I am still in original church — Kunonga

ANGLICAN Province of Zimbabwe (APZ) Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga, who was excommunicated from the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) before allegedly leading a breakaway faction from the main church following their fallout over homosexuality, yesterday made a U-turn claiming he was still a CPCA bishop.Report by Charles Laiton, Senior Court Reporter

This was disclosed in the Supreme Court by Kunonga’s lawyer Tawanda Mutero Kanengoni assisted by Charles Nyika, who told the court that APZ was now a defunct establishment.

“The Anglican Province of Zimbabwe is now defunct and Kunonga is no longer called Archbishop.

“There has always been one Harare diocese since 2007,” Kanengoni said amid surprised murmurs from Harare Diocese Bishop Chad Gandiya’s members who were in attendance.

Gandiya’s lawyers Advocate Adrian de Bourbon and Advocate Thabani Mpofu dismissed Kanengoni’s assertion.

De Bourbon told the court, presided over by Deputy Chief Justice Luke Malaba sitting with Justices Vernanda Ziyambi and Yunus Omerjee, that Kunonga ceased to be a member of CPCA the moment he led a breakaway faction.

“We would not have been here if Kunonga was still Harare Diocese Bishop and recognising the authority of the CPCA,” de Bourbon said.

“He has not returned to CPCA because of the disagreements on the alleged fundamental beliefs over homosexuality and, as such, he has no right to deal with church properties that belong to CPCA.”

The Anglican church in Zimbabwe split into two five years ago, following Kunonga’s stance sparking a raging and often violent dispute over legitimacy and property ownership.

The dispute saw several High Court applications being made and the results thereof being contested by both parties, prompting the filing of the appeals at the Supreme Court. Kunonga’s five appeal cases were yesterday struck off the roll by the court on the basis of failure to comply with Supreme Court rules.

The struck cases were number SC118/10 pitting Bishop Elson Madoda Jakazi and another versus CPCA and two others, number SC72/08 for Kunonga and another versus CPCA and three others, number SC83/08 for Kunonga and another versus CPCA and three others, and number SC134/10 for the Diocesan Trustees for the Diocese of Harare versus CPCA.

The Supreme Court bench, however, reserved judgment in case number SC180/09 pitting CPCA versus Diocesan Trustees of Harare and case number SC130/10 for CPCA versus Kunonga and 10 others.

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  1. “DDK” Devil Driven Kunonga please leave CPCA alone, why summersaulting? your fall is by the corner.

  2. Kunonga is a rebel from CPCA, therefore should start off from scratch not claiming what he found already there. He started his own click, so should develop properties for use kwete kutora zvevamwe.

  3. Va”Archbishop” Kunonga,zvibvunzei kuti maitiro enyu anopa mbiri kuna Mwari wamunoti munonamata here? Why is it you always use violent language that is unfit for a Christian.let alone one who has designated himself Archbishop. Sei musingatyi Mwari kana mava kutaura kana kuita zvinhu? Are you called of God? Are you for or aginst God? You are the most shameless bishop Christianity has had the misfortune of having had in its midst. You would do yourself a great favour by repenting of your shameful and abominable behaviour. It’s never too late to confess and ask God to forgive you.

  4. To all Anglicans, this is not the time to cry over buildings because God is looking for those who can worship him in spirit and in truth. Just like what the Samaritan woman was told by Jesus, its no longer a case of which building or location but a matter of heart. Thank God prophesy is being fulfilled and if Kunonga wins in court let him have all the properties and you concetrate on worshiping and prayer.

    1. Church is big business if do not know

  5. Kunonga is not an arcbishop, he is part of the military junta that has terrorised Zimbabweans since independance, to say he can repent is like expecting water to start flowing up stream. He has benefited from grabbing other people’s property, doesnt that look familiar, who else can do that without being arrested.

  6. Our dear party is being brought into disrepute by this clueless rebel. He is not a;lone in that struggle.

  7. Mati Kunonga akaipa ee ndabvuma ko imi ma Anglican e chokwadii munotii nezveungochani?

    1. Muchaka asi uri ngochani kani?

      1. iwe hauoni kuti ingochani

    2. Our church recognises a marriage between a man and a woman. Its as simple as that.

    3. Trues Anglicans are guided by the Bible. Homosexuality is a sin against the Bible full, we do not need to qualify it further than that.

