MDC leader Ncube taunts Mpofu

MDC leader Welshman Ncube has poured scorn on Zanu PF politburo member and Umguza MP Obert Mpofu challenging him to contest against President Robert Mugabe in his party’s presidential primary election first before he could dare him.

Report by Richard Muponde, Senior Reporter

Ncube said he was in the same league with Zanu PF’s Mugabe and MDC-T’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who were party leaders and therefore presidential candidates for the forthcoming elections.

He also lashed out at Mugabe, whom he said was an eligible candidate for the Guinness Book of Record, “as the only leader in the world who presided over a hyperinflationary economic situation that killed Zimbabwe’s currency and later abolished it opting for other countries’ currencies”.

Addressing hundreds of party supporters at a campaign rally in Mpofu’s home area of Jambezi on Sunday,  Ncube pronounced himself as “presidential material” adding that he would not sink low to contest for a parliamentary seat.

“I am a presidential candidate not a Member of the House of Assembly for a constituency like Umguza,” Ncube said. “Mpofu should first win primary elections in his party against President Mugabe and then think of challenging me.”

The MDC leader said Mpofu was not as popular as he claimed “but uses grain as bait to lure people to attend his rallies.

“He treats people like chicken, broadcasting maize with the intent of capturing them. I don’t want to even ask how he got his wealth, but what I want to say to you is that he can buy you, but can’t buy the whole of Zimbabwe.”

The MDC leader added: “Mpofu is a coward, he instructed the police to remove my posters. If he wants us to go to the people let us do that transparently and not use dirty tactics like he is doing. We thought since Veterai (former Police officer commanding Matabeleland North) returned to his home area, things were now better but alas, he reincarnated in Mpofu.”

But Mpofu would not comment on what he termed “politicians’ outbursts” at rallies but would leave the electorate to choose candidates of their choice.

“Politicians say what they want but the onus is on the people to see who has done well for them. They are free to choose whoever they want after making their own judgments,” he said.

Mpofu last month said he would beat Ncube and MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in any seat he would choose to contest.


  1. i want Mpofu to be Investgated on how he got his wealth, secondly he tells the country that he is a king and the most richest in the country. what happened to Commision of this? Commission of that?

    1. did welshman ncube win a seat in the 2008 parliamentary elections?

      1. Did Tsvangirai or Mugabe win an electuion in 2008?

      2. Did Tsvangirayi or RG win any. Welshman Ncube’s defeat in Makokoba turned out to be providence. God had a greater plan for him and has fulfilled His side of the deal. The rest is up to us.

      3. What does this have to do with the price of tomatoes?

  2. umpofu ngumalume but ikhanda lakhe likinile. Ipolitics imnandi nxa kunje.

  3. we observe from afar

  4. this person needs to be investigated hasi ku bira gvt mari here uyu

    1. Ko vana Chombo havasikubira gvt here. Show me a ZPF minister who has not stolen from gvt and I’ll show you a seasoned thief who knows how to hide his tracks.

  5. Its beginning to be sweet! Cruise on Welsh!

    1. i guess you meant dream on…

    2. dream on welshman u are not pres material……

      1. Yes for sure you are educated but not presidential material and Mpofu must be investigated on how he acquired his wealth. Haasi madiamonds edu here aya? Hold that wealth in trust until we attain independence.

        1. Where else do you think he got his wealth from besides stealing the diamonds. Why ask the obvious. Obert Mpofu though my namesake is a broad light thief with no morals at all. In addition he sings on his fours for his meal hence his immunity.
          “Pangu ndapedza vakomana chiitai penyu” a cabinet Minister demanding bribes openly like that. God forbid

          Though Prof could be aspiring for a Presidential seat which he won’t win I think he has won the hearts of many for being assertive. He is a nonentity for the high seat nad I wish if he could challenge Obert Mpofu for the Umguza constituency. Obert Mpofu is an arsehole to say the least. I wonder why the electorate in Umguza cannot see wood from chuff. Can they accept the gifts from him and ditch at the poles?????

      2. Define Presidential Material….

  6. So welshamn thinks he is presidential material..kikikiki..regai ndiseke zvangu, that trabalist who thrives on politics of divide and rule can never be president, he wants to use the tribal card everytime but politics does not work that way, he is a failure politically and socially, Welshman you will never ruule Zim come hail or shine, you definitely kno that you can not win a parliamentary sit and history is there to tell so stop feedind us that carp yekuti u are presidential material….

    1. garwe, please explain why most of you people have all copied Mugabe’s language and his politics of divide and rule?

      Why is it difficult to deal with Welshman over issues , and policies?

    2. nonsense!! you are the 1 who is tribalistic!! it is a well known fact that you tend to label all non-shona prospective individuals. rest assured that you do not own politics

      1. usho kahle mfoethu lomuntuyabheda wy is he comparing Ncube with a tribalist (Uyabheda)

        1. Inoz pumula south

          No gyz lets 4gt abt those issuses lts b 1.united no ndebele noshona nokhalanga no wt ever.we a 1.

    3. Uyahlanya wenaGarwe, being Ndebele is not being tribalist!!! Welshman is the best thing that ever happened to Zimbabwean politics and you know it.

      1. I wouldn’t say the best to ever happen to Zim politics. Far from it! I however do not agree with all the tribal rubbish being put up here.

        1. A breath of fresh air. What a balanced response

      2. I think you right Lokayi. the man is one of the few politicians from your region who is fighting for you. those who see him as a tribalist are tribalists themselves. Matabeleland know that Tsangirai wont take you anywhere.

    4. what is tribalitic about Welshman challenging for the hot seat?what divide and rule when in fact its zanu and mdc-t that have employed that tactic since 1963?you know ,silence is never more golden when you have nothing better to say GARWE. take my advice!…and yes,whether you like it or not,he is truly presidential material!….

    5. Why ar u pple afraid of Welsh,the guy has got it all more than your choises of your grandfather mugabe and the womaniser tsvangirai.U all scared that finally a Ndebele has entrered the race dominatd by shonas. Ag suka mani

      1. you appear diminished in yo thinking and you believe tribalism is fashionable.yu will die poor

      2. He is not Ndebele but a mahole from lower Gweru

    6. twe dnt call politicians who ensure that 99% of the budget is spent in our mashonaland but when a man speaks for his kith and kin we call him a tribalist. I think it takes someone with a tribalistic mingd to say what u said garwe. u r a tribalist garwe

    7. Garwe, Welshman Ncube has been an MP since 2000. Does that mean anything to you? In 2008 he lost to Thokozani by a narrow 200 votes in a constituency of over 4000 does that mean anything to you? In 2013 he will be in the Presidential rerun, will that mean anything to you?

    8. Garwe, you ve been brainwashed by Tsvangirai. Tell me a day when Welshman said a thing about a tribe and i will tell you how many times Tsvangirai has mentioned a thing about tribe.

  7. kikikikiki ncube ngaarege kutamba nepfungwa dzedu kani nhai, who wants ncube as his president???he is so far away from being the president of zimbabwe and he will die without becoming one….day dreamer. ncube is not counted.

    1. peter, please explain why most of you people have all copied Mugabe’s language and his politics of divide and rule?

      Why is it difficult to deal with Welshman over issues , and policies?

      1. @ Mbonisi it is very well to disapprove of people using Mugabe kind of speak and I couldn’t agree with you more. Any capable individual, be it Ndebele, Shona or whatever other tribes there is in Zimbabwe should have a go at politics without suffering any prejudice due to his tribal background.
        However, neither Ncube nor Tsvangirai have clear vision of the direction of where Zim should go post-ZanuPF. These two thus far are simply representing us as protest politicians.

        Quite frankly it is refreshing to hear you mention policies. For most us, our judgement is clouded with so much hate for Mugabe et al that we do not challenge our opposition leaders on such matters.

        1. Nonsense!!! Mugabe has no vision for this country. If he had, he would not allow his cadres in ZANU PF and the Chinese to loot this country the way they are doing. Look around you and see what the Chinese are doing, the Chombos, the Obert Mpofu, the Kasukuvweres, the Chiwengwas & you call that vision. 33 years in power and this country has been in the worst depression & you call that vision. Do you even know what VISION means???

          1. one day mthwakazi will get independent then our leader wont be accussed of tribalism.

          2. Tell them SGB

    2. Asi ndimi muno rigger ma elections kubva mati Ncube Haafi akaita President.Remember Ian Smith,he said ‘Zimbabwe will be ruled by a black person over his dead body’ what happened, did he die before a black man came to power.

      So never say Ncube will never be president,tichakutsvakayi tikakushayiwayi zvinhu zva chinja.
      Mugabe’s time is over,wake and smell reality.

      1. Polly, don’t worry about these Mugabe disciples – its only a matter of time!

  8. This is Mthwakazi political material par excellence!!

    At the young age of just 51, he is Dr Joshua Nkomo reincarneted. Smart, suave, well educated, articulate and driven – welcome new Zimbabwe, welcome!

    This is what Zim needs – a well balanced leader, with vision; non-tribal; and has the interests of the whole country at heart. Even the Slogan of his Green movement says it all – all embracing; non-exclusionary – every language is welcome in the Green machine; every religion is welcome in the Green machine; every culture is welcome in the Green machine; every race, tribe, colour, and creed are welcome in the Green machine.

    There is no such a thing as the MAJORITY over others in Zimbabwe’s Green machine – its all about fundamental human rights all the way!!

    The SIBANINGI – TIRIBAZHINJI mantra is taboo in the Green Machine. Every Province of Zimbabwe belongs to every Zimbabwean who chooses to make it his home in the Green machine, but of course minus the TIRIBAZHINJI mantra.

    The Green machine’s moto is to integrate and respect local languages and cultures in every Province of our Great Zimbabwe.

    Unity in Diversity!! Viva Mthwakazi wandlela zimhlophe, Viva Zimbabwe – the nation with a winning formula!!

    1. Please, explain why this Ncube is always campaigning in Matebeleland? All the news he makes, he is either in Mat or Midlands at a rally. As they say, there is no smoke without fire…perhaps he is a true tribalist?

      1. he might not be tribalistic,but might not get the green light to visit mashland.

