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ZCTU rejects draft constitution


The George Nkiwane-led Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has vowed not to support the draft constitution produced by Copac as it believes it is a product of a flawed process.

The ZTCU said the fact that the drafting of the new supreme law was led by politicians meant people’s views would not be properly captured.

Speaking at the ZCTU regional council meeting in Bulawayo on Saturday, the labour body’s western region chairman Reason Ngwenya said it would not make sense for them to support the draft after criticising the process at its inception.

Ngwenya was responding to questions raised by council members who wanted to know the ZCTU’s position on the draft.

“ZCTU was against the politically-driven constitution-making process from the beginning though we did not stop individual members from taking part in the process,” he said.

“If you condemn the process through which food is being prepared, how can you accept the food?”
The two MDC formations in the coalition government have already endorsed the blueprint.

The ZCTU and the National Constitutional Assembly are demanding that an independent commission must spearhead the process, which is nearing its end.

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