What of the Fifth Brigade and Gukurahundi? they massacred over 40 000 unarmed black civilians including women, children and old people and the perpetrators hold government positions right now. What hypocrisy! why talk only of Selous Scouts and not mention Fifth Brigade and the atrocities by Zanu and Zapu?

  9. Ko inga vana Chinamasa, Chiyangwa nanaMahofa vese vanga vari madzakutsaku wani. Pleasev tell us the history of chinamasa kana ndiri kunyepa.

  10. mese mese nevaive kuZANLA or ZIPRA maive maRhodesians. Hakuna Chimurenga chakarwiwa, yaive civil war nekuti Smith ange aita nyika ino a sovereign state through UDI. Verengai Interview ya Kangai muSunday Mail mugozvibvunza kuti zvaaitaura imomo zvaiitwa nevanhu vaive kuhondo here kana kuti kumafaro. Musanyeperwe nevanhu ava, tese taive maRhodesians, nanhasi tichiri maRhodesian Zimbabweans.

  11. Some people have very short memories or they just want to ignore what is happening. Stamps was in parliament and they never said anything. Stamps never leaves Bob’s side but some people find it difficult to have white man Coltart in parliament!

  12. Will the Gukurahundi by the name Jonathan Moyo please leave the whiteman alone?

    You failed to govern the country with absolute power and still 32 years down the line you blame the whiteman – people who are less than 100 000 in a population of 11 million people – you are embarrassing the black race.

    Akeliyeke ubulima. Liyizithutha kakhulu – liyasiyangisa emhlabeni!!

    • Mbonisi somehow i agree with you. What happened to Zisco formerly risco, what happened to other orgs. like air zim, willovale motor industry, national railways, zupco, mashava to name just a few. it appears we mismanaged.

    • ha ha ha ha ha!!! mbonisi mbonisi mbonis!! at first i really hated you and ur never ending tribalistic slurs against shoas, wel primarily because im shona. but en i decided to do a little research of my own, just to see where all of this deep seated hatred emanated from.. and believe me im still researching.. and now i cant help but look forward to ur comments.. even on Entertainment headlines i wait to see how you intelligently redirect the scope to cover ur agenda, like how you did over the national dress issue some time back. mbonisi get over yourself man (or woman wateva tha case might be!) no matebeleland is always going to be part of zimbabwe, and no we shonas do not hate ndebele’s im dating a ndebele gal for heaven’s sake..!! lose the hate and vile it does no one any good, especially you man..
      ps i no longa hate you now i derive humour from ur posts.. they have lost all meaning to me!

  13. Hypocricy by some, utter stupidity by more and plain ignorance by more again and then there are those with reason and intelligence who put rational, fair and truthful comments! We have traded one war for another and still blame everyone and everything else for problems we are wholly responsible for black and white! ZPF was never for the people at all and is responsible for far more misery and destruction than any Rhodesian unit or government!! ZPF has done naught but use the people and it’s brainwashing to forward it’s own agenda and ambitions and has perpetuated and perfected the oppression of the masses for the enrichment of the few!

  14. Its time we as Zimbabweans thought of something other than Racism. We will never build a strong coubtry as long as we allow such petty issues divide us. If we start pointing out the past of our ministers even the so much liked and hallowed ZANU PF MINIZTERS have nusty pasts sone of them our silence is for progress sake. I think Moyo as a learned person should be doing more productive things with his education than finger pointing lets , he should try nation building i know his education can come in handy in that.

    Coltart should also concentrate on taking our schooling system to greater levels and stop noising about un worthy critics.

    Zimbabwe lets use our differences to build a multifacceted Zimbabwe and not to divide the little that is left. Passi ne mabunu Passi ne ma Ndebele Passi Ne ma Shina asi pamberi ne Zimbabwe yaka batana.

    Freedom Ndlovu proudly Zimbabwean

    • @ freedom

      We have to change our country’s name – that name “ZIMBABWE” is now associated with Lucifer-type evil.

