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All that jazz: Yadah Praise releases inspirational DVD


A newly established gospel music ensemble, Yadah Praise, which is led by Zimbabwe’s top new generation musician and producer Gorden Nzira, recently recorded their inspirational debut live DVD entitled Thanksgiving Concert.

The DVD, which was recorded in South Africa in front of a live audience, features a captivating, polished performance from 36 talented and carefully selected musicians made up of a choir and instrumentalists.

Thanksgiving Concert presents a unique blend of mainstream jazz and African music with a Gospel theme and message in the tradition of the born again international jazz greats like Jonathan Butler and Ernie Smith. Yadah Praise’s music is a panorama of sound; like a colourful tapestry that is masterfully woven. It makes a lasting impression so strong that the jazzy expressions of worship and praise of the Creator continue to linger in the mind long after the music has stopped playing.

The 11-track album places a unique thumbprint on jazz. It brings out an unmistakably jazzy feel through the prominent and flamboyant alto saxophone that is expertly blended with incredible piano solos and a solid bass. It also features some wonderful vocal executions from the lead singers and choir that combine piercing sopranos and striking harmonies.

This gripping piece of work follows in the footsteps of the multi-talented King David who was a highly gifted artist known for making music for the Glory of God. It takes one to some quiet prayerful spaces and contains bursts of jubilation and praise so real that they raise the awareness of Gods greatness in the listener.

The album opens with Intro, a jazz instrumental that sets the tone and mood of the DVD. Other tracks include Yadah Anthem, Matla A Sona, which features great harmonies and a saxophone-bass combination that gives the track an Afro-jazz feel. It also carries the songs We Worship, Father We Come, Oh! Give Thanks and Uyangihola.

The track Let God be God composed by Pastor Mutambira and performed by Gorden Nzira brings out the producer’s pedigree as a versatile musician. Lebitso, You are Holy and Njani Na? are wonderfully arranged high energy dance tracks that set the house on fire during the live recording of the DVD.

Yadah Praise’ first live DVD Thanksgiving was recorded on 17 March 2012 at Victory Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The one hour long DVD was mixed and mastered at the famous Downtown Studios by Papi Diretse who has worked with the best in South Africa’s Jazz and contemporary music sphere.

The gospel ensemble was born in January of 2012. It is the brain child of the Yadah Music company, which the praise and worship ministry of Zaoga Forward in Faith Ministries International’s South African office.

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