      2. remember what soldiers did to his rally somewhere in mashonaland

        1. Yeah but they do that to Tsvangirai too. So shall we say Ncube is a bit of a coward? I hope not.

      3. Siyabonga, is Matland a no-go area? Is Chitungwiza is Matland? Is it in the Midlands?


        “MUTOKO CENTRE: Soldiers in Mutoko centre today unleashed violence of unimaginable proportions on the supporters of the MDC soon after the rally that was addressed by the MDC President Welshman Ncube. Some of the members of the party that were assaulted were hospitalized.

        This violence comes after the MDC has invaded the Mashonaland East province and recruiting thousands of people into the party. Soldiers have been involved in the intimidation of MDC supporters in this province. Shupikai Mandaza the Mash East Provincial Chairperson has gone missing.

        Earlier on MDC President Welshman Ncube had told the party supporters in the centre that the party will not compromise on its demands for a free and a fair election that should be held after the fulfillment of all the conditions set in the GPA. He said the soldiers must not be allowed to meddle in the politics and thus SADC must make sure that the security forces commanders make a commitment to respect the electoral results.

        “We will not retreat or compromise on our position that the elections must be held under the free and fair conditions. These conditions are clearly spelt in thee GPA. We want the SADC to push these generals to make a public enforceable commitment to respect the results of the elections. It’s the highest undemocratic practice for the military to seek to subvert the will of the people. As MDC we are not scared of the free and fair election because we are confident we will win over all other parties” said the MDC President.

        The security chefs in Zimbabwe have in the past threatened that they will not allow any other party that is not Zanu PF to take over power even if that party wins the election.

        Turning to the issue of the constitution the MDC leader said the party supports the current draft as it is a better compromise and it reflects the views of the people. He urged the people to vote for it in the referendum that is scheduled to be held after the 2nd stakeholder’s conference.

        “Don’t listen to the lies from Zanu pf that the constitution draft doesn’t carry the views of the people. No no, no, the draft that Copac has produced carries the views of the people, the very views that you said during the outreach program. You will see it and I urge you to vote yes in the referendum,” he said.

        In the past month Zanu pf has carried out a spirited program to discredit the COPAC draft although it was produced with the consent from Zanu pf.

        In a separate sad incident in Chitungwiza today MDC supporters were detained in Koala Abattoir by Zanu pf supporters as they were preparing for the Tafara Mabvuku Rally scheduled for Saturday the 22nd of September 2012. However they were rescued by the timely intervention of JOMIC.”

        1. Ncube has got himself to blame, he split MDC along tribalistic lines thinkining he would be able to take over from Mutambara, now he is eating of the fruit ther off and is crying foul. People are very much aware of his intentions. If you want to support him go ahead, but I can assure you betting for a dead horse.

          1. Its Tsvangirai who split the MDC!

          2. its tsvangirai who split the MDC ,ncube is very educate and believe in collective decision other than tsvangirai who believe he was sent by god to only take over mugabe and only continue with his policies

          3. S.G.B, i thought you were clever enough to realise its Tsvangirai who split the party by saying he has got the keys for MDC. He got up his chair, picked up his jacket and went to his Strathaven home after he had been defeated by those who wanted to have the senatorial elections held.

      4. Where do you live Siyabonga? Haven’t you heard the way his supporters were attacked by soldiers in Mutoko? Didn’t you hear when his supporters were attacked by MDC T supporters in Chikomba? Didn’t you hear when his supporters where arrested for putting posters in Chitungwiza? All these places are not in Matebeleland or Midlands boy. Open your eyes boy. Be smart. Differentiate between truth and propaganda and you will know what Zimbabwean politics is like.

    2. I like your comment Mbo.injalo lento

    3. TO YU MBONISI: Ncube is a tribalist par excellence just like yu and your Mthwakazi rubbish. We can never contest his policies because he doesnt have any. Infact, both NCUBE and Mpofu are all the same because they are either boot licking or crying the Matebele slogan hich is divisive, irrational and obsolute.

      Objectively therefore, Ncube has no political value at all except being the architect of the Mtawakhazi project as yu have mentioned. Such ideologies are misplaced and based on pathetic ignorence of historical forces which shaped Zimbabwe returning to the period of Shaka Zulu’s mfecane.

      From a progressive viewpoint, i insist that Ncube must stick to his wife and be contend with his legal and lecturing proffesion than politics. I have observed a lot of cheap rhetoric that Ncube has paturated and it shocks common rationality for any sane man to religiously glorify him like what u are doing.

      i believe in a free encompassing Zimbabwe that is accomodative to every tribe but to imagine a tribalist like Ncube at the helm will be disgusting even to Chaminuka and Lobengula himself. I totally detaste unreasonable personalities who fail to notice the demands of circumstances for personal divisive tactics. In 2008 for example, when rationality required Ncube to fight for democracy, he directly aligned with “demoncracy”. such traits, i quiver at their imagination with great detest.

      the conclusion therefore requires you Mbonisi and fellow like minds to look beyond the matebeleland border, make a reality check and join the bandwargon of democratic change which Tsvangirai and Sibanda enlightened upon Zimbabwe. it is this bandwargon that advocates for an impartial judiciary, a rejuvinated economy, a demilitarised society, a stable employment sector, sound social welfare provision, accountable auditing of Chiadzwa, free and fair election, respect of human rights and many other contemporary necessities which the bandwargon is carrying.

      i therefore pray, that u Mbonisi be delivered, together with the “wealthy Mpofu and your “presidential material Ncube” from this myopic tribalist personality which deductively posses you.

      Zimbabwe needs a different mindset than yours, Ncube’s and that of that other violent party.

      .–sorry im just addicted to facts….THE FUTURE

      1. viva the GREEN MACHINE your cheap politiking of labeling Ncube a TRIBALIST is just nosense ,just look up the top 5 that make up the mdc leadership, to add to that, nothing wrong of being proudly MTHWAKAZIAN viva MTHWAKAZI Where leadership originates not this thuggery of zpf ,blaming the west on your falures sies man

        1. Leadership originates????? True leaders would have not sold this country for sugar.!!!

      2. Umsuzo kuphela!!

      3. Well said Ballot!

    4. Ncube made his blunder when he called Arthur Mutambara to be President of Mdc. That was a mistake that is stl costing him till now and pple dnt easily forget such things. And when he lost to Khupe that was the final straw right he is using courts to sort out the mess that he created. The 3 Mps that were expelled frm Mdc are far mch better than him cos at least they were elected by pple nt Ncube who cme in thru the bckdoor after losing elections. He owes his position to Mbeki nt the pple of Zim. So he mst wake up and stop daydreaming

      1. He never called Mtambara to be MDC President – stop your lies please!!

        1. He is the one who called Mutambara to politics wanting to form a party of so called intellectuals. Now he has bit dust.

          1. He was called by Job Sikhala and others. Ncube never liked the idea of having Mutambara. His preference was Strive Masiyiwa.

      2. Tsvangirai was called to be President too when Thamba Nyathi formed the MDC in the first palce

    5. That language and tone will make the Green Machine lose and sound tribal. The dream sounds goods but the majority of enlightened zimbos it is clear that it is tribal, full of hurt and disgruntlement,etc.

      1. sorry, what language and tone are you referring too?

        You are Mugabe psychologically damaged, for that reason you are unreasonably too sensitive and you see tribalism where there is none. You need counselling!!

    6. Mbonisi, that is nonsense. Ncube is tribalist who split MDC because of tribe. Forget it, just because he thinks he is very intellectual then he thinks he is presidential material. What vision are you talking about from Ncube. What is Green Machine?

      1. @S.G.B,
        You seem to be a real confused cockroach. You are blind to the fact that the split emanated from MT being a dictator, liar and unprincipled.

        1. Dictator – When he asked for a cote on the senate participation and then trying to overrule it when he lost the vote
        2. Liar – Coming out and announcing a false result of the vote to the media
        3. Unprincipled – When he lead his party to participate in the very same Senate Election that he had said his party had voted against.

        How confused a cockroach can get only God knows. The man is a human contradiction with no idea of where he is going or what he wants. As Bennett said, he only does what the last person told him as he has no ideas of his own.

    7. Ncube is a secessionist not a political leader. He knows nothing and can do nothing. Zimbabwe needs broad minded leaders with visions. Look at Mqabuko, look at Nikita Mangena, look at JZ. Those are presidential material not this Kapfupi’s fellow theatrical comedy material. The noble thing he can do is to call Kapfupi, Gringo and Mutambara for a comedy series. Get a life Welsh, zviroto zviroto zviroto

      1. What a liar – are you and your tribesmen not the very people who used to shout “Ngomo zidumbu”?

        Just go back to the 1980s BBC Video News reports on YouTube – Shonas are busy shouting unprintable words about Dr Nkomo. So spare us the utter dishonesty – Welshman is just one among the long list of Ndebele speaking politicians you have never wanted owing to their tribe, place of origin and language.

        Admit it – you are unrelenting and unflinching Gukurahundi tribalists – thats all. There is nothing else to it!!!

  9. ths guy is a dae dreamer he wil neva win any seat in his province what mor outside matebeleland he wil be crushed or thrshed to ground level

  10. What does Ncube mean when he says Veterai returned to his home area? Its for you to judge, but this smacks of tribalism to me.

    1. There is no one without a home area, all over the world – wena ngokwakho did you drop from the heavens?

      Some of you people, this disease of TRIBALISM is making you mad – you can no longer think straight.

      You need psychological reconditioning!!

      1. This Mbonisi maggot is found everywhere…..tribal politics does not work……you will need a bucket of HBP pills soon when the ballot is counted. History has a way of obliterating such scum from society….nxaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

        1. Go for counselling. You are obsessed with TRIBALISM!!

      2. So where is your home area to start with? Why should any government employee in this case Veterai be asked to leave matebeleland for his home area? Its you who is tribalistic and Ncube ‘s tribal politics drives your empty head.

        1. The beginning, MDC has always been consistent in its stance for devolution, and one of the characteristics of devolution of power is that jobs be given to local people. Had this statement been uttered in Manicaland about muNdeks, would it constitute tribalism?

      3. huya utaure zvauri kutaura pamberi pejongwe tione ukapona

        1. Joy ride, what are you threatening here? Death? For speaking out o e’s beliefs? Heaven help us!

  11. God is just!

    “But you Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah out of you will come for me one who will be the ruler over Isarel, whose origins are from old, from ancient times.” Micah 5:2, thus says the Lord. It is declared and it shall come to pass!

