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Actress Madhumbe pursues music in Canada


One memorable part of popular local drama Gringo Ndiani was when Gringo locked two interesting characters, Madhumbe and Firimoni, in his boss’s bedroom.

Madhumbe (born Memory Makuri), whose role was a maid at the house, tried to convince Gringo (Lazarus Boora), who acted as garden boy, to let them out of the house, but her efforts were fruitless until Gweshegweshe, the boss, arrived and Madhumbe was fired.

She was one of the popular characters in the series and her scenes with Gringo were always exciting.

Although she acted as a maid, her wit and talent made her outstanding and was endeared to viewers.

When the series ended, Madhumbe’s love for art saw her relocating to Canada where she is pursuing music.

NewsDay hooked up with Madhumbe at her current base in Toronto and she spoke about her new career and location.

“The links that I created through my acting career back home have taken me this far. I am not acting at the moment because I am working with a number of music groups including Nhapitapi Mbira as a vocalist,” said Madhumbe.

She said she was humbled by the way her journey in the arts started.

“God lifted me from the mire. My journey from primary school to my current position was a miraculous one because I did not know I would make it this far through acting.”

Born on December 6 1985 in Murehwa, Madhumbe did primary and secondary education in the Mashonaland East town and started acting at school.

After school, she relocated to Harare to pursue acting until she hooked up with Enock Chihombori, who created the Gringo series.

“My career started when someone linked me to Enock, who then took me in to be part of the Gringo series. It was such an exciting experience and I enjoyed working with the whole cast,” she said.

She said she will soon pursue studies in Canada, but could not reveal the course(s) that she intends to enrol for.

“I am now prepared to pursue some studies here and I will let you know what I will be studying as soon as I make up my mind.

“There are a number of courses that I want to pursue, but I have not yet decided what should come first.”

Madhumbe said when she returns home, she hopes to have a role in a comedy production so that she would take people down memory lane. She is married and has one child.

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