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Residents fatally assault burglars


Three suspected burglars were reportedly fatally assaulted by angry residents in separate incidents in Tafara and Hatfield in Harare over the past two days.

Although Harare police spokesperson Inspector James Sabau said he was only aware of two murder cases, some Tafara residents said another man had succumbed to injuries sustained when they meted “instant justice” on him.

“A thief was beaten to death in Tafara and this comes after another suspect was beaten to death in Hatfield on Saturday,” said Sabau.

“In Tafara, one of the thieves was beaten to death by residents and we had another case in Hatfield on Friday. People are taking the law into their own hands. We don’t condone that because they end up facing a serious charge like killing someone for stealing a few items.”

Sabau added: “Six suspects have been arrested in connection with the Hatfield case, but I don’t have information regarding the Tafara case.”

Angry residents allegedly meted instant justice on the unidentified suspected burglars after they were caught in the act.

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