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Dhewa’s widow in controversial affair


Controversy surrounds the relationship between the late Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo’s close friend Bamet Mutosvori and the musician’s widow Minehle Mkweli following allegations that the two are in love.

Report by Blessed Mhlanga / Tawanda Marwizi

Speculation is rife in Kwekwe and its environs that the two could be an item after Mutosvori gave Mkweli his car while they have occasionally been spotted together in public places.

Sources close to the Moyo family claim that Mutosvori has inherited Mkweli, mainly basing their allegations on how he surrendered his maroon sporty Peugeot to his late friend’s widow.

But Mutosvori denied the allegations saying he is only assisting Mkweli because they are related.

“She is my relative and that’s why I gave her the car, not that there is anything (like a love affair) between us. You may come and verify this. We are not even staying together,” said Mutosvori.

Contrary to Mutosvori’s claim that he is related to Mkweli, Dhewa’s son Peter said he only knew him as his father’s friend.

“I know him as my father’s friend and there is no way I could not have known of that they are related all these years,” said Peter.
The young musician also revealed that he once met Mutosvori and Mukweli having a meal at a restaurant in Kwekwe. He said he heard the rumour of the love affair many months ago.

“I heard the rumour but there is no way I can confirm it. She is my mother and I cannot ask her about her private affairs.

“It might be true but people are also capable of cooking up suck stories. Kwekwe is a very small town and rumours spread so fast. I cannot say whether it is true or not.

“I heard that they are staying together but I am now staying in Mbizo and Mutosvori stays far from my place. Most of the time I will be rehearsing with my band and I do not have time to verify such claims.”

Mkweli recently announced that she is going to move on, less than a year after the death of her husband.

She refused to comment on her relationship to Mutosvori.

“You guys can go ahead and write what you want. I will not even comment on this one,” Mkweli said.

A source close to Moyo family claims that the two started dating way before the death of Moyo adding that the song Ndiro Yababa was a directed at Mutosvori after the late musician had heard wind of the alleged infidelity.

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