      1. Kunonga just used homosexuality to distabilise the church. Kunonga was excommunicated by the church so he is no longer party of the Anglican Church, Makandiwa zvaakatandwa ku AFM akaenda ne property ye AFM? Hudofo hwana Kunonga uhu ndihwo wauraya nyika. We use wrong excuse everytime. Look the Co[pac draft does not talk about Homosexualitry but zanupf wants to scuttle 3 year efforts using Homosexuality as an excuse as if this country survives on that. Kunonga does the same as if all Anglicans are homos, dhuxe iye mu homo futi.

    4. The Anglican Church does not recognize Homosexuality but it does not believe in their persecution either. Homosexuals are just social deviants just like thieves, robbers, prostitutes, adulterers etc. so their case should not be a special case – its just an ordinary crime and we should focus on the rehabilitation of those afflicted instead of using the condition to demean and devide society. Muchaka you need to grow up and think beyond the
      cheap propaganda that is fed to you by the likes of Kunonga. Incidentally Kunonga would not have pulled this lie for so long if there were no gullible people like you – a Gull is a bird inongoshamira nekumedza chero chakandiwa kwairi despite kuti chii chakandwa.

      1. very true. A church cannot turn away sinners because the reason why the church was founded is for people (including sinners/homosexuals) to be saved by accepting the christian way of life. They can only receive this salvation if they attend church services or if someone preaches to them about it.And what a better place to do it than in the church?


        2. you are a deceiver just like your father, the church accepts gay marriages the world over, thats endorsing homosexuality at the highest level……i tell you Anglicans, repent for the Kingdom is at hand…..playing up with words will not help, its either you are for God or against God

    5. It’s against our belief. That is why it is not acceptable in the CPCA.

    6. Do not be decieved ny this Kunonga Fool. Ask him to point out the Gay people in the church he cannot name even 1 but he says he wants to leave the church bcoz it supports gay relations. When this whole issue started Kunonga wanted to discuss the issue of Gay relations at the wrong forum and was told the issue could not be discused then bcoz it was already discused b4 and a resolution was made that the church of the province of central africa did not endorse gay relations thus could not be discussed again. i gues that answers yo question!!!

  8. I’ve often wondered why pple refer to this guy as an Arch Bishop. Thats total abuse of religious titles. Ane disciple rake riri kuno kuBindura, a pure mental case. Justice will always prevail

  9. times are tough….but to refresh yo memory – the time shall come when those who kill you will think they are serving the Lord. This is a biblical citation. On the other hand…..some would think that the mere fact that other christians left these 2 fight alone saying its not theirfight frightens me. If we were moslems – the streets would be burning….but christians are not violent. I am not goin 2 judge kunonga but its worthwhile to note that tribulations should come, but woe 2 th one who brings them

  10. Church operatives are guided by country laws.There is no way a church can certify same sex marriage when our law doesn’t legalise that.Kunonga used ‘homosexuality’ to protect his interest to cling onto power.His tenure as bishop was near end yet he still needed to prolong it.His time was up and another bishop was to be ordained.He wanted to stay in office just like Archbishop Nhiwatiwa of UMC.A break away was meant to implement his idea of transfer of power.Thats why,he even made himself Archbishop of Province of Zimbabwe.

    1. Wrong my friend. Kunonga’s term was not about to end. Kunonga wanted to be the Archbishop of the combined Church of the Province of Central Africa when Archbishop Malango’s term ended, but other did not approve of that. Since his desire was to be an Archbishop he then went and established his own Province of Zimbabwe which he is now disowning. He selfishly took people for a ride and his behind the issue of homosexuality, pro land reform and indegenisation. Those who left UMC left on their own and did not take property from the Church, not did they solicit support from their police and army friends to terrorise and even kill their opponents. Kunonga is in a class of his own.

      1. Taura zvako. I am still analysing deciding whether he is just a common public criminal or a messenger of the most evil Lucifer. I shall have an answer for you soon – just watch him after he loses the final two cases.