    1. Enkosi – Bayethe!

    2. Yes, GOD can do that. It is not Ncube to do that. God does not want people who are tribal like Ncube. There are good ndebele people out there whon GOD can choose to use if HE wants. Ncube not at all. if he were wise why not join Morgan and team up together – he can salvage something out of it. How can he belittled the HE like that.

  12. Have noticed the great diffrence between Mugabe and the likes of Ncube and Tsvangirai. At gatherings, Mugabe first delivers his party’s policies and other stuff, then towrds the end he reserve tht momemnt to talk abt opponents,only briefly and sarcastically. Ncube and Tsvangirai do exactly the opposite of tht, more time to denigrating opponents and little if any is said abt policies and related stuff.

    1. did you attend the rally?? or you comment is based on what the reporter highlighted? learn to walk before you can run IDIOT

    2. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. yah mfana welshman ncube anofunga ppl wil vote for him, think again my bru, u have your few votes and will always have few votes. You’re failing to solve Ziscosteel issues and most recently the Zimasco fiasco which has seen thousands of ppl suffering. So what have you done to show that you’re presidential material. You don’t deserve to be a president of any nation, you’re a failure and you won’t rule this country. Whats painful is that you have not commented on the Zimasco issue and that shows that you’re not even concerned about the goings on at that company. Saka uri minister weindustry pakuti kudii. regera kuzvinetsa zijaya. We know wakapihwa chioko muhomwe on the Zisco deal and ndiwe wauraya nyika iwe, corruption starts with you guys at the top. You’re all under observation including Obert Mpofu

    1. Has Tendai Biti solved the issue of his budget deficit? If not , why not? If yes, kindly elaborate. We need to vote overwhelmingly for Welshman in order to rid Zimbabweof this GNU MENACE.

  14. Most of these Shonas who are accusing Ncube of tribalism are actually the very Shona Gukurahundist tribalists whose tribalism and majoritarianism has caused the formation of the MLF.

    Your tribalism has planted secessionist ideas in Mthwakazi. Everyday even moderate Mthwakazi people are being pursuaded by your anti-Mthwakazi views to see secession rather than devolution as the only way out.

    Its people like you who believe Zimbabwe’s political leadership is the preserve of the Shona!!

    From you usual anti-Ndebele/Mthwakazi political leadership attitudes, clearly you are pushing Mthwakazi people into supporting and joining Siwela and company and their MLF enmasse.

    I’m sure even those Mthwakazi people who support Tswangirayi are having second thoughts – what with all this latest anti-Devolution nonsense from Webster Shamu.

    He claims Zimbabwe is too small for Devolution – yet he doesn’t see it as too small for a cabinet of sixty Ministers and Deputy Ministers; two-Vice Presidents; a Prime Minister and two-Deputy Prime Ministers; Resident Ministers and Eight Provincial governers – all driving state sponsored Mercedes Benzes. All these resources should be used to run a devolved government system!!

    South Africa with a Provincial GDP of Gauteng Province alone that is more than ten-fold that of Zimbabwe as a whole has only one Deputy President. The United States has only one Vice-President.

    1. Mbonisi, you are so backward. Being Shona does not mean we condone Gukurahundi, we also want the perpetrators to face justice for their actions. You only think that splitting the country is the way forward because you’re a tribalist. The Shonas & Ndebeles can work together to rebuild this country, once ZANU PF and it’s gangsters move out and stop looting in the name of indegnisation & empowerment.

      1. Kanti, who is splitting the country? Where do you get that from?

      2. Once threatened with secession, we want to believe that Shona and Ndebele can co habit peacefully, but all along we refused to accept that and blame the ndebeles for. Being tribalistic when we are exhibiting the same tendencies. Pampering ne secession Mbonisi. My mother is ndebele and I cannot bear to see her people being made to suffer at the hand of shonas because we think we are better than them.

      3. why are shonas scared to be lead by an able ndebele,we wont revege Gukurahundi,the time of madness has passed.we are all fellow countrymen American never envesioged being led by a black president but it happened and the black never revenged whites

    2. Chitakochangonya Matope

      I quote : From you usual anti-Ndebele/Mthwakazi political leadership attitudes, clearly you are pushing Mthwakazi people into supporting and joining Siwela and company and their MLF enmasse.
      This Siwela failed to get a vote from Mthwakazians when he formed a party called ZAPU. Where else in Zimbabwe will he ever get a vote towards Secession? Tribal rhetorics are a thing of the past, so is Dzvitism or Gukurahundism. Whether you are Ndebele or Shona , you are Zimbabwean full stop.Elements of retrogresive adventurers are at play here and you poor black neanderthals are busy choking each other with tribal bullshit. while your pale caucasian cousins are inventing useful objects in their progressive worlds where u hardly hear them talk of secession.The Chinese are copying the Caucasians and so are the Japanese and the Hindu from India, are fast progressing in the modern world of science.Wake up you Bobjaans. Go to American Nuclear Labs todays terms or langauge being used is not English neither is it Germain but Mandarin ( A Chinese language) The world is driving Toyotas , Foton and Mahindras from Asia simply because they copied from Europeans. And you? you are busy talking silly politics with your masters degrees in theoretical engineereing.

      1. Agreed 100% – now you are talking. Unlike these backward ignorusmuses who think merely being Mthwakazi with a Ndebele surname automatically qualifies one as a tribalist or one wants a separate country!!

        In any case, secession is party of democratic choices people make in modern democracies. All we have to do is to sell our ideas effectively to those who don’t support seccession and beat those who support secession at the ballot box. Not this meaningless vitriol of no substance!!

  15. there is something which maybe i dont understand, into le ye tribalism, Ncube is a ndebele as well as mpofu, ngakho i tribalism ingena ngaphi?

    1. bongani mfowethu, itrabalism ingena ekutheni amaShona don’t want a Ndebele/Mthwakazi to aspire to the Presidency of the country.

      In short, even if Ncube and Mpofu are both Mthwakazi – Shonas don’t want either of them to aspire for the Presidency, because they believe that position is the preserve of the Shona people.

      Mpofu is being spared from that venom simly because he is not a party political leader. But should he aspire to stand against Mugabe – you will see all the Shona Gukurahundists coming out of the woodwork!!


      Its a strange country, guided by strange logic. Shonas are very interesting and funny people!!

      1. You’re the one who is sick in mind & needs serious counseling.

  16. These ministers frm byo are useless, welshman is minister of industry but industries are being closed everyday in byo and iye is enjoying life in harare. I wonder who will vote for such person. Minister of water is frm byo and byo is dry. Obert mpofu is the richest minister and all he does is to buy buildings which does not benefit anyone or byo economy. All these ministers including nkomo zvinenge zvakangogara muparliament come budget harare city council is given milions and million of dollars and nothing to bcc. These are the same ministers who suggest that there is no crises in byo, so they just forget people frm their home town and enjoy life in harare. People are relocating not only to harare, but small towns as well eg gweru, masvingo etc. Really their will be no bulawayo for tomorrw. The last dam was built in 1976 by smith, but talk of other cities right now there is a dam construction in masvingo. After all they dont even support each other e.g ministry ya obert mpofu ine mari but he can not fund water prjects in his home town or industries. Welshman is doing nothing abt funds eg the closing industries all they want is money to buy very high efficient machines such as machines in sa or china to cut production cost which affects final price of product, then thier will be no need to buy sa product.

    1. wit, are the Ministers from Shona regions any better? What has Chinamasa achieved? What has Mutambara achieved? Apart from harrassing, kidnapping and killing opponents, what has Mnangagwa achieved as a Defence Minister?

      Please, its your democratic right to criticise, but avoid imputing region or tribe – otherwise you are implying that being from Bulawayo is what makes them uselss; and that is senseless. Thats not good for national unity!

      1. Zimbabwean NOT Shona

        Hahaha, National Unity??????? Who is talking of National Unity? And do u even have a life? Responding to everyone here?? Who has so much time to waste?

  17. kikkiiiiiii

    1. I can only say that you’re a true tribalist!!!

  18. who is doing the budget wena sithutha?

    1. Tendai biti is doing budget for obert mpofu to buy his personal buildings in bulawayo, which will benefit him only rather than doing projects which benefit byo economy. U are dull. Pple want food on table not these excuses

  19. Most of these people cccupying high government offices are good at rhetoric they are busy at taking 51% without contributing a cent and at some forum there are some claims that some chiefs who might not have run a tuck shop in their lives also want to be co-opted into the boards of these companies imagine what happens in the board meetings besides chaos. They should concerntrate on assisting companies that closed due to lack of funding and some that are continuing too close now rather than always shifting blame to the west , one day the truth will cactch up with them when they will be left with noone to blame. Can someone explain to me how some of these people got rich during the hyperinflationary environment some even built silos which as a country we could not afford. Some are alleged to own half of Buluwayo , Victoria Falls , Kariba . What is really happening , is it true ? Who are the Directors of Mbada Diamonds both excecutive and non executive.?

  20. mbonisi pipo lyk u who think sme1 is voted becoz of his or her tribe rather than merit a lost.u hv always tried 2 use tribalism as yo tramp card bt rest assured as lng u dnt cme up with policies that pipo nid u wl alwayz luz n remain cry babies.actualy ts ncube n co who think tht a ndebele cn nt rule zim thts y they hired mutambara afta the split n also thts y hez onl campain in matebeleland only.if sme1 is gud leader he wl be voted thts y lovmo moyo ws voted by yo ncube to start talkin abot issues tht bring food on the table rather personalities.only a radical,heartless n coward wl think of breaking away.thinkin of turnin ths country in a second Darfur wl nt be tolerated by n ryt thinkin zim

    1. muchinja,
      No, its people like you who believe in tribe first before deciding who to vote for. Just check all the comments from Shona speaking people – they are not dwelling on the policies of Ncube’s MDC, but on tribalism.

      What is tribal about the MDC’s policy of unity in diversity? what is tribal about availing local opportunities to locals everywhere (Masvingo, Midlands, Manicaland and Mashonaland included), throughout the country?

