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Effect of fame on teens


Let’s face reality. We have to admit that most of us want fame and fortune; to be heard and to have everyone cheering our name; to have people envy us; to be inspired by our work, but as for most teens we just want to be popular pop stars, models or something that eventually takes us to the United States and living in New York.

Fame is like thirst, you have to quench the thirst time and time again to remain hydrated. That means fame requires us to go extra lengths to please everyone, sacrificing our dignity and privacy just to remain famous.

What is the biggest price that teens have to pay to be famous or regain the fame they once had?
Miley Cyrus is a good example of a famous child pop star — “Hannah Montana” — who the whole world fell in love with because of her personality, her music, and her world-famous television show.
She was one of the biggest child stars of the decade, but as she grew older she started fading away slowly like morning mist.

She was caught using Salvia divinorum which is a hallucinogenic drug. Some critics said Miley Cyrus was just pulling a publicity stunt to get her back on the map and to get everyone buzzing about her again.

This was an extreme measure to get people talking about her.

Many teens suffer from drug abuse. Dr James O’ Connor, who led a study at Harvard on the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, said he hoped to receive proper funding that would raise awareness on the effects of steroids use among teenagers.

Let’s take Selena Gomez, for instance. She came out dating a younger star teen heartthrob superstar Justin Bieber to get attention and she got it in all the right ways, but later got death threats from Justin Bieber’s adoring fans. All of this increased her fame as they became the most talked about celebrity couple in the year 2011.

The effects of fame on teens do cause them to sometimes wish that they were just ordinary teens because their private lives are exposed — everything they do, who they date, what they are wearing and even the personal issues that lead them to opt for dangerous substances to make them feel better.

All-in-all fame-seeking behaviour appears rooted in a desire for teenagers who want it all. The rates are higher and causing difficult standards of living. FAME IS FICKLE, sometimes random and its effects on anyone are not always predictable. So my fellow teens let’s just be ourselves and see where it takes us.

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