      2. Makombe wabaya true vakatiza ku UMC vakaenda vari vanhu havana chavakatora kana usisadi nezvemo unongoitwao zvako zve ndokukura kwacho isu zvedu toti kana kurikunamata kwechokwadi hazvitodi kana court kana mupurisa nekuti kutenda chaiko kunodzoreredza zvokuti munotosanga muchinamata pamwe kana zviri zvemasure! Kunonga akadzoka oita power hungry and had support yemapurisa but mwari vedu vechokwadi vopindira hapana anoti pwe. Kunamata kwakgara kuri kutsvaga nyasha dzaiye musiki saka hasha neruvengo nekurovana zvinozobvepi futi. Zvafanana ne mandimbandimba vairova vanhu vachizviita hatibviri varipi manje nekuti isu ma opertaors taitonamtawo kuti mwari pindirai just the real anglicans vakatorerwa machurch. My God is GOOD WO ane simba

  11. Using the police 2 have an upper hand is unchristian

  12. The Devil has shown his true colours. A Complete Devil. We need our churches back. We hope and pray for God’s liberation and we silently move to worship in our churches, deprived us by the Devil and his click. Shame on you.

  13. Moshandura dzimba dzamwari kudziita mabiravira ehondo nezvituko?. Munorevesa imwi, munoti iye muridziwazvo unoti kudini?. Munamato wangu unoti mwari pachake ngaaite kutonga kwake pane zvizvi navava. Rangarirayi kuti jesu azozviratidza kuna John pachiwi che Patimos in revelations wakanga arwadziwa nezvakanga zvichiitwa muma chechi manomwe aya saka chenjerai kukotsva hasha dzake pamusoro penyu kana penyika yose kana mukasadzorana nekudzoreka.

  14. Is this a Bishop or a Devil. If there are disciples on earth ministering and preaching the word of God then there should also be the Devil’s disciples ministering and sowing divisions and evil. What does Kunonga serve God or the Devil?

  15. Wolves in sheepskin

  16. Baba ava vanotonyadzisa

  17. kunonga is just trying to turn God’s church into a political part .police,land and buildings grabbing is
    associated with zanu pf.where is he getting his big wings to fly.the biblical paul tried it but God
    removed the wings.kunonga.you are troubling people of that Way,becareful you may end up being the
    poul of today

  18. Whatever the outcome of the Supreme Court Decision. veduwe ma Aglican chaiwo takambotambura.Daibros nyoka abuda pachena. God forgive the devil and allow him to start his own churdh which has completely nothing to do with the Angican church. A good name for it could be “SATANISM CHURCH OF ZIMBABWE” BY NOBERT KUNONGA” MUSIYAMWA”

  19. Satan murume ane Simba, ari kubatsira ngongoni dzeCPCA kurwa muCourt. I would like to encourage Bishop Kunonga to keep on fighting, God will hear our prayer. Nzira yaMwari haina kureruka. Even if the Highcourt rules in favour of Ngongoni let them take the assets. We will find a way. Panzi leNgongoni panzi!!

    1. wave kupenga handiti?

  20. When an employee resigns all they get is per contractual obligation i.e leave pay, pension i have never had of an employee who resigns and goes on to confiscate his former employer’s property unless there are some obligations that were not met that’s when one can sue. The courts should be very careful if they award him the judgement becoz they would have set a dubious precedent infavour of a weird person. I suppose he should be checked mentally.

  21. Who are we to judge others. Leave the judgement to the Creator. How many sins have been committing on daily basis? Yes Homosexuality is sin and inhuman but lets leave this to God to pass his judgement.

  22. Shumba nyatsowerenga Bhaibheri rako zvakanaka. Pana Gwaro rinotaura nyaya yeumwe murume akauraya vamwe vanhu vaipomba. Akavabaya nepfumo vanhu vairi ava vari pakati pekuita mabasa avo erima. Gwaro iri rakaburitsa pachena kuti Mwari vafafara zvikuru nechiitiko ichi chekubatsirwa kuranga nhunzvatunzva. Kuriohwa kwaiitwa ngongoni naThe Very Reverend Bishop Kunonga kunotowe neuMwari mukati. Mwari vanotofara zvikuru nekurohwa kwakaitwa vanhu ivavo

  23. Whatever this arguement is about i am not worried but what worries me most is that the schools that the ordinary poor sent their children were disrupted and the Headmasters sent away for supporting whoever.Let the living God judge this matter according to ty will.

  24. Whatever this arguement is about i am not worried but what worries me most is that the schools that the ordinary poor sent their children were disrupted and the Headmasters sent away for supporting whoever.Let the living God judge this matter according to thy will.