      It’s foolish of you to continue this tired argument that Ncube “invited” Mutambara because he believes Ndebele people cannot lead in Zimbabwe. This is utter rubbish, because this has been explained ad infinitum.

      Ncube explained that it was actually Job Sikhala and others who suggested Mutambara for the MDC leadership – Sakhala has never denied this and because it was a majority view within the party, he Ncube also went along with it.

      Continuously paddling this Mtambara invitation argument about Welshman Ncube, simply because you don’t like him will never, ever change the historical facts as they are. Besides, the argument about Ndebele speaking leaders winning the Presidency was made within a CONTEXT – but because it suits all of you anti-Ncube Shona tribalists, you keep barking up the wrong tree.

      It is a fact that Mugabe introduced tribalism in Zimbabwe’s political leadership when he took over from Ndabaningi Sithole – and most Shona people have inadvertantly bought into this.

      It is Mugabe who spoke of “Nkomo’s country” and “My country” in arguing to Lord Soames that Nkomo was not supoosed to campaign in Shona regions, because it was “HIS COUNTRY”!!

      There are numerous anti-Mthwakazi tribalistic statements by Mugabe and his lapdog Enos Nkala one can draw from the archives – but you will find NONE against the Shona from Dr Joshua Nkomo or any Ndebele politician. If you have any – please give us examples?

      It is this poisoned tribalistic environment that changed the voting patterns of the Shona people in Zimbabwe. Consequently, it is within this context that people like Welshman Ncube and Paul Themba Nyathi made remarks to the effect that they did not believe that it was possible under the circumstances for someone from Mthwakazi to win political leadership in Zimbabwe. Obviously given the new developments in the MDC, they have since reviewed this position.

      In conclusion, if I may ask – why is it that no Shona politician in Zimbabwe is ever accused of tribalism? Why is it that this accusation is only meant for politicians or the people of Matebeleland/Mthwakazi?

      How is it possible that people who are tribalistic can vote massively for leaders or people who are not from their own tribe, and instead reject those who are from their tribe?


      1. Hamba katshana wena. Thanks to Bob you are well informed and literate

  21. Addressing hundreds of party supporters at a campaign rally in Mpofu’s home area of Jambezi on Sunday, Ncube pronounced himself as “presidential material” adding that he would not sink low to contest for a parliamentary seat.

    “I am a presidential candidate not a Member of the House of Assembly for a constituency like Umguza,” Ncube said. “Mpofu should first win primary elections in his party against President Mugabe and then think of challenging me.”

    So to Ncube contesting for a parliamentary seat is to sink low. This proves ukuthi uyeyisa abantu may be ngenxa yemfundo yakho. I hope you do not win anything.

    1. sithutha somuntu you fail to understand the contextual meaning of what he said

      1. Mxolele mfowethu, for some Zimbabweans, the word CONTEXT is doo difficult to understand. Its too much English for them!!!

    2. well said bro..uyibeke njengoba..even umugabe is mp kwazimba..

      1. Kikikikikikiki, who is MP in Zvimba? Kikikikikikikikikikiki

  22. Maziviro angu Ncube anokunda Mugabe pakanzi ndiani wamunoda pavaviri ava.then iye Ncube anozodyiwa by far pana President Tsvangirai.Asi Mugabe anoita manyoka pana Ncube anodyiwa by far.ndokusa mugabe asingadi kuisa Ncube pane post yembwa iyo Mutambara.Mutambara uchaona chete moto.

  23. It breaks my heart to see all this fighting. Can’t people really get along? I mean the both MDCs, as far as I see you are the ones fighting here!… This two forces need to unite, a coalition of opposition parties will win, come hail come thunder.

    Wake up & smell the coffee, stop fighting, UNITE and fight together after all both parties want democracy!

  24. Mbonisi, i am saying so becoz byo is the only region that is heavily affected yet we have got leaders frm byo represanting affected sectors, and wat pains most is that minister of water and industry are both frm byo, but their home town is bleeding. Vanhu vacho havana kana kubatana. My friend i am talking facts here. Other provinces are doing well and seems they support each other. Pple want food, jobs being in byo. Read todays chronicle, other company has just closed, its really bad. Keep on supportng failures and c tht byo will be just a residentail area with only buildings and nothing inside those buildngs

    1. Wit
      Hell no – Bulawayo is not the ONLY region that is heavily affected. What we have are challenges right across the country that are unique to each region.

      Go check Masvingo town – it also has water problems, its now in ruins – compare it with the pictures of the old Fort Victoria. Masvingo province itself is experiencing draught conditions. Mutare is destroyed – high unemployement levels. Gweru and Kwekwe – its potholes everywhere.

      Bulawayo and Matebeleland are always in the news because the Mthwakazi people are by nature activists – they don’t take things lying down and they will not keep quiet just for the sake of keeping peace. The history of the politics of Zimbabwe bears this out, right from the colonialisation of the country by Cecil John Rhodes. Bulwayo and the Mthwakazi region/Matebeleland in general have always been the citadals of political rebellion against injustice. The same cannot be said of the Shona speaking provinces!!

      Had it been the case that Diamonds were being mined in Matebeleland and yet the Diamond cutting/polishing plants are built in Harare – the people of Mthwakazi were not going to take this lying down. But of course because the mining is in Chiadzwa and the plants were built in Harare – not a word of protest was ever heard from Manicaland.

      Matebeleland is different – we are by nature activists; fighters against injustice – we just don’t roll over and let other people walk over us rough-shod just like that!!

      1. Mbonisi, so wat are u gaining since u are known to fight, howcome ur leaders are not fighting to be allocated much needed funds to funds byo. Yes u are known for murdering each other becoz if u read papers most murder cases are reported here. That does not improve byo economy. How many pple are in those towns and u campare it wth byo, this is now embarrasing. Long ago we used to compare byo economy with harare and nw u compare byo with those small towns. Chokwadi unochiziwa and the region with useless leaders who cant stand for their own pple is known, but u a just talking about tribalism. Isai ka mundebele anoperfomer not just support pple becoz they are ndebeles.

        1. Discuss the economic challenges of Zim as whole and the leadership and stop obsessing about Bulawayo!!

        2. Wit you are so illirate ands dumd im thirth five years old and i have lived in matebeland the rest of my life and i have only witnessed only murders from gukurahundi committed by shona not a ndebele killing a person thats a lie.Look at MDC political reports most political violence happens in Mashonaland.

  25. Are Ncube and Mpofu ndebeles? What proof do you have?

    1. The term NDEBELE is usually used GENERICALLY – its not about tribe or the language they speak. Alternatively, they are uMthwakazi, if you like

  26. @ Bongani and Mbonisi

    I am not Ndebele, I am neither tribalist but we can share a few points.
    1. The first Zimbabwe president was Reverend Canaan Banana. Ndebele. Isn’t it true? How then can that point stand where someone says Shona’s do not want any Ndebele to aspire for presidency?
    2. In the unity accord of 1987, Nkabuko Nyongolo was supposed to assume the presidency of this country, but he said no. Is it not true? His reasons are well respected, but did any Shona cause that?
    3. Gukurahundi happenned because of specific reasons which our elders, and poilitcal leaders have never wanted to come out in the open to explain fully why-and because of that suspicions will always remain between Ndebele’s and Shona’s as to who was right and who was wrong. Until our elders forward credible explanations, and own up, I don’t see why us, the mafikhizolos should extend bad blood between ourselves. I will remind you that in the 17th century, the present day Matabeleland was not a Ndebele domain-Just check with Mat. North from Hwange,Jambesi (now Mpofu’s domicilum) to Vic. Falls. The Nambiya people are emigrants of the Karanga or Mutota dynasty from Great Zimbabwe who were pushed further north from Matonjeni by the incoming warring Khumalo tribe and its moss. A lot of cattle and women raids were made from shona tribes as far as Murehwa by the Majaha’s (Madzviti). Such Shona women bore sons and daughters to the Khumalos-and not a single penny was paid for lobola. I for one has three great unts who were captured, together with my great grandfather (who later escaped from shangani) from Murehwa and made child bearing machines by Khumalos or probably your great greand father. That makes you my cousins-I hope that bit of history is not lost on you. When we tried to ask our grandfathers what became of our three great aunts, that was the story told, and such is the undeniable truth.They bore children to the Matabele;-children whom we shall never be able to point and identify? isn’t that taboo in the bantu culture tfor daughters to bear children their parents shall not behold? The mother of all fights it is indeed to do that- but our grandparents said no, don’t fight for the dead, forgive and forget-After all those that did these things are past, and you would indeed fight the children of your great unties-your cousins! Shona people are funny isn’t it? Or they are damn cowards!This talk of Mtwakazi is but a reminder of the 18th century pain in the ass that the Khumalos visited upon the people between the two great rivers Zambezi and Limpopo.Its such a sad chapter no sane mind would like to open that book, or keep one in his book shelves. No one forgives the demons of those times either -or anyone amongst the living desiring to be possesed by them.
    4. The majority of people you would ordinarily call Ndebele are not really so, as I have explained. especially those with surnames named after animals like Moyo-for chirandu (including uJonatani lo uSimiyoni), Mpofu-for Mhofu (thats obi), Nyathi-for Nyati (Arubeti), Nkomo (ubaba Jeshuwa), Ncube-for tsoko (Welsh) and so forth. These are descendents of Karanga people enslaved or co-opted by force into the Khumalo war machinery-shona people.There was no Kalanga dialect until this arrangement happened. How then can the Shona people hate their own cousins, their own kith and kin? The shona are a very fine hospitable people I will tell you my dear cousins (sons of sons of my three great great unties)-its only that the methods of some permanent guests are hard to cope with and once in a while you have to set the tone right just so that you leave side by side peacifully. But it is not always good to misread humility for all time stupidity-the price comes high sometimes.
    5. Itribalism ingena ngapi? Khathi hauboni kuthi Ncube wakhataza zonke izinto. Wabamba igama laVeterai usithi uVeterai uveli katshana eMatebeleland north lapho wahamba ekaya? Kathi usithi ekhaya, uthi ekaya ngapi kakhona? Uyamazi kuthi in the 17th century that area was Veterai’s great great grandfather’s homeland? Kana iye Ncube futhi? Mceli kuthi ubhale ifamily tree yake sizoboni where his great great grand father came from if not Mutota.
    6. So you see when some people say the mantra of tribalism is often preached by those who suffer from an identity crisis? If you see anyone named Khumalo, you don’t hear them say a thing about tribalism coz they know they came from Kwazulu Natal where they belong. But wonke abantwana eKhalanga lobantwana omkwenyani batholi ethu amangazana bayazama khubheka emova wayivhela onke.Ngapi? Great Zimbabwe. Mutota. Karanga.
    7. Murehwa people are no more of Shona stock than Welshman Ncube, or Obert Mpofu are. If both politicians argue that point, its because of political gimmicking to gain mileage across the Shangani River. And nothing more. History has records to prove that they are not Ndebele. Infact, the Ndebele divided the Shona people.
    8. In that case they are welcome , Great Zimbabwe embraces them all, you are one of us -all of you. There is no tribe in Zimbabwe, there is one people,one nation, one faith. “Eine, Reich, eine volk, eine religia”

    1. banana was made president by mugabe he was not elected ok!

