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Old Mutual urges women to invest


Old Mutual is urging women to take up investment opportunities, even in the midst of financial challenges.

Speaking at the Success in Stilettos (SiS) seminar in Harare recently, Isabel Nyarota, an official with Old Mutual Investments, said it was critical for women to take up investment opportunities.
Nyarota said investment was not just for big amounts, neither was it for men or the rich and elite.

She said there were products on the market for people from all walks of life and some could be tailor-made to suit individual financial goals and needs.

She encouraged women to educate themselves on available investment opportunities and to have a financial plan.

“I believe that as women we are phenomenal and should take the time to invest in the future,” Nyarota said, adding that even small amounts like $10 a month, could go a long way in securing a financially sound future.

“Instead of leaving money lying around waiting for you to pay a debt or account in 30 days, invest that money,” she said.

Nyarota also urged woman to quickly pay up debts with high interest rates and ensure they did not keep debts with higher interest rates for long periods.

One of the most popular investment products offered by Old Mutual is unit trusts.

Unit trusts are funds that use collective money invested by many clients to purchase shares and other investments on behalf of clients.

Unit trusts offer clients an easily accessible and convenient way to invest in shares, money market instruments and property investment opportunities.

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