Zapu woes mount

Zapu members from 11 out of 13 districts in Bulawayo met over the weekend and passed a vote-of-no-confidence in their provincial leadership, it emerged yesterday.

Report by Nduduzo Tshuma


According to party insiders, the meeting was held on Sunday at Amakhosi Cultural Centre and was attended by Bulawayo provincial chairman Retired Colonel Ray Ncube. Although Ncube declined to comment on the matter yesterday, party insiders said they were now awaiting Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa to endorse the decision.

“The resolution to dissolve the provincial structures and the national executive members has been made,” said a party insider.
“What is left is to properly draft the minutes and send them to the presidency, including the president.

“The minutes will be sent to the party leadership before the end of this week.”
The dissolution, according to insiders, is targeted at some members who were considered to be deadwood and working against the interests of the party.

They include national executive member representing Bulawayo Advocate Steven Nkiwane, 10 members of the National People’s Council and 10 members of the Council of Elders.

“The meeting was well-attended although some provincial members, mostly those who work with Nkiwane, did not turn up.”

“Ncube was also there and said he respected the wishes of the province.
“The districts agreed to hold fresh elections to usher in new leaders by mid-October,” said a party insider who declined to be named. The long-term plan of the district members is to call for a special congress that would reshuffle the entire Zapu leadership before elections scheduled for March next year.”

“It was agreed that most of those provincial members who did not attend the meeting were formerly from Zanu PF and had never occupied an influential position in their previous party,” another source said.

“The meeting resolved that they did not want to bring Zanu PF systems into Zapu hence those members should be chucked out.”

Of late, Zapu has been experiencing internal strife with some members calling for the removal of Dabengwa and his entire national executive, accusing them of taking the party backwards.


They have also accused Nkiwane of using some provincial members to derail the party.

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  1. Mr Tshuma, i am surprised that a Provincial Chairperson Singlehandedly calls a so called Inter Branch meeting, presides over it and entices people to vote in the direction he wants. For your own information, in the last meeting which was held at Stanley hall, Mr Lazarus Ray Ncube chaired the meeting like a school boy, failed to control it and deliberately made sure he led the people in the direction he wanted. In that meeting, two motions where tabled viz one to dissolve the Provincial executive and all other party structures and the other to deal with certain members and leave the rest intact.
    The outcome was that, the 52 members against 33 voted against the idea of dissolving the province. Because the man was not happy at all, he stirred the ship in the direction he wanted, allowed the people to make further discussions after the vote to the amazement of other cadres. It was only after a young man and other executive members taught him how to chair the meeting that he succumbed and his plan failed. I have not, in my history of attending and chairing meetings, come across a situation where a resolution is voted for and undone in the same meeting all because a fraction of the meeting believe the outcome should and always be in their favour.
    Furthermore, according to the constitution, there is no provision for the dissolution of any structure but individuals are dealt with individually in the event of breaching the party code of conduct.
    As if that was not enough, the man calls another meeting, pays for the venue himself, does not invite his Provincial Executive members serve for a selected few, (to be specific, only 5 Executive members attended the Amakhosi meeting), invites unknown disctrict members to the meeting and votes for the dissolution of the provincial structure which he is leading.
    It’s also surprising that someone would brag about being the only Chairperson who has been suspended twice. Instead of asking himself why, he continues making terrible mistakes all because there is an agenda he is pushing and I believe those who are saying he is in the business of destroying the party are right.
    For the record Mr Tshuma, Advocate Nkiwane is right when he says the man does not follow protocol. In fact, the man does not have respect for authority, the man does not recognize him own Executive serve for a few boot lickers. The letter which started all this noise was written by him in the name of the Province and sent to the Presidency. The letter, which used the Provincial logo, was in fact not a product of the Provincial Executive but his own baby and thinking. There is no record of the province having conducted any Inter district meeting since its election last year. That therefore the issues discussed are from the districts could only be true if the man did his own research not through any meeting. The letter is not even known and has to date not been seen by Provincial executive members but the districts. It boggles the mind therefore what the real intention of the man is.
    Last year, he looked for an office for the province, did not send the matter to the Provincial executive but went on to sign a lease agreement with the landlord committing the province to rentals which it could not afford. Rightly so, the office was closed because none of the provincial executive members supported the premises found due to unaffordable rentals. We are in the street today because of his unreasonable ambitions.

    Those members who are alleging that President Dabengwa is taking the party backwards are saying so from a position of ignorance. This is the same ZAPU that made waves before and after congress. This is the same ZAPU that is doing exceedingly well in other provinces particularly Mat North and South where a number of activities have been done and are being done. This is the same ZAPU that used to fill Halls to capacity as the President was addressing public meetings in the era when Canaan Ncube, now NPC, was Interim Chairman of the province of Bulawayo. This is the same ZAPU that we sort after and joined. Little did we know that our dreams would be chattered as the party goes into oblivion thanks to the Chairmanship of L. R. Ncube.

    I can write forever, but the bottom line is that ZAPU problems are created deliberately and there is no doubt about it.

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