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Civil war threats empty – Zapu


Zapu has dismissed recent predictions by a Cabinet minister of another civil war reminiscent of Gukurahundi as the country braces for elections likely to take place next year.

Zanu PF negotiator in the inclusive government, Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa, said he predicted a war in Zimbabwe ahead of elections, saying clashes similar to what happened in North Africa last year could not be ruled out.

However, addressing a rally in Ntabazinduna on Saturday, Zapu regional co-ordinator for Matabeleland Mark Mbayiwa described forecasts of a civil war, before or after elections next year, as “empty threats”.

“Some people are saying there will be a civil war in Zimbabwe come election time. The people of Zimbabwe should not be scared by these empty threats because I can tell you that surely this will never happen,” he said.

“The current global political situation will not allow that.

“We have already seen swift intervention in foreign nations in disaster areas and with the tension that the Zimbabwean President (Robert Mugabe) already has with these countries, they are just waiting for him to make such a mistake.”

Mbayiwa said the “worship” recitations made by police graduates in Harare last week declaring allegiance to Mugabe were unhealthy in a democratic society.

“Such predictions combined with the police singing songs for Mugabe that he is God-given and chanting Zanu PF slogans are raising fears that we are heading towards another Gukurahundi.

“We will never have another Gukurahundi, even the generals that may say they will refuse Mugabe’s defeat in the elections know that they cannot win a civil war in this day and age,” Mbayiwa said.

Chinamasa’s civil war predictions have been met with criticism from other political parties and civic groups who believe that era is long gone.

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