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Winter Jazz Festival spectacular


The annual musical fiesta, Winter Jazz Festival, lived up to its billing over the weekend with spectacular performances from various artists at Jazz 105.

Call them what you want, the acts were out to prove a point about Zimbabwean music.

From the “old school” like the Cool Crooners and Mbare Trio to the new talent like Munya Mataruse and Ammara Brown, the festival which ends today, has been a great show of spirit.

Scintillating performances set the ball rolling on Friday on the opening night setting a pace that seemed to be maintained by all acts that followed.

Seasoned outfits like Summer Breeze, Jabavu Drive, Mbare Trio and the Cool Crooners did justice to the faith that any jazz follower has in them by making sure revellers were constantly on the dance floor.

Organisers played their part in coming up with a brilliant festival that was evidence of rising standards.

Max Vidima the headlining act, who performed on Saturday brought in a new flavour of the genre that Zimbabwe has never witnessed.

When he walked onto the stage it was obvious that he was the game changer in the whole affair.

A thumping full sound created an electrifying environment that left most local performers awestruck, as he delivered a well-spelt-out performance.

Vidima, however, said Zimbabwean artists should start focusing on the theory part of their careers.
“The organisation part of the festival was excellent, but I have to say musicians have to get education on their trade,” he said.

“They must start learning and improvisation. I am going to be frequenting Zimbabwe in the next few months to assist students from Prince Edward School and I will help in any way I can.”

Vidima holds a masters degree in Musicology and a degree in jazz both from University of Cape Town.
Special mention on the Saturday performances has to go to young Josh Meck who thrilled fans with an energetic act.

He, however, earned his crown when he played the bass guitar for Vidima, gelling well into the spectacular outfit.

The festival ends today with a jam session that will see various musicians and ordinary people getting a rare chance to perform at the festival.

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