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Fans speak out on Warriors


Football fans from across the country believe accusations of match-fixing in the 2014 World Cup games against Guinea and Mozambique are far-fetched and unrealistic.

They believe Zifa should put their house in order and concentrate on making sure that the Warriors get back to winning ways as soon as possible, instead of alleging a hidden hand in the performances of the national team.

Sponsors Mbada Diamonds Holdings have also been urged to give their money to the civil servants instead of the Warriors.

Here are some of the emails and sms from NewsDay Feedback:

Let’s rally behind our team and let’s forget about these silly administrators who want to make money out of football.

We have to concentrate on this Burundi game first before we can talk of Asiagate and other “fixed” matches because we cannot afford to miss Afcon which will take place in South Africa.
Warriors cheerleader Chris
Romario Musekiwa

As supporters we have been watching this Zifa drama for a long time and it’s not like we don’t have quality players, but our technical bench and Zifa board should be abolished in order for us to start winning.
Khain Nyambuya

What a disgrace by supporters who threw missiles at Guinea players in the pitch after the match! What about those who are still to come? They are now in a state of fear. Please supporters reform.
Wasu Mudomewa

I’m not TB Joshua, but I tell you guys, as long as our national soccer team gets sponsorship from Mbada Diamonds, we will never make it in Africa and the world.
Mzana, St Mary’s

A loss to Guinea at home shows that we are not serious with our football. We can’t challenge in Afcon and the World Cup anymore. Let’s not hide behind fixed matches.

The reason is we don’t have talent and players who can deliver good results for the nation. We lack experienced players and top-class players who play for top clubs in Europe.
Josiah Nhundu, Nkulumane 5

So Zifa boss Cuthbert Dube used his financial muscle to be elected into office, used his financial muscle to save the attached Zifa properties and used that muscle again so that our Warriors could travel to Mozambique? Alexio Muromo

Rahman Gumbo needs to revisit his handbook for his choice of words.

Try by all means to build good PR, especially towards your players, because your reputation is built upon this foundation.

Yes, Karuru could have missed a glaring chance, but what you said as a comment surpasses the agony of that miss.
Sam Nyabutsi

Let’s call Ben Koufie and ask him to withdraw his statement that the Warriors will never win even if they are coached by a coach from the moon. This statement is haunting our national team.

Mbada Diamonds, you are wasting money sponsoring the useless Warriors.
They don’t deserve such a sponsorship. Why don’t you give that money to civil servants rather than wasting our diamonds money on worthless Warriors?

Zifa is to blame for all the Warriors’ poor performances. Poor management is failing the Warriors and the nation.
Tariro, Mabvuku

I also second the idea of Zimbabwe not participating in any international football matches for at least two years.
Ndebvaz KK

From DeMbare Dotcoms:
Here is a very desperate association that is looking very stupid if not foolish for bungling the affairs of the national team. Why are they not explaining how a national team goes to the airport without air tickets?
Eugene Hove

So you mean Karuru faked his injury? Very disturbing.
Madzibaba Ernest Imbayarwo

This is a free country, but I really don’t trust that woman. She is bad news to football. Why are players seen roaming around instead of camping?
George Al Nyambwenje

It’s now time for the Minister of Sport to ban all national teams from participating in any tournament till our house is in order. We have rebels fighting against the progress of our national team.
Godknows Mlindazo

Those players don’t have any problem. The problem is they don’t want coach Rahman Gumbo.
Pride Mufute

I thought freedom of association is one of the basic human rights this country upholds.

Who is Zifa, let alone Mashingaidze to dictate who Henrietta Rushwaya and other players should associate with?
Griefs Zenda

Priority number one of any national football board is to ensure our national teams are well catered for before any competition.

There are no divisions when it comes to supp0rting the national teams.

We hav e become minors in africa and we can not hide it. to qualifiy for World Cup a miracle must happen.
Brazil 1

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