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MDC-T stirs storm over Lobengula


Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross has courted the ire of the Ndebele community over statements posted on his website that seem to perpetuate stereotypes that Mzilikazi Khumalo’s followers were violent and bloodthirsty.

Khanyile Mlotshwa Staff Reporter

Mzilikazi is the founder of the Ndebele nation that was destroyed by the white colonialists led by Cecil John Rhodes in 1893.

In an entry dated September 30, Cross said: “Once settled, they (the Ndebele) quickly established a reign of terror and mayhem over all of Central Africa.

“Each winter his (Mzilikazi) men were sent out to subjugate regional tribes and bring home cattle and other loot (it is still said that Ndebele women are very beautiful because they are all Shona in origin).

“Those tribes that resisted were simply wiped out.

“Sixty years later, my own forefathers arrived and in a series of battles defeated the Ndebele King at the time, a man called Lobengula.

“Lobengula is believed to have burnt his capital to the ground before he fled north and later committed suicide near the Zambezi River.”

“We find this extremely insulting, misplaced and abominable as far as the Ndebele nation is concerned,” he said.

“If Bulawayo is his constituencies and he comes out making up soiled statements against what he considers to be his voters, then he is swimming in muddy political currents.

“If he has been sent by his principals, they must be regretting because we wonder if he is adding or subtracting them.”

MDC Bulawayo spokesperson Edwin Ndlovu said: “It is very unfortunate and primitive of Cross to insult the Ndebele people who are hosting him in Bulawayo.”

Zapu national executive council member Mqondisi Moyo said Cross’ remarks were an insult to Ndebeles.

“Where is he getting the information that King Lobengula committed suicide?

“It is an insult to the people of Bulawayo, where Cross resides. His constituency is in Bulawayo, he was voted for by the Ndebele people that he is insulting.

“As Zapu, we feel Cross does not respect the Ndebele.”

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