    2. who offered Nkomo presidency in 1987? you are a prevaricator of epic proportions truth sits very uncomfortable on your tongue!!!!!!!

    3. Your reference to the presidency is purely ignorance. The first administration was a Westminister system in which the Executive powers were in the office of the Prime Minister. The president was CEREMONIAL – therefore an APPOINTMENT, and not ELECTED. Shonas never elected Banana.

      This is precisely the reason why Dr Nkomo rejected the position. The other reason was that he was a leader of an opposition political part PF-ZAPU – the ceremonial position of President would have compromised his effectiveness as an opposition leader. The Presidential system (American) in which executive powers were with the president was introduce in about 1989 whereupon the Prime Minister’s position was abolished.

      As for the rest of your views – well, its the usual history sermons with the expected Mugabe/Chigwedere tribal slant that does not serve any purpose – except to cause tribal friction and disunity!!!

      1. mbonisi is suffering from identity crisis.k lem help u,u a neither a shona or ndebele u a a zimbabwean.stop talkin as u wer ther wen mzilikazi ran away fro mfecane.actualy pipo lyk u wer a result of the hole n the khumalo n thts y u a confused.go read history u a stil young to try ignorance.havin a zulu name does nt mak one of them.infact if u wher cattle u a the crossbreds n u shld be at the forefront of advocatin peace n building a non tribal base zimbabwe coz tym tym u had no tribe

    4. @Squarebasher,
      Other than the error in your history where you say that Matebeleland North & South were Shona domains and the idea of Shonas accepting a Ndebele president, I broadly agree with your posting.

      The correction of the errors mentioned above are as follows:
      1. Matebeleland South was a domain of the Kalangas who were there before any Shonas and are the original inhabitants
      2. Matebeleland North was a domain of various tribes such as the Tonga etc. and never Shona

      The other glaring fact that you evaded is that although Nkomo was nationally seen and known to be Father Zimbabwe, Umdala Wethu, when it came to elections in 1980, Shonas voted on tribal lines and elected Mugabe.

      Today this institutionalised triablism is still at play through the language of many here (although not you personally) display that when they say Ncube is a tribalist for daring to run for the presidency. That is now an ingrained mentality that forms part of the national institutionalised triablism that prevails across the board in Zimbabwe hence the drafting in of Mutambara when there was Ncube and Sibanda right there.

      You should also note that only Ndebeles have ever elected Shona MPs (Ruth Chinamano, Joseph Msika etc) in their region but there have never been Shonas known to do the same.

      I hope the reasonable like you would try to educate the ignorant rest.

    5. Well said mfowethu, U Welsh is a Midlander. True Ndebeles do not havthe word “TRIBALISM” in their vocabulary

  27. Mbonisi batshele abantu laba abathi umuntu okhulumayo angeke abusa izwe leli ukuthi bayagula
    emakhanda njalo basemuva kakhulu.

    1. Lababantu madoda balenzondo emakhanda kabafunukubona umuntu wesiNdebeleni evusikhand balomona

  28. I have been following this debate with interest. I have one thing to say to the tribalists. Who do u think will be the winner of a presidential debate between Welshman Ncube and Morgan Tsvangiari. I am sure you already know who the winner will be and it is the winner is the person who deserves to be the ruler of this country period.

    1. Ndukuzibomvu, Tsvangirai’s people (read subordinates) will never allow him to engage in a public debate with Ncube, they know he just wont measure up, in fact they already know the outcome/result!!

  29. Squarebasher, you are saying a great deal of nothing.

  30. i do have a ndebele girlfriend and we are getting married so yáll invited shonas and ndebele’s alike. stop this bs about tribalism we are all africans and black.

    1. where is the wedding i hear ndebeles can have two husbands

  31. Kikikikikikiki, uuuuu ncube campaigning to become president of zimbabwe!!!!!! nyika yazobooka zvino. anodiwawo naani uyu???? haana nhoroondo kana zvake , kuguta uku nxiiii. pamberi na president Gabriel mugabe vane nhoroondo yenyika.

  32. The biggest problem with ALL Ndebeles is that you dont want to accept reality!!! The truth of the matter is that – “YOU ARE A MINORITY ETHNIC GROUP”; who – according to history followed Mzilikazi from Zulu land; and ever since the Shona accepted to co-exist with your fore-fathers, now you want claim chieftainship to rule this country!!!! Manje hazviite1

    1. observer,

      What you regard as REALITY, I regard it as rubbish!!

      Minority or majority views should not necessarily follow the tribal or racial divide in a modern and civilised democracy.

      Seeing that Blacks are a minority in the US, President Barack Obama would never have been President of the United States where it the case that Americans think like you.

      President Jacob Zuma would never have become the President of the Republic of South Africa, had South Africans been as tribally jaundiced as you are. Zulus might be a majority tribe, but they are certainly not the majority against the combined population of all tribal or ethnic groups in South Africa.

      Even Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, who some are proposing to replace Zuma – he is of Pedi/North Sotho origin, but is being supported by some in KwaZulu Natal, some among the Xhosa in the Eastern Cape; the baTswana; Ndebele; Coloureds, whites and Indians.

      Do you think this could ever be possible in this backward Zimbabwe – a country dominated by people with such tribalistic Shona Gukurahundi views as you have?


  33. can ncube face the lion of of this world i wonder???? shumba yema bhunu….can he/????

    dhara rakapenga iri vanhu weeee.ndiani akamisidzana na va mugabe….anyway bvunzai tsvangirayi… ndapedza hangu

  34. If I may ask – why is it that no Shona politician in Zimbabwe is ever accused of tribalism? Why is it that this accusation is only meant for politicians or the people of Matebeleland/Mthwakazi?

    How is it possible that people who are tribalistic can vote massively for leaders or people who are not from their own tribe, and instead reject those who are from their tribe?



    1. 2 think that al ndebele a obliged 2 support one part or the green machine is ridiculous n pathetic.the truth mbonisi is nt al pipo of yo tribe a dull,myopic, misguided n radical as u.u wnt divide ths 4rm into a shona ndebele war of wch u a doomed 2 fail.yo collegues sees mo than wat meet the eye thts y the reject their bretheren.try to intimidate pipo by secessionist ideas wl b crushed ruthlessly 4 t is beta 2 sacrifies idiots lyk than 2 set the whole country on fire.u a lyk gwesela who provocted war n causes the death of innocent civilians.ncube is divisive even the USA noticed ths(wikiliks)the mantra that mugabe represents shonas 4 he is of the his mnd ncube noes wth hs help tsvangiray wl win wth a landslide bt he becoz of selfish,egoccentric n pride he wld rather spoil the vote 4 tsvangiray thereby aidin the return of mugabe who al a cryin bcoz of.if yo ncube is progressive he shld join other democratic 4cs n then fight 4rom wthn if he has nthing to fyt fo otherwyz he is headed 4 the political dustbin.he ws rejected at MP level n fo hm 2 think of landin the highest office ts a typical of a grade seven dropout tryin to pass A level sciences

      1. Write proper English or better still go back to school lazy bum!!

        1. kkkkkkk u nw an english teacher,wel thts wher u blong nt politics.actualy u shld tek yo prof ncube 2 the chalkboard as wel.wl nt sink so low 2 comment abot typin errors.t shows how shallow a u n no wonder why yo lead atak personalities rather than policies. If eva m goin bac to xul i wl b takin my doctorate in engineering

      2. @Muchinja,
        Why xhould Ncube go to Tsvamgirai and ask him to come together and make Tsvangirai president? How stupid is that kind of skewed thinking where the kingmaker is the one who approaches one of the contestants to make him king? How arrogant of you and MDC-T to even think up such an idiotic scenario.

  35. u pple are a funny lot why worst time talking politics instead u should go kunokorokoza kwa chiyadzwa zviri kuitwa na Obiza




  37. I dont want to hide, im very tribal. I suffered tribalism at Bulawayo Council and even at the time of my stay in Gwanda . I will rather vote for a donkey than a Ndebele tribalist. Dont be fooled, these Ndebele people dont lyk shona pple and so we dont also lyk them. Ncube’s sentiments are just nothing but frivolous. He will never win a national election.

    1. U better do that my this is our fight not urs so shut up mouth

    2. So these Shona and Ndebele people are busy marrying each other and making babies yet they don’t like each other? That is strange indeed!!

      Stop confusing the ordinary Zimbabwean with the tribal politics of Mugabe and his Gukurahundi gang. The average Shona is just fine – the average Mthwakazi is just fine.

      The problem is Mugabe Gukurahundi politics – you need to get over that!!

  38. these polititians are always playing politics ,please understand , that is their game obert and welshman are great friends .why tear each other apart like this ?

