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Motion against absentee ministers on cards


Silobela MP Anadi Sululu (MDC-T) is set to introduce a motion in the House of Assembly to deal with lack of cooperation and appreciation of Parliament portfolio committee work by ministers.

Sululu on Wednesday gave notice to the House to move his motion saying he had been disturbed by the non-implementation of government programmes by members of the Executive.

We are concerned with the ministers apparent lack of co-operation and appreciation of the work of portfolio committees as evidenced by their non-attendance at committees oral evidence sessions and House sittings during question-and-answer time.

We are worried by the ministers failure to reply to committee reports as required by Parliamentary procedures and failure to give feedback to recommendations of committees.

Sululus motion also intends to propose sanctions to the House on ministers who fail to respond to committee reports in terms of procedure. His motion comes hard on the heels of a complaint by Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross (MDC-T), who on Wednesday raised concern about ministers not coming to Parliament to answer questions by backbenchers.

In particular, Cross fingered Industry and Commerce minister Welshman Ncube and said a question on issues to do with the Essar deal had been sitting on the Parliament Order Paper for three months now.

There are two questions that I have asked and I think it is three months since I saw the minister (Ncube) in this House and this question has been on the Order Paper for two-and-a-half months.

I really think it is an urgent matter because is it now 15 months since the Essar deal was signed and I think the minister has not been able to keep this House informed of what is happening.

This is probably the biggest business deal happening and is affecting thousands of people in the Midlands and workers, said Cross.

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