  25. Nzvidzi-Nyere – Zivawo kuti kunonga ndiye anga ari CPCA in Zimbabwe, The owner of an Organisation cannot resign and leave his assets in the hands of employees (strangers to the Company) Anoenda neZvinhu zvake, kana muchizvida motouyawo kuchechi kwedu ikoko.

    1. so mubvuvi mukuru u’ mean kunonga owns the anglican church ?

  26. Next Sunday hakuna chakanaka, tiri kuda kuti timbokurangai

    1. Who are we to profess judgement? Mese imi muri kutodawo kupona nekuti bhaibheri shoko raMwari rinoti judge not for u not to be judged. ane nzeve dzekunzwa ndaanzwe!

  27. Is there some similarity between kereke of rbz and this kunonga guy…i mean upstairs?

    1. Wandikuvadza. Wabaya dede nemukanwa chaimo

  28. Hakuna chikoro cheAnglican chichatungamirwa ngeNgongoni muno muNyika

  29. Hapana – Kereke anopenga, Bishop Kunonga mutumwa vaMwari

  30. whoever was was advising kunonga has now dumped him and he seems to be now sensing danger. justice is taking its shape now, just wait and c the results. u were acting as if already u had obtained the glories of the court, turned the churches into commercials to the extend of creches at the expenses of the children of God. wait and see the whip of God.

    no one is above the law especially if you play with God.

  31. A.F.U (Mashava)

    Vakunonga edzayi Wrestling zvekereke zvaramba dayi makaswedera kuno ku Masvingo taikuratidzayi kuti tiri Anglican Fathers Union (A.F.U) yakakwana chaiyo.

    Hymn 106 inotinyaradza isu ve AFU

  32. kunonga voluntarily left CPCA,he has no right to our properties.asi ayimbofungeyi paaka withdrawer?now he is claiming to be a CPCA member which he withdrew from.thats crazy.ngavakumbire rugerero chete zvifure,but wont be a bishop anymore.ivo vakamtevera dzanga dziriright upstairs.we wont forget those days when cpca member were harased,detained by police.so God cannot be on the side of his disgrace ZANU-PF nehanda bogus bishop.so wl kunonga and his supporters go after losing,muchaendepi?kumasowe?

  33. Iyo mhuka inonzi Kunonga imhuka yakaita sei yatadzisa vana vamwari kunamata.oh sry zviya Kunonga ndiye mu twin waSATAN.ndokusaka mhani.ndanga ndatoshaya kuti iye akaita sei anorwisana nevana vamwari.Kunonga ukwane mose nedzinza rako.mbavha dzevanhu.Manje chisatan chikuru Zanu pf next year irikuparadza namwari.uchaona kuti satan haana simba pana mwari

  34. Eeeeeeeeeehhhhh, musatuka munhu waMwari ndapota hangu

  35. hazi mhunu waMwari but wadiyabhorosi,sei akaita kuti vanu vesondo varohwe nekuvavisa kumakereke avo achidisturba zvinu zvecpca?sei.his disgrace norbet kunonga.

  36. Cornered Rats will always try to make a U-Turn, but to no avail. Ko maiti munoendepiko vana Kunonga, you played with Zanu-PF, and it surely soiled you mud in the face now standing alone..
    Above all things there is a God who judges everything..

  37. Let him who has no sin cast the first stone. I will count………..

  38. Think of what Guti, Makandiwa etc did. They weaned themselves from AFM and formed their own churches. They did not take anything from AFM. Today they mingle and dine with AFM and attend some functions. Ndokunamata uku. Wakambonzwawo here kuti varume vaviri ava vakabira AFM even a pin here?

  39. Nhai va Kunonga, shuwa mongoda kunonga machurch asiri enyu?? Munorambidza ma christu kunamata saka ndihwo hu christu hwacho here hwokurova vauya kuzonamata Mwari wavo?? Masiyanei na Sauro??? who was persecuting christians. Shuwa if you do not agree with the main church just leave wonotanga church yako kana pasi pe muti kana mugomo. Vanonamatira nzvimbo idzi unoti vanopenga, ?? Vanotsvaka Mwari wavo chete, so you could do the same. Nguva yakwana yawashungurudza ma kristo, God is not like man. He is seeing you and judgement day is near. Just repent and give those properties back to the true christians wavakatoera. Shuwa shuwa ukafa nhasi usati wa repenter nenyaya yako iyi unoti waitei?? Hautyi Mwari iwe??? Kunonga, if you are reading this article please say out the sinner’s prayer now, Mwari anoregerera ufunge, pana vakaita zvakadarika izvi asi vaka repenter right now they are God’s friends and men and women after his own heart.
    REpent now and I say Repent.