      You talk racism — its to be found in Zimbabwe in abundance; you talk tribalism, it can be found in abundance; you talk abductions, people disappering and never to return, the raping of women and young girls, election violence, killing of innocent villagers, razing down of rural homesteads for political and tribal reasons, Gukurahundism, destruction of farms, property, hunger, destruction of towns and cities – al this evil is found in abundance in Zimbabwe – even Rhodesia now smells like roses I tell you!!

      • Mbo, yu never lived in Rhodesia so shut up and enjoy the life brought to yu by those yu despise and hate with a passion, try God’s luv and yu wont lack anything, siysna nezve nyika kana zvichikutadzisa kuva pedo naMwari. Im praying for yo dear soul, poor Mbo..

  15. Misleading headline! There is no humiliation here except an admission by Coltart that he was indeed an operative of the Rhodesian security forces. What BSAP is he talking about, the country was called Rhodesia then? Coltart is the one trying to twist the truth by calling himself BSAP rather than Rhodesian policeman because that would confirm Jonathan’s defination of him.

  16. Jonathan Moyo belongs to two places; hell and museum. He either spend tine drunk or is genorous clown. Jojo the clown would fit him best. He has nothing human ticking in his heart. He sold the country to abyssy by peddling lies through his hard to keep quite mouth.

  17. ko kana anga ari zvinebasa rei inga imi murikungouraya wani vanhu vamakarwira ,nenzara,zvirwere mumahospital ,plus jonathan moyo is just a confused cockroch ,i will never listen to wat he say,mr tatengesa dont stupid hakuna mazimbabweans here ku europe vamwe vanhu they very uncivilised ,saka ana tongagara ,varikufara nekuba madiomond ,corruption,violence ,etc vari kufara nazvo dont be uncivilsed my brother

  18. Okay every one enough of this mambo jumbo and name calling, what is most interesting is your response to this whole issue you also seem not to comprehend the whole matter and give an informed response. Let me put it this way, what does it matter even if Coltart was a Selous Scout? the bottom line is he was serving a Government of that day. Let’s take another cue and look at Jona what are they doing in ZPF they killed and are still killing people black people for that matter in a black ruled country ever since 2000 and what have you people said or rather done about it? You don’t all of you have to be myopic and also brain washed, some one said some people were brain washed by Coltart, but to me it appears a good bunch of you where polarized by the Jona ZPF politics where you are brain washed to an extent of believing that what they say is correct. Wake up while the sun is rising and you will see the truth. Jonathan is trying to, to divert an open truth of their misdeeds more so the bread and butter issues that they have failed to address. They call themselves the state and you and me the subjects of the state and you talk about brain washing, who then is brain washed you or the other. When Coltart was conscripted into the Rhodesian whatever there was a war between the state and freedom movements, what about today people were killed and maimed by the government of the same people are we at war and with whom if we are. How can you be at war with the electorate, this is insane. Finally the lot of you above stop wasting readers valuable time by just writing nonsensical statements without verifying facts, just to substantiate what I am tying to say, read Dzvinyangoma statement to get a clear picture of what I am saying he says Coltart is twisting the truth by saying BSAP rather than Rhodesian policeman what was the Rhodesian police called by then, you see such people just rash to pulverize on papers without research. Being a Selous Scout is just as good as being a CIO so what is wrong with BSAP. Guys some of these issue are too big to comprehend for small time people like the likes of those who wrote on this article before me. So Jona is hiding what you people do not know right now or he already has brain washed you. Aluta continua!!!!

  19. i agree with Chin Philip Chiyangwa was a Brakwacha(black watcher) photo cam out some years back with the man in prone position handling a semi Automatic FN rifle fully clad in BSAP gear. Oh what a shame. Mumwe wedu ka uyu and he is in which party!!! Guesss Z>A>N>U P.F!!!! Talk about that Jono. Overeducated confused idiot who thinks every Zimbabwean is stupid except himself. Wants to remain relevant by bringing up useless debates. Selous scout, RAR everyone is human. Its this culture of intolerance thats going to confine Jono and the Zany party to the dustibin of history come election time. Jono go to the zoo of professors and make yourself relevant.

