Government to enforce tests for imports

STANDARDS Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) chairman Trust Chikohora says his organisation and the Industry and Commerce ministry would soon introduce legislation to ensure all imports and exports were subjected to compulsory quality tests before being released onto the market.
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Addressing various stakeholders during commemoration of World Standards Day at a Bulawayo hotel last Friday, Chikohora said the law would be enacted soon to monitor international trading.

“The enactment of the law is expected to protect consumers and the local industry against unfair competition from bogus products manufactured by outside players,” he said.

“The increased complaints from consumers about the harmful products from other countries have led to the idea of enacting a law over which we are in dialogue with the authorities. There must be a legislation passed in Zimbabwe to test essential categories including food and appliances products that have been identified so that products that come into Zimbabwe from other countries are tested to find out whether they meet international standards.”

He said imports of cheap and sub-standard products had choked the local manufacturing industry and exposed consumers to harmful products.

Speaking at the same function, SAZ operations director Cyril Siringwani urged companies to acquire SAZ certification to enable their products to gain international recognition.

“ISO-certified companies are doing well. SAZ can provide companies with a quality management tool in the form of ISO 9001 and 2008 of Quality Management System. You cannot be in business without implementing a quality management system,” Siringwani said. Ads

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  1. These substandard imports are not only closing our industries but they are compromising our health as some substandard processed foods and medicines are being allowed to come across as well. Added to this is the danger associated with the inducements they are giving our young customs officers, compromising our integrity as a nation as well. In fact the rot is so widespread but nobody seems to be aware of the many hidden dangers these substandard goods do to our general welfare. Remember a few years back these crooks gave our farmers fertiliser (top dressing) that resulted in a compromised yield. We also had our hearts broken when we learnt that half of the esential medicinal drugs at the National pharmaceutical stores were not fit for human consumption and all these millions of dollars worth of essential drugs were thrown into the bin while a few chicken thieves amongst us pocketed the proceeds. I say put an end to this rot. The SAZ should insist that they are given lee way to work with other international quality inspection bodies like SGS, SSI and a myriad of others to have effective global reach. We have done this successfully before. Banks should be instructed not to pay for things without a clean report of findings issued by the above international bodies with final endorsement by SAZ. Criminals will cry out loudest that this will delay movement of goods, what they mean is that it will make their wallets thinner! This is one sure way of resuscitating industry and giving the much needed boost to our health both physical and mental to boot!

    The media for their part are letting us down here big time. Why do they not do an in depth story about how much these substandard materials being allowed into our country are costing us our health and well being..this is a monumental scandal!!!! Look at the water situation obtaining in our cities right now..Contrary to the nonsense being peddled about burst pipes which is really a peripheral issue, the real rot is in the procurement of water treatment chemicals and management of storage of same. What is the national cost of redundant chemicals sitting in council warehouses? And why are these redundant chemicals still sitting on council books as assets? Dont answer this…could it be part of the justification to inflate current assets, just like the ‘cartoon fiction laden’ debtors book (not as entertaining as Johnny Bravo, so whats thepoint)? This sits nicely when justifying the huge salaries the management in local authorities pay ithemselves..Without a media which is willing to do some work rather than write useless and meaningless essays and disguising these as news we are doomed! You people should know there is more to journalism than just pushing words..leave that to politicians.

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