  40. mubvuwi mukuru uri ngirozi yasatani kunonga arimutwin wasatan.

  41. mwari anogona kushandisa vana vake kupa judgement

  42. I once told myself I would never comment on these blogs online, but when I read this article I couldn’t hold back….

    Kunonga, I as an anglican youth who spent a night in a jail cell , thanks to your own doing. I suffered persecution because of you and your zanu police. I have a message for you ” I truly forgive you, it is in my outmost wish that you realize that you are doing wrong things. If you want to persecute us further go ahead, as long as we worship the lord”

    Turning to some brainwashed individuals I saw commenting here, firstly all sins are the same there is nothing different with homosexuality, all are sins and sinners are welcome in the house of the lord to find grace hence Jesus allowed a woman who was a prostitute to wash his feet. If Jesus could accept a sinner who are you not to? , secondly church is not a gay hunting/bashing institution, it is a place to find God. If you go to church to demean and denounce gays then you are lost, remember the story of the pharisee who was praying next to a sinner. Cleanse your heart, mind and soul and find Jesus

    1. shamwari usazvinyepera, homosexuals are unrepentant pple who deny God’s plan of marriage between a man & a woman.. … we are saying they should repent & not pretend to be victims, infact they are victims of the truth, they shall perish together with their supporters

  43. “Judge not, that you be not judged. for with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck our of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and the you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:1-5 Kunonga could be wrong and CPCA could be wrong but no one is better than other in the eyes of the Lord. Vese vana vaMwari. Who is the judge you or God? If we are prayerful, let us wait and see what God has to say. God is the ultimate Judge. “There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbour.” James 4:12 “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” John 7:24
    1 Corinthians 13:1-13 “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing. Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known. So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”
    Kana muchiti munonamata kupfuura Kunonga rakidzai vanhu kudaro. The language you use against Kunonga shows repentance is needed by all of us. I will not say you because I also am a sinner, this is why God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for you, me and Kunonga.

  44. Iyi nyaya ngaichipera. Anongotaura zvakaipa pamusoro paThe Very Bishop Kunonga, tichapedzerana. Kana pane anezvekutaura ngazviwe zvekurumbidza Bishop Kunonga pakumira naMwari achiranga avo wari kurasika mugwara rechinamato chechokwadi

  45. the admission has destroyed his case in the courts, but the guy is an insane joker,.he plays foolery to the extreme.

  46. People, people why waste your energies arguing about Nolbert Kunonga. This man is not a man of God but a true certified agent of Lucifer The Devil. Where have you ever seen true ordained servant of God terrorising people of God. He specialises in theft, destruction and killing which are the attributes of the Devil. He ven compiled a hit list targetting numerous church wardens and priests in the CPCA to be eliminated>
    It is just a matter of time before Kunonga is defeated by the true church of God which has never lost to eveil in its history. May God rescue the genuine Anglican who have suffered so much under Kunonga and the satanic regime in the unity goverment.

  47. Tich asi ndiwe Lucifer wacho? How can you be the judge of that? Lucifer ndiye anoziva maagents aka. Musataure zvinhu zvamusinga zivi.

  48. Satan wemunhu iwe kunonga,Jezeberi chaiye.

  49. Dai Kunonga ukapenyerwa sa Saul akazonzi Paul. Iwe penyerwa unzi Kunongwa warasika wena. The Devil’s ordained Bishop.

  50. If we still have a functional justice system that is the end of this satanist. He can now move on with his fellow satanists. Homos are much better than these satanists.

    1. wamaromo how can u say homos are better than satanists when they are actually being used by the devil too?

  51. read Eph 6v12. Pane demon rinonzi spiritual wickedness ndiro rakonzeresa mhirizhonga mumachechi.

  52. uyo anonzi mubvuwi is a psychiatric patient how can you defend a person who admits kuti is lost. homosexuality is satanism ngochani haidiwe asi kurwra chuch kwete munotsvaga mari nedemo

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