  20. Both Jonasanhi and Koritati are childing. The thing is SO WHAT? Im a born free and if its to be said, i hate Zanu more than Simisi. Those who are serving Zanu are worse than those who served Simisi.

    And by Jonasani application, when Mhogenhi, starts ruling/leading, those who served in Robhati hurumende should be classified as as bad as Simisi guys.

    Koritati should not dignify those statements by replying. 95% of voters dont care if a person fought for or against Zanu. Same Difference.

  21. The one thing that will define us as Zimbabweans may be how early we are ready to forgive our past…our Moyos and Smiths…our Mugabes and Callahans as we move to build a new civilised life in the heart of Africa.

    Forgiveness is the better way…im sure of that.

  22. Prof Moyo n Coltart are both OK, all you who commented here are the ones stupid, all of you, how can you be drawn into such trivial matters when there are real issues waiting for you?

  23. it’s sometimes retrogressive to spend our time and energy in quarrelling about who did what in the past , we all know that al lot of people have skeletons in their cupboards there is a lot of brainwork to be done to improve life of a zimbo.

  24. let call a spade a spade Zimbabwe iz not looking for some more division and the sooner we understand that the sooner we can revive this country. I still believe in this Country cause as long as you and me are around we can choose to rebuild this country as much as we can choose to diveide and destroy it. Rational Zimbanweans lets stop majoring on the minor and begin to do what it takes to revive the Country tiri vana vemuno That will never change so lets make up our minds to bring this Country bwck on the Map. This is for both Jonhathan and Coltart you guys stop complaining about your past and start agreeing on the Future, cause both jonhathan and Coltart have controvecial pasts. But past is past lets focus on the present and future.

    Freedom Ndlovu Proudly Zimbabwean.

    • @freedom
      You will never succeed as a nation as long as you continue with Gukurahundism against the innocent Mthwakazi people and their politicians!!

    • Ye and amen, brother. United we stand, divided we fall. Simple as that. What makes some countries so powerful, such as America, for instance, is this: It is made up of people with very diverse backgrounds, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian, African, Mexican, British, almost any background you can think of. They argue and call each other names, occasionally, but when it comes to things of national interest, of something that threatens the country, we shall say, they stand united. It doesn’t matter where they came from, now, the only thing that matters is that they are countrymen. As long as Zimbabweans want to fight amongst themselves, they will never get anywhere except where they are now. That’s my humble opinion, disagree if you want.

  25. Ko iye Jonono anga achiitei during the war? Ngaatitaurire zvake so that we can appreciate where he is coming from. Otherwise he is just singing for his supper kuti agozowigwa paheroes acre!

  26. mbonisi haubatsiri chinhu uchafa neshungu nyika ino haitongwi nemundevere never never.gukurahundi was right .zanu had won majority n zapu had 10 apoinnting nkopmo a ministerial post weas too much .1980/. ende inonzi zimbabwe muchida miusingadi kwete kwabulawayo

  27. I truly urge my fellow Zims to get rid of Mugabe’s Gukurahundi politics – you have a country full of potential, but your relationships as people of the same country are abismal, to say the least!

  28. What matters most is while he was part of the selous scouts was he involved in any crimes against humanity. If there is evidence for that then he should not only face the chop, but should be taken to matapi straight.

  29. moyo is a political scientist,who does nothing but to rouse the rubble,he is busy trying to ascend to where he was before the tsholotsho declaration,

  30. The rebels of 1980s invited troubl fo their innocent relatives.their party had lost an election-a legitimate election.matsvageiko musango ?maelections akanga abiridzirwa here? Kwete.saka maida kunanzvwa.makanga musingazive kut munyika mune masoja.makanga majaidzwa nana kaguvi who u used to raid pamadiro.

  31. Jonathan Moyo’s father was killed by the Fifth Brigade. That tells you something about the man,to all those who hero-worship Jonathan.

