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The Zimbabwe we dont want


It is my hope and I think the hope of many the constitution that will guide the future of this country will not create for us a Zimbabwe we dont want.

We dont want a Zimbabwe with a dominant political party whose members are immune from justice; members of a political party who plunder and murder and who smash and grab other peoples property with impunity.

We dont want a Zimbabwe with leaders who steal peoples votes; leaders who force themselves on the majority when their sell-by date has expired.

We dont want a Zimbabwe with security forces that do not protect the countrys citizens; security forces that terrorise ordinary men, women and children on behalf of a political party and greedy leaders.

A Zimbabwe where the law is selectively applied for the benefit of an oligarchy that specialises in looting their countrys resources.

We dont want a Zimbabwe whose leaders unnecessarily create enemies beyond its borders, leaders who do not want their neighbours to point out their mistakes.

A Zimbabwe where laws are crafted to bar even the barest minimum of criticism against the leader(s), a Zimbabwe where the majority are forced to view the leader as an infallible demi-god.

We dont want a Zimbabwe where soldiers are made to believe they are politicians, where soldiers deviate from protecting the country to delve into partisan politics.

A Zimbabwe where a few pretend to have fought for the country alone, as if the majority were asleep at that time only to wake up at Independence.

We dont want a Zimbabwe with a corrupt police force that harasses innocent civilians and motorists; a police force that does not adhere to the service charter in pursuit of ill-gotten wealth; a police force that is indoctrinated to be blindly partisan.

We dont want a Zimbabwe with a public broadcaster and State-controlled media that are turned into partisan and hate-mongering entities; media that spew hate speech day in day out.
We dont want a Zimbabwe that is polarised, a Zimbabwe that encourages tribalism, regionalism, racism and other ills of that nature.

A Zimbabwe that deliberately creates two posts of vice-president to ensure people from a particular region can only become deputies.

We dont want a Zimbabwe that derails its economy to the extent of destroying its own currency; a Zimbabwe that uses other peoples currency; a Zimbabwe that mortgages its mineral wealth for the benefit of a few.

We dont want a Zimbabwe with a disgruntled public service workforce; a workforce that works against development.

We dont want a Zimbabwe that fails to develop because it lives in the past; a Zimbabwe that fails to embrace global trends by singing old tunes that are out of sync with global realities.

We dont want a Zimbabwe that tramples on peoples rights; a Zimbabwe where security forces trigger fear in its citizens.

We dont want a Zimbabwe where losers in elections refuse to hand over power, as if the country was their personal property. We dont want a Zimbabwe with a Cabinet full of deadwood which is recycled for political expedience at the expense of development.

We dont want a Zimbabwe that is enjoyed by a few for Zimbabwe is not someones personal property.

A Zimbabwe that forces its sons and daughters to flee to other nations where they are treated as scum!


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