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Zimbabwe’s future remains uncertain


A leading global think-tank, Freedom House, has warned that Zimbabwe’s political crisis will persist until after general elections as none of the governing parties are prepared to make concessions.

Freedom House director of Africa programmes Vukasin Petrovic said the MDC formations, Zanu PF and securocrats were no longer keen on advancing “true political and social reforms,” but to defend their territorial positions .

“With a constitutional referendum and subsequent national elections drawing near, Zimbabwe is poised to enter an exciting and highly uncertain period,” Petrovic said in an article published recently by advocacy group Kubatana. However, if left in the hands of the current political elites, the creation of a democratic Zimbabwe remains unlikely at best.

“What binds these three unlikely and reluctant partners together is a shared commitment to preserving their participation in a power-sharing agreement at the expense of any true political and social reforms.

“And the more uncertain the political situation becomes, the more they will need and rely on one other.”

He said there was reluctance to change the political situation in the country.

“The MDC could once again win a nationwide election, though recent rumours suggest that it would endorse another unity government to preserve ‘stability’ and mitigate the risk of potential conflict with the securocrats,” Petrovic said.

“Zanu PF could again attempt to hijack the elections through fraud and violence, but would likely back off if faced with hostility from regional leaders.”

He said the security chiefs could also try to block democratic change, but warned this could come at a cost for the generals who have to protect their economic interests.

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