  32. stupid politics, dwelling on the past, not focusing on the future, so what if Coltart fought for the Rhodesian government, it was the order of the day for white people whether they liked it or not. The outgoing American ambassador said Zimbabweans like politicking too much and never focus on the real issues. I come from a family which was on all sides of the political divide during the Rhodesian days, do I judge them, no!! Live in the present, deal with the political deadlock we have today not bullshit from the past, that’s why change never comes because we are still dealing with the crap from the 80s and before. Puma tribalists and racists, you hold my country back! Stupid assholes!

  33. As zimbos we tend to fight over a lot of non issues ignoring bread and butter issues. Lets not be swayed by the divisive, vile and vitriolic political turncoat Jonho. He is an educated monster who tries very hard to be politically relevant by picking up fights with almost anyone at any given time. Right now he has sowed divisions in Zanu by his obsessed attacks on Chinamasa, and Mangwana. If people are to be judged by their pasts then the goons in moribund Zanu would be languishing in jail for their heinous atrocities. Dwelling on the past without contributing to nation building is sheer madness so as amaZimbo lets move forward as a nation by forging our destiny collectively. Lets stop the mthwakazi nonsense or whatever it is called and start thinking like man of substance who are eternally indebted to the future of generations to come.

  34. jonathan moyo must tell us if it is coltart who killed 20 000 innocent women and children during the gukurahundi era. if he is the one, then i hate him.

  35. Tatenda and others like minded….. Its extremely shallow and uninformed to claim in general that the liberation war was about fighting the whites… we fought an unjust, imperialistic, racially exploitive and marginalising system. Coltat may have been, could have been, was a Selous Scout so what??? how nuch Black content was conscripted or voluntarily served with the S/scouts? What is their blameworthyness? Unfortunately all who refere to the Liberation war under such degrading manner show a frightening degree of ZANUISM and loose the plot entirely. Mugabe’s famous hand of reconcilliation was not a mere gesture by a man who was ill equipped to manage the affairs of Zimbabwe… He needed the full cooperation of the very same whites he faced in the war. That was not stupid but strategic. So where and when did the POVO forget? On his part Mugabe conviniently forgot that promise. Why? Because the elemnt that formed a larger part of the ZANU machinery pre-independence were malcontents and criminals in their societies of origin hence the need by Mugabe to change his hand to satisfy their criminal,corrupt and shameful wealth aquisition politics. ALL FOR ZANU AND ZANU FOR THE SELECT FEW. ANYONE OUTSIDE OF THE SELECT FEW AND THIER FAMILIES IS HIGHLY DISPENSEABLE…. The revolutionary party has indeed come full circle and the purpose by which the party was relevant in 1980 is redundant now. The very same political posturing that held sway to uneducated rural blacks pre-independant is still a tactical component for survival now by a party that has outlived its mandate not to mention shelf life. Jonono is an intelectual of note but is a blunderng absolute idiot in politics and any who put trust in him will surely perish.

  36. some pipol havanyare zvechokwadi – even is this Coltart guy served in the scouts hatineyi nazvo. iwe moyo wakaitei wen yu gt a chance to be a minister. ZBC is every zimbo’s unwanted creature – ndiwe wakauraya, Min Ed. Sports and Culture pinda muzvikoro mune mabooks signed by the minister, a sign good enough to show how much he worked kuti zvunhu zviite.

    Munyare bambo – ZANU PF inenge isati yakurera kuti ukure nemunjere, why muchida a bad taint pazita remusangano mhani ndimi mairehwa navaMugabe kuti masvibisa zita ravo nemaitire enyu akafa.

    Viva Coltart – come be an MP in my constituency, coz even watinaye wacho basa nderekunorara kuparliament – this time hatimupi basa wowowo.

  37. iwe jona umuke – apa wakatambwa inonzi come dhuze tikupe size. primaries are coming apa sekuru bob vakati hakuna anoti mutunhu ndewangu let the piopol choose, ungwarire zvako. ko inga yu have a good touch on music – jah prezha (sorry praiser) ane kanoita kanonzi ngwarira kurparara put yourself in that context, ngwarira kuparara

  38. elections dont mean much here gd pple – we are the only country were losers are in control…!! What makes you think next election would be different…???

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