  39. Hey Mbonisi;

    Cool down, kutaurisa hakubatsire!! You see, in Zimbabwe; the owners of this land are the shona. FULL STOP!! Zvema several tribal groups ekuSouth Africa; ndezvavo ikoko because all of them are South Africans. The problem with you MaNdebele is you are refusing to accept reality – yekuti you are immigrants and second citizens of this country. Had it not been for the very tolerance of our fore-fathers we could have chased all of you back to Zulu land. Isu maShona, we never went to Zulu land to ask for even a square inch of their land!!! As for the Gukurahundi, that you talk about…..Hey, my friend, that was the BEST THING ever to happen to Zimbabwe. Listen, you guys you are quick to shout of the number of Ndebeles killed by The 5th Brigade – but noone, not even a single Ndebele mentiions the number of shonas who were brutally killed by a gang of dissidents led by one Gwesela et al!! So, dont be one sided when taking of Gukurahundi. Ndebeles started the war, and you expected Cde Mugabe to smile at you!!! NEVER; NEVER, EVER,. Wiithout Gukurahundi, Zimbabwe could have become another Angola; another Rwanda, another Mozambigue etc etc….Just imagine!!! Well; As a parting joke: In Zimbabwe, in a game of 4 people. If there is one white man, one shona and two ndebeles (tribalism); If there is one shona; one Ndebele and two whites(Racism); but if there is one Ndebele, one white and two shonas that is what we call (Indeginization)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kikikikiki

    1. Get lost and go feed on your Mugabe Chigwedere Gukurahundi tribal history. Or better still Burundi is waiting for you, with plenty of water and fertile land!!

    2. Zimbabwean NOT Shona

      lol, that joke killed me.

  40. W4P 2013. WELSH 4 PRESIDENT! Welsh kwese kwese. kwese kwese welsh. go green!

  41. @Mbonisi

    My dear friend; where are you??? You have vanished from the radar!!! Ok, wherever you are, now listen: Do you realliy know the meaning of the word NDEBELE; derived from the word “Amatebele” – meaning “kutevera” in shona/ of “followers” in English. You guys followed Mzilikazi from Zulu land as he ran away from Shaka!!!! History is stubbon my friend as it will always shape the future. Actually there is no tribe called “Ndebele” – the name was born out of your immigration!!!! So whether you like it or not, no Ndebele, no matter how educated one can be, will ever rule ZIMBABWE!!! Never, never ever, Zimbabwe shall never be a colony again!!!!!!

    1. Okungapheliyo kuyahlola

    2. You hit the nail on the head Observer. Well said.

    3. What an ignorusmus – Ndebele is derived from the Tswana/Sotho word Tebele – which refers to a Shield – uHawu little nincampoop!!

    4. observer,
      What an ignorusmus – Ndebele is derived from the Tswana/Sotho word Tebele – which refers to a Shield – uHawu little nincampoop!!

      But I respect you for your honesty, thanks. Unlike most of the Shona pretenders here, you are more forthright.
      Yes indeed, no Ndebele will rule Zimbabwe – I guess that is what the MLF has discovered, that is why they are busy recruiting.

      Thanks for the enlightment!

  42. Ncube is educated , but he made a stupid blunder by dreaking away from main stream MDC T and also calling Mutambara to lead the part. A person with such character should not be given a chance to be a president.

    1. Ncube did not breakaway. Re-read the history of the 2005 split. It is Tswangirayi who split from the party claiming he did not care even if the party split. after his 30>31 crazy mathematical majority claim.

      This is why initially most people were with Ncube. People started drifting back towards Tswangirayi after realisng that it was not going to be easy destroying Tswangirayi’s grassroot support. It was opportunism in other words!!

  43. I do not think it’s fair or warranted to call Ncube a tribalist. It all started with Tsvangirai’s shallow end book and his followers have latched on to it. I cannot see particularly in this article where Ncube has been tribalistic by responding to Mpofu’s challenge in the way he did. Anyone who punctuates their comment with accusations of Ncube being a tribalist is being lazy to think or has just seen the headline without reading the storyline and just decided to comment. This is a disease that usually infects supporters of a party which uses the initial of it’s leader as a surname. Reading and comprehending is not one of their strongest points. No wonder they support a party led by a flip flopper whose only policy and mantra when not opening his zip is, Mugabe must go!

    ludandumaseko made a very valid comment regarding Ncube and Tsvangirai about the fact that they spend more time attacking Mugabe than articulating their party policies. To me comments like that represent the tone which these comments boards should be taking. If we had more people as level hearded as ludandumaseko we would not be spending time on gutter comments, trying to outdo each other on tribalism. Much of the comments space is taken up by people accusing each other of tribalism than disecting the news article. How sad is that? The fact that both sides accusing each other of tribalism are inadvertantly being tribalistic themselves is lost on both. The irony!!!

    1. Good point. I hope people on here take note.

  44. Anozviona saani, Prof Ncube? Aiiteyi kuConstituency yaObert?

  45. We in Matebeleland will never stop using our ancestralLy given and defined name uMTHWAKAZI, just because some Shona people associate it with secession. They can shout as much as they like, we will remain and die uMthwakazi.

    Shona ignorance should never be our problem bafowethu. Do you know that most Shona people got to know of the name MTHWAKAZI after the formation of the MLF and Siwela’s politics? – I mean just yesterday, can you believe it? Why should we worry about Shona ignorusmuses?

    Will the SAMANYIKA people forgo the name SAMANYIKA in the event some radical Manyika politician decides to form a SAMANYIKA LIBERATION FRONT (SLF)? Hell no, that will never happen!!

  46. Can you believe it, almost an equivalent of the whole population of Zimbabwe speak isiZulu is South Africa – the latest Census results state.

    “Cape Town – More than a fifth of the population speak isiZulu at home, according to the Census 2011 results released on Tuesday.

    Just over 11.5 million people use isiZulu as their first language, followed by isiXhosa spoken by 8 million South Africans, according to the Census conducted on October 9 last year.”

  47. I have listened to both Ncube and Tsvangirai speak and i can tell u for a fact that Ncube is more articulate than his rival in enunciating the policies of his party and this has nothing to do with tribes but a fact. Unfortunately the shallow-minded bigots in our midst will always conveniently start to talk about tribalism when they have no facts to advance. The MDC split had nothing to do with tribalism but had a lot to do with principle but unfortunately Tsvangirai’s camp began to twist facts to make it appear as if it was motivated by tribalism when they know that it was not. The tribal elements were only too quick to buy this drivel because it was convenient. Let us have arguments that have depth and not primitive politics where people think people’s surnames are more important than what the way the behave
    themselves or what comes out of their mouths

  48. muzukuru ndaneta

    i from midlands, i support devolution. these people from harare are too corrupt, especially those who are so closser to zanu pf. gweru our town used to be a vibrant town bt now the opposite is true. how can unkimine have its headquarters in harare, coal house belongs to whanke colliery but its in harare, murowa diamonds managers are from harare. kwekwe a major producer of gold but suffering. let the people be the sole owners of their local resources. we all need good living. let the people from harare do their farming, we in midlands do our mining and farming, the maranges mine their diamonds, those from zvimba support their son. with the current situation dont ever think that revenue from resources will equitable distributed. guys i repeat people from harae are to corrupt. not good managerial materials. thats why they bought companies from midlands and relocated to harare. mukai and leave tribalism, bt let support our own local guys in elections. better to have a devided parliament with even independent mps than this system of another part dominating in parliament,

    1. @Muzukuru,
      One of the most eloquent arguments for devolution. You have really convinced me that Devolution is the only way to go. Also, you have convinced me that Gweru is the future. Midlands is the only region in Zimbabwe where locals will elect people purely on merit regardless of their ethnicity hence devolution would benefit it the most, hence where the future is.

    2. I have always loved the Midlands because this is the province of multiculturalism and multilingualism – where Ndebele meets Shona. This was mostly so, until the Gukurahundis came to power and started posioning the environment. Most schools in the Midlands taught both Ndebele and Shona. I could use bothe Ndebele and Shona almost throughtout the whole Midlands province up to Kwekwe with no problems!!!

    3. Is it a coincidence that Ncube hails from the Midlands, or is it divine intervention?

  49. madoda itshayile, Ncube good nite we all love you.

  50. U a dull u think being tribalistic brings food on the table. These useless leaders of yours are doing fakoro and its affecting u pple of byo economically zviri pachena. Harare is booming and u spend the rest of ur life crying foul. Wat are they doing nothing. I live in byo and why should i worry abt the whole of zim. Byo is down and pple like u support such leaders. Ipapa unokwanisa kuita nharo kuti zanu ndiyo irikuita kuti mvura isanaye mubyo. More than 20 000pple retrenched in byo and u can not compare that figure to any other city in zim, and such pple like u are found saying things are okey in byo

    1. This is in response to the Twit that goes by the name Wit. Harare is “booming” at the expense of the nation. That is why it attained the name bambazonke in the sixties and this was one of the main reasons that lead to the collapse of the federation.
      We know that there is a deliberate plan to move all industry from Bulawayo to Harare. Why did this start happening after 1980 ?
      You boast so much about Harare, why dont you go and live there?

  51. They check the surname, then decide to vote for the individual. They are tribalists.

    They speak no other Zim African language other than their mother tongue – they are unrepentent tribalists.

    They copy Mugabe’s divisive language at every turn, though they claim to be opposed to him – they the lucifer personified tribalists!!!!

  52. Chamboko, Tsvangirai was defeated by Kenneth Manyonda in 2000! He cant attempt a parliamentary seat in Buhera! Mugabe has been scared to try a parliamentary seat 4 more than 20years! Welshman won a seat by more 20000 votes in 2000! In 2008 he lost to Thokozani by less than 200 votes after he changed a constituency at the 11th hour! Remember Thokozani got less than 5000 votes in 2008 and yet she is the Makokoba MP! In 2000, she had got more than 20000 votes! So Makokoba pple dont like Thoko now! Presidential candidates have shown cowardice b4 and they’ll continue to do it!

  53. Lets wait and see if bycles will win elections. U gave these people one mombe that u killed and some buckets of maize and u think thats beingpresidential material. The mp is giving each household 50kg bag.

    1. dalubuhle,
      We call it inkomo in Mthwakazi, not mombe, and in English, you don’t kill a cow, you SLAUGHTER one.

      Again – bicycles are a far more sustainable gesture of support to the electorate because they facilitate the generation of income.

      Buckets of maize are only for today’s consumption, tomorrow they are all gone. So, Welshman has far more foresight than Mpofu, therefore he is presidential material.

      They say you give a man fish, he will certainly need more from you tomorrow and thats dependency – you teach him how to fish, he will never bother you again – thats independence!

