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People speak on Budget


IN launching the pre-budget consultations for the 2013 National Budget, Finance minister Tendai Biti said citizens’ participation and civil society involvement in processes of public budgeting and financial management are essential for promoting transparency and accountability.

This, he said, also ensures that public monies are allocated equitably so that the interests and needs of the disadvantaged and marginalised groups are adequately addressed. Ministries’ expenditure proposals for 2013 will be guided and informed by the policy priorities as highlighted in this Pre-Budget Strategy Paper and respective individual Treasury Call Circulars.

Today, the NewsDay publishes some of the public submissions on the National Budget. Billy Billiat Changing from currency to currency will never change anything. Last year’s Budget never changed our lives.

We need clean water, clean environment, better or upgraded hospital standards, nice roads and employment creation. We want all Zimbabweans to get medical treatment locally, not that the poor majority are treated here and the ministers are medically examined abroad because Zimbabwe does not have standard medical facilities.

Tinashe Gamira : “I say “No” to the yuan. Civil servants’ salaries should not be freezed at all, Recruitment of police and soldiers should be stopped,  Ministry of Health, Transport and Education must get more funding.”

Farai Nyakatsapa : “I say “No” to freezing of civil servants salaries. The salaries must be reviewed. The yuan is definitely a big “No”. The government should prioritise health services and education, especially at tertiary level.”

Leonard Chafamba: ” I say “No” to the yuan,  civil servants’ salaries must be reviewed, Diamonds and other mineral proceeds must be channelled to Treasury , Education and Health ministries must be adequately funded. Soldiers and police force must be downsized! ”

Allen Tholana  ” I say “No” to the yuan ,Why should we look East yet the East is looking West,Health and education must be prioritised , Zimra must plug holes in revenue collection , We should not hold elections.”

Tsitsi Dangarembga (Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa Trust director): ” Thank you for asking for citizen’s wishes for the next Budget. Please would you ensure that a good plan is devised and funding is made available for the creative industries and their products.”

“Creative industries are now at the forefront of development, bringing together as they do new technologies and narratives. The creative industries are the way in which Zimbabweans, like all other nations, can add value to our culture. Since we are the only ones who have our culture (and we need to make sure that this remains the situation), we have potential for absolutely unique products that can be put into the market. The plan would have to ensure quality standards. This would include, on one hand, quality standards for outputs developed and checked by knowledgeable individuals, and on the other hand, competitive education in creative disciplines from elementary to professional level. I have always pointed out that with enough creative products in the global market place, Zimbabwe would not have to pay foreign broadcasters to advertise our country. They would be paying us to advertise to them through buying our creative products.”

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