  54. i think the shonas are more tribalistic than any other tribe in zimbabwe if not in southern africa, they dont want any tribe to lead or rule zimbabwe why? When Dr Joshua Nkomo was still،alive they used to call all sorts of names until he died and they started calling him father zimbabwe , its nonsencical of the three presidents mugabe, ncube, tsvangirai who is a tribalist?who is a beta leader? To all shonas change is coming u will soon have a ndebele president so please،start the adjustment it started،with zifa it wil be zimbabwe next remember these leaders are choosen by god, all those who are saying Ncube is a tribelist are foolish, idiotic and sick in mind if u go back to 1999 eras zvogbo used to address ncube differently from the opposition why?

    1. With reference to ubaba uNkomo – Shonas used to say a Good Ndebele is a dead one – I guess that is why they are prasing him today. Its probably a culture thing!!

    2. In my view, you are right that they could be the most tribalistic people in Southern Africa. I have visited Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho and of course South Africa. The Shona beat them all in this game of TRIBALISM.

      I think the this is due to the political leadership Zimbabwe has had since independence, compared to the above countries. In Zim, the use of tribalism to win votes is an acceptable norm. There are no checks and balances and no legislation against divisive hate speech.

      Clearly, an environment like that would naturally produce the tribalistic filth that we have around today. It will take much more visionary leadership and many more years to get rid of this Gukurahundism that has blighted our country – I am not sure if Tswangirayi is really up to it, since he seems to be copying Mugabe’s ways all the time.

      He even campigns for votes in Mthwakazi in Shona, something he learnt from Mugabe; yet no Mthwakazi politician campaigns in Shona provinces in Ndebele!


    3. I remember reading an article in 1984? where somebody got arrested for wearing a “Father Zimbabwe” badge with a picture of Nkomo.

  55. Zimbabwean NOT Shona

    Bring on the elections and President Mugabe goes back into his position. Some of these things are a foregone conclusion. And we continue doing our thing while some people froth at the mouth on the internet…..

  56. why r we still talking about tribal wars,its time to join hands & work together,there are people who are suffering in this country,lets concentrate on reviving e country’s economy

    1. Its because of Chigwedere and Mugabe’s version of Zimbabwe’s history. Stressing tribal wars even in this day and age suits their agendas of Shona dominance and the “Dzokerayi” mantras. Many have fallen for the trick!!

  57. obsever, Zimbabwean nt shona, leave these morons. the matter of the fact is no one will vote for their Ncube period. They can do their thing there in Matabeleland but as soon as they try to destabilise this nation of ours we will descend on them. Even if they say e so called FML or LFM is recruiting tinongovaita wastak!

    1. Uyaphupha. Where in the world have a people renowned for always “running away” at the mere sight of danger ever “descended” on anybody”?

      What a stupid Gukurahundi Shona tribalist!!

  58. my analysis is ncube and his party cannot dislodge the present status quo,all we need honestly is a united front from all the parties i.e zanu,mdc and all other small parties.for yor own information not everyone in zanu is happy with the current scenario ,remember bora mudondo or the speakers election.we need change across the devide to asher a new era .An era were everyone is happy,free from economic sunctions,better standard of living for everyone free of fear. not ,unlike presently when entire towns are being bought by individuals who recently had nothing to show.We need emplyment for everyone who need it from youths to geriatrics self employment should be an option,as not everyone aspires to be an enterprenuer

    1. Please allow democracy to thrive in Zim. Like everyone else, it is Welshman Ncube’s democratic right and indeed everyone else right to organise and lead a political party in that country. You can also form yours if you so desire – the constitution allows it.


    Tuesday 30th October 2012 – 2:39 PM

    Seven Zengeza West MDC district officials were today attacked and seriously injured by a group of Zanu Pf thugs while conducting a door to door campaign in the area. The seven are Terence Majakwara, Alex Mashuro, Masiye Kambewa, Sydney Ndoro, Zvomuya Masiya, Tichaona Masamha and Innocent Gwara. Zanu pf thugs confiscated 39 recruitment forms and 43 party cards

    The MDC officials are receiving medical attention. The matter was reported to Makoni Police station.

    The MDC is disturbed by the re-emergence of violence in the country ahead of elections that are scheduled to be held next year. We wish to make it clear that we are treating this issue seriously and we are taking the issue up with the guarantors of the GPA and the facilitator.

    As a party we condemn in strongest terms those who when politically outwitted fair and square then resort to violence. As a party we want to make it known that the perpetrators of these diabolic acts will be surely brought to account for their actions in a just and a fair Zimbabwe which is on the horizon.

    The MDC leadership will not give in to intimidation but will continue with the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe, no amount of abuse and threats of murder will derail the struggle for a just and a fair Zimbabwe.

    Kurauone Chihwayi

    Deputy National Spokesperson. 0772 748 515

  60. U Obert Mpofu ngumdudla wethothotho

  61. Sounds like vote buying to me.

  62. Zimbabwe for all

    People of Zimbabwe-we are all one and lets unite rather than spend our energy,intellectual capacity on trivial issues that don not bring bread and butter,people we never born divived but it is the politics of the day that divide us hence lets refuse to be like our forefathers who fought countless wars coz of tribe,race,colour or even religion…lets all refrain from that kind of thinking but lets emulate all those who stood out and sacrificed their lives,those who stood out and refused to used in hate speech,intimidation and anihilliation of other cultures….lets not celebrate barbaric behaviours,lets not condone racism,tribalism….i would like to appeal to all of you ladies and gentleman….lets try not to avoid those who want to bring tribalism,racism,nepotism on thes exciting public debate platforms….lets not all comment..we know we have in our midst those that are triggger happy…those that want to see the fall of this great nation..those that want another sad chapter that rocked our beloved country during mid 1980s…those that want a repeat of of 1890s..those that wish the Rwandan Genocide can found fertilie ground in our midst….those who wish the religious wars rocking Nigeria and other countries can be replicated in Zimbabwe…those that wish white people and black should never find peace and harmory in a beautiful Zimbabwe …those that wish Shonas and Ndebele should all remain at each other’s throat year in year out until one tribe completely wipe another…those who wish and thrive on divde and rule

    Lets all say NO to a divided nation..we are all one nation with different colours,tribes,religions and indeed we cherish and treasure this God given diversity.Lets all build this mother land and lets all differ in opinions and view points but still remain brothers and sisters…..i know lets assist those of us who sometimes coz of emotions end up saying things that divide……those of us coz of lack of accurate information end up saying things that might fuel hatred and violence…..those of us who blindly support certain things not coz its accurate but coz its being championed by our home boy/girl…….

    Zimbabweans i have had the oppportunity to travel the width and breadth of this country..from Hwange to Beitbridge…from Matobo to Uzumba Marambapfungwe…..from Nyanga to Nkayi and all what i saw are beautiful Zimbabweans earning for better Zimbabwe, i never heard anyone saying….we want to wipe out whites,we want to wipe out Shonas,we want to wipe out Ndebeles,We want to wipe out Tongas ……..But their message and aspirations are very clear..we want a Better Zimbabwe….a peaceful and prospoerous nation…..ONE NATION DIFFERENT COLOURS!

    I wish all a wonderful and blessed day, amaZimbabwe amahle,Ma Zimbabwe akanaka, Beautiful Zimbabweans.

    1. Lovely message indeed. Let us allow democracy to prevail. Let people be who they are – let people call themselves whatever they want to call themselves according to their history, cultures and languages, be they Mthwakazi or whatever – let our people exercise their freedom of choice. Let people express their choices on how they want to be governed. Unite for the sake of the nation – unity in diversity is key!!

  63. Can you guys at least stop and listen to yourselves. Stop this tribalistic nonsense. I like Ncube for his seeming transparency. I like Tsvangirai for his resilience. As for Mugabe, i just want him to take a rest.
    Come election time, as much as i like Ncube’s transparency i have trouble identifying solid candidates to take on minesterial posts apart from the great formidable Coltart (who i admire and respect). Given his lack of support at local level (bar matebeleland) i think he would have a hard time controlling parliament.

    Now Tsvangirai may not in himself be “presidential material” but in my opinion he has surounded himself with great thinkers … the great Biti, the amazing youthful Chamisa to name a few.

    Let our politics be policy inspired. Let’s be mindful of what these guys are promising and be realistic about what they can deliver.

    (just my two senses on how i will choose to vote)

  64. Zimbabwe for all

    Diversity brings prosperity…..non one culture,race or tribe is bigger than the other…we are equal and beuatiful in our different lunguages,culture,religion and tradition.I wish we can start discussing policies,practicies and ideliogies without naming and shaming individuals.

    We want to build a better Zimbabwe and the only way to do that is to start talking about what we want….issues…..lets live the change that we want to see….so that we inspire our families,communities,districts,provinces and the whole nation to walk the sustainable path that we all want.Ladies and gentleman….i hearyou all,loud and clearly….

    We want the following things in Zimbabwe as a matter of urgency

    1) Peace for all-
    2) Transparency and accountability in both private and public sphere
    3) Rule of law- no one should be above the law-no to selective application of the law
    4) Socio-economic Growth-we want our industries and other sectors of the economy to work and benefit the nation -we dont want skewed economic development but development for all
    5) De-militarisation of state insititutions
    6) Freedom of expression and association

    Lets discuss ladies and gentlemen..lets shape the politicians rather than allow them to shape up us…lets take the opportunity of this once in a life time….elections are around the corner…so lets discuss bread and butter issues…

  65. l think mr ncube deserved what he got.from the day you chose to form a splinter group form tsvangirai,you poked your nose into a pandora’s box, you were led by proff mutambara who has now dipped his finger into honey,now you are telling us that you are THE president of mdc?WHO SHALL COME TO TUST YOU?

    1. What a short memory, Tswangirayi is the one who split over the NEC 31 vs 30 majority vote over the Senate elections, not Ncube.



    I think Mboniso you are a triballist yet you do not want to admit it but prefer to accuse every one who does not share your views as tribalist . The truth of the matter is every one in Zim is free to vote for a party of their choice .Whether 100 people will vote for Muthwakhazi or more or thounds will vote for Ncube or Tsvangirai what matters is the popular vote . Your arguments and your foul language will never bring the vote to Mtwakazi. Rather advocate for things that will put the Ndebele people in good light so that when our Ndebele leaders are presented for choice people don’t see the wrong picture. I am a Ndebele born in Mashonaland and bred there and my vote is on Tsvangison Chematama because in him I see hope . The most educated leaders are the worst crooks .

    1. “Tribalist” or “Racist” accusations are far easier to throw against those who you disagree with than proving them wrong over the issues they raise!!

  68. Show us where the constitution of Zimbabwe says Welshman should not lead a political party or run for the Presidency in Zimbabwe


    Ncube can lead a political party and can contest for president and its his right to do so but also the people both Ndebele and Shona have the right to vote for their choice . The majority vote will win simple as that . So please dont intimidate people with your tribal rants. Simply campaign for your Ncube and Mthwakazi and count the votes,.


    2. Exactly, so why is it that “TRIBALISTS!!!”, is always the default line most of you people always resort to whenever you fail to win a political argument against a Mthwakazi politician?

      This is typical of ZANU PF Gukurahundi politics – you are supposedly well educated it is therefore expected that with education comes wisdom. People should rise above gutter stone age politics, and fight the battle at the intellectual level, as would be expected of educated people!!

    3. @jabulani kulekani
      Exactly, so why is it that “TRIBALISTS!!!”, is always the default line most of you people always resort to whenever you fail to win a political argument against a Mthwakazi politician?

      This is typical of ZANU PF Gukurahundi politics – you are supposedly well educated it is therefore expected that with education comes wisdom. People should rise above gutter stone age politics, and fight the battle at the intellectual level, as would be expected of educated people!!

  70. for Zimbabwe top prosper Shonas must first repent from their tribal seeing things or when they vote then that is when we will have a proper leader in that country but as long they still use a tribal lens before going to voting boot then rest asured we gonna have shit leaders because of tribalism of the majority tribe.

    1. But not all Shonas a tribalistic – your generalisations are very dangerous!

  71. Mugabe is a hero and remains a hero. He can speak in both ndebele, manyika and shona. He is the force of union among all people of Zimbabwe. The only challenge is for people to remove those who misinform our president. He did a lot for the nation and so, thus what makes him an outstanding leader in Africa. We need wise heads like him for the prosperity of the nation. We will overcome these challenges we currently have and our country will be up there again. So, make comments about this article and not to tarnish the president’s name in this. Siyai president wedu. Tsvagai wowenyu wemifananidzo. President Mugabe is real.We are happy with his leadership qualities because he is principled on land, the western countries, agriculture, indegenisation and investment. Period.

    1. Gukurahundi Mugabe is street thug, he is no leader. The country is in ruins all because of him. Which country in this whole wide world is led by an 89-year old? This proves Zim is a country of fools!!

      1. Age is just a number my friend

    2. Mugabe speaks, English,Ndebele and Shona. So does Welshman Ncube. Can the same be said about Tsvangirai?

  72. those who yearn to be among Zulus are free to return to South africa. for those who are for Zimbabwe the choicce is very simple. lets finish what we started, remove Mugabe & his instutions, then we focus on leadership renewal at each election. Mugabe and Tsvangirayi had more than 1million votes each in 2008 and ncube had less than 5 000, what then makes him think that voting trends have changed that much in the past four years. He is definately trying to be another Simba makoni, because as a proffessor l dont think he is dull enough not to realise the result of spliting the vote.

    Intelligence is exibited also by an individual’s ability to judge and if Ncube is showing clear signs of lack of good judgement by entering the presidential race now wen he is clearly far behind even tsvangirai or mugabe’s MP’s in terms of proven popularity then he definately is not presidential material. its gud to find political relevance but there r better ways to apply your efforts.

    lets not lose focus like Ncube has already done. lets get mugabe out and then focus the other issues wen the democratic s[pace has been created.

    To enlighted each other a little a proffessor/doctorate only means one focussed on one specific area of study in his field and read/researched deepply on it. Thats why people who failed maths and science end up being called proffessors. Even people like Jonathan Moyo who studied Political science because he had scored low points at A’level therefore could not enroll for a law degree still managed to become proffessors.

    1. Leave Welshman Ncube alone. The Gukurahundi tendencies you are exhibiting here – which tell you that political space in Zim is for Shonas only is primitive; stone-age and divisive.

      When will you understand democracy? Have you ever heard anyone in Europe being ridiculed for playing his role in his country’s politics.

      You are a nauseating and thick headed Gukurahundi tribalist. It is people like you who voted overwhelmingly for Mugabe in the 1980s. You are the people who have caused all our problems in that country – because you believe tribalism is your only salvation.

      Now that the Gukurahundi has ceased doing you favours, you want to cry foul and expect everyone including uMthwakazi to help you remove your street thug in preference for another thug in the form of Tswangirayi.

      Go ahead and remove him on your own – we are sick and tired of your primitive tribal politics of DZOKERAYI!!

  73. I’ve read, now my eyes are sore… i’m not about tribes, or who can speak well or who can debate. My prayer is that God help us, that when we vote, we be able to vote for the person who cares about the needs of you and I, the ordinary Zimbabweans. If you’ve read the Bible, you’ll find that Moses was not an eloquent man, however God used him to deliver the children of Israel from the land of captivity. I actually don’t care who God uses, even if He picks one of you commentators, as long as your heart is undivided in your love for the nation and people of Zimbabwe. I look forward to seeing that leader who is more concerned about how we can move forward from where we are, than use their energy to fight and denigrate opponents.. I don’t know who this man is, but my prayer is that God raise such a man for our beloved Zimbabwe.

  74. agree with calton desperate timez call 4 desperate measurez letz be expedient giv our votez 2 mogiza so we can remove u kno hu if tsangson doez not put out wat we want haanetsi kubvisa not lyk the divided vote of last time i also liked simba at hiz tym but it brought us a stalemate gvt koz akadivida vote .Zvemtwakazi only kana border richitangira palimpopo thatz lame bullshit mashona akwese kwese and hatitongwe nemtwakazi yenyu idoro ripi iroro

  75. When Zanu Pf say “Zimbabwe will never be a Colony again” they also mean “Zimbabwe will never have a Ndebele Leader”

  76. Welshman should continue, relentlessly.

    We will continue to back you even it means we divide the votes to the Gukurahundis’ advantage.

    The tribalistic sentiments they continue to express here, that imply that you have no right to participate in your country’s politics because you are a Mthwakazi – these are the very reasons some of us feel we should back you to the hilt.


  77. Ncube should focus on a national campaign. his focus in matabeleland shows that he is clearly after a the ndebele agenda only. he indeed is making the right noise politically but his narrow focus reduces him to a “ward politician”. i could be most happy if he can equally devote his time in mutorashanga, uzumba, zhombe, and many other areas where people have been repeatedly lied to that ndebeles are inferior. thats how ncube could evolve from being a “poacher” to a distingished statesman which he could be any day. he is extremely luck to have us giving him a frank and hardcore advise not bootlicking him.

  78. YoWest Knightmere

    wena mbonisi iproblem yakho yini? looks like you’re a serious tribalist. Find another hobby and give us a break! Mudidi wakho!

  79. Mbonisi why allow yourself to be dragged into this horrible mudslinging contest. most of the views expressed here are very tribalistic and mirror a deeply divided society. I personally dont think Welshman is a tribalist, i think he is just echoing the sentiments of many in this region. As far as being Prsidential material is concerned only time will tell. Obert on the other hand will for ever be known for his wealth and nothing alse really. Tsvangirai will go into history as the man that stood up to Zanu-Pf and made an impact thats all. Mutambara well! im not sure what to make of the gentleman, but i think he will soon be forgotten.

    Zanu-Pf will not be defeated at the polls. Its demise will come from within. like a raging inferno that destoys everything in its wake then eventually dies down. All we can do is go to the polls, vote for our favourite candidate get disapointed and go back to our lives. Four years later a new set of players will enter the fray and so on and so on!

    stop the bad mouthing and the anger. i hope i dont get blasted for this contribution.

  80. Most Shonas regard Mthwakazi people as supporting the MLF and therefore secessionists; most Mthwakazi regard Shonas as responsible for Gukurahundi and therefore Gukurahundists.


  81. I am not very good at politics, I can’t even talk about it but some things are a bit too simple, let’s not fight because of our political leaders whoever they may be, I want to take it that we are the electorate and that on it’s own means we are innocent and in need of leaders who will lead in ways not evil and also bring our country back to it’s feet again, we have lost our quality education, the productive industry is no more, the rule of law is so corrupt, the police are no longer for the simple citizens like you and I “I think” our civil servants are always crying for salary increments and no one seems to be listening and our teachers are the most hated of all civil servants in the country by our leaders, I mean hey guys this and a million more are signs with very clear meaning, let’s read between the lines and know how to focus on the bigger pictures and cut a lot down on these verbal entertaining yet helpless contests, let’s learn to think and speak like learned grown ups, be it Ncube, Tsvangirai, President Mugabe or even Mbonisi, we need a leader who is capable of being control of things for the better and once that happens we will all see it and be relieved, we have been waiting since time immemorial for the day when Zimbabwe will get back to the Zimbabwe that arrested the Dzingai Mtumbukas and friends, in this Zimbabwe no minister, general, war vet can be arrested, the police are having a walk in the park arresting who they want or they have been told to arrest regardless of the crime committed, this country is no longer what we want and we can all see it.

  82. Prof Welshman stands out as the most credible politician of this generation, and Zimbabwe knows it. The only other decent man i would think gets anywhere nearer this league is TB. Back to Prof Ncube -Mugabe knows his pedigree all too well. Although the clever veteran cannot say anything negative about Ncube, he has done the following few things to stop him:
    1) sidelining of Ncube in favor of puppet AM
    2) use blind MT to attack Ncube purely on tribal grounds
    3) use Obert Mpofu and his evil monies in Matateleland.
    But prof Ncube stands tall and firm.

    For me it’s how Ncube bought his time and allowed both RM and MT to steal the show. Obviously in corruption/killings and womanizing/corruption respectively. Like all great leaders, leading to the imminent elections, Ncube has been doing simple things like meeting people and explaining how his party would bring this great nation together and take it to prosperity where it once was. The greatest asset in the professor remains his very conduct, in and out of the office! What do you do to undo goodwill, or a name?

  83. Politicians must start building the